That’s one small step for WOMEN, one giant leap for WOMANKIND

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A white man’s world – when taking a look back at the photographs taken of the 1960s Apollo 11 space program you can’t help but notice women are rarely depicted amongst the various images. Below we have listed 5 of the women who made “mankind” landing on the moon possible.

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Who Runs the World? Three Inspirational Women in Business

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In recent years, feminist discourse on the role of women in business has become much more visible. Worst of all, the gender pay gap remains stubbornly entrenched in our society, with salary variances between men and women only widening as we age.

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Three Women Who Have Made Successful Career Changes

Ms. Career Girl

Through this journey, I have met hundreds of women who made huge career changes after becoming moms. Here are three stories of incredible women who have also taken a leap of faith and made inspiring pivots in their careers: Erin DiNicola, FIT4MOM Franchise Owner in Charleston. But now she felt called to shift focus from collecting professional accolades to building the family life that she had always wanted, but had put off for so long.

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One Family's Recipe for Happiness

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe One Family’s Recipe for Happiness by Nicole Crimaldi on March 4, 2010 1 cup of patience 5 cups of optimism 3 cups of unconditional love Sprinkled with a passion for your career I spent the first two days of this week at the strangest funeral I’ve ever been to. Everyone was smiling, laughing, telling hilarious stories, eating great food, and embracing distant friends as if they were family.

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Misogynist conversations women have all the time

Penelope Trunk

Because all the #metoos of the world are not going to change things without you taking personal responsibility for the ways you put down other women. Most people who stay home with kids have a choice: they could work full-time at an interesting job, or they could focus on raising their kids and taking care of their family. College educated women who are home with kids are brave enough to do what most makes sense to them instead of doing what society values. Women

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Can You Have a Work-Life Balance? These Women Say Yes: All You Need is a Social Media Account

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Successful career or active family life? Entrepreneurs and mothers Marjorie Lynn and Kathy Meadows get the challenges of balancing family with a successful career. With Social Network Marketing we are really just taking something that women do already – promoting products we love to our social networks – and allowing people to monetize it,” explains Lynn. People try our energy drink, KAOS Gold, and love the taste.

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Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the mix Posted to: Entrepreneurship | Money | Negotiating November 25th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook I think its safe to say that for the majority of people, Thanksgiving is not about goodness and gratitude, but rather, family drama. There are pieces of the family business I’m dying to tell you about.

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Working Mothers & What it Means to Be a Woman


*This post is sponsored by Kronos who is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day on March 8. Be sure to view the powerful video on women in history below. . Women can’t work and be a parent. Luckily, many successful women are bull-headed, stubborn, and up for the challenge to fight battles like birth control, right to vote, and discrimination at work for being pregnant. Celebrating Women on March 8, Women’s International Day.

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How to Behave Like a Lady in a Man’s World of Business

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But despite that, there’s still an age-old stereotype to overcome, and while more and more inspiring women are leading companies into the 21 st century, there’s still a gender (and income) disparity. Nowadays, businesswomen are able to juggle busy jobs, a family life and a social life, often while their husbands stay at home. And, as the feminist and equalitarian movements continue to gain traction around the world, the number of women in business looks set to continue.

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Living Fit In Today's Business World - BLOG - Career.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered. Throw in the responsibilities of family and caring for a home, and that leaves precious little time to think about things like fitness.

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employer requires women to wear perfect makeup — and writes them up if it’s smudged

Ask a Manager

She relies on her boyfriend and family/friends to do fun things like see a movie or go out for dinner. Most women at this office work at desks so the heels aren’t such a problem for them, but my sister is on her feet all day and the heels are killing her. Some of the men are feeling self-conscious when they hear the women grumble and some of the older women are annoyed with the younger women for not falling in line.

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updates: the men who wouldn’t be alone with women, the very good dog, and more

Ask a Manager

Some men in my office refuse to be alone with women. It turned out that life without a dog was almost impossible to bear, and I adopted another high-energy book-smart street-stupid herding dog mix only a week or two after that. Big love and thank you to the AAM family. :). Here are three updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past. I know everyone loves updates, and I have a somewhat positive one.

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7 Reasons You Want to Lead “Like a Girl”

Ms. Career Girl

But just as men have a certain set of gender-based talents and natural strengths, so do women. Men’s talents are not inherently better, or worse, than women’s. Women are adept at shooting down dumb ideas as effortlessly as a lit match turns a stack of papers into fire.

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How Weekend Productivity Can Lead to Success

Ms. Career Girl

I decided to do a little compare and contrast on the article and realized if the tasks listed are a true measure of success, I have got a lot of work to do: Make time for family and friends. I have some pretty great friends and an awesome family, so this is always an easy one for me. I’m going to take this little evaluation as incentive to be more productive on the weekend and teach myself to save some energy for my life beyond work.

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From Stilettos to Sweatpants and Back

Ms. Career Girl

Like many women, Sarah had to decide whether or not to pay for full time child care (a salary of its own in the city of Chicago) or to turn in her business suit to raise her daughter at home instead. Yet at some point, many women feel disconnected with the outside world and miss the pace, challenges, financial rewards and social stimulation of having a job title outside of being a Mom. career women

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Spring Cleaning

Ms. Career Girl

Throw out some of that stuff, say goodbye to your past and welcome the new energy of your happy, healthy future. Without much energy going toward digestion, more energy is available to the rest of your body and mind. Densely packed with energy and nutrients, they grow upward to the sky, absorbing the sun’s light while producing oxygen. Their color is associated with spring, which is a time to renew and refresh vital energy. People like “stuff.”

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‘Tis The Season for Self-Care

Ms. Career Girl

You’re no good to anyone in this state—not to your boss, your best friends, your family, and most of all, yourself. How do you center yourself and refocus your energy back on yourself? Be sure to pick Becca’s Badass Affirmations and The Book of Awesome Women Writers.

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How to Get Motivated After a Setback

Career Makeover Coach

Death of a family member. Encircle yourself with people that motivate you, cheer you on, and feed you positive energy at every turn. Blog About Tai on Twitter Free Consultation Coaching Options Coaching FAQs Testimonials Contact Resources Reading List CMC Products Events Subscribe to RSS How to Get Motivated After a Setback by Tai Goodwin on January 9, 2011 Sometimes giving up feels like the best option after a setback. A lay-off. Divorce. Break up of a friendship.

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How Did Your Mother Influence Your Career?

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Born to Italian immigrants, my Mom did what most 1st generation Italian-American kids do: she joined the family Environmental Drilling business (honestly, she probably started there around age 6- labeling soil sample jars). Not only has my Mom led three multi-million dollar companies to continual growth, she has also led our family to continual growth. This was the only business they knew and the only source of income our family had.

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Superwoman’s Networking Handbook: Elevate your Elevator Speech

Ms. Career Girl

Women who’s books I read and websites I idolize like Gabrielle Bernstein , Latham Thomas , Katie Freiling and Danielle Laporte. Especially women. I spent a lot of time on this exercise so I’ll walk you through my example: Words: health and fitness, writer, coach, consultant, trainer,, writing a book, want to open a studio, work with really busy women, teach them how to take better care of themselves.

Tips To Consider When Pregnant And Working

Professional Resume Services

One of the realities for women is that of being pregnant and working a full-time job. Be flexible where you can and prepare ahead for days that will be low-energy. Work/Family Balance erin kennedy executive resume writer Executive Resumes human resources Pregnancy on the job professional resume services work schedules

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For Feminism, Basically

Ms. Career Girl

The women I grew up around in the 1950s and early 60s came in two forms. Like Sexton, there were “put together” women who donned makeup, dressed femininely, and polished their nails. The other kind of women around me were more like my mom. And yet, women still make $.79

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The Balancing Act of a “Mompreneur”

Ms. Career Girl

I start to shake and worry if I can make it; so much to do and so little time and energy. Why is this a conundrum for most women? To be a seriously successful business woman, you have to give up your hopes of ever having a family. On the up side, women are much better at multitasking and on the average tend to outlive their spouses. The balancing act of being a wife, new mom and career woman is like walking a tightrope.

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Healthy Living Day 3: Create Your Calorie List

Personal Excellence Blog

The fact is that every time I conduct a challenge, it is always my wish that everyone on PE can join in and participate in it together, as one big happy family. One big global family that transcends geographical boundaries, physical spaces, and time zones, to pursue common goals in life together. That’s one-whooping-quarter for a person with a 2,000-calorie expenditure, and one-third of if your daily energy expenditure which is only 1,500! (We’ll

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The Secret to Having It All Is…

Ms. Career Girl

Somehow as women, many of us have come to believe that asking for help is sacrilege. Note, the critical defining element of a non-super power, is that is drains your energy. Hire My Mom (all kinds of virtual assistant services, and what’s great about hire my mom, is that you’re helping stay at home moms, work and help support the family!). career women personal development time management

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Organization Is The Key to Happiness: Working from Home Zen

Ms. Career Girl

Getting rid of things you no longer use in your office will increase its functionality by making it tidier, easier to clean, as well as giving it a boost of positive energy. The teacher side of her family led Becca to become a women’s studies scholar who writes The Blog of Awesome Women.

A Remedy for “The Pleasing Disease”

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe A Remedy for “The Pleasing Disease&# by Nicole Crimaldi on July 22, 2010 Many women are in the business of pleasing others. The “pleasing disease” spreads into all of the important areas of women’s lives. Ever wonder how those women who “do it all&# seem to get it done? It’s so easy to get sucked in to the excitement of the moment or the positive energy of the person in front of you.

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Sixteen Tips To Make Your Life Better – TODAY

Ms. Career Girl

There’s been unimaginable pressure on us as individuals, and as families. Reshma Shah , MD, pediatrician, and co-author of Nourish: The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families. TIP: Let family dinner time be a refuge. TIP: Choose healthy family meals.

2020 207

Critical Comparison – When Comparing Yourself Goes Wrong

Ms. Career Girl

When you are comparing yourself to other women and their lives – success, relationship, business, career, health, looks – this is when critical comparison can come into play. Women often compare themselves to other women who may share similar qualities. What words are you using, what is the energy behind the words? Whether the words are internal or external, in a conversation or not, it doesn’t matter, because it’s all energy.

2019 173

My Birth Story: Birth of Baby A!

Personal Excellence Blog

” , which gave me new-found energy to go on!! The knowledge for breastfeeding is lost in my parents’ generation given that almost everyone raised their children fully on formula milk, and many Chinese parents give terrible advice on breastfeeding to moms my age (most of them think that formula milk is superior and breastmilk is “diluted,” and that Chinese women have insufficient breastmilk). Family Updates About Celes

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4 Ways to Live Your Best Life Every Day in 2021

Ms. Career Girl

When you embrace the intangibles and put your focus on what you are feeling, you can figure out how to reconnect with your dreams, your needs, your energy, and yourself. The teacher side of her family led Becca to become a women’s studies scholar who writes The Blog of Awesome Women.

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How to plan a career in your 20s to stay home with kids in your 30s

Penelope Trunk

Forbes just published a survey that shows that 84% of working women want to stay home with kids . It’s clear that women don’t want to bust through the glass ceiling , or they’d have done it by now. And it’s clear that men are not pulled by kids in nearly the same way women are, because women’s careers tank when they have kids and mens’ careers don’t. That’s where we get the 84% of women wanting to stay home. Wome

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How to pick a husband if you want to have kids

Penelope Trunk

Some women will say they know for sure that they do want to work full-time. Most women will say that they don’t know for sure. Because nothing else will seem worth it to put yourself and your family through what they will have to go through. It’s how women are wired. You can look around at all the big job, high-powered women and see that almost all of them have one of these scores. Because women hate the feeling of out-earning their husbands.

2013 88

Blueprint for a Woman's Life

Penelope Trunk

And I realized one day, while I had a particularly long car ride, that I am actually feeling like I know what women should be doing with their adult life. So, it makes sense that after getting to age 45 I am ready to tell all women how to live their adult life. Women do better in school than men, but school is not a harbinger of doing well in life. Men like women who are smart but not making more than they are. (I Also, as women age they become more invisible.

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Illegal Discrimination in Tech? Hardly

Evil HR Lady

So, when I hear women whining about being discriminated against I always have to stop and wonder, is it illegal discrimination or different choices? PS And I want the women who leave work to pick up their kids at daycare every day at 5 sharp and who take a year or two off with the baby to quit whining that they are not CEO. Women should have to choose whether to be successful or have a family while men can have both. Women are. Plenty of women have.

Career, Mother, and Wife? Can You Have it All?

Ms. Career Girl

I was 34 years old, a lucky chief cook and bottle washer, chauffeur, social planner, wife and mother with a loving husband who paid the bills for our happy family of four in west L.A. I’d done what many women did: go to college to find a husband and live happily ever after. I wanted so much to find fulfillment outside the realm of my husband and family and put my untapped talents to good use. Who was I, this person with untapped, wasted talent and energy?

2019 157

Ten things to do after work…besides more work

Ms. Career Girl

Keeping up your energy day after day is hard work too. Choose an organization whose mission resonates with your values, whether that’s the local library, a food bank, or women’s shelter. It’s all about you: doing something you enjoy, taking care of yourself, connecting with family and friends. Yes, there is life after work. Workdays are super-intense. Ten, twelve, even fourteen hours of go! You can feel great at the end of the day, knowing that you have made a difference.

2019 182

Three Ways to Discover What Holds You Back

Ms. Career Girl

Or maybe you get pulled off track with family stuff or self-doubt. Is this my thought/feeling or energy?”. Therese Skelly is a fierce advocate for high achieving women who want to get even better results.

2020 212

How I Found My Soulmate in Life, Part 4: How I Realized Ken is The One for Me Forever

Personal Excellence Blog

He was so excited about our relationship that he couldn’t hold back from telling all his close friends, family, and relatives that day. Unlike men who get intimidated by strong women , he’s thoroughly confident in himself and loves that I’m always striving to be the best that I can be. Now he doesn’t club anymore because he wants to be a “family man” for me.

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10 Tips To Achieve A Perfect Harmony In Your Career And Life

Ms. Career Girl

Don’t be fooled by the television commercials showing women hustling between their careers and personal lives. It gets much harder for women to achieve a balance in their personal and professional life, as it requires managing both these elements by adopting a meticulous approach. This approach guarantees that you keep your energy rushing, thereby achieving a healthy mind and body and a happy and satisfied self. Cherish your relationships and family.

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How to Harness the Power of Positive Thinking During Your Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

A personalized support team could be made up of all kinds of professionals—and, of course, a few trusted friends and family members. She also volunteers her time with Dress for Success and the Back to Business Women’s Conference.

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Don’t Let Fear Stall Your Career – Four Don’ts and What to Do About Them 

Ms. Career Girl

Both men and women struggle with self-confidence, but for all their considerable achievements, women continue to be particularly dogged by a confidence gap. An HP study found that while men would apply for a promotion when they met only 60 percent of its requirements, women would only when they met 100 percent. A design firm asked me to investigate its steady loss of emerging women leaders.

2019 174

Anxiety & Depression: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward

Ms. Career Girl

We each have a set of standards that we live our life by; some of these norms we have chosen for ourselves but many others we have inherited or absorbed from family, peers and society. Depression is a sense of not feeling alive – you spend so much time avoiding getting things wrong – being wrong – that you lose the natural energy of ‘life.’ Your past does not determine who you are in the present, or in the future.

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