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This Summer’s Guilty Pleasure Reads for Your Weekends

Ms. Career Girl

Helping the woman get back to her home in Florida, Joseph is forced to face his hometown and the woman he left there. As both women come to terms with the things that scare them most, they find an inner strength they never knew they had, finally opening them up to the possibility of love. By day, Sierra is a real estate agent with a deep secret that keeps those around her from getting too close but in her dreams, she’s a brave civil rights activist named Dorothy.

2018 173

“Sales compensation plans: are there limits on when and how they can be changed?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Miami, Florida. A compensation “plan” is a kind of contract, presented by the employer to the employee, that says, in effect “These are the compensation (or commission) terms we offer to you.” However, “what the law says” varies from state to state, and may even vary depending on what kind of sales you may engage in, that is, car sales, real estate sales, or sales of services.