Top 25+ Micro Freelance Marketplaces and Why You Should Use Them


The most popular micro freelance marketplaces on the Web according to Alexa. What are “micro&# freelance marketplaces? Freelance marketplaces where the prices are small, anywhere from $5 to $100 per project. Why use micro freelance marketplaces?

5 Things You Can Do With a Music Degree


Music Supervisors are responsible for placing music in various media outlets such as Film, TV, Video Games and adverts. Some may work within production companies or film studios, while others may decide to work freelance. Finishing university can be tough.

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Real Career Girl Doree Simon on Female Empowerment

Ms. Career Girl

I’m a pretty self-aware person, and when I started my career in the film industry eight years ago, I probably over-analyzed what I was in for. The first time I worked on a feature film in New York City, I was a production assistant helping out in pre-production.

2018 180

Is "Having It All" Realistic? New Movie Aims to Find Out

Ms. Career Girl

The film tackles their ideas of how they think having children will affect their careers, the stressors of trying to juggle both, and what needs to happen in order for working mothers (and really, working parents) to be able to have it all. Watch the Having It All online film premiere.

2016 184

HBO Acquires "Very Semi-Serious," the New Yorker Cartoonists Documentary

Ms. Career Girl

When HBO acquired the rights to Very Semi-Serious: A Partially Thorough Portrait of New Yorker Cartoonists and had its world premiere as a part of the Tribeca Film Festival, the work of director Leah Walchok and producer Davina Pardo's was officially validated.

2015 141


Ms. Career Girl

Freelance anything. Build a business as a freelance writer, copywriter, transcriber, graphic designer and more to earn that extra cash from your couch. All you need is a tripod and a good microphone to start filming.

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Job Search in the Digital Age: Video Resumes

Career Alley

Pay attention to the background when you are filming your video resume. It’s not necessary to have your video resume produced by a professional film crew, but make sure that you have a quality video to show.

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Living By Your Rules, or Someone Else’s? – How To Know The Difference

Ms. Career Girl

Amanda Holland is an anthropologist and film-maker by training, and a writer, editor, and communications coach by trade. Freelancing since 2012, Amanda works with individuals, businesses, companies, entrepreneurs, experts and thought-leaders across the globe who are changing paradigms in education, health, business, money, relationships and more.

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Tips For Turning Passion Into Profits

Ms. Career Girl

I knew at age 22, as I graduated from undergrad with a degree in film and dance and a minor in writing that I would need to figure out how to make a living from my work, fast. We are taxed as freelancers automatically. The post Tips For Turning Passion Into Profits appeared first on Ms.

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7 Uncommon Ways to Make Your Resume Look More Impressive

Ms. Career Girl

Sabrina Saccoccio, a producer-writer on the look-out for freelance jobs, banked on the popularity of Facebook by creating her resume in the manner of the social media’s interface. Show your passion for movie classics by drafting an old film poster themed resume.

2017 151

5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Bunee Tomlinson, a sophomore at Oklahoma City Community College and a freelance filmmaker, developed his keen interest in film and video production from an early age. Bunee developed his own website ( which demonstrates his capabilities and film projects.

2015 150

Turn Your Passion for Photos into a Satisfying Career

Career Realism

These include careers working for magazines or freelancing while catering to various industries such as weddings, the fashion world, and the culinary world. Some are not so obvious but they include film industry needs, product presentation, publishing industry needs, and more.

2012 86

Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Career You Want.

Career Solvers

Lisa is an award-winning author, entertainment reporter, and film critic who has appeared on dozens of major news outlets and even Dr. Phil.

2010 65

Ignite the Spark – Is Career Change Right For You?’

Career Alley

It is the pivotal moment in the film Witness, when Harrison Ford’s cynical cop finds solace in the barn-raising sequence, working with his hands, collaborating, gaining the trust and respect of his peers and revelling in a job well done.

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Top 55 Most Popular Facebook Pages for Job Search in 2011


Film Professionals And Jobs – - 8,565 people like this – Fpnjobs is a easy to use site for Film production resources, Here you can post a JOB, find a JOB, list your film services, or find Film services, and Put the CASTING CALLS and all this is for FREEEEEEEEEE. MEDIA MATCH – TV & FILM PRODUCTION JOBS – 21,470 people like this – The premier online community for the TV and Film Production Industry.

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Got Creative Writing Skills? Check Out These Career Possibilities!

Corn on the Job

Copywriting can be a very mixed bag, but it’s certainly an interesting one, and can be done freelance ! They want to write novels, or comics, or films, or cartoons. Some people like to claim that there’s not a lot you can do with creative writing skills these days.

2016 69

Two things I’ve learnt about CVs since writing ’7 Keys to a Winning CV’

Mildred Talabi

7 Keys was the result of the two years I spent on the receiving end of bad CVs from jobseekers while I was working as the Assistant Editor of a film magazine.

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Two things I’ve learnt about CVs since writing ’7 Keys to a Winning CV’

Mildred Talabi

7 Keys was the result of the two years I spent on the receiving end of bad CVs from jobseekers while I was working as the Assistant Editor of a film magazine.

CV 107

An ode to great bosses (the three characteristics)

Mildred Talabi

At the tender age of 21, fresh out of university and with dreams of becoming the next Rupert Murdoch, I landed my first real job in the media as the Editorial Assistant at a small urban film magazine called bfm , based in East London. Richard Branson – a great role model for bosses.

2013 110

Don’t waste your time on graduate schemes (here’s what you should be doing instead)

Mildred Talabi

When I graduated in 2004 with a Creative Writing and Film Studies degree from London Metropolitan University , my dream then was to become a journalist and work for a mainstream newspaper.

2012 106

Found in translation: How you can use foreign language skills to swap career

Corn on the Job

Starting salaries for translators in the UK vary and freelance rates are usually calculated according to the word count. Ben Affleck speaks Spanish, a skill that he has utilised in several film roles including Oscar winning Argo.

2016 52

Come Out Of The Creative Closet

Corn on the Job

You could sign up to be a comic book writer or even work on film scripts. The best way to break into the film industry is to operate as a script doctor. Instead, you can work for yourself as a freelancer. Do you have a slender wrist with slim, long fingers?

2017 52

5 Less Than Obvious Ways To Network with People

The Undercover Recruiter

As the film said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or girl).” Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. There is a lot to be said for hard work.

2012 114

3 Ways To Kickstart Your Creative Career

Career Realism

Whether it’s for the web, brochures, adverts or newsletters, the beauty of copywriting is it can done freelance and part-time as well as a full-time career. Stuck in the nine to five rut slogging on admin?

2014 91

“I’m a Fraud” — What to Do When You Have the Impostor Syndrome

Personal Excellence Blog

A 3-time Academy Award winner, she is widely regarded as one of the greatest film actors of all time — and yet she still feels the impostor syndrome. Hey guys! So firstly, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating PE for a while.

2015 112

how to tell someone their email font is unprofessional, letting a company know about their bad reputation, and more

Ask A Manager

I’m a freelance feature film VFX artist. Their careers website focuses heavily on the cool-factor of working in film, which won’t be a big sell to anyone with more than a couple years’ experience. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I let a company know why I don’t want to interview with them?

2014 62

How To Get A Job As A Reality Television Producer

Career Realism

But if you are able to enroll in a TV or film course, it’s the most effective way to become skilled in the different areas of production, such as directing, script writing, camera operation, lighting, sound, and editing. Reality television is big business. Millions of people watch it.

2013 52

coworker mock-slaps me, reporting a coworker’s inappropriate comments, and more

Ask A Manager

I’ve been working freelance in film and television for the last two years since graduating college. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Coworker regularly mock-slaps me with a clipboard while yelling at me.

2015 60

Guest Post: Louise Baker.

Job Stalker

Quentin Tarantino This now well-known film director and producer was once one of the many who lived as an unemployed actor in Hollywood. Louise Baker is a freelance writer and blogger who usually does auto insurance comparisons over at CarInsuranceComparison.Org where she recently wrote about finding cheap car insurance quotes. ChicagoNow ChicagoNow is Chicagos finest blog about all things Chicago. It is a blog by and for locals.

2010 52

How To Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips

Personal Excellence Blog

If you’re keen to be a writer, try a personal writing project ( NaNoWriMo is a good place to start) or getting some freelance work. An example being the feature film I’ve just started working on.

2010 113

job applicants’ parents keep calling me, coworkers are ranking the attractiveness of women in the office, and more

Ask A Manager

Chasing down a late freelance payment. I work freelance in film and television production. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Job applicants’ parents keep calling me. I work at a summer camp, with loads of seasonal volunteers and employees. We just opened applications for volunteer staffing opportunities for teens age 14-17 and were flooded with hundreds of applicants who want to come do our dishes, haul trash, and chop firewood for free.

2017 40

tiny answer Tuesday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

I have begun doing freelance work for someone, which requires occasional in-person meetings. This client is aware I have limited availability due to my full-time job as well as other freelance projects I am involved on. I am 4 years out of college, and he is an independent film producer who has been in the industry for some time. It’s tiny answer Tuesday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1.

2013 56

The biggest triumph is getting out of bed | Penelope Trunk's.

Penelope Trunk

So I wrote that the moment when I was a freelance writer and a new mom and had post-partum depression but I knew I had to keep working so I had to get out of bed and write. Is this your first time here?

2010 114