Episode 28 – FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update


A few weeks back, we had our Triple Threat webinar discussing FMLA, WorkersCompensation and Disability on Blogging4Jobs. Episode 28: Your FMLA, WorkersCompensation & Disability Questions Answered. In the HR world, one area that is hard to keep up with is the employment law landscape and eligibility requirements especially in the areas that I call the Triple Threat which are ADA, FMLA and WorkersCompensation.

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For instance, New York requires employers who have any employees based there to establish a workers compensation insurance account and a disability insurance account with the state and to make ongoing payments into them, among other statutory requirements. Plus, adding employees in new states means keeping up with (and complying with) employment laws in those states — which can be a not insignificant burden, particularly for a smaller company.

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