Managing Your Social Media Mullet — Part 1


The mullet began making appearances in the popular media in the 1960s and 1970s but did not catch on with the masses until the early 1980s. I first wrote about “ the social media mullet ” in 2009. Social media is all about interacting and developing relationships.

Honing Your Entrepreneurial Skills: Reliability

Water Cooler Wisdom

It’s not a good quality in anyone, but it’s the worst in an entrepreneur because when you own your business, the buck stops with you. But there are only so many hours in the day, and if you say yes too much, you won’t have time for the important things.    The next time you’re pinged, take a step back and objectively consider whether you have bandwidth to make good on the promise.

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Browseworthy: Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Career Makeover Coach

15 More Tips on Social Media and Finding a Job: Six out of the 15 tips offered here focus on leveraging social media to learn and by doing so become a resource for your field or network.

Network Like a Pro:Kick Your Social Anxiety to the Curb

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I was honored to be considered as a nominee with such an impressive list of tweeters and bloggers making an amazing impact through social media. Most people have felt social anxiety at some point in their lives. Social anxiety can be overcome, though.

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The 50 Best Books for the Unemployed

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These books will help you look at the silver lining of unemployment and suggest that you spend your time away from work learning, growing and ultimately becoming a better employee. It offers inspirational advice on everything from dealing with customers to effective time management.

100 Women’s Voices In Business

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9 by Heather Gorringe, Managing Director at Wiggly Wigglers in the UK ( @wiggled on Twitter): Remember – success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. #22 In the category Productivity and Time Management: #43 by Jennifer Britton, President of Potentials Realized in Canada ( @jennbritton on Twitter): Keep your vision in front of you, your eyes on your goals. One step a day consistently over time leads to results.

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Monday Must-Reads: Check Yourself

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Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Monday Must-Reads: Check Yourself by Nicole Crimaldi on February 15, 2010 Dude Where’s my Time? On time management for young entrepreneurs, “do it, dump it or delegate it&# and more realistic advice from someone who is really doing it.

Guest Post: Finding Career Opportunities via Twitter

Career Makeover Coach

Twitter, a micro-blogging tool where users communicate with each other through a series brief messages called “tweets”, is one of the most popular social networking sites. Hoot Suite is a web based application that allows you to manage multiple social networking accounts from one location.

What’s Stopping You? 7 Start-Up Challenges Facing the Entrepreneurial Woman

Ms. Career Girl

Whether you have a big idea you want to turn into a big business or you’re a full time employee who wants to try to go freelance, if this is an idea that has been boiling in your mind, the question is: What’s stopping you ? ” “I Have No Time”. Are you a female entrepreneur?

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9 Tips to Transition into the Technical Sales Arena

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What’s coincidental is that it was the second time in the last few weeks I’ve been asked the very same question, so I thought I’d offer a few tips for competent professionals who are honestly interested in pursuing this kind of career change: Avoid going in thru front door via human resources.

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The Top 3 Mistakes Job Seekers Make On LinkedIn

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This is common knowledge in the career industry, but why do so many people spend so much time on job boards? And socializing in an unfamiliar environment can be frightening. I totally understand why job seekers try to spend as little time as possible in front of LinkedIn.

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Career Makeover Strategies February Line-up

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Popular Posts Stop Flirting with Your Dreams and Other Browseworthy Links Is Moving to a Management Position Your Next Best Career Move? My name is Tai Goodwin and I am a career and business coach who specifically works with professionals who are launching a business while working full-time.

Are You Launching Your Business While Working Full-Time?

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Blog About Tai on Twitter Free Consultation Coaching Options Coaching FAQs Testimonials Contact Resources Reading List CMC Products Events Subscribe to RSS Are You Struggling to Launch Your Business While Working Full-Time? You are also able to send in your questions ahead of time.

3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager 3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession April 4, 2011 Last spring, I quit my job to go to work for myself. My couch, most of the time.) I see this advice all the time — “Can’t get a job?

KNOCK to Open the Door to Your Success

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Too many times we see closed doors as a bad thing, hanging our head in defeat, going into panic mode, or trying to use other people’s keys to get in. Popular Posts Stop Flirting with Your Dreams and Other Browseworthy Links Is Moving to a Management Position Your Next Best Career Move?

Guest Post: 3 Reasons Why LinkedIn is NOT the Only Resource for.

Career Makeover Coach

When going for a job, the hiring manager will look to see if your resume is generic, or if you have really addressed the organization’s concerns. If this happens too many times, you get a polite wrist slap from LinkedIin.

my company does secret performance reviews we're not allowed to see

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager my company does secret performance reviews that we’re not allowed to see March 21, 2011 A reader writes: My current employer performs secret yearly reviews for the 85 employees at our main location. It’s STORY TIME!

How to get good ideas for startups | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? Read all the time, among broad sources and materials. They take care of farm animals and get rewarded with computer time. You know you’re an entrepreneur if you can’t stop thinking of business ideas. It never works in new entrepreneurs.

Being an expert takes time, not talent | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Being an expert takes time, not talent Posted to: Fulfillment | Goal setting | How to blog January 28th, 2010 And if you think management in corporate life is an exception, you’re wrong. And in fact, the importance of hard work over raw talent is the subject of t he most popular Freakonomics column ever in the New York Times.)

Shifting the balance of power. (Mainstream media stinks.

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? Mainstream media stinks.) He has a point, but I tell him that I’m taking the nanny along this time. This is what I thought: Is there enough time for me to get really drunk on junk wine in the fridge before I have to go pick up the kids? This all might be the end of me catering to mainstream media. And I am thinking that dealing with mainstream media just isn’t worth it. I don’t think I need mainstream media.

Announcing: Brazen Careerist Top 50 Places to Work | Penelope.

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? Social entrepreneurship is stupid. It’s stupid because you don’t’ need to be calling yourself a social entrepreneur in order to save the world. What you might not know, though, is that if you take the time to evaluate a top 50 list, it forces you to think about what values and programs you rank when you look at companies, and what top three things you would care most about. 2 Questions: How exactly do you define a social enterprise?

5 Ways to make telecommuting better | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? But the only alone time I have in my day is the time I’m not with the kids, and if I spend my alone time with other people, then I don’t have alone time and I start to panic, and I do things like tell the guy in the cube next to me that he can’t talk to me. He has asked me to not talk over him, but I have a hard time telling if it is his turn to talk or mine. You spill almost every time you do anything in the kitchen.

What makes a blog successful? | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? A year ago, when I started blogging (thanks, btw) I wanted to set myself apart from fellow graduates as having a POV on social media as it pertains to PR. It's a struggle working full-time and trying to blog full-time. I post 3 times a week, but should probably do 4. I never believed it would be easy, but like Seth Godin says.You have to put in the time, stay creative and keep looking for that break.