This Movie Theater Wants to Celebrate Women by Violating State and Federal Law.

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It seems to be somewhat of an epidemic: Companies issuing press releases to celebrate their defiance of federal civil rights laws. The latest is the Alamo Drafthouse, which announced Wonder Woman screenings for women only. To keep reading, click here: This Movie Theater Wants to Celebrate Women by Violating State and Federal Law. The post This Movie Theater Wants to Celebrate Women by Violating State and Federal Law.

When Your “Day Without Women” Press Release Announces You Are Violating Federal Law

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My friend and fellow writer, Amy Alkon (author of Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck ) received a press release announcing a certain company’s celebration of International Women’s Day. The press release stated: [Company] CEO, [Man], is joining the nation in solidarity of women’s rights and values by giving his female employees paid time off March 8th. Alkon : “yes” meaning that men have to work while women get the day off?

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What Working Women Should Know About Disability Benefits

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Women have taken major strides in a workforce once dominated by men. As women continue to climb the obstacles to equal pay and C-suite leadership roles, another potential barrier they cannot afford to overlook is the possibility that they will experience a life-altering disability.

What Women Need to Watch for When Securing a Loan

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Women are out there getting it done. Women-owned businesses grew 114% in the United States between 1997 and 2017, nearly 2.5 Women entrepreneurship is also steadily rising around the world. In 2019, women are expected to make $0.98

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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Billion Dollar Customer

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In reality, this scenario happens to thousands of women business owners in a variety of industries throughout the U.S. federal government. Now more than ever is an ideal time to consider entering the federal government marketplace. Featured News Work federal government contract

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Study: Women Who Took Paid Maternity Leave Earn Less

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Federal law only requires 12 weeks of unpaid leave if the mother qualifies. California followed 153,000 women who gave birth right before and right after they implemented the paid maternity leave. Women who got paid leave earned an average of $24,000 less over ten years than the women who had unpaid leave. To keep reading, click here: Study: Women Who Took Paid Maternity Leave Earn Less.

Four Careers For Women Who Love Numbers And Data

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For example, Ohio University contends , “Government accountants specialize in accounting actions regulated by anything from municipal to federal legislation and might work for either public or private employers.”. The post Four Careers For Women Who Love Numbers And Data appeared first on Ms.

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Is Google Underpaying Women? What You Need to Know About Google v DOL


On April 7, the US Department of Labor alleged that Google was severely underpaying women and would be investigating the situation through legal proceedings. HR DOL federal contractors google pay gapDuring a hearing the DOL requested that Google release detailed records of compensation and other related data. Google, obviously, was not pleased, especially since they only recently claimed to have closed the pay […] Source.

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PODCAST: e4 - This is HR - Women's Soccer Pay Equity, Management by 2Pac, Productivity Woes

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(Email subscribers, if you don't see the podcast player, click here to listen to the podcast ).

No, The Court Did Not Rule that Discrimination Against Women Is Legal

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“Employers can legally pay women less than men for the same work based on differences in the workers’ previous salaries, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday,” says the Associated Press. “Employers can pay women less than men based on salary histories, 9th Circuit rules,” says the ABA Law Journal. After all, it seems like a no-brainer that employers should pay men and women doing the same jobs the same amount of money.

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career. How often have you heard that women over 50 are getting left behind in the job market? It’s just that women over 50 were disproportionately affected.

6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Despite research showing that professional women have the same leadership aspirations as men and plenty of evidence that companies with female CEOs outperform those led by men, only five percent of S&P 500 companies’ CEO slots are, in fact, filled by women.

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Should Feminists Avoid These 4 Companies?

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Stories surface again and again of women dismissed for calling men out on their actions, or women offered jobs only on condition of sex, or women patronised into believing their skillset expendable. Out of over 150 engineers in the SRE teams, only 3% were women.”

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Embracing Challenging Career Options: Part 1, Careers for Women in Science

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This week, it's women in science. Some believe/hope President Obama is ushering in an era of “geek chic” and greater support for scientific inquiry – and women in science. What inspires me is not how many women are in certain positions, but what kinds of lives they lead.

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Superwoman in the Workplace


Do a quick Google search on women in the workplace, and you will find many articles on the myth of having it all. We expect women to morph to fit the workplace rather than finding ways to change the workplace to adapt to shifting gender roles.

Bilingual Ladies Are Highly Employable

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Federal regulations ensure that all federal programs from Unemployment Compensation to Driver’s License services must provide information in a variety of languages – including Spanish. career career women job search careers speak spanishToday’s post is by, J. Salvage.

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Why Minimum Wage Is A Women’s Issue

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You might’ve already heard about President Obama’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour in an effort to tie in earnings with the cost of living – something several Americans have been struggling with, especially women. Why is the minimum wage a women’s issue?

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my boss wants to ban skirts, leggings, and v-necks for curvier women — but not for others

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than others’ And while there are no federal discrimination laws regarding body type, it’s very possible that they could kick in if this policy happened to impact some ethnic or racial groups more than others. A reader writes: I’ve read some of your posts about dress codes, but I have a slightly more complicated issue.

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Friday Five: Election 2016, Entrepreneurs and Verizon’s Yahoo Purchase


This is your Friday Five: Why Even Donald Trump Wants to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage. “A lot of women don’t realize they can be business-minded early on. HR diversity in tech election 2016 entrepreneurs minimum wage mobile advertising wage inequality women in tech YahooYou’ve been following the Republican and Democratic conventions, right?

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Universal pre-K is bad for everyone

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Women have been very vocal about not wanting to work full-time while they have kids. Women don’t want a preschool system. Most women want to stay home with their kids or work part-time. But some women don’t have enough money to do that and they need to work full-time.

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What Sheryl Sandberg Doesn’t Understand about Minimum Wage and Childcare

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She writes: To start, it’s long past time to raise the federal minimum wage. Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. It sounds good but raising the federal minimum wage means you raise the cost of everything. Sheryl Sandberg wrote a heartfelt mother’s day post on Facebook , detailing the things she would like to see to help mothers in the workforce. As a single mother, Sandberg certainly understands some the challenges working mothers face.

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Don’t Call Them An ” Entrepreneur “

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One of the things I learned when we set out to create an entrepreneurial venture for young women is that this is a generation that doesn’t necessarily like the word “entrepreneur.” Women supporting women—that’s certainly a message that is vitally important to get across on a cultural level.

What is Affirmative Action Anyway?


We deliberated how imperative it is, in this day and age, that women be adequately represented in senior leadership positions, on boards of directors and in advisory roles, particularly within the HR and recruitment technology industry, where I work and consult.

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S.F. weighs protecting ex-cons seeking homes, jobs


Ex-convicts may soon become a "protected class" in San Francisco - joining African Americans, Latinos, gays, transgender people, pregnant women and the disabled. Janan New of the San Francisco Apartment Association condemned the idea, saying state and federal law already prohibits landlords from "arbitrarily discriminating" against applicants. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile.

Disability Rights, Gender and Race Pay Equality

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Check state and federal laws to see if and how you’re protected. Black women can file against unfair pay through the Equal Pay Act, black men must use Title VII (Civil Rights Act, 1964).

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“Pregnancy: Rights under Disability, FMLA and Discrimination laws.”

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Answer: Dear Larisa: Pregnancy and pregnant women are given a special status in our society and our laws, and both are highly protected. Disability: Under federal laws and those of most states, you have a right to a “reasonable accommodation” to a disability, and that includes pregnancy. From what you have described, it sure looks like your employer has refused your request for a reduced workweek for your pregnancy/disability, in violation of federal law and the laws of most states.

“Breast-Milk Work-Breaks – It’s Now the Law”

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A Little Known Federal Right for Nursing Mothers. THE LAW : Although unknown to many people, the Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act of 2010, known as the “Affordable Care Act” or “ObamaCare,” amended the federal law of workplace rights to require employers to provide to almost all female employees reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth each time the employee has a need to express milk. .

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How to Become a Life Coach

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The International Coach Federation (ICF) holds the gold standard for helping aspiring coaches choose schools and training programs that truly prepare them well.

Job Seekers Face Rampant Discrimination

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Since 1964, the federal government has legislated numerous laws intended to protect workers from job discrimination. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA), protects men and women who perform substantially equal work in the same establishment from wage discrimination.

Yes You Should Become a Police Officer


There are specifically manufactured oxford shoes for police men and women , and they are the most important part of the uniform (besides the bulletproof vest). They take training courses in civil rights and laws at state and federal levels.

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Why The U.S. NEEDS A Better Maternity Leave Policy

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However, something a lot of working women struggle with once they decide to become mothers is whether or not they will be offered paid maternity leave, and whether or not they should take it. doesn't have a federal policy on paid maternity leave.

How U.S. Leave Laws Have Not Kept Up with the Workplace


Federal law in the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) , in 2010 women made up 46.8% We are no longer a society where men are the sole breadwinners and women stay home to take care of the family. Work typically takes up a big piece of our schedules.

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Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

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We can say we pay women the same that we pay men,” he said the conference. “We Department of Labor (DOL), available data suggests that women who work at Google suffer from "systemic compensation disparities" compared to their male peers. As part of an ongoing lawsuit , the DOL alleged that the company, a frequent recipient of federal contracts, has violated federal law by discriminating against female employees in the salary department.

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Why The U.S. NEEDS A Better Maternity Leave Policy

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However, something a lot of working women struggle with once they decide to become mothers is whether or not they will be offered paid maternity leave, and whether or not they should take it. doesn't have a federal policy on paid maternity leave.

Should Recent College Grads Care about Finding out what’s on Their Record?

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The above scenario is something familiar to virtually every college grad who has entered the job market recently, and almost all of the young men and women who experience this scenario have the same misguided thought process when it comes to the pre-employment background check.

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Ep 100 – Frank Discussions About Sexual Harassment at Work & the Election


According to a 2008 study by the Association of Women in Action, 54% of the respondents reported to have experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment. was asked about women who complained of sexual harassment in all-male environments like men’s only golf clubs. “In He went on to say that if women feel harassed by the comments men want to make, they should just leave their jobs. “I’m If not, she suggests working with federal agencies like the EEOC.

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How to Start a Beauty Business

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With the media pressure on women to look perfect, it’s no wonder companies like Ulta are seeing double digit growth year over year. For example, the spa in town already caters to well-to-do, middle-age women who are looking for high-end products and services.

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From Accountant to Fair Trade Entrepreneur

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Before we started we put in place systems and became organic certified with the Organic Food Federation. "I didn't like the way 'normal' businesses were run, nor people's values and attitudes within them, which just made me miserable."

Ep 93 – Why You Should Hire Employees with Criminal Backgrounds


Her non-profit supports women in finding meaningful employment who have had a criminal conviction. Stephanie walks us through her experience working with women in the Southern California prison system which led to her founding PRCS. They are non-violence offences and many of the women she has worked with and continues to work with are mothers and have families. Bonds4Jobs is federal program that provides six months of compensation for employers.

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Male HR Manager Takes Down Female Congressional Candidate with Harassment Claim. #metoo

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Andrea Ramsey, 57, who was running to unseat Republican Kevin Yoder in a district that includes Kansas City in 2018, is one of the few, if only, women in public life to step down thus far amid a national conversation about sex and power dynamics in the workplace.

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Millennial Unemployment Rate is 12.7 Percent in July

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percent (NSA); and the youth unemployment rate for 18–29-year-old women for July 2012 is 12.6

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Vice President Is the Latest Bad Barbie Job


Like most American women, today’s Barbie will marry later (if at all), have fewer children, and work while raising children. Considering only 15% of CEOs in America are women, the outlook for Vice President Barbie isn’t so good.

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update: my junior employee won’t stop sharing his “expertise”

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His personality is closer to over-eager than directly condescending, but yes, he did “help” women in the office more than men. Raise also still pending – that’s the federal government for you – but once it kicks in I’ll drink a toast to you and all the AAM readers. It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past.

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