Almost Dooced. A Social Media Workplace & HR Story.


Since last week when I shared my story about how my personal brand, namely my blog was causing tension between me and my former company, a number of social media and blogging savvy professions have connected with me sharing their personal stories and frustrations with social media both in and outside of the workplace. He was obviously way ahead of his time and now is a film maker and social media thought leader.

How to Use Social Media to Find Your Perfect Job

The Undercover Recruiter

Social media has changed the way people live their lives in many ways, mostly in terms of their social activities. As in every walk of life, social media sites can be lots of fun and a great tool and the world of recruitment is no exception. Social media sites provide the biggest social circle you could wish for and that’s perfect if you’re looking to move on in your career. How to Use Social Media to Find Your Perfect Job.

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Are You a 40 Year-old Social Media Virgin?

The Undercover Recruiter

This scene gives me the opportunity to: Compare social media to dating (a theme of mine). Related: What Social Media Teaches Us About Leadership. Are You a 40 Year-old Social Media Virgin? Social Recruiting film movie virginI love the 40 Year-old Virgin movie. Scenes which spring to mind: Chest waxing. Speed Dating. The scarey driving lady on a date.

Google Glass: How Could It Change Social Media and Recruitment? [TECH TUESDAY]

The Undercover Recruiter

As someone who works in social media, I’m fascinated to see how it is going to affect my industry. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with Google+, there’s never really been a compelling reason to use it when there are so many other social networks out there. Whatever the outcome, it’ll be interesting to see what social media looks like in a year’s time. Google Glass: How Could It Change Social Media and Recruitment?

fake resumes and false references, coworker was in an adult film, and more

Ask a Manager

She was advised to burn all social media and then make fake profiles and a false resume reflecting 7-10 years in the field. My coworker once appeared in an adult film. Recently I was made aware of the fact that one of my female coworkers once appeared in an adult film. I haven’t seen this film. But it’s not your job to harm this woman’s reputation and potentially cause her to lose her job, just because she did adult film work in the past.

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We're Giving Away FREE Mock Interviews On TikTok!

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This month we are going to be doing #MockInterviewMarch What this means that any one of our TikTok followers can film themselves answering our interview questions and one of our career coaches will duet with your video to give you feedback on how you can improve! If you want to participate, please film yourself on TikTok answering our weekly #MockInterviewMarch Question.

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Is YouTube Success Resume-Worthy?

Careers Done Write

The reason is that you are creative enough to produce the film, post it, and promote it to the point that it captured nearly 600K hits. ” With so many candidates getting jobs through social media , your next employer could be one of your many video fans! Ask Deb YouTube social media Dear Deb: I created a video, posted it on YouTube, and it has 543,000 hits. It’s a humorous song about the plight of a rare beetle. There is no offensive language.

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The Top 10 Recruiting Movies of All Time

The Undercover Recruiter

However, when one is on the cusp of selecting a career and or field of study in college, watching inspirational films about real life persons can do a lot to inspire. This list of top 10 movies will include films about technology geniuses, men and women with dreams and purpose, fighting apathy and corruption and even a look into a future society: 1) Tucker: The Man and His Dream: By: MT martaro. A real recruiting film by Propeller Films.

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We’re Only Human

Ms. Career Girl

Download Film Scores Radio on Pandora. So it doesn’t have to be Film Scores, but listening to good music without distracting words has been a lifesaver for me. Trust me, I’m a social gal, but don’t let chatty colleagues distract you from your work. Limit social media. Working in digital media I don’t have this opportunity, but I wish I did. Happy Monday, y’all! Exploding kitchen. Burning hand. Piping-hot wax covering my arm.

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Are You Guilty of Common Female Prejudices at Work?

Ms. Career Girl

Her class is watching a film in which ABC set up different awkward situations to see how the common person reacted, if they would call for help and, therefore, if they were prejudice. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us!

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Disconnected in a Connected World


You certainly don’t need to develop film. With social media and technology we are becoming lazy. No news was available on Netflix or XM and I was too consumed with my “routine” Social Media is a platform for us to use along with Technology. I am going to ask you, is technology and social media making you dumb? Social Media Work Technology is changing at an astounding pace.

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7 Steps to Tweet your way to an Internship or First Job


This is who you should follow and ultimately network with using twitter and other social media.”. Industry sites, associations and conferences such as @ EngineerJobs; @SXSW for music,film and tech and @PRSA for public relations. Today, as a recent grad, Blake is a successful social media community manager. Joseph Catrino is actively helping students at Quinnipiac University as employers move increasingly to social media.

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How to Use Snapchat for Employer Branding

Undercover Recruiter

Apart from allowing individuals to take selfies through fun filters and film life around them, it’s also a modern marketing tool for reaching millennials and selling an employer brand. Employer Employer Branding Branding Cisco Jorgen Sundberg Social Media Talent brandingSnapchat is a craze that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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3 Sneaky Ways To Research A Company

Career Realism

Find Out What The Company Is Sharing On Social Media These days, everyone is on social media—including employers. Look closely at what they're tweeting, posting, or filming. When browsing the social channels of companies, ask yourself these questions: What events are they promoting? When you apply for a job, it's important to do your homework on the company.

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50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out

Resume Bear

Beyond Facebook, there’s an entire world of social media outlets worth exploring. Experiment with sites like Ning or Google Groups that let you create your own social group, or try out travel networks that help you plan your next vacation and meet up with friends around the world.

Facebook Finally Introduces Hashtags and Instagram Unveils Video

The Undercover Recruiter

Welcome to the latest edition of our social media round up! Here are our moments from the last month: The Micro Video War: Instagram Video vs Vine: This month’s big social media news was the introduction of video on Instagram. Vine, launched at the start of this year brought a new way to sharing videos – allowing only 6 seconds of film, easy editing and sharing via Twitter (who acquired them prior to the launch).

Mobile is Crack


What other films were directed by Harold Ramis? I have no intention on getting left behind, just as I have no intention of having social/mobile consume my life – it does not. Bonus Track Mobile "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne biz today business today comms communication connect innovation mobile mobile device mobile is crack mobile phone Mobile Recruitment Awards rayanne RayanneThorn smart phone social Social Media I Have Developed a Crackitude.

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25 Fun & Informative Hashtags for Lifelong Learners

Resume Bear

Searching for Pinterest is a great way for newbies to learn about everybody’s favorite new social media site. Staying informed about the fast-moving world of social media is a lifelong pursuit. This hashtag bridges the gap between film and the Internet by pointing you in the direction of fascinating docs on all kinds of topics. The beauty of graduating from college is you’ve learned all you must know; now you can learn everything you always wanted to know.

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Headline Bloopers That Probably Got Someone Fired

Resume Bear

The story discusses a governor who was stepping down after being caught on film in the company of three women. Worker safety facebook jobs linkedin resumebear Social Media twitter WRITEROne of the most important skills a copy editor can have is a dirty, skeptical mind. If you can spot sexual innuendo from a mile away and pick up on unintended racial slurs, you might have a future in headline writing and proofreading.

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4 #SXSW Must Attend Career Events for Job Seekers


VIPs film a scene 4-5P. Life Social Media career expo careers SXSW sxsw 2014 Get your job search game face on before SXSW and download our free job seeker toolkit that includes resume & cover letter template. Click here. . SXSW and any large conference or convention center is a great time to network and look for a new job opportunity.

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ResumeBear Picks The 20 Most Legendary College Bars

Resume Bear

Rudy was filmed at this Notre Dame bar. Work Humor comic facebook jobs linkedin Online Resume resume resumebear Social Media twitterJust about every school has one: a long-standing college bar steeped in history and, most often, cheap beer. It is in these bars that traditions are made, legendary stories are created and shared, and good times are remembered. We’ve found 20 of the most legendary of these bars, listed in no particular order, and we’ll share their stories here.

Using Video Resumes in Social Recruiting


The topic of video resumes is abuzz in the Social Recruiting and Job Search spaces. Because the video resume not unlike social media profiles provides an opportunity to discriminate based on visible factors like race, age, sex, and disability.

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Technology in the Hands of Time: If you need me, I’ll be swabbing my Tweetdeck


Film-making has most certainly changed since 1960. It would be silly to think that technology or new “ideas” like social media or mobile/location-based recruiting wouldn’t have a hand in the changing landscape of recruiting and employment branding. We are in a different era and the swiftness of the social and technological revolution can be nauseating and exhausting. The Effects of Time.

The Right Timing


Social Media found the right timing. There were also those who once believed an analog watch or 35-mm film were the only way. Bonus Track "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne All in the timing Bill Gates blogging blogging4jobs David Ives discovery getting ahead groove HR Blogger innovation Social Media sometimes timing work“Everyone who has been in this industry has had a chance to participate in something very exciting.

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3 killer reasons to include Twitter in your job search

Mildred Talabi

When Twitter first launched in 2006, some people eyed it with ‘big-brother-watching-you’ type suspicion; some dismissed it as the latest social media “craze”, and a large part of society (myself included) ignored it – after all, we were still trying to get our heads round this whole Facebook thing. Ulrike Schulz graduated from university in Vienna, Austria, last year with a degree in theatre, film and media. How did you come to land your current role at We Are Social?

Get with the Times – the Online World Changes Everything


He might as well have been selling 35 mm film in the digital camera section at a Target or Best Buy. Blogging Bonus Track Business Social Media "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne advertising blogging4jobs coupons LA Times newspaper onlineThe other day I was shopping with my daughter at a local grocery store. It was after work and we were both so tired that we were a bit giddy. We strolled through the aisles laughing and being a little silly.

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Top 55 Most Popular Facebook Pages for Job Search in 2011


Film Professionals And Jobs – - 8,565 people like this – Fpnjobs is a easy to use site for Film production resources, Here you can post a JOB, find a JOB, list your film services, or find Film services, and Put the CASTING CALLS and all this is for FREEEEEEEEEE. Malaysia job industry – 18,994 people like this, Malay/English – job vacancies posted on the social lamana. Websites To Bookmark facebook social-media

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Why Twitter Lists are Great for Hearing Through the Noise (and Stalking People)

The Undercover Recruiter

Personal – I use Twitter for personal stuff , but I need to keep it out of work space, so I add Eddie Izzard, film critics, etc… to a separate list and tune in when I can. Social Media Twitter lists media social stalking Whether you’re on Twitter or not, you’ll know that it is a vast, noisy place. There’s no getting away from what people had for breakfast, the latest football score or an article on how to use Twitter better.

Snapchat’s “Anime” Filter Belies its Commitment to Diversity


Snapchat’s new “anime” filter, released Tuesday, has many users outraged with some even calling for a boycott of the social media platform. This side-by-side shows the actor (right) as he looked during the film’s production and (left) as he looked while in full makeup for the film. Business HR Social Media diversity in tech race snapchat yellow face

The Ghostbusters Guide to Management

Resume Bear

You have probably seen Ghostbusters a number of times without realizing how some of the principles presented in the film can be applied to management. Salary Social Media Top Employers Your Career Goals Hiring Manager job hunting job interview job search strategy job seekers resumebearThis infographic done with Mindflash , looks at how it’s time for all you managers to take your cues from Peter, Raymond, Egon, and Louis.

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7 Pros Share The Best Tools to Help You Kill it in 2019

Ms. Career Girl

2018 Problem: Social Media Content. Updated social media with engaging videos, graphics and images is an ongoing need for all brands. She says, “The ring light solves lighting issues that I’ve struggled with allowing my face to be beautifully lit no matter how dark it is where I’m filming.”. Bell has found two apps to help her grow her social media accounts. 2018 Problem: Connections limited to social media.

2019 199

Why it’s probably not worth going to university any more

Mildred Talabi

There are of course benefits to going to university, such as the exposure to student life, better access to certain jobs in certain industries, practical skills of writing and submitting dissertations on time, and of course the reduced travel card fare and student discounts to theatres and films, but when you weigh that against the literal cost of going to university in these modern times, it’s only right to ask the question: would YOU go to university today?

2011 85

What lies beneath….the hidden job market (and how you can find it)

Mildred Talabi

Okay, so the first part of this blog post title doesn’t exactly have a direct link to what I’m about to talk about, but hey, that is one creepy film with a very good title worthy of a blog post! But horror film endorsements aside (disclaimer: I don’t actually like horror films, in fact I could just about get through half an episode of the X-Files without wimping out totally), there is another layer to the job hunting process that surprisingly, a lot of jobseekers have yet to catch on to.

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Get Your Interview Answers Reviewed For FREE On TikTok!

Career Realism

TikTok is the next big social media platform, but what if I told you that it can also be where you can grow your career? FIlm Yourself Answering This Interview Question On TikTok Make sure to use our 'Original Sound' and the hashtags #WorkItDaily & #MockInterviewMarch. That's right, we are giving away FREE Mock Job Interviews right on TikTok by our certified career coaches. Interested? Here's how you can get your free interview critiques.

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Ms. Career Girl

Perhaps you’re a social media guru? Create an e-course about growing your social media following in an authentic way. All you need is a tripod and a good microphone to start filming.

2018 189

How a Failed Ice Cream Shop Turned Me into a Thriller Writer

Ms. Career Girl

I wrote approximately fourteen billion TV and film scripts. Some were optioned, some were put into development, and finally, one was made into a film. In 2004, my dream of becoming a published author came true. The Journal of Mortifying Moments” was well-received and well-distributed.

2018 178

Job Search in the Digital Age: Video Resumes

Career Alley

Pay attention to the background when you are filming your video resume. It’s not necessary to have your video resume produced by a professional film crew, but make sure that you have a quality video to show. As you’ve no doubt discovered, having an Internet connection is vital when looking for a job, especially when using video and social media to set yourself apart from the crowd. Did you know that job recruiters only spend six seconds looking at a resume?

2013 268

7 21st Century Careers You Should Consider

Ms. Career Girl

For someone who loves film and who loves travel this is the dream job. A popular directory for film and TV is , so you might start by registering there. Social media influencer. The post 7 21st Century Careers You Should Consider appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. In five years’ time there’ll be careers that no one has even thought of yet; in ten years’ time the world of work will have changed beyond recognition.

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8 Benefits of A Video Resume

Career Alley

It brings out your real personality before an employer and shows your taste of new media technology as well. All you need is a camera and a prop that can hold your camera while you film yourself. She is also a zealous social media geek who does nothing but tweeting or circling friends on G+. A video resume is a rather modern trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others.

ResumeBear: Kickstarter Funding Projects for College Students

Resume Bear

Whether they’re short films, art installations, or even school newspapers, these Kickstarter projects deserve a second look. This publication from Purchase College has been successful online and through social media, but is now expanding into print production. Filming the Replication of a 17th Century Wooden Synagogue. These short films empower young girls to not only learn and share memory tricks, but get an introduction to the principles of animation as well.

Format Wars: What’s the Best Way to Showcase Your Media CV?

Career Alley

What was once a simple sheet of A4 – two if you were feeling flash – has now mutated into a dizzying array of media formats. If you’re applying to media jobs , it stands to reason that you may wish to present your CV using a medium that is in keeping with the industry you’re entering. Thus, if you’re trying for a digital media job, you might wish to digitally display your CV via an online hosting site. Social Disaster – is your Job Search Safe?

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Building Your Graphics Business

Ms. Career Girl

The application film will also have to be applied using a squeegee that forces the air bubbles out from between the vinyl and the film. If it fails to create proper adhesion, the vinyl will be tearing between the original backing and the application film. A great website, strong and consistent social media presence, and the use of traditional mass media marketing will be essential to put your name in the front of a potential customer’s mind.

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Managing Gossip and Bullying In The Office

Ms. Career Girl

Also, remember to keep your private life private and DON’T connect with co-workers on social media. after holding senior roles at major corporations including NBC Universal, Oxygen Media, IAC and Rolls-Royce.

2018 242