Should You Move for a Job?

Career Alley

There are a lot of things hanging in the balance when you get an offer that requires relocation. Many companies have a hard time finding the right talent locally and will offer relocation packages. Small firms cover costs less often and are more inclined to offer lump sums instead of reimbursements. How does your offer handle relocation costs? What relocation services are offered? The Tax Foundation offers information on State and Local Tax Burdens.

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This Summer’s Guilty Pleasure Reads for Your Weekends

Ms. Career Girl

Helping the woman get back to her home in Florida, Joseph is forced to face his hometown and the woman he left there. By day, Sierra is a real estate agent with a deep secret that keeps those around her from getting too close but in her dreams, she’s a brave civil rights activist named Dorothy. Warm summer weekends bring the promise of relaxation, a little sun and most importantly, free time to settle in with the best books of the summer.

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“Sales compensation plans: are there limits on when and how they can be changed?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Miami, Florida. A compensation “plan” is a kind of contract, presented by the employer to the employee, that says, in effect “These are the compensation (or commission) terms we offer to you.” However, “what the law says” varies from state to state, and may even vary depending on what kind of sales you may engage in, that is, car sales, real estate sales, or sales of services.

How to Steal Market Share from Your Competitors

Water Cooler Wisdom

To make this strategy work for you, you should first understand your rivals and why customers buy from them, and communicate to those customers why your offerings are more desirable. Timothy Trudeau:  [To] be honest with people, even when our competitor had a better offer. Gaining market share is the process of growing your business by winning business from your direct competitors.

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question 3: Dear Alan: I want to present a listed real estate investment opportunity to an investor, but I do not want to reveal too much before executing a fee agreement and Non-Competition/Non-Disclosure Agreement. Jacksonville, Florida. The Short Answer is “We offer that.”

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4 Best States For Attorneys To Work

Career Realism

In Georgia, average real estate costs are below that of even Mississippi and enable attorneys practicing there to stretch their dollar further than in most other states. Other strong performers, according to the infographic, are Texas, Florida and a variety of other states in the mid-South, Midwest and Northwest. In the legal field and wondering where you should work ?