RingCentral Is Adding Staff As It Looks Towards The Future

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Lauderdale, Florida, and New York City. Cloud platforms that keep the workforce connected have always served an important role. But, in the post-COVID-19 world where working remotely is more common, these companies will serve an even greater purpose.

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our “unpaid intern” is paid $42,000/year, my clients can’t make up their minds, and more

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I was fixing something with payroll and became aware that she’s been getting paid through an auxiliary account we use for building repair and maintenance. But now, in attempting to organize and strategize with the leadership team around my exit and how to help support my team, there are conversations going on without me and leaving me completely in the dark. I’ve also left voicemails and spoken with HR, who said they would contact payroll on my behalf.

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is it okay to cry when firing someone, employer is requesting my son’s marriage license and a copy of the wedding invitation, and more

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She was hired many years ago into a role that was much different then, and she was successful under former leadership. Is this legal in the state of Florida? All payroll runs through a payroll service. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is it okay to cry when firing someone? I have to let an employee go, and I don’t want to, because I like her quite a bit.

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Lesson from LeBron James: How to decide when to relocate.

Penelope Trunk

Lebron not only demonstrated poor leadership in the way he handled this mess he also essentially admits that he doesn't have the leadership ability to build a team around him and win one on his own. Lastly, this money thing is also completely contrived as he ended up doing a sign and trade deal and with the tax favorability in Florida, he will actually make more. Florida does not have an income tax so the money was part of the equation also.

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