Resume Trends from the Experts

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Resume trends come and go, to accommodate the needs of recruiters, hiring professionals and others assessing candidates. But you’ll never go wrong (now and probably forever) if you let the following strategy drive the content in your resume: Decide which employers to target.

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer

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he skills and experience gained through previous work experiences can and should be utilized as transferable skills when applying for new employment opportunities, whether it is related to your field or not. Resumes Experience skills

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7 Things Employers Look for in a Resume

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Your resume is the first thing (and potentially, the last thing) that hiring managers see when trying to fill an open position. If your resume doesn't get the hiring manager's attention, you will not get an interview. Resumes

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What Turns Employers Off from Your Resume?

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Resumes that get you hired won’t turn off employers. Even when you hire the best executive writing service to write your resume and cover letter, many hiring agents will only take a second to skim them. It’s important to grab their attention so your resume doesn’t end up filed away with all the rest. What makes them read on or lay a resume aside? Is it possible to write resumes that get you hired? Don’t give them a reason to ignore your resume.

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The Exact Features Employers Look For In A Resume

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Creating the perfect resume isn’t an easy task, not least because it is so daunting. Employers place an enormous amount of value on a resume, so yours has to be on point. Resumes Job SearchThe sad thing is that far too many CVs aren’t up to standard when they reach the hiring table. Ninety-nine percent of the […].

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What Do Employers Really Look for in a Resume?

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What are employers looking for in resumes that get you hired? Whether you’re looking for your first job after college or you are ready for a career change, writing an executive resume can be an intimidating process. Do you know what employers are really looking for in resumes that get you hired? The top resume writing service can help you ensure these elements can be found in your resume. Resumes that get you hired have changed over the years.

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Transferable Skills: Your Resume and Employer

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The skills and talents gained through previous work experiences can be utilized as transferable skills to apply for a new employment opportunity, whether it is related to your field or not. The transferable skills are considered to be the skills, talents, and special abilities of a candidate that are acquired through past employments, part-time work, freelancing projects, home businesses, likes and hobbies, volunteer tasks, sports, and other life happenings.

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How Old is Your Executive Resume?

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If it’s been a while since you looked for a new job, you likely haven’t updated your resume during that time. When writing an effective resume today, you have to take into consideration how it looks digitally as well as. Read more » The post How Old is Your Executive Resume? appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Executive Resumes Job Search employment executive resume writer professional resume services writing an effective resume

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Breaking the Mould: 5 Tips for Spicing up Your Resume

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Here are five insightful ways of breaking the traditional mold of plain-Jane resumes - try out these tips and you'll be more likely to get called in for an interview at your desired employer of choice. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter killer resume

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Could Your Executive Resume Benefit from a Professional Resume Service?

Professional Resume Services

Many executives make the mistake of believing their experience and expertise speaks for itself on a resume. However, you aren’t the only one with similar experience, so writing resumes that get you hired isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is especially true if you haven’t crafted a resume in a while. There are many reasons why your resume could benefit from professional executive resume writers , and here are some of those reasons.

2018 151

Does Your Resume Match the Job Description?

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When you first sit down to write your resume from scratch, it’s normal to sit there for several minutes before you write your first word. Where to begin writing an effective resume is difficult, especially in today’s competitive world. But even if you have a resume you’ve used in the past, chances are some significant adjustments need to be made if you’re searching for a new job. Here are some tips to consider when writing your resume.

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7 Things Employers Look for in Your Resume

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According to the Bureau of Labor statistics employment report for January 2012, employment is starting to rise again, with about 243,000 jobs added in January. If you’re looking to get in on the action with a new job or a promotion, it’s probably time to update your resume. Here are seven things to make sure potential employers see when they check out your resume: 1. A few other things employers might look at.

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Hobbies That Usually Impress Employers


Ultimately you will not be able to crawl into the minds of your employers or prospective employers , but there are some commonalities between employers that are generally pretty universal. Even if an employer won’t admit it, every aspect of who you are factors into his or her overall impression of you. How you act, dress, look, react and a long list of other variables are all data points that get factored into an employer’s opinion.

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4 Reasons Why a Professional Executive Resume Writer is Worth the Investment

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A resume today is perceived differently than it was several years ago. Your resume should not only highlight your past achievements. This means the days of writing one general resume and sending it out to multiple employers are over. The best professional resume writers can help you target your resume for the short-term, while also setting a solid foundation for the long-term. Polish Your Resume For Your Lifetime.

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What to Do if You Have Employment Gaps in Your Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Believe it or not, it’s more common for people to have employment gaps on their resume and LinkedIn profile today than ever before. If you’re in a situation where you have a glaring employment gap, not all is lost. Never Lie About Employment Gaps. Employers don’t necessarily like to see employment gaps on a resume, but the nature in which you address them can make the perception better or worse.

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How Embracing Your Colorful Details Will Result in a Resume That Knocks the Socks Off Your Next Employer

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“I thought maybe it was the best resume I’d ever seen,” said my new strategic sales executive client who retained my services yesterday. She went on to explain that she had been part of the hiring team that recruited my former client into her company–which started a dialogue of how he put the resume together. […]. executive resumes executive resume Strategic Resume

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How to Deal With Employment Gaps in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Executive recruiters and others assessing you through your executive resume and LinkedIn profile may red-flag you if they see long stretches of time, say a year or more, unaccounted for. Employers are typically more attracted to employed candidates. Also unfortunate – it’s difficult to fill in past employment gaps, after the fact. Preemptive Tactics to Avoid Employment Gaps. More Information About Executive Resumes, Job Search and LinkedIn.

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Executive Resume Targeting is More Important Than You Think

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What’s the first thing you think about when you start preparing or updating your resume? A common misconception today is thinking you have to craft your resume to be more general since you don’t know exactly what an employer wants to see. Read more » The post Executive Resume Targeting is More Important Than You Think appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Executive Resumes Resume Writing professional resume services writing an effective resume

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How to Prepare for a Pre-Employment Test 

Ms. Career Girl

Are you getting ready for a pre-employment test in an interview process? Pre-employment testing is a standardized system many companies use to collect data about potential employees during the hiring process. The tests allow employers to verify the accuracy of information the hiree supplies, better understand their capabilities and adequately measure their criteria. Pre-employment testing speeds up the overview and interview process by eliminating candidates more quickly.

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Resume Falsification

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How many resume’s are dirty ?”. CEO Scott Thompson has been in the media recently as it came to light that he had a falsification on his resume , regarding a computer science degree he didn’t actually earn. This “resume-gate” is garnering plenty of attention because of the ethical questions it raises. As the date presented here eludes to, resumes are not above “manipulation”. Related posts: Resume Writing Service. 5 Resume Killers.

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Post-COVID Benefits to Expect from Your Next Employer

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Read more » The post Post-COVID Benefits to Expect from Your Next Employer appeared first on Executive Resume Services. The COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on the workforce in more ways than one.

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How to Add Value to Your Resume With Your MBA

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Your resume should make it obvious to an employer why they should hire you. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Education MBA ResumeThat means you need to have a laser-like focus on what makes you the right candidate.

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Should I Send Employers a Video Resume?

Resume Bear

Have you heard about video resumes? Information on how to make a video resume, how to submit them, and where to host such resumes are everywhere. Have you been thinking of creating a video resume? The popularity of video resumes has been driven by the idea that a polished video with someone selling themselves will intrigue employers. Employers can add a section to web based applications for video resume links, saving time.

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Avoid These Executive Resume Clichés!

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Writing a professional resume requires avoiding common cliches. Writing a professional resume is often more difficult than you could imagine. This is why many people turn to a professional resume writing service. If you’ve been looking for a job and are having difficulty getting interviews, let alone the job you want, it may be time to look at your resume. These are buzz words the best resume writing services know are best left off of your resume.

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The Top Two Executive Resume Writing Tips

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When it comes to writing an effective resume, there aren’t any magic secrets to get you the perfect resume that will get you hired to any job you want. Instead, the secret lies in doing research about the company or companies you’re interested in, tailoring your resume to them, highlighting your most valuable skills and never having any mistakes in it. Here are two resume writing tips to consider to take your resume to the next level in terms of making an impact.

Essential Elements to Include on Your Career Changing Resume

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However, ask any professional resume writing services and they will tell you changing careers is becoming more of a norm today. How you present yourself on your resume will make a big difference in how successful you are with your transition. You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch, but you do need to do some tweaking and ensure these essential elements are included in your resume. The best executive resume format will be easy to read and display information clearly.

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Include on Your Resume

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your resume is the first thing a prospective employer will see and in order to sell yourself it should be presented in as concise a manner as possible. Resumes Landing a job

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7 Fatal Resume Errors

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? Tip of the Day : Include Keywords in Your Resume- Leverage the same keywords in your resume that are used in job descriptions for jobs where you want to apply. My company was recently recruiting for an experienced hire (5-10 years) and I was given the task of reviewing resumes and recommending a short list of candidates to interview. The vast majority of resumes were very well written and had good formats. Read your resume several times before sending.

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Edit Your Resume Like a Pro

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Editing is part of writing an effective resume. Writing an effective resume is about more than just creating a resume once and distributing it to prospective employers. An executive resume writer will tell you how important it is to review your resume and edit it often. Hiring an executive resume service can provide the assistance you need, but learning to edit on your own can be invaluable.

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How to Modernize Your Executive Resume

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The best executive resume format has gotten a modern upgrade. Just like how the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, methods of writing an effective resume are also prone to the latest trends. While the overall best executive resume format doesn’t shift much, there are elements of a resume that need to be adjusted to ensure you stand out. Your executive resume writer can help you modernize your resume so it attracts the attention you deserve.

2015 205

Game-changing Executive Resume FAQs

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5 questions my clients ask me most often about resumes and other career documents. My resume stinks. Start by making your executive resume an interesting read. Targeting will help you zero in on specific areas where you can add value for specific employers. If your executive resume is still partying like it’s 1999 , you need to think like a resume branding pr o, with 10 Do’s and Don’ts. How many pages should my resume be?

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

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A video resume is a rather modern trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video resume gives a more precise description of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. With a video resume, it is easier for candidates to present themselves before prospective employer. Moreover, it also helps employers assess the candidacy of a candidate that would have been otherwise vivid in a traditional resume.

Refresh Your Resume

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When was the last time you really looked at your resume? Does it still give an accurate picture of your assets for a potential employer? With today’s technology, you have the advantage of being able to take your basic facts and refresh your resume with each new application. Your resume should include non-paid activity because it is a part of your overall package. This is where your resume will make or break the deal.

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CFO Executive Resume Employment Gap: Is Volunteering Really a Job?

Executive Career Brand

I’m working on a resume and LinkedIn profile for a Chief Financial Officer who has been a powerhouse financial management executive across multiple industries – Healthcare, Finance, Publishing, Telecom, Information Services, Technology. Initially, he characterized himself as unemployed since last December, which left us with an employment gap to be addressed on his resume and elsewhere. We found the perfect solution to his employment gap.

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5 reasons to update a resume while still employed

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You’ve filed away your resume, and your cover letter, in the hopes that you won’t need them again for a very long time. (We That’s great, and fantastic that you are utilizing LinkedIn for your career — but still, you should have your resume handy at all times. Why is your maintaining your resume so important? Keep your resume handy and every couple of months, update with your highlights. Email me your resume beforehand.” 3 ways to update a stale resume.

2011 182

Executive Resume Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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Executives can work diligently and do extensive amounts of research to know what to put on a resume, only to struggle with landing a job. There’s a lot of contradictory information on the internet regarding the best executive resume format , the content that should be used in a resume, and more. A Good Resume Guarantees A Job. There are no guarantees in life, and writing an effective resume won’t guarantee you a job either. Resumes Aren’t Too Important Anyway.

2018 140

Critical Details to Include on a Senior Level Executive Resume

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But how do you know which details to include on a senior level resume? The formatting, length and other similar aspects can be corrected by the best executive resume writers, but even the experts don’t know the details of your work history. When you’re applying for a senior level position, consider including these critical details when writing an effective resume. The next thing the best executive resume writers will suggest is demonstrating your areas of expertise clearly.

2018 122

7 Resume Lies Employers Will Never Check

Resume Bear

Many Human Resources staffers preach the dangers of lying on your resume, and they’re right to an extent. Inventing companies and inflating employment lengths can get you fired or at the very least embarrassed during the hiring process. But employers don’t want complete honesty, do they? And employers expect you to put your best foot forward, so show them your very best. Scan your resume for anything that doesn’t scream, “Hire me!”?

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Should You Use a Resume Template?

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The best executive resume format isn’t a template. Putting together resumes that get you hired can be a time-consuming process so why wouldn’t you use any help you could get? A template may seem like the best executive resume format, but is it really? While a template may make the process of creating a resume faster and easier, hiring an executive resume service to help you stand out is the best option.

2015 199

Will Your Creative Resume Hurt or Help?

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Writing an effective resume requires t he proper format. Resumes that get you hired need to stand apart from the thousands of other resumes companies may receive for a given job listing. For this reason, many people think it’s best to get creative when writing an effective resume. Unfortunately, resumes and cover letters that are too unusual can raise red flags and prevent employers from even looking at them.

2015 206

Exceptions to Resume Rules

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Resume standards are based on what has proven to be effective in the job market over recent years. However, there are exceptions to many of the resume rules. The following are the top five resume rules with exceptions. Omit articles on resumes. It is common to omit articles (a, an, the) on resumes to facilitate a quick read. Because objectives focus on the needs of the candidate (and not the employer), objective statements are considered outmoded.

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The Most FAQs about Executive Resumes

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Writing a resume should take a while due to the detailed nature of it. It’s only natural for executives to have questions when crafting their resume, and a professional resume writing service can help answer all of them. What Length Should My Resume Be? A common misconception is a resume should never be more than one or two pages. The key is formatting the resume so it is easy to read, highlights your important attributes and doesn’t have big chunks of text.

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3 Secrets to Strengthen Your Executive Resume

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No matter how strong you think your resume is, there’s always room for improvement. Even the top rated resume writing services will write, proof and edit any given resume multiple times before it gets into the final form. In order to make your resume stand out, here are some secrets to strengthen it. Potential employers look for keywords at the top of every resume. Balance The Design of Your Resume.

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