How to Leverage Another Job Offer (The Right Way)

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Some people say the only way to get a real raise is through another job offer, and the numbers back up this claim. Going to your employer with a competing job offer in hand involves some risk. Below is a breakdown of how to leverage another job offer to get what you want—without burning bridges: First, understand the stakes of leveraging an offer. The answers to these questions must be obvious both to you and your current employer.

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Is This Why You’re Not Getting A Job Offer?

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So it’s quite average to have to endure several companies interviewing you before you finally get an offer. But what if you’re not getting a job offer after even 15 or 20 interviews? Here are ten of the most likely reasons you’re not getting a job offer. When you have all of them under control, there’s sure to be an offer coming in short order. If you come across as less than enthusiastic, you won’t get the offer.

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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More and more, the state and federal employment laws permit your employer to require that your therapist, family doctor or other licensed healthcare professional provide a letter to your employer attesting to your need to use your legal rights.

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Tell-tale Signs That You Should Turn Down That Job Offer

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When it comes to obtaining a job offer and securing a job, there are many factors that go into this process. Career coach and owner of Rock Career Development Julia Rock breaks down a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to accepting the job offer or turning it down. When you’re looking for work, is it important not to be too eager to accept a job offer? Why is it important for them to refuse a job offer that could be a poor financial move? .

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Some Employers Really Act Stupid (and Some Tips on How to Decide Between Multiple Job Offers)


As a career coach, I’m often asked to help job seekers evaluate more than one job offer that they’ve received within a short time period. The post Some Employers Really Act Stupid (and Some Tips on How to Decide Between Multiple Job Offers) appeared first on WorkAlpha. Human Resources Interview Job Offer Recruiting Mistakes

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Top Things to Consider when Accepting a Job Offer

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And even when things go well, and when that long-awaited phone call comes with the good news of a job offer , the journey is not necessarily completed. Before the offer of employment is accepted and there is no turning back, there are important questions to be asked. After all, knowing from the start whether any ‘extra responsibilities’ will slowly sneak their way in to your in-tray might mean the difference between accepting of rejecting a job offer.

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“Offer Letter differs from Employment Contract; which controls?”

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Question: What if there is an inconsistency and difference between the job offer you’ve signed and the employment contract? Answer: Dear Kath: It is more common than you might think that I am contacted by people who received “promises,” “assurances,” or “representations” during recruitment sessions, job interviews, or in offer letters that are not later fulfilled, or are “changed” by employment contracts or other documents.

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College Degrees that Offer the Best Chance for Employment after Graduation

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When you are proudly standing in line at your graduation ceremony in your cap and gown you all look like students who are destined for successful careers, but the reality is that there are sometimes startling differences in the job prospects for each graduate which are often determined by the course that you have taken. Career advice College Grads

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What job offer to choose? These tips will help you to make the right decision!

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It`s good to have a job offer from the one company you really like, but if you don`t have a certain organization in mind, you may be facing the luxury of dealing with multiple job offers. You`ve worked so hard and, let`s face it, you deserve to be choosing between two job offers. This will help you pick up the best offer. So take into consideration career development offered by the company. The post What job offer to choose?

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Negotiate Your Salary Offer? Three Stories

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When I was a hiring manager, I almost never negotiated the offer I made to candidates. I never made lowball offers, either. My job was to make the best offer, an honest and fair offer, even when I discovered underpaid candidates. He thinks they will offer him a job. Colleague is concerned, but says, “Well, okay,” thinking the recruiter will ferry the offer to him. That’s a lowball offer. This is a fair offer.

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College Senior & No Job Offer? Don't Panic!

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The post College Senior & No Job Offer? No job offer? You've worked your butt off for the last four to six years, have a stellar academic record, and now it's April and you have no job offer. Pursuing out-of-the-box employment opportunities. Brainstorm on how you can change the way you present yourself to make yourself marketable to different target employers. No job offer isn't the end. The post College Senior & No Job Offer?

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Shades of Gray – Offer Letters

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One of my friends received a job offer last week. Unfortunately, the headhunter could care less about ensuring the fit was good on both sides (employer and candidate). By the end of the day, Paul decided not to take the offer. Second, job offers are not always cut and dry. Likewise, very few people get the “perfect job” with the “perfect offer” It can happen, but generally does not. Job offers are very often shades of gray.

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Have a ‘Pre-Existing Creation?’ Protect it in Interviews and Job Offers

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES : Adelisa, 38, had a rock-solid resume as an Analytics Design Specialist, having been employed by a list of impressive hedge fund employers. When she contacted me this time, she had already received a “standard” employment contract from her potential employer. The entire employment agreement consisted of 8 pages, 4 of which were devoted to the subject of protecting the employer’s intellectual property. Received a Job Offer?

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employer rescinded my job offer — where did I go wrong?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I had a job offer pulled last week, and I’ve reflected on it, but I still don’t know where I went wrong. On Friday, the recruiter calls to extend a verbal offer for the position. That’s exactly in line with what you should do when you receive a job offer.

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“Can my employer simply reduce compensation promised in my offer letter?”

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On the “Letter of Intent” offer that I signed it clearly says under “compensation” that I get the cell phone allowance of $80 per month. Unless your have an employment contract that guarantees you a certain period of time as an employee, both you and your employer are free to end the employment relation at any time. As you may know, this is referred to as “at will” employment, and nearly all employees are in this circumstance. Can my employer do that.?

Offer Letter or Company Plan – Which One Governs?

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES : Case History 1: Joseph signed an Offer Letter that said the following: “The Company will provide you and your family with health insurance coverage, subject to the terms provisions and conditions of the Company Health Insurance Plan.” So, the “terms and provisions” of the Plan essentially took away what the Offer Letter had seemed to provide Joseph and his family. For this reason, he carefully reviewed the terms of his employer’s Stock Option Plan.

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Counter Offers are Counterproductive


Counter Job Offers: We each bring our own personal experiences to the table. One of the search firms where I worked several years ago dealt with a pretty severe counter offer situation. The perfect candidate had been found but when he revealed to his employer that he was taking a new position, a substantial counter offer was placed. He had previously thought a counter offer was an impossibility. Avoid the counter offer. It may change the offer.

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6 Reasons Why You Ain’t Getting A Job Offer

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Even if you have a strong resume, employers might still reject you. Or are the employers unable to recognize your strengths? If you’re continuously getting rejected then the problem is not with the employers; the problem is with you. Rejecting applicants is not a hobby of employers. Employers do not provide a detailed feedback as to why they have rejected you for the position you applied for. The Job Counter Offer – “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”.

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10 Things to Consider When Getting a Job Offer

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We’ve all been there, we make the decision that it’s time leave our current employer and look for another job. A job offer as a result of “proactive job search” is, in a way, a little easier than a job offer that is unsolicited (as in, you were not actively looking for a job). Once […]. Career advice

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“My Offer Letter says ‘Pay or Play.’ What’s that?“

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The offer letter I received says that it’s for one year, and is “Pay or Play.” Pay or Play” is a commitment by the employer to employ and pay the employee for a period of time, but allows the employer to decide, part way through that period of time, to just pay the salary and benefits, but not actually use the employee’s services. We offer a 152-Point Master Checklist of Employment Negotiation Items to help you “remember everything and not forget anything else.”

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College Degrees that Offer the Best Chance for Employment after Graduation

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The combination of a good starting salary and reasonable career prospects mean that you can study with an element of confidence that you will get offered an opening provided you get the right qualifications. Nursing offers the highest chances of immediate work and if you do not want a nursing degree then you could consider Physical Therapy, Pharmacy or train to be a Medical Technician.

How to Invest in Employer Branding

The Undercover Recruiter

Fisher… How to Invest in Employer Branding Undercover Recruiter -. Employer Branding Aaron Kraljev Fisher Investments Wells Fargo

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Job Offers and Bad Boyfriends.

Ms. Career Girl

The truth is, I haven’t been in many serious relationships, but I beginning to feel like the last couple months of courting potential employers will suffice as quality relationship experience. Before considering a salary offer, determine whether you’re passionate about the job itself. Think carefully about the opportunities and offers on the table, keeping in mind that your ultimate goal is to feel fulfilled at a company that is equally thrilled to have you on board.

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The “I am Not Restricted” Clause In Offer Letters

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A client contacts us quite pleased to have received a job offer, and asks us to do a “simple review” of the offer letter or employment agreement. I explain that many of my clients have accepted job offers they have no legal right to accept, and thus cannot fulfill the duties they have promised to fulfill, all because of one or more agreements they entered into with their present (or even former) employers. Be Prepared to Promise It, but Can You Deliver?

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Common Mistakes That Can Cost You a Job Offer

Professional Resume Services

Many executives forget a job isn’t theirs until they sign on the dotted line to become employed with the company. Receiving a job offer is great, but some mistakes could lead to the offer being withdrawn. You’ve worked so hard to get your executive resume bio in shape to get recognized, land an interview and ultimately get a job offer. Here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid both before and after receiving a job offer.

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Employment Checklist”:

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163-Point Master Guide and Checklist For Job Interviews. Interviewing can be a daunting and exhausting experience. Might you forget to do something, or more than one thing, and by doing so decrease or defeat your chances of getting the job? This Master Guide and Checklist was prepared to avoid such a happening and, too, to give you ideas and thoughts about how to successfully “navigate” the interviewing process.

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4 things to negotiate before accepting a job offer

Ms. Career Girl

The post 4 things to negotiate before accepting a job offer appeared first on Ms. We all know that amazing feeling when you get a call from a recruiter with a job offer, saying that you got that awesome job you’ve wanted so badly! And exactly because of this excitement it’s easy to just say “yes” when you receive the job offer, even when you are not fully satisfied with the package offered. Job Search Work job offer negotiation tatiane delamuta

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Job Fairs Offer Opportunities

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many people forget that job fairs are just as popular as ever in today’s employment market. Job fairs normally offer employment opportunities at companies in your local community. Better yet, some job fairs offer on-site interviews during the job fair. You never know where your next employment opportunity may come from. Interviewing Job Search Networking Professional Resumes employment interview Job fair job hunt professional resume services resume

3 Surefire Signs You Should Turn Down A Job Offer

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But when does it make sense to turn down a job offer? Be sure to look out for these clear signs you should turn down a job offer when considering your employment options: The Money Is WAY More Than You Were Expecting It's important to access every job opportunity very carefully. For example, if a company is offering you a lot of money, WAY more money than you were making before, you have to ask yourself why. You have to do your homework before you accept a job offer.

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“Can I decline a job offer I already accepted without ‘burning bridges?‘”

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Question: Please, Alan, I want to know how to write a resignation letter to a new employer who made me a job offer. I want to keep on good terms with this company that gave me a job offer, and get consideration if this employer has a new job opening in the future. And because I have been an employer for over 30 years, I have been on the “other side” also. For these and other reasons, you might have disappointed that employer, and inconvenienced them, as well.

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5 Ways to Make Faster Job Offers

The Undercover Recruiter

Job offer rejections are on the rise and concerns about salary, relocation, and benefits are not the main cause. The culprit seems to be the slow hiring process, leaving room for high-demand talent to receive offers from other companies. A surprising 49 percent of candidates declined job offers because they accepted an offer from another company […]. 5 Ways to Make Faster Job Offers. Employer Hiring candidates fast job offers pay Recruitment survey

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Make a Career in Employing Others

Career Alley

Below are some helpful tips to help you determine whether a career in employing others is meant for you and how to choose the best path in this area of employment. An ongoing training in a business school, Graduate Degree, or certification program can offer you an advantage. You can work as an independent recruiter, which is generally referred to as a headhunter, locating and endorsing suitable candidates to employers.

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“If I can’t get a work visa, can an employer withdraw a job offer?”

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Question : I signed a job offer to start a job in a few weeks. Assuming the employer tried to get you a work visa, and could not, then I think that would constitute “impossibility of performance,” and excuse it from hiring you. Just as you are free to seek better pay from your next job, your almost-employer is free to seek a French-speaking person in its next person to hire. It’s just like you seeking better pay from your next employer.

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The Job Counter Offer – “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

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An initial phone interview led quickly to a face to face, and now you have an offer. You are motivated because of the new company’s work environment, culture, benefits, salary, location, perks, and such so before you know it you’ve accept the offer. Shortly after you give notice, your manager makes a pitch for you to stay on and he makes you a sweeter offer than the new company. Your employer is now wary of your motives and your loyalty.

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The “Background-Check” Provision in Offer Letters – A Risk You Should Try to Reduce

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : Wilhelma was a senior investment banker in the energy and power sectors employed by a Wall Street firm. Most intriguing to Wilmelma was the new employer’s offer of both a sizable ownership interest in the firm, and carried interest in its major investment fund. Due to an existing 90-day “garden leave” agreement, Wilhemina had the new employer insert into her Offer Letter a “start date” that was 95 days away.

How NOT To Negotiate A Job Offer

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So why, after all this, do people consistently screw up the job offer? How NOT To Negotiate A Job Offer. Employer Job Search Salary candidate Interview job offer Money onboarding CVs have been tailored and read; diaries have been coordinated and interviews aced; you’ve fallen into professional love. The hard part is over. Here are all the things that go wrong, and how to stop them: Money, money, money: It makes the […].

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10 Things to Consider When Getting a Job Offer

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We’ve all been there, we make the decision that it’s time leave our current employer and look for another job. A job offer as a result of “proactive job search” is, in a way, a little easier than a job offer that is unsolicited (as in, you were not actively looking for a job). You go on a few interviews and then you get a job offer you were not planning on. Long story short, he went on the interviews and then got a job offer.

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How to Respond to a Counter Offer

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Before you hand in your resignation one of the things that you must be prepared for is what your response will be if your current employer comes to you with a counter offer. After deciding that you want to leave your current place of work, getting through the interview process with a prospective employer and […]. How to Respond to a Counter Offer.

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The Waiting Game: Surviving Job Offer Anxiety

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This inner state of turmoil is often referred to as job offer anxiety. What Is Job Offer Anxiety? via GIPHY Job offer anxiety is the anxiousness and stress one feels usually while waiting for an interview or a call back. Job offer anxiety can even affect job seekers after they have received an offer. For instance, a job seeker may receive a job offer that happens to be their second choice. If you have ever suffered from job offer anxiety, have no fear.

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How to Turn an Internship into a Job Offer

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These people are all key to your future employment opportunities. For many college students, getting an internship can be an ideal way to gain real-world work experience. If the position is in an industry that you are interested in, you can see for yourself if you truly like the line of work. In some cases, an internship can even lead to a part-time or full-time job with the same company.

How to Prepare for a Pre-Employment Test 

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Are you getting ready for a pre-employment test in an interview process? Pre-employment testing is a standardized system many companies use to collect data about potential employees during the hiring process. The tests allow employers to verify the accuracy of information the hiree supplies, better understand their capabilities and adequately measure their criteria. Every corporate job opening attracts roughly 250 applicants , yet only one will receive a job offer.

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How To Decline A Job Offer

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It's easy to get excited when an employer is interested in you, especially when you haven't had any luck getting interviews or job offers. How do you decline a job offer? Some of you might be thinking, "Decline a job offer? With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should reject potential employment: It Doesn't Feel Right "You are a company," said professional development coach and facilitator Henrieta Riesco.

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Offered a Position and Shares in a Start-Up? – 10 Traps in the Legal Papers, and Your Ways Out

Sklover Working Wisdom

over time it morphed into this one-sided employment arrangement.”. He was recruited away by a competing start-up publication, induced to leave his employer of many years by a promise of great wealth to be achieved through his becoming a minority shareholder of the new or young company. Kent gave the new magazine credibility, and for joining he was offered a large number of “Class B” interests in the company. “The spirit of our verbal agreement was true partnership, but.

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