Memories with Meaning: Memoirs Day August 31

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The book includes 10 cross-cultural and applicable “secret life lessons” that will help readers achieve their dreams, regardless of position in life, workplace, classroom, sports arena, or family. Someone asked me recently about the difference between an autobiography and a memoir.

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Here’s Why You Should Visit El Paso On Your Next Trip

Ms. Career Girl

This hotel is centrally-located and family-friendly. This is a popular option for drivers coming from San Antonio and Tucson. This El Paso City Guide was originally published by IHG. El Paso, Texas is located on the border of Mexico and the Mexican city of Juarez. It also shares a border with the state of New Mexico and is the westernmost city in Texas. The city is proud of its culture and climate, and boasts that it’s sunny more than 300 days per year!


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Goodbye, Mom

Cube Rules

I was in Tucson at her house when she died and literally had one day to make all sorts of arrangements before leaving back to Madison, WI, my home. After that, I’ve been dealing with being the Personal Representative for her estate — a disquieting role of finalizing her affairs while dealing with a rogue’s gallery of people, from family to creditors, to friends, to people with a purpose that has nothing to do with your purpose.

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How Your Job Could Be Making You Sick

Ms. Career Girl

A healthy 55 hours or less a week is plenty of time to get lots of work done and still have time to spend with family and friends without thinking about the office. And yet what is even more of a concern according to Dr. Charles Gerba , a microbiologist from the University of Arizona in Tucson, is personal spaces used by employees like desks and cubicles. The post How Your Job Could Be Making You Sick appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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