What Turns Employers Off from Your Resume?

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Resumes that get you hired won’t turn off employers. Even when you hire the best executive writing service to write your resume and cover letter, many hiring agents will only take a second to skim them. What makes them read on or lay a resume aside?

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What to Do if You Have Employment Gaps in Your Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Believe it or not, it’s more common for people to have employment gaps on their resume and LinkedIn profile today than ever before. If you’re in a situation where you have a glaring employment gap, not all is lost. Never Lie About Employment Gaps.

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What Do Employers Really Look for in a Resume?

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What are employers looking for in resumes that get you hired? Whether you’re looking for your first job after college or you are ready for a career change, writing an executive resume can be an intimidating process. Resumes that get you hired have changed over the years.

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Addressing Employment Gaps

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Here’s how you can ease and explain the gap to prospective employers. Considering the current state of the employment world, it’s commonplace for people to have employment gaps. Gather up what you did and add that to your resume as a role.

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How Embracing Your Colorful Details Will Result in a Resume That Knocks the Socks Off Your Next Employer

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“I thought maybe it was the best resume I’d ever seen,” said my new strategic sales executive client who retained my services yesterday. executive resumes executive resume Strategic Resume

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Does Your Resume Match the Job Description?

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When you first sit down to write your resume from scratch, it’s normal to sit there for several minutes before you write your first word. Where to begin writing an effective resume is difficult, especially in today’s competitive world.

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer

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he skills and experience gained through previous work experiences can and should be utilized as transferable skills when applying for new employment opportunities, whether it is related to your field or not. Resumes Experience skills

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How to Add Value to Your Resume With Your MBA

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Your resume should make it obvious to an employer why they should hire you. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Education MBA ResumeThat means you need to have a laser-like focus on what makes you the right candidate.

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How Your Executive Resume Could Be Bringing You Down

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When you’re hard at work trying to find a new job, you may think the best thing you can do is to send your resume to as many employers as possible. So if you’ve sent out multiple resumes with nothing to show for it, here are some things to consider changing on your resume.

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How to Create an Executive Resume That Leads to Interviews

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There’s no single secret to help executives create the perfect resume that will lead to an interview with every application. However, when you’ve incorporated key components within your resume, the chances of landing an interview increase exponentially. Make Your Resume Targeted.

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The Most FAQs about Executive Resumes

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Writing a resume should take a while due to the detailed nature of it. It’s only natural for executives to have questions when crafting their resume, and a professional resume writing service can help answer all of them. What Length Should My Resume Be?

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Essential Elements to Include on Your Career Changing Resume

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However, ask any professional resume writing services and they will tell you changing careers is becoming more of a norm today. How you present yourself on your resume will make a big difference in how successful you are with your transition. Optimize The Resume For ATS.

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3 Secrets to Strengthen Your Executive Resume

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No matter how strong you think your resume is, there’s always room for improvement. Even the top rated resume writing services will write, proof and edit any given resume multiple times before it gets into the final form. Balance The Design of Your Resume.

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Executive Resume Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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Executives can work diligently and do extensive amounts of research to know what to put on a resume, only to struggle with landing a job. A Good Resume Guarantees A Job. There are no guarantees in life, and writing an effective resume won’t guarantee you a job either.

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How to Deal With Employment Gaps in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Executive recruiters and others assessing you through your executive resume and LinkedIn profile may red-flag you if they see long stretches of time, say a year or more, unaccounted for. Employers are typically more attracted to employed candidates.

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The Exact Features Employers Look For In A Resume

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Creating the perfect resume isn’t an easy task, not least because it is so daunting. Employers place an enormous amount of value on a resume, so yours has to be on point. Resumes Job SearchThe sad thing is that far too many CVs aren’t up to standard when they reach the hiring table. Ninety-nine percent of the […].

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3 Ways Executive Branding Can Help Your Potential Employers

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An important and overlooked factor in c-level personal branding is exactly how it impacts your current or potential employers. Here are a few ways executive branding can benefit your employers. Professional Resume Services is here to help executives with their c-level personal branding.

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Could Your Executive Resume Benefit from a Professional Resume Service?

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Many executives make the mistake of believing their experience and expertise speaks for itself on a resume. However, you aren’t the only one with similar experience, so writing resumes that get you hired isn’t as easy as it sounds. You Aren’t Sure What to Include in Your Resume.

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7 Things Employers Look for in a Resume

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Your resume is the first thing (and potentially, the last thing) that hiring managers see when trying to fill an open position. If your resume doesn't get the hiring manager's attention, you will not get an interview. Resumes

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How to Straight-White-Man-ify Your Resume in 8 Simple Steps (Wink*!)

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One of the key ingredients of any great resume is its ability to convey a sense of who you are as a unique individual. This is the kind of attitude your entire resume should embody. Make sure to keep your resume as devoid of color as possible, but if you do use color, use only blue.

2018 192

Avoid These Executive Resume Clichés!

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Writing a professional resume requires avoiding common cliches. Writing a professional resume is often more difficult than you could imagine. This is why many people turn to a professional resume writing service. These are the phrases many candidates think employers want to hear.

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How Researching Desired Companies Can Help Your Executive Resume

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Not too many people looking for a new job have success with blindly sending out their resume to various companies. Companies can receive hundreds of applicants to any given job posting every single day, so they won’t waste their time reading a generic resume.

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What to Change on Your Executive Resume When Applying to Multiple Jobs

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We’ve all been a part of a job search before where you put so much effort into writing an effective resume that you want to send it out to as many companies as possible. This is actually one of the worst things you can do, since the resume is most likely generic in nature.

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer

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The skills and talents gained through previous work experiences can be utilized as transferable skills to apply for a new employment opportunity, whether it is related to your field or not. Highlighting your transferable skills before the employer.

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Edit Your Resume Like a Pro

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Editing is part of writing an effective resume. Writing an effective resume is about more than just creating a resume once and distributing it to prospective employers. An executive resume writer will tell you how important it is to review your resume and edit it often.

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How to Modernize Your Executive Resume

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The best executive resume format has gotten a modern upgrade. Just like how the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, methods of writing an effective resume are also prone to the latest trends. Incorporate these into your resume for the best results.

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3 Remedies for the Long-Term, Unhappily EMPLOYED

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The post 3 Remedies for the Long-Term, Unhappily EMPLOYED appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter International Talent Management Strategist Dorothy Dalton inspired me with her recent post on surviving long-term unemployment.

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Avoid Using These Words and Phrases In Your Executive Resume

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If you’re like most executives, you choose your words carefully when crafting the perfect resume. However, depending on when the last time you updated your resume was, some of the words you think sound good may actually be diminishing your chances of landing an interview.

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Game-changing Executive Resume FAQs

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5 questions my clients ask me most often about resumes and other career documents. My resume stinks. Start by making your executive resume an interesting read. Targeting will help you zero in on specific areas where you can add value for specific employers.

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CFO Executive Resume Employment Gap: Is Volunteering Really a Job?

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I’m working on a resume and LinkedIn profile for a Chief Financial Officer who has been a powerhouse financial management executive across multiple industries – Healthcare, Finance, Publishing, Telecom, Information Services, Technology. We found the perfect solution to his employment gap.

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5 reasons to update a resume while still employed

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You’ve filed away your resume, and your cover letter, in the hopes that you won’t need them again for a very long time. (We That’s great, and fantastic that you are utilizing LinkedIn for your career — but still, you should have your resume handy at all times.

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Refresh Your Resume

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When was the last time you really looked at your resume? Does it still give an accurate picture of your assets for a potential employer? With today’s technology, you have the advantage of being able to take your basic facts and refresh your resume with each new application.

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Will Your Creative Resume Hurt or Help?

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Writing an effective resume requires t he proper format. Resumes that get you hired need to stand apart from the thousands of other resumes companies may receive for a given job listing. The typical font styles may seem boring, but these are the ones employers expect.

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Should You Use a Resume Template?

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The best executive resume format isn’t a template. Putting together resumes that get you hired can be a time-consuming process so why wouldn’t you use any help you could get? A template may seem like the best executive resume format, but is it really?

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7 Resume Lies Employers Will Never Check

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Many Human Resources staffers preach the dangers of lying on your resume, and they’re right to an extent. Inventing companies and inflating employment lengths can get you fired or at the very least embarrassed during the hiring process. How would you want the resume to look?

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The Top 5 Biggest Executive Resume Violations

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Avoid these mistakes on resumes that get you hired. When writing resumes that get you hired, it’s evident you need to make sure yours stands out from the hundreds or thousands of others a company receives. Professional executive resume writers will tell you otherwise.

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What is the Best Executive Resume Format?

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Is there such a thing as the “best” executive resume format? Your resume is usually the first thing a potential employer will see when you’re searching for a job. The best executive resume format clearly highlights your accomplishments in a clean manner.

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Create a Resume for a Career


Creating a resume is like fishing. Your resume is the bait that you disseminate into the workplace of a company that you would like to consider a career with. You cast your resume into the human resource pond hoping to hook a job. Resume Formats.

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Exceptions to Resume Rules

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Resume standards are based on what has proven to be effective in the job market over recent years. However, there are exceptions to many of the resume rules. The following are the top five resume rules with exceptions. Omit articles on resumes. Keep your resume short.

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Think Twice Before You Lie on Your Resume

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Common sense should tell you not to lie on your executive resume, but sometimes it can be tempting to do so. Instead of lying about your accomplishments or skills, work with the best executive resume writers to help you display the correct information most effectively on your resume.

2017 189

The 6-Second Resume Challenge

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According to a famous study, employers spend an average of six seconds scanning a resume before deciding whether the candidate is worth calling for an interview. With that in mind, the clear takeaway is you need to get the employer’s attention and fast.

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Breaking the Mould: 5 Tips for Spicing up Your Resume

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Here are five insightful ways of breaking the traditional mold of plain-Jane resumes - try out these tips and you'll be more likely to get called in for an interview at your desired employer of choice. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter killer resume

2018 141

Creative vs. Traditional Resume: Which is Right for You?


The job market has so many resume styles that you can choose from, making it even harder to know where to start when you are creating your own. Since your resume is the first communication with a potential employer, it needs to stand out. The Traditional Resume.

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