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Should You Move for a Job?

Career Alley

There are a lot of things hanging in the balance when you get an offer that requires relocation. Many companies have a hard time finding the right talent locally and will offer relocation packages. Small firms cover costs less often and are more inclined to offer lump sums instead of reimbursements. How does your offer handle relocation costs? What relocation services are offered? The Tax Foundation offers information on State and Local Tax Burdens.

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4 Best States For Attorneys To Work

Career Realism

Thanks to LLM Info, we have an infographic that not only compares the cost of living in all 50 states, but that also incorporates the variances in attorney salaries. Average attorney salary: Over $91,000. Combined with its relatively high attorney salaries that are almost 20 percent higher than the nationwide average , from a purely financial perspective, Mississippi may be the best state in which an attorney can practice. Average attorney salary: Over $91,000.