The Pop Culture Employment Law Blog Carnival


Employment law blogs are a blog niche I’ve seen grow over the past two years, and I’m thankful for that. Because your employment law attorney and HR experts can keep your workplace out of trouble of the legal variety. That’s why I’m proud to host this month’s Employment Law Carnival. It’s an exciting time to work in HR and employment law. Case Law That Creates Conversation. Employment Law 101.

Discrimination, Contracts, & Compliance, Oh My! #ELBC is Here!


This week Blogging4Jobs has the pleasure of hosting the Employment Law Blog Carnival. Discrimination in the workplace, contract law, and keeping compliant are the choice topics for legal bloggers during this time of year. Thanks to Eric B Meyer at The Employer Handbook for this descriptive piece on two men, one purple nurple. Judy and Kate give a few ways to avoid this type of discrimination over on the Employment Law Navigator blog.


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“I was served with a Grand Jury subpoena about my job; what do I do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Detroit, Michigan. Answer: Dear Melanie: I have had several clients in your circumstance during my career, and with each one I say this: “I am not trained or experienced in the criminal law, and so I really can’t advise regarding it. For example, in the course of a Grand Jury investigation about fraud on customers of your former employer, it may come to light that your former employer also engaged in tax evasion, an entirely different criminal offense.

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do we have to pay new hires for training time?

Ask a Manager

I’m not sure if this is legal under current wage laws (our business is located in Michigan, by the way) or if it is considered work without wage. Ah yes, gut feelings — a great way to go wrong in hiring and employment law. That means that it needs to be paid, and that your employer is setting himself up for some major penalties and back-pay awards if he doesn’t remedy this ASAP. law + order

2015 35

Am I Too Fat to Get Hired?

Evil HR Lady

" This might be classified as falling within the ADA (law passed in the USA - "The Americans with Disabilities Act"). Therefore, an employer will need to make a "reasonable" accomodation to fit this person in. Outside of Michigan, there's not much you can do about such bias save for combatting it as professionally as possible and make your physical presentation otherwise crisp and impeccable at the interview. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?

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