Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

This quote was submitted by our BlogFriend Cary of West Tampa, Florida. “Don’t give up before the magic happens.”. Fannie Flagg. Recently a friend told me that his daughter was “thisclose” to quitting her job. It seemed to be overwhelming, futile, and beyond exhausting.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

of Tampa, Florida. “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.” ” – Emo Philips. At first thought, this seems a comical comment on the limits of computers. But the joke is no longer funny.

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Résumé Help - Technical Operations Professional

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One of the worst mistakes that Joanna has made is listing her college experience at the University of South Florida as being located in Tampa, LA. Tampa is in FL, not LA.

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Who’s On the Dirty Dozen List of Employers?


Integra Health Management is a company with locations in Tampa, Florida and Owings Mills, Maryland. The issues at Johns Hopkins Hospitals were highlighted in a report in The Tampa Bay Times on December 2018.

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The Importance of the Inclusion Discussion to Free Everyone

Competitive Resumes

The University of South Florida was not the melting pot of people I was hoping for, but I did have friends of many races and backgrounds. The four of us drove on Sunday from Tampa to Miami. Uncomfortable talking about “Diversity and Inclusion?”

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3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Interview

Career Alley

Brittney Sheffield is a freelance writer for Incepture , a Florida-based staffing agency serving Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville. When I started to job search in college I knew I needed to have my resume and portfolio in perfect condition.

New Civilian Internships Available for Military Service Personnel at the End of Military Service


US Special Operations Command (“USSOCOM”) (headquartered in Tampa, Florida) has created the “Care Coalition,” a program dedicated to transitioning wounded or medically eligible veterans to civilian jobs under recent amendments to the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act. Has Acquired vWorker

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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, vWorker has over 2.5 I received an email yesterday me know that has been acquired by vWorker. I’d never even heard of vWorker, though I have heard of RentACoder.

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What Industry and Where You Live Helps in Finding a Job!

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In Florida, for example, a surprise rebound from a deep housing slump has helped pare the state’s jobless rate to 7.7 Whereas we’re seeing growth in Tampa in Web developer and more technical IT positions like network and system administrators.”.

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Top Tips for quickly improving your CV

Mildred Talabi

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simon Cruz is a former marketer and full-time recruitment agent, based in Tampa, Florida. Your CV is one document you’re going to need to pay special attention to throughout your working life and there’s always something new to learn about improving it.

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“What’s better – asking for more severance without an attorney, or with one?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Petersburg, Florida. If you’re in that category of people who would rather use an attorney for severance negotiating, and wish to obtain the names and contact information for five or more experienced employment attorneys in the Tampa – St. Question : Before signing the severance agreement, will an employer be more likely to give additional severance requests if the employee tried to negotiate on their own, or through an attorney? Answer : Dear N.W.:

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Business on the Fly With Mobile Tech


It was just last week that I was traveling near Tampa, Florida, and posted to my social networks (Twitter and Facebook) asking my friends and followers for recommendations or suggestions for dinner in the area.

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“What is a change of control for vesting purposes?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Tampa, Florida. Question: There is a clause in my employment contract that says “Upon any ‘significant’ change of control event, all awarded share options will vest at that time.” I was hired in April, in September the Founders were ousted in a coup by investors, new management came in, and the new management wanted me out. . I was laid off in January, after I helped who turned out to be my replacement get up to speed. .

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FTC Cracks Down on Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

Telecommuting Journal

District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The federal court in the Middle District of Florida issued a default judgment against Career Hotline ordering the company to pay $75,000, which is the estimated amount of money job seekers lost to this scam.

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