Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories

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The post Side Hustle Gold: 4 Inspiring Women's Stories appeared first on Ms. There's two things to keep in the front of your mind as you put your energy and time into a side hustle. At Ms Career Girl, we hear about lots of women who have not only survived but thrived.

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Giving Women Courage in their Career Development

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Women desire to differentiate themselves through making an impact with their ideas. There are innate character traits women have keeping them from speaking up. The basis for our discussion comes from her article, Top 5 Career Must-Have’s for Women.

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4 Ways Women Talk Differently In The Workplace (& What Men Could Learn From Us)

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The post 4 Ways Women Talk Differently In The Workplace (& What Men Could Learn From Us) appeared first on Ms. Of all the tired clichés, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” may be one of the worst. Women are politer, men are more assertive. Do women use more questions?

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Marissa Mayer becomes CEO of Yahoo, and proves women cannot have it all

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My reaction: I’m so sick of people saying that women like Marissa Mayer are trailblazers when they take on huge corporate responsibility instead of taking care of young kids at home. It scares the women who don’t have kids. Why does Mayer fight for all women? Women

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Healthy Living Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure

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With that said, let’s move to Day 4′s task today, which is… Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is the energy requirements just to sustain your body and do absolutely nothing the whole day but lie on your bed, breathe, and rest.

Living Fit In Today's Business World - BLOG - Career.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered.

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How Weekend Productivity Can Lead to Success

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I’m going to take this little evaluation as incentive to be more productive on the weekend and teach myself to save some energy for my life beyond work. Career Confessions Work career advice career women free time self success thoughts twentysomethings weekends work/life balance

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Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

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Meeting other happy women who’ve made positive changes in their careers and lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up growing a team and coaching other women into pursuing their passion as a paycheck. Lots of positive energy and opportunity sent your way, Nicole.

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How to plan a career in your 20s to stay home with kids in your 30s

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Forbes just published a survey that shows that 84% of working women want to stay home with kids . It’s clear that women don’t want to bust through the glass ceiling , or they’d have done it by now. That’s where we get the 84% of women wanting to stay home.

Healthy Living Day 3: Create Your Calorie List

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That’s one-whooping-quarter for a person with a 2,000-calorie expenditure, and one-third of if your daily energy expenditure which is only 1,500! (We’ll We’ll be talking about daily energy expenditure in Day 4.) Calorie is the overall measurement of energy.

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Blueprint for a Woman's Life

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And I realized one day, while I had a particularly long car ride, that I am actually feeling like I know what women should be doing with their adult life. So, it makes sense that after getting to age 45 I am ready to tell all women how to live their adult life. Women

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4 Tips To Start a Business From a Woman Who Knows

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Again, that’s not to say that you should toss all the fire and energy and starry-eyed idealism out the window. I think you need fresh ideas, and they’re so excited, and they have so much energy. I think energy is needed in a workplace.

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How to pick a husband if you want to have kids

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Some women will say they know for sure that they do want to work full-time. Most women will say that they don’t know for sure. It’s how women are wired. Because women hate the feeling of out-earning their husbands. WomenPainting by Roy Lichtenstein.

Healthy Living Day 13: Start Your Healthy Living Guidebook

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Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure | Comments. Image: Women running , Blank notebook. You May Also Like This: Healthy Living Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

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Healthy Living Day 5: Create Your Ideal Meal Plan

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Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure | Comments. Image: Women running , Orange and notebook. You May Also Like This: Healthy Living Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

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Healthy Living Day 6: Follow Your Ideal Meal Plan!

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Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure | Comments. Image: Women running , Salad. You May Also Like This: Healthy Living Day 4: Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

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Burning Bridges and Bad Karma.

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Why hold on to negative energy? Either way, you’ve made a friend and you are sending positive energy into the universe which is bound to come back to you.

How to Behave Like a Lady in a Man’s World of Business

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But despite that, there’s still an age-old stereotype to overcome, and while more and more inspiring women are leading companies into the 21 st century, there’s still a gender (and income) disparity. Women in business. Women as leaders.

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Working Mothers & What it Means to Be a Woman


*This post is sponsored by Kronos who is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day on March 8. Be sure to view the powerful video on women in history below. . Women can’t work and be a parent. Celebrating Women on March 8, Women’s International Day.

Use Your Energy Wisely (or, Don't Write When You Should Be Filing.


Some of them-- such as "Director of Innovative Ideas" or "Manager of DifficultSituations" -- require a lot of energy. Id love to have the right kind of energy available at the right time. Most of ushave energy levels that vary wildly throughout the day.

Superwoman’s Networking Handbook: Elevate your Elevator Speech

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Women who’s books I read and websites I idolize like Gabrielle Bernstein , Latham Thomas , Katie Freiling and Danielle Laporte. Especially women. “Well, you can find me at and I write for several women’s online magazines as well.

7 Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Morning

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Oats are a source of soluble fibre, which means that they release their energy slowly throughout the day, whilst also being kind to your tummy and easier to digest than regular sources of fibre.

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How to Launch Your International Career: A Review of Stacie Berdan’s GoGlobal!

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I moved to Chile in July of 2011 to join a solar energy startup and participate in Start-Up Chile , an entrepreneurship program sponsored by the Chilean government. books career women job search

life@work: It's Time for Energy and Enthusiasm!


Today's bit of energy and enthusiasm I have to share with you comes from twentysomething, Cody McKibben, of Thrilling Heroics. " Here's what I thought after reading his post today: Love his energy! Comments Its Time for Energy and Enthusiasm!

Riaz Mamdani discusses importance of supporting Alberta’s woman entrepreneurs

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These entrepreneurial businesses span multiple industries, from tech firms to the energy sector to tourism to restaurants and professional services. At least half of Canadian small and medium businesses are owned or partially owned by women, a number which continues to grow.

From Stilettos to Sweatpants and Back

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Like many women, Sarah had to decide whether or not to pay for full time child care (a salary of its own in the city of Chicago) or to turn in her business suit to raise her daughter at home instead. career women

The Secret to Having It All Is…

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Somehow as women, many of us have come to believe that asking for help is sacrilege. Note, the critical defining element of a non-super power, is that is drains your energy. career women personal development time management

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Can You Have a Work-Life Balance? These Women Say Yes: All You Need is a Social Media Account

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With Social Network Marketing we are really just taking something that women do already – promoting products we love to our social networks – and allowing people to monetize it,” explains Lynn. People try our energy drink, KAOS Gold, and love the taste.

How do You Balance Your Busy Life?

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Don’t underestimate the power of sufficient, quality sleep to rejuvenate your energy, not to mention your looks. career womenI’m quickly learning that when your career is big part of your life, it can be hard to find time to relax and take care of yourself.

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Help a Sister Out… Become a Mentor

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As such, the right person can bring harmony and energy to your team. career career women entrepreneurship office politics personal developmentBy, Gabriela Vega. Last week my firm’s newest employee began her employment.

How To Communicate With A Young Gun

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Most of us have heard of the famous John Gray book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. One of the overarching ideas within is that men and women fundamentally think differently. This is part one of a two-part series on millennials in the workplace.

Work-Life Balance: Tips to Help You Manage Your Work and Studies Successfully

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One of the questions that prospective students and career women currently studying ask on a regular basis is: will I be able to manage my job and my studies? There is no doubt that working and studying simultaneously will take up a lot of your energy and time.

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How to be a Successful Career Woman

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The past few years have seen a huge focus on women: their rights, their voices, their ambitions and their importance on societies around the world. Although every woman has her own definition of success, certain traits tie the most successful women together.

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Are Your Emotions Getting In the Way of Your Success?

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Women are emotional beings, and this can work to our advantage with one key skill – control. While women are emotional creatures, it doesn’t mean that we cannot channel that energy into productivity and drive. The post Are Your Emotions Getting In the Way of Your Success?

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Control Your Chaos: Redefining Work-Life Balance

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Women are generally the ultimate multi-taskers, often dealing with the kids and their schedules while building a career, getting involved in the community and of course, running an entire household. This type of release will refuel your energy, give you new ideas and keep you refreshed.

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It’s Time for a Day Off From Work!

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That’s what these women do – and they love it! She goes back to work with more interest and energy. You will be more relaxed, have more energy, more patience for that colleague who was driving you crazy, maybe even a solution for that tough problem.

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Why Your Job Search Requires More Than You’re Willing to Give

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Finding a job is hard work and requires sacrifices, energy, and preparation. Listen: Giving Women Courage in their Career Development. Your job search requires maximum effort. Don’t obsess over it. But don’t take minimum results for granted by investing little bits of time.

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How To Find Love If You Are A Busy Successful Woman

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It may sound like nothing new, but the fact is so many women are confused about what they want. Grow your feminine energy. As women fought for Women’s Rights, its cause eventually entered our homes.

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Finding a mate isn’t luck. It’s about setting a goal and reaching it.

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And the bottom line is that women who have been able to set goals for the other parts of their life and meet those goals will be able to set up goals for getting a life partner and meet those goals, too. Special bonus for women with sisters: they are happier in their later life.).

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10 Body Language Tips for Interviewing

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“Sometimes we undermine how powerful or in focus we are by nodding like a bobble-head doll,” says Burnham, a habit that’s particularly common in women. The nervous energy will distract the interviewer. Your body language could help you land your dream job.

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