How to Defeat a Non-Compete Ten Effective Defenses

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Not only had large corporations cut back on refurbishing their offices, but layoffs and bankruptcies in many industries had resulted in corporate employers occupying diminished office space. Unsolicited, Morgan received an invitation to interview with Private Equity investors interested in hiring an aggressive veteran to head up a mid-tier firm they hoped to one day take public. He shared it with the Private Equity investors.

we have to live within 100 miles of our director, company said paying me more would be “unfair,” and more

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In the verbal offer, they dropped the listed job ad salary (full-time equivalent for a contract gig) due to my lack of direct experience. I asked if they had flexibility to a salary about halfway between the two numbers, conceding lack of experience but with the (at first unspoken) rationale that I’ve been working for nearly 10 years. Survivor’s guilt is a real thing with layoffs and furloughs! It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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update: how can I keep my star performer, without being able to pay or promote him (while his less competent coworker earns double)?

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There is the Ownership tier that own around 80% of the equity and responsibilities to simplify are sales and finance. We are given budgets for salaries, and that’s where my major hurdle was. I brought up that we can’t keep both at the status quo and I was confident that Fergus could handle the added responsibility if we let Cecil go and was informed that “layoffs are bad for moral” and to my astonishment “Cecil is approaching 20 years of experience.

Google's 10% Raise: We Don't Care About Our Employees

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I was on the potential layoff list, so I was relatively happy to get a 1% raise!) Doesn't the base salary already reflect the value of an employee's contributions? But then our salaries are all public, too. They simply raised the baseline of their salary offerings.

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updates: friends at work, the higher-earning male coworker, and more

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The last time I wrote to you, I had just started a new junior HR role at a larger organization after I survived layoffs at the first one. I was doing work way above my title/pay grade (think director-level responsibilities on an entry-level salary). Not to mention I got a big pay raise, equity, etc., Here are three updates from past letter-writers. Am I allowed to have friends at work if I work in HR? (first update here ).

2020 26

Frugality is a career tool | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

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Of course it’s completely different for a salaried professional position. I would like the idea of creating equity and allowing it, but people just don’t need to make phone calls or step out for air nearly as often as these people need cigarettes!

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