“Can a company selectively enforce non-compete agreements?”

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Another interesting note that I also know is that my employer has knowingly hired employees from competitors knowing that they also have non-competes. Des Moines, Iowa. Answer : Dear Mike: Non-compete agreements are a very interesting – and very controversial – area of employment law. In general, an employer is free to enforce – or not enforce – any kind of agreement(s) it has with others.

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employee wants to retract his resignation, stolen break room supplies, and more

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” Ideally, you’d also explain your reasoning — such as that you’re heavily into talks with other candidates or changing course with the position, or that you had performance concerns that make you hesitant to renew the employment agreement, or whatever the reason is. And candidates are under no obligations of any kind to use recruiting/staffing agencies to go to an employer. I’m disappointed that an employer ended up advertising the job they’re talking to me about.

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