Facebook Your Way Into Your Next Internship


You have either landed an internship OR you are still stuck knee deep into your search. Consider using Facebook to help you find your summer internship. Recruiters and hiring managers are becoming more plentiful on Facebook because of it’s impressive reach and influence.

How to Turn an Internship into a Job Offer

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For many college students, getting an internship can be an ideal way to gain real-world work experience. In some cases, an internship can even lead to a part-time or full-time job with the same company. Internships Interns internship Job Search Jobs self help Self Improvement

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Facebook or Google – Which Internship is Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This infographic (from InternetServiceProviders ) pits internships from Google and Facebook against each other to see which is better! Takeaways: Both companies have different missions – Google is information based, whereas Facebook wants to make the world more open.

Top Internship Programs Announced

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The post Top Internship Programs Announced appeared first on Ms. As everyone knows, an internship is essential to college students looking to advance their careers in a chosen industry,” said Tara McCaffrey, VP of Marketing at Vault.com. Facebook. LLP’s Summer Internship.

6 Career-Killing Facebook Mistakes

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With more than 400 million active visitors, Facebook is arguably the most popular social networking site out there. With that kind of reach, Facebook can be a valuable tool for connecting to former and current colleagues, clients and potential employers.

How to Use Facebook as a Job Search Tool

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Many people use Facebook on a regular basis to stay in touch with friends and family, but few recognize the value Facebook can play in a job search. The quality of the connections on Facebook lends itself to fertile ground for immediate and meaningful networking.

Why Internships are Vital for Job Search

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For any job seeking graduate or student, internships should be a top priority. *In Results showed that employers look for an internship or work experience over a 2:1 from a top university. What is an internship? An internship or work experience (40%). Visit me on Facebook.

Students Blindly Apply for Top Internships


This could be one of the coolest, most innovative internship programs that we’ve seen in years. Eighteen interns ready to experience the ultimate internship adventure. Consider it the “NFL draft” of the internship world. Internship Adventures of a Lifetime.

Intern or Die: 3 Reasons Why College Students NEED Internships

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You can find Mona and Resunate on Facebook and Twitter. Resunate recently acquired the Regional Internship Center , an internship job board connecting internship seekers and employers in Southwestern Pennsylvania. How did internship experiences help your career?

Why Your Facebook Friends Matter to Employers

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There’s been a lot of buzz over the past couple years about employers checking potential employees’ Facebook pages. Here are four reasons that thorough recruiters care about your Facebook friends: 1. Has you or a friend’s Facebook profile ever cost you a job?

COTJ Reviews YouTern: Internship Search Website

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The problem: The major job boards aren’t helping your internship search at all. Is the Marketing Internship you saw on CareerBuilder for real, or is it some dude in his basement just looking for free labor? Saving specific internships that interest you will be a huge timesaver.

Facebook: The Untapped Job Board

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3 Ways to Turn your Internship into a Meaningful Experience

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Internships in college and a year or so after college are a dime a dozen. As you probably know, some internships are great, while other opportunities are really just glorified slave labor. Many former interns complain that they never did any meaningful work during their internship.

Featured On Mashable, Aol Jobs and more: The Perks of Working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and More [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Such corporate perks can be as simple (and routine) as Facebook’s discounted gym memberships or the onsite gyms at search-engine giant Google and Gaia Online, an animation-themed social networking site.

70 Percent of College Career Centers have a Facebook Page

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Facebook and the Feds have teamed to make job hunters’ lives a little easier, by creating a special Facebook page that consolidates some of the newest and best tools for matching job seekers with jobs available. career facebook Job Search job search strategy job seekers jobs resumebea

Find an Internship in Six Steps


College students are increasingly motivated to find a great summer internship. Countless studies don’t lie: College students with internships are more likely to land jobs at graduation. Key steps to finding an internship: Prepare. It works for job and internship seekers.

Finding Internships that Lead to Permanent Placement

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The first place to start looking for companies that hire interns is with the internship search. Find out if your department head will allow you to complete your internship during your last semester. ” The New York City Mayor’s Office of Film is one such internship.

can I eat at my desk at my first internship?

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A reader writes: I’m a college student headed to my first internship this summer and your blog has been so helpful in the preparation for that. You know, eating a sandwich and reading a book or checking Facebook. And as for Facebook — honestly, I’d stay off of Facebook and its ilk altogether while you’re at work, especially since it’s your first professional job. can I eat at my desk at my first internship? internships

INFOGRAPHIC: Do Internships Really Lead to Job Opportunities?

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Are internships a worthwhile endeavour or not for college students? Most people would say it is, at least if the internship is paid. Some interesting facts uncovered by Online Colleges : In 2011, over half of US internships were paid (approximated at 52%).

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Compare Job Listings and Internships Side-By-Side

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For college students like myself, it’s important to get all of the tools, credentials and experience you need to make your post-college job search more effective and it’s especially exciting to know that there are a variety of tools you can use to find internships, both paid and unpaid for your college summer experience. To find an internship, it’s the same drill as finding a job; just make sure you check off “internship” in the JOB TYPE box on the left. by Conrad Yu.

Time to Clean Up Your Online Identity

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Did you know that every time you tweet the deets or update your status on Facebook your brain gives you a tiny blast of euphoria? Drinkin’ Photos on Facebook Cost Man Disability Benefits. Make your Facebook Top-Secret in 3 Steps. By Ritika Trikha, CareerBliss Writer.

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State of the Internship Survey


Blogging4Jobs and InternMatch are excited to team up and sponsor the first ever State of internship Survey! Please take the survey below (no more than 2 minutes) and get VIP Early Bird Access to Blogging4Jobs and InternMatch’s release of the “State of the Internship Report.”

Can Social Media hinder you from getting that new job?

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Today employees wonder if their next update on Facebook will also mean the unemployment line for them. While there are very popular social media sites to choose from, almost 50% choose to use LinkedIn, just a little over half choose Twitter, and almost 80% decide to use Facebook.

Using Social Media in Your Search for a Job: ResumeBear

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Search corporate groups and people on Google, Facebook and Twitter and people search engines such as Pipl, Peek You, and Wink. You need to be seen as a professional to be reckoned with on high profile sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

4 Social Media Tasks for the New Job Seeker

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For the beginner, I recommend profiles on the big three sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. College Graduates Featured Articles Internships Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Social Media career facebook job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear twitter

Looking For An Internship? Here’s What To Expect From Employers

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percent of students complete two or more internships before entering the entry-level workforce? As internships rise in popularity, so does the level of competition for landing one. It’s best to begin your internship search as soon as possible. How many internships have you had?

How to Prepare for Your Next Internship

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Whether you’ll be working in a paid or unpaid position, you should treat your internship much as you would any other job opportunity. An internship is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of your industry, make connections with people your field, and ultimately decide what your next career move should be. Finding the Right Internship. Finding the right internship takes both patience and research skills. Look for opportunities on internship-aggregating websites.

Graduate Jobs: Looking for the right Internship

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This is where many companies are offering the internship and graduate scheme. Researching for the right internship can be at times difficult but exciting. Visit me on Facebook. 3 Ways to Turn your Internship into a Meaningful Experience.

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5 Reasons Why Social Media MUST Be Part of Your Job Search

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LinkedIn is a prime example of this, but Facebook and YouTube as well. Connecting with the big wigs in your industry through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can be fun, but it’s that avid networker who you have never met or heard of who is your better bet.

Using Social Media to Get Hired?

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Facebook. While many people still view Facebook as a social interaction tool to use with friends, do not discount its use by recruiters. Facebook also utilizes a Skype-like video tool that can potentially connect you with recruiters, much like using a live chat service would work. Think of how many points you could score with a tech-savvy recruiter when you say “I have time later at 6pm for a Facebook video chat.

manager is scaring her employees with sad Facebook posts

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager manager is scaring her employees with sad Facebook posts March 3, 2011 A reader writes: I own a small business and one of my managers is Facebook friends with me and all her staff members. what should I say/ask as I leave my internship?

How to Use BranchOut on Facebook [Review]

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Introduction: BranchOut is a Facebook-based job app which I have been invited to many times before (I found out when I accepted the invite that I had 30+ Facebook friends on there already). This ensures that the app is simple, easy to use and Facebook user friendly.

Top 55 Most Popular Facebook Pages for Job Search in 2011


If you like this list, Like it on Facebook to share it with any friends who would also find it useful (and while you’re at it, don’t forget to fan the JobMob Facebook Page ). Where most job seekers hang out on Facebook. Cisco Graduate Recruitment – 9,075 people like this – Global New Graduate and Internship opportunities at Cisco! If you found this article handy, you’ll enjoy reading Be First To Make Your Own Cool Facebook Resume.

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How I Got 3 Job Offers During the Recession

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Career Management Job Search Life Skills Experience Facebook Google internship internships job offer job search Microsoft offers recession Silicon Valley I was in business school at a very bad time.

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Use Smart Networking to Speed Up Your Job Search

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For social media sites such as Facebook , present an appropriate image. A critical tactic in your job search toolbox is networking, but it may not feel as though your efforts are getting the results you want.

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DIY work experience: How to create your own internship

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In a tough economy, it’s an employers’ job market, which means that anyone hiring can afford to pick and choose from the glut of applicants — and make wild demands (see, for example, the companies that ask for your Facebook password at the interview). ” The answer, very simply, is internships. Why you want an internship. Internships are great for a variety of reasons, but they’re terrible for one big one: You rarely get paid.

Office Etiquette Tips for Young Workers

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There’s a time and a place to get on Facebook and tweet about your day, but it’s not at your work desk. Even if your company does not restrict use of these sites, you shouldn’t abuse this privilege by signing on every hour or Facebook-ing when you should be working.

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Study: How Do Employers Manage Social Media?

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She has previous internship experience with a small New York City public relations firm, as a communications intern for the Special Olympics in London, and in healthcare marketing. career facebook linkedin resumebear twitter

The 8 Best Career Movies of All Time

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Plot: Facebook. But that doesn’t mean you won’t Facebook-stalk your exes just like the rest of us. Acting Jobs College Graduates Featured Articles Internships Job Market Jobs News Success Stories Why ResumeBear? Ever watch a movie and think, “Oh my God, that is my LIFE?”.

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How To Find Graduate Jobs and Internships on Facebook's BeKnown

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It's a Facebook application, which allows users to connect with their Facebook friends in a professional way. The functionalities are very similar to Linkedin but the interface is much more similar to Facebook, combining aspects from both networks.