Women in Leadership Roles: Rare Traits That Drive Your Success

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While it hadn’t been hard before, these days women have even more opportunities to express themselves, to lead, and to inspire others. No wonder so many young women look up to them and want to become like them in the future. via Self Magazine. Women in Leadership.

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I had to take a Xanax to read Time magazine this week

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I’m at my son’s cello lesson, thinking about this week’s Time magazine. I never used to write about women on my blog. I wrote for three national magazines about careers before I even acknowledged that I was a woman aside from saying 1. And many women cry.

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7 things you don’t know about women and work

Penelope Trunk

One of the earliest pieces of advice I got when I started getting paid to write was to not write about women. magazine, and every time I wrote about women my editor deleted the section. And they fired me because the stuff I wrote geared toward women was off-topic. Women

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What if Women Pioneered the Work World?

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Had the professional world been pioneered by women rather than men, what would it look like? For women, at times everything seems to be a battle against the self, a constant learning or adjusting process and most notably a push and pull between the personal and professional responsibilities.

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What success looks like at 20, and 30

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Women in their 20s have an advantage over men in their 20s because all men want to sleep with women in their 20s. And women have power over men who want to sleep with them. The first time I wrote about it my editor had to call the magazine’s lawyer.

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The F Word: Coming to Terms with “Feminism”

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I’m one of those people who has often referred to it as a term for man-hating women pushing to have more rights than men. Hearing from a few male friends, they feel that the word “feminism” simply sounds like it is about championing women over men. At its most basic point, feminism is about women having equal opportunities to their male counterparts. A notification due by July 1, 2015 will determine whether women will be allowed to qualify as Navy SEALs starting in 2016.

Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter: ResumeBear Chapter 13

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She is listed among “ Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women ” by Bit Rebels and is one of Social Media Marketing Magazine’s “ Top 5 Marketing Book Authors ” on Twitter. Pre-Order Your Copy Today! Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter.

Superwoman’s Networking Handbook

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Here’s a great example… A personal training client of mine connected me to her classmate from grad school, who is Editor-in-Chief of a women’s online magazine which resulted in my first opportunity to be a contributing writer. Example: “women’s networking groups, NY, NY.”

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I think Marissa Mayer has Asperger Syndrome

Penelope Trunk

She is a powerhouse in Silicon Valley and she was on the cover of the most recent Fortune Magazine 50 Most Powerful Women issue. Men as a group have fewer social skills than women. So women with Aspergers will still appear to have more social skills than many men without Aspergers. Identifying Mayer as having Aspergers will help women of all ages understand themselves better. For example, it is not okay to be the only person in the room laughing.

5 Twitter Casualties: Use Caution When You Tweet

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Just in case you’ve forgotten how perilous Twitter can be, here are five examples of tweets that got people canned. Example: “What do the Japanese have in common with @howardstern?

5 Beliefs That Keep You Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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I recently shared an article on Fearless Woman Magazine , I’d like to share with you here: 5 Beliefs That Keep You Living Paycheck to Paycheck 47% of Americans say they live “paycheck to paycheck” according to a 2008 survey by Careerbuilder.com.

Leverage the advantages of being an introvert at work | Penelope.

Penelope Trunk

For example, ENTJs make up only 3% of the population but they comprise a wide majority of the world's CEOs. For example, Helgoe has a great chapter on how to get out of going to a party – a key skill for an introvert, who does better in very small groups. But this book can tell you what sort of introvert you are (for example, an artist or an activist ?) I have a great example: I was in Las Vegas for a conference held at the Paris Hilton.

How A Little Career Paranoia Pays Off Brilliantly

Career Realism

As I look back at my career in the magazine business, including fourteen fabulous years running the number one women’s magazine in the world, I see that my paranoia served me extremely well. Here’s an example from my own life. The news wasn’t good.

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Silicon Valley CEO pleads no contest to beating his wife.

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For example, he poses a hypothetical to her: “OK, here is a link that seems to be landing to a page, which takes you to this content. Sheryl Sandberg spent years convincing women that they should idolize her and try to emulate her by “leaning in.”

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15 Things overachievers do

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New York magazine’s ode to Xanax lets you diagnose the type of overachiever you are with the type of pharmaceutical you like best. It’s clear that only a very small, anomalous group of women can have a high-powered job when they have young kids. They use lists.

How A Little Career Paranoia Pays Off Brilliantly

Career Realism

As I look back at my career in the magazine business, including fourteen fabulous years running the number one women’s magazine in the world, I see that my paranoia served me extremely well. When A Yawn Is More Than A Yawn Here’s an example from my own life.

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Don’t let your career become outdated

Penelope Trunk

The data shows that what women want from their career is respect, and what men want is a series of engaging problems to solve. So you can bet that I care less about respect than most women. Entrepreneur magazine is known for celebrating the 25-year-old CEO.

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How to delegate effectively

Penelope Trunk

For example, I have an assistant, a driver, a nanny, an editor, and a research maven. But I am a genius at seeing it in women. There is a Time magazine article about how Amanda probably has Aspergers.

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How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler

Ms. Career Girl

Did you know, for example, that in rural areas of Morocco the only women that allow themselves to be seen smoking or drinking in a bar are usually prostitutes? It’s also well worth noting that women’s magazines are forbidden in Iran. From women as well as men.

3 Things to take off your to do list right now

Penelope Trunk

This is, of course, the anthem of women who have kids and a job. Example: I just read an issue of Departures magazine. Make a list of five things you want to do that you’re not doing. No cross out all but one.

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Win Three InStyleEssentials #PerfectWhiteShirts!

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One lucky winner will get THREE InStyle Essentials shirts with TrioFit technology, a $200 gift card to help accessorize your new white shirts, a feature on the InStyle Essentials Tumblr and a one-year subscription to InStyle Magazine!

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How to get a career that provides stability

Penelope Trunk

I wrote for Time magazine that Generation Y wants engagement. While some titles, like this one , are certainly not generated by a robot, Science magazine reports that most of us cannot tell the difference between sports news generated by a robot or by a person.

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20 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You

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” The beauty industry, for example, is chocked full of advertisements convincing you that you must look a certain way to be considered beautiful and their makeup, skincare, etc. I’m not saying makeup is bad — it has been a great confidence booster for many women.

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From Finance to Bags

Career Shifters

My customers are of all ages, and include men, women and children. In particular, I didn't realise how challenging it would be to create a buzz about the brand to drive business to my London shop, and get it featured in the fashion magazines.

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5 Ideas that will influence 2012

Penelope Trunk

For example, 2011 my year to be obsessed with school – homeschooling and higher ed , 2010 was my year for disillusionment with happiness research , 2009 was when I started writing honestly about how unglamorous startup life really is.

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How to make it in New York City

Penelope Trunk

He started doing this when he was fifteen, taking photos for his family’s low-budget magazine, then he got an apprenticeship with a fashion photographer in New York City, and since he was only sixteen, his dad had to sign a release so he could see naked women.

What to Wear to a Job Interview (and WHY)

Corn on the Job

If you click on the images tab, you’ll see that some helpful folks over on Pinterest have even put together entire boards (usually for women, since let’s be honest: guys don’t have quite as many wardrobe options) which show examples of how you can dress for a job interview.

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my coworker uses the office bathroom as her personal phone booth

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A reader writes: At my company, we have large restrooms with 6+ stalls in both the men’s and the women’s bathrooms, with long counters that have three inlaid sinks. (I’m For example: “I’ve noticed you’re often on the phone in the bathroom, which can make it hard to use it for its intended purpose. I’m telling you this to let you know the rooms are large, echo-y, and there are no private “one-stall with a locked door” options.).

The Key to Self-Confidence: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

Career Realism

Dottie Walters, who passed away on Valentine’s Day in 2007, is a great example of this. She also produced several audio recordings, books, booklets, as well as a news magazine for speakers, Sharing Ideas. She went to the library to find some books on sales that were written for women.

How to Use Military Experience in Your Resume

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What followed was career seminars to soldiers, airmen/women, and sailors alike at Canadian Forces Base Kingston and Trenton, Canada. For example, Sergeants are the “backbone of the army.”

People Skills: Improving Job Skills Series Part 4

Career Key

For example, volunteer with an organization that needs help expanding and improving its services with current resources. Neighborhood cleanup, community event organizers, and environmental organizations are good examples.

Top Ten Ways to Find a Job | ResumeToReferral.com

Resume to Referral

Industry Mags and Social Niches – Sometimes the best positions that are the perfect fit are only being advertised in industry specific magazines and publications. Sign up for some Industry trade magazines, online groups, forums, and social networks.

Don’t Think About How Much You Hate Your Job… You Might Feel The Urge To Do Something About It

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For others, it will require a slow and steady plan – maybe out of your current job into part time work for example. If you’ve got a financial buffer, for example some savings or you have a supportive partner willing to bankroll you for 6 months, then go ahead and hand in your resignation NOW. career career women creativity entrepreneurship job search Monday Must-Reads uncategorized denise duffield-thomas

Motivation Tips from the Bath

Penelope Trunk

So I grab a magazine that looks like it’s been wet before. I look for women. I always look for women. I make a plan where I write enough on Sunday so I don’t lose my mind trying to write posts all week in between dealing with two kids. And then I decide writing seems too hard.

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How To Get Media Coverage for Your Business, Blog, or Startup—Constantly (Secrets Behind My Frequent Media Coverage, Revealed)

Personal Excellence Blog

In the past few years of starting my business, I’ve been interviewed or quoted nearly 40 times in various media, from newspapers, to print magazines, to TV, to radio, to online media. Behind-the-scenes shot of my photoshoot with Simply Her magazine in 2010.

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50 Most Creative Recruitment Ads in the World


“We sent young women in an old Volkswagen to (car) repair students. So we gave them each a package filled with A4-sized examples of the kinds of documents that we work with every day. The magazine was sent out to most-picked employees of competing agencies in a decent envelope.

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our interns are clueless about our office dress code

Ask A Manager

As a woman who has worked my way up to management in a field that is still male dominated, I want to guide these young women so their clothes don’t hold them back. Some examples are skirts that are well above mid-thigh, visible thongs, sheer blouses or tank tops under jackets instead of button-down shirts, full smoky eye shadow with false lashes, and non-natural lip or hair colors. You can read my answer to this letter at New York Magazine today.

Build Your Strengths Rather Than Fix Your Weaknesses - life@work


For example, say you'd like to become the Senior VP of Awesomeness, which comes with the responsibility of managing over 150 people. For example, say you'd like to become the Senior VP of Awesomeness, which comes with the responsibility of managing over 150 people.

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hating your job versus hating working, toilet seat etiquette, and more

Ask A Manager

I work in a public library where the staff generally gets along well and about 15 of us share one staff bathroom, including 5 men and 10 women. Unless you’re applying for jobs that expect an extremely polished appearance (for example, some PR jobs or pharmaceutical sales), most people aren’t going to care or even notice. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Etiquette of putting the toilet seat down.

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Beautiful Advice from a Divorced Man after 16 Years of Marriage

Personal Excellence Blog

When your man proposed / married you, he chose YOU: YOU, above all other women. Celes: Believe it or not, giving solutions when the other party is seeking empathy is a common mistake many men/women make! Marriage Failures Rates and Examples.

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