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In earlier posts, we discussed the best time to mediate different types of employment or ERISA matters. Margaret Koesel has 20 years experience in the areas of employment, business, and commercial litigation , devoting a substantial portion of her practice to defending companies in employment discrimination and wrongful discharge litigation, and representing clients for Porter Wright in ERISA pension and welfare benefit disputes, trade secret, and non-compete disputes.

Why Good Writing Matters in HR


FMLA, CFRA, HIPPA, ERISA, ACA). Good writing skills are valuable in almost any profession. We engage in all kinds of written communication in the workplace, and often the reputation of our business rests on being able to convey a clear message.

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Five End-Of-Year Hacks for Small Business HR


It’s more than just the Summary of Benefits or Master Contract – this is a unique, ERISA compliant document, that contains the important facts your employees need to know about their retirement and health benefits.


What are Resume Keywords?

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ERISA Administration. We’ve all searched for something online by typing in a word or phrase that closely resembles the type of information we are looking for. We find information and make decisions about products and services via these types of searches.


my company is threatening to strand me out of town if I won’t work an extra day

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If their policy says they will get you home, I’d argue that it’s a benefit protected by ERISA and that they must comply. A reader writes: I submitted a 2-week notice to my employer, typed out and very professional. I specified in the letter when my last day would be, and everything seemed to be okay.

Standing Up For Yourself

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However, I am not a benefits lawyer (nor any kind of lawyer), and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that that type of waiver violates ERISA or some other benefits law. I am the HR Assistant at a decent-sized (160+ employees) company. Due to reasons I cannot discuss, the HR Director was suddenly terminated a few months ago. After a little over a month of keeping the department afloat by myself, we found a new director and I was happy.

The Top of Your Resume IS Important

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Here is an example of a summary of qualifications (or profile): Employee benefits, ERISA, and retirement plan specialist with a recent law degree and more than 17 years of experience working with major companies and financial institutions administering retirement plans.