Male HR Manager Takes Down Female Congressional Candidate with Harassment Claim. #metoo

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More from the Washington Post : A Democratic candidate hoping to flip a hotly contested congressional seat in Kansas has dropped out of the race after allegations that she sexually harassed a male subordinate resurfaced during her campaign. As warranted by the stupid, inappropriate behavior of some men, the #metoo movement has mostly outed those men for the harassers they are. But now, we have our first public female victim of the #metoo movement.

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This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Burns & McDonnell expansion creating 300 new jobs in Kansas City : The company also announced plans for 2,100 new jobs in the next 10 years. Federal Savings Bank brings HQ, 100 jobs to Chicago : The bank, owned and operated by military veterans, is accepting applications for administrative, accounting and finance positions. CSC computes 800 jobs in Bossier City : The company provides IT services to other businesses.

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Sometimes You Get Sued and Your Best Employees Come To Your Defense.

The HR Capitalist

Here's a basic rundown of what transpired with the help of reporting from the Kansas City Star: 1. Missouri has concluded its Title IX investigation into Earleywine with no finding that he violated federal non-discrimination statutes. Earleywine, a Jefferson City, Mo., It's every manager's worst nightmare. You did the right thing with some problematic employees, but then you got investigated/sued. Getting sued is a scarlet letter.

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“My ‘Involuntary Resignation’ was not accepted as ‘involuntary.’ What do I do?”

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Kansas City, Missouri. P.S.: If you would like to obtain a list of five or more experienced, “employee-side” employment attorneys in the Kansas City area, just [ click here ]. Question: Hi, Alan, I submitted my involuntary resignation by email giving detail as to what, why and how my job and the abuse I suffered affected me mentally and physically.

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