The Original Social Network was Usenet

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Once upon a time, before the days of Facebook, was a series of computer network systems called USENET. Florida ( Usenet was (more or less) an online forum without frills as all you could do was post text and share files (mostly pictures).

Cool Tool for Job Search: BranchOut

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Since its launch this year, BranchOut , a professional networking platform on Facebook, has been growing steadily. BranchOut leverages the power of the Facebook network, but the BranchOut profile only shows work history, education, and positive endorsements to business contacts.

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Step Into a CEO’s Shoes: Adecco CEO for One Month Challenge

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While people see the obvious, including but not limited to, the corner office, the bigshot socials, and the nice ensemble – people tend to overlook the reality that it also requires incredible skill and experience to get there.

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Job Searching While Employed:The Do’s And Don’ts

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On social networking sites, on job boards, and within the office – be mindful of what you communicate on all levels. Katie Lewis is currently a senior at Florida State University and will graduate in May 2012 with a B.A.

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3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Interview

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Thankfully I did some social media profile clean up before I started applying to jobs, but sometimes the line between showing your personality and turning off employers can be fuzzy. Monitoring a business’ social media is a good indicator of what the company expects from its employees.

I was fired because of Facebook | Resumebear Online Resume

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The allegations, that dozens of employees may have violated patient confidentiality by posting information on the social networking site caught the attention of the state. The company also banned use of social networking sites during office hours.

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VIDEO – What every jobseeker should do right now | Resumebear.

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Also, Google is building a social network (or something similar) to compete with Facebook.

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Business on the Fly With Mobile Tech


Mobile not social media in my opinion is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. With mobile technologies (including social media) you are truly never alone. Mobile technologies serve as a channel to enhance the social media experience.

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Do you hate your job? Don't tell Twitter! | Resumebear Online Resume

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You should do a column on how to RecruiterProof your social networks.

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Guerrilla Job Hunting - Being Creative in Your Job Search: So Much.

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Mike on - The Social Network For Recruiting and HR Professionals lee steve on The Recruiters Lounge » Top 20 Common Interview Questions and Answers David Perry aka The Rogue Recruiter on New Economy Rules… Break Free : Put America back to work.

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COMIC – Its a Facebook World | Resumebear Online Resume

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Oct, 2010 6 Comments I wonder if job seekers understand that Recruiters and Hiring Managers routinely research Social Networks when making interviewing and hiring decisions? But I think that you also can use social medias to find attractive employers and job openings.

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Shirt Wearers Wanted

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they’re bodily billboards that move and groove in real life and in online social circles. Connect with them in social media! Okay, shirt-wearing isn’t exactly a highly trained skill.

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How twitter got me hired

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Tens of thousands of businesses are using twitter, quite a few of which are using it to help in their search for new employees – and that means there is some great opportunities to find your perfect job through social media. Social media is a GREAT way to network if you really work at it!

How twitter got me hired | Resumebear Online Resume

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Tens of thousands of businesses are using twitter, quite a few of which are using it to help in their search for new employees – and that means there is some great opportunities to find your perfect job through social media. Social media is a GREAT way to network if you really work at it!

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Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


Engineer Career Network – 1,230 members – a subgroup of Star:Performer Career Network. LinkedIn Recruiters Linked:HR Jobs Career Networking HR Human Resources Recruiting Staffing Direct Hire Placement Splits Executive Consultant Manager Director VP Marketing Job Board Posting Sales SHRM USA US North America Job Search Seeker Open Networker Networking Careers Hiring Employment. Job Search Career Networking Staffing.

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Another local resource.

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While Ive had some contact with most of the team over the past year, the one person that Ive really gotten to know is Veronica, who has been very active both in the the job-search and social media networking scene in Chicago, as well as on Twitter (@ VeronicaLudwig ).

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The NFL Draft: The Perfect Hiring Process

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Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe The NFL Draft: The Perfect Hiring Process by Rich DeMatteo on April 29, 2010 This is a guest post from Matt Charney, a former corporate recruiter turned social media manager.

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Resources for Job Seekers for 2010

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Resume Writing Blog: Creating Prints Master Resume Writer | Certified Resume Writer | Expert provides free resume writing information, resume help, tips, advice, career job searching tools, online social networking via this Resume Blog, Resume Writing Blog, Career Blog. I’ll share that this year I have met wonderful acquaintances via Twitter, moved from Florida to Colorado (although I miss Florida) because my husband found a great job after a challenging job search.

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The Internet has created a generation of great writers | Penelope.

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People do good writing every day, in social media—when they write a note on someone’s Facebook wall, when they post a caption to a photo on flickr , or when they post a comment in a group on Brazen Careerist. If she made the simpler claim that the modern social Internet has forced its users to write more, that would be self-evident. The school is Nathan Bedford Forrest High School (yes) [link] F Rating as of 2007-2008 on the Florida School Accountability Grading Scale.

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