Best Flex Jobs For Busy Mothers (And Fathers!)

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Whether you're in between jobs or a stay-at-home parent, flexibility can sometimes be a major factor when looking for the next career opportunity. Flexjobs recently released a list of the most flexible work-from-home jobs. These jobs allow many stay-at-home parents to work remotely while the kids are in school, or on their own terms. Here are five of the most popular work-from-home flex jobs. At home, a coffee shop, or the park.

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How Remote Workers and Flextime Are Changing How We All Work


That’s the funny thing about working from home – it’s not as different from office work as you’d think. I’ve been working from home part time for years, but this year is the first year I’m exclusively working from my home office – and occasionally from my local Starbucks – and the biggest adjustment for me personally isn’t in the work itself, but in how much I have to rely on myself for disciplining and structuring my day.

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In a small office consisting of four shareholders and four support staff, collective action was never really an option, and so nothing was said. –coincidentally enough, the two most politically engaged of the unwilling support staff–were to be assigned to hold down the fort in the home office on election day, just the two of us, and not summoned to the evening event. Asking to work from home during office renovations (#2 at the link).

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