my boss’s praise is alienating my coworkers, dealing with frustrated temps, and more

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There was no documentation of the plan, no follow-up email to document the conversation, and no HR presence (which is required by the company’s policy). Dealing with temps who are frustrated that I haven’t found work for them. I’ll be working in a temp agency as a recruiter. And yet many employers don’t have a track for moving up that doesn’t involve managing people. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

101 Holiday Job Search Tips

Career Solvers

Many people assume that their job search will come to a screeching halt the day after Thanksgiving and won’t pick up until January. Party Follow-Up. Move Forward: Plan, Prepare, and Follow Up. Why Temping May Be a Good Option. But contrary to popular belief, millions of jobs are filled during the holiday season and job seekers who “stick with the program” in December may be rewarded with that spanking new job in January.


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5 Reasons Why Less is More in Your Job Search

Career Alley

For those of you who have followed CareerAlley, you will know that I’m a big advocate of getting your resume “out there”. Next, follow with why you are the perfect candidate. Close your letter by thanking them for their consideration and indicate that you will follow up with them in a few weeks (and don’t forget your contact information). 5 Reasons Temp Jobs Are Helpful During a Lapse in Employment.

2013 312

Money Makeover Series: Looking Forward to the Possibilities

Ms. Career Girl

Read on to find out what Krystle’s been up to. Well, she found a temp agency to work with which focuses solely on her field of study – social work. She has interviews for the temp agency and the graduate assistant program this week! She’s already applied and plans to follow up with them this week. Last time we checked in with Krystle, she was dealing with the loss of her job and therefore a whole new budget.

2013 130

How to Know When You Are a ‘Recruiting Tragic’ [14 Signs]

The Undercover Recruiter

The weatherman on TV says, “Temps tomorrow will go up to the high 20s” and you think, “Not a bad temp count this week, wonder what the margin is?”. When a friend comes back from a first date, you debrief her like you would a candidate reporting back on a first interview, occasionally asking how much money it would take for her to ‘have a follow-up meeting’…. What is a recruiting tragic?

2013 81

I overheard a client badmouthing my team

Ask a Manager

She had called to notify me of a mistake made by my department, but at the end neglected to hang up her phone properly before commenting on my team’s lack of intelligence and other similarly unflattering remarks. Of course I plan to follow up with her on a course of action to address her initial complaint, but should I make any mention of the end of her message? I’m worried we won’t have a temp for my maternity leave.

9 Job Search Tools Every Job Hunter Must Use


If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Use all of the following tools in order to make the most of your job search and minimize the time it takes to land a job. So… decorate your toolbox and toss in the following: 1) Social media presence. On LinkedIn, you can even have recommendations posted on your profile, so hit up your former bosses, clients, professors, and coworkers for glowing commentary about you.

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Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Job Seekers

Resume Bear

Brush Up on Your Job Skills. Review it every day and don’t forget to follow up with the contacts you’ve made and on the job applications and/or resumes you have submitted. Follow your favorite employers online and check to see if you are connected with any employees from your favorite companies. An internship or temp job with your favorite employer could open the door to finding your dream job.

2013 177

employee named her dog after a coworker’s baby, a coworker who works all night, and more

Ask a Manager

I recently learned (through email time stamps, and her own admission) that she is routinely working well into the evening, and has twice stayed up until the middle of the night trying to get caught up on work. Should I give our supervisor a heads-up about this?

2020 42

Turn Plain Crazy into Crazy Good, and Land the Job of Your Dreams

Resume Bear

Because you need to be prepared when a potential employer asks you one or more of the following questions at some point during a job interview: What are your strengths? Crazy good response: “As a regional sales manager, I used my motivational skills to ramp up the sales revenue in my division of 20 sales reps by 20 percent in one year.”. Do you stand up straight and sit tall or are you hunched over like Quasimodo in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”?

2013 153

A Job Seeker Rethinks Executive Recruiters


I had an executive recruiter, after hearing about a company that interviewed me rejecting me, go back and make an offer to the company to try to get me hired as a temp with an option to hire so they could see how good I was. Follow up with them. There was a reporter for the local paper who covered the local professional football team and the National Football League. He made a great statement once about mediocrity.

2011 97

Are You Making Informed Decisions In Your Job Search?

The Undercover Recruiter

Here are real examples of uninformed choices job seekers made: Wouldn’t talk to recruiters, contract houses or temp agencies because they were a “ rip off “ Insisted upon making as much, if not more , than he previously made in his last job. Followed up after the interview by showing up at the business location. Didn’t follow up with a networking contact because he wasn’t the right level connection.

2013 86

Write Down -- And Follow -- A Job Search Plan

Guerrilla Job Hunting

  Most job seekers apply for positions haphazardly -- sending out an email resume for this opening, a printed resume for that one, sometimes following up and most often not. Then, follow your plan and systematically use as many tactics as possible for each job you apply for.   Other job hunting tactics include submitting your resume to online job postings, the newspaper classifieds, recruiters and temp agencies.

2012 61

Why Use A Resume Posting Service? I Can Do That Myself

Resume Help Blog

I asked him if he had prepared his resume himself (he had), then I asked him about his resume preparation and he told me he had prepared it about ten years ago and had just brushed it up slightly and sent it out. And so your resume MUST keep up or you will have a very difficult time finding a job. This site INSTANTLY submits your resume and job requirements on up to 75 top job sites including Monster,, CareerBuilder, Net-Temps, Dice and lots more!

2009 100

10 Guerrilla Job Search Tactics That Work

Ms. Career Girl

Pick up the phone. The truth is, I bet only 1% of people actually pick up the phone to introduce themselves, ask for a coffee meeting or start a conversation. If you decide to pick up the phone, let the person know who referred you to them or how you know them. Did you look her up in your sorority alumna directory? Follow up again via email and make one last attempt by emailing them a week or two later referring to your first attempts.

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listing time as a stay-at-home parent on your resume, recruiter wants me to run jobs by her before I apply, and more

Ask A Manager

Or is it better to come up with an alternative explanation – such as, I’m not doing the work I was hired for (also true). Using temp-to-perm for a management position. The search firm suggested that once we find a candidate we like, that we do a “temp-to-perm” situation to ensure that they are the right fit. I use a semi-functional resume that summarizes my skills and then I follow up with my chronological list of jobs and highlights.

2014 57

Job Application Response Rates: the Jobseeker’s Perspective

The Undercover Recruiter

Eventually, I took on any job going, from casual cleaning to non-ongoing temp roles in public and private sectors here in Canberra. The following is a small sample of my job search efforts and response rates from prospective employers, and I’ve got to say, from the outset, it’s fairly dismal. A further analysis of these figures was conducted and the breakdown was as follows – of the 16 responses: Five were received in the same day as the application was made.

2013 76

Success Wall: Gina Got A New Job After Moving To A New City

Career Realism

I signed up for some temp agencies but I didn’t find them to be very helpful. Instead of applying for any job that came up, I started focusing my time on apply for jobs that met my criteria – jobs I knew I could find satisfaction in. The day after my interview I had been at my volunteer position that I had taken up to keep my skills current. They were very impressed with my interview, my follow up e-mail, and the fact that I was out networking.

2013 80

terse answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

According to her, her current employer under-values her worth and had his opportunity to respond to her requests for more recognition (salary-wise), so she suggested that once we offer her a job, her current employer will not up the offer or revisit her request — he simply had his opportunity, according to her. Leaving a temp job earlier than planned. And how bad is it/how many bridges does it burn for me to be leaving a temp position much sooner than expected?

How to Ace Your Job Hunt and Work with Recruiters: The Ultimate Guide

The Undercover Recruiter

Job searching is a full-time job: You need to wake up early apply to every job you can find! I keep a spread sheet of everything, and do a follow-up call one week to the day later…. If you’re working and an agency says something is temp to hire, ask if they’ll hire you will they be continuing the job search? Set up job posting alerts on job sites. Leave a voicemail if you call someone and they don’t pick up. Suit up.

2013 86

The Hidden Jobs Report

Resume Bear

is to add up to 600 new jobs in Scotland where the financial services industry has been hit hard by the financial crisis. 9.5.10 – McDonald’s is hiring up to 1,000 new workers in Phoenix, AZ. 8.30.10 – Sprint announced that they are looking to hire and have up to 100 job openings at their Englewood, Colorado center. Keep up the great work! Maybe you could follow up with one or two per report just to keep them honest.

2010 143

55 Hidden Job Finding Tips WITHOUT Using Social Media


Draw up a list and start researching each one. 33) Follow industry news – many things can impact local hiring trends such as natural disasters somewhere else, local discoveries of new natural resources, law changes, etc. 34) Follow company news – look for companies that were recently funded, are expanding, relocating to your area, preparing to change direction and do anything that would require new people and their skills.

warning coworkers about my book’s adult content, returning to work 2 weeks after having a baby, and more

Ask a Manager

I will be taking maternity leave soon, and my manager and HR have been preparing to hire a temp for my leave. My last round was doing a video call with two higher-ups in the company.

2021 39

The Hidden Jobs Report | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

is to add up to 600 new jobs in Scotland where the financial services industry has been hit hard by the financial crisis. 9.5.10 – McDonald’s is hiring up to 1,000 new workers in Phoenix, AZ. 8.30.10 – Sprint announced that they are looking to hire and have up to 100 job openings at their Englewood, Colorado center. Keep up the great work! Maybe you could follow up with one or two per report just to keep them honest.

2010 134

Is My Recruiter Meeting with Me or Meeting a Quota? | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

So, maybe you can follow up by asking: 2. Ask these questions, and the answers will tell you whether to stick with your recruiter or pick up the phone and go somewhere else. But in a lot of recruitment firms, even temp or contract, a junior associate does the preliminanry screening and interviewing, and then passes only the qualified candiate along to a seasoned senior associate or partner who works with the client.,

2011 48

update: employer asked me to interview at 6:45 a.m. on a Saturday

Ask A Manager

I did end up going in at 6:45am, which sucked. They weren’t completely set up, either, so I waited about 10 minutes before getting called in. The woman interviewing me was just reading questions from a packet and flipping the page as soon as she thought I was done with my answer, not allowing further elaboration or follow-up questions. So I snapped that up. Remember the reader who was invited to come to an interview at 6:45 a.m. on a Saturday ?

2013 62

lost out on job offer when HR insisted on emails for references

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I recently had a great interview for a part-time temp position and was asked if I would be willing to come in later this week to meet with the person whose position I would be filling in for. You want to be able to ask follow-up questions. The interviewer was very interested in my years of experience in this position and willingness to start ASAP. The person I would meet with is due almost any day so there is a need to fill the job soon.

2011 57

Gift Certificate

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Follow me on my Profile. Blog powered by TypePad Member since 06/2005 « Independence Day | Main | Temp to Perm » Monday, July 05, 2010 Gift Certificate Send a gift certificate to ten companies you want to workfor. Follow up with a quicksurvey on your level of quality etc that they must send back to you. Follow up with a quicksurvey on your level of quality etc that they must send back to you.

Top Ten Ways to Find a Job |

Resume to Referral

Home About Free Mags Jobs Resume Services Advertise « New Job-Search Toolbar Follow Up Your Cover Letter With a Follow-Up! Sign up for some Industry trade magazines, online groups, forums, and social networks. Reading up on the latest industry news is a great way to stay on top and find new open positions. Get some Professional Help – Recruiters, headhunters, and temp agencies are always looking for qualified candidates.

2010 61

being told to sleep on a couch on a business trip, unsolicited sales pitches, and more

Ask a Manager

My company messed up my pay and doesn’t want me to tell anyone. It had to do with the time that merit increases were taking place, and I wasn’t paying much attention to my bank account other than seeing that a check had deposited (I’ve been beating myself up over not being more vigilant). I also sometimes get follow-ups from these people and phone messages. But if you’re doing temp work, that’s not really consulting; it’s temp work.

it’s your Friday good news

Ask a Manager

Add the personal and professional stress of the pandemic, and I was just spent, mentally exhausted, and feeling like giving up. I started as a temp-to-hire manager. This was supposed to be a step up in my career, and if anything, it was a step down having been a coordinator in my previous organization. I was only supposed to be a temp for a month and it turned into 6, even though I constantly followed up because I needed benefits.

2020 25

boss left my performance evaluation on the office printer, intern just got hired by the team I’m interviewing with, and more

Ask a Manager

The problem is, she didn’t go pick it up. My coworker got upset that I revealed that we’re temps. I don’t have an issue with this, but accidentally offended my fellow temp today when the following happened: Someone not on our immediate team was curious about why we had each had a 4:30 p.m. finish this week, and I explained that we were temps so it was a different rule. Her desire to hide her temp status is not typical.

can my company make me stay home with a cold, leaving a job for grad school, and more

Ask a Manager

I’m panicking a little bit because I woke up this morning with a little bit of a scratchy throat. I’ve been working at this company for a year, but on a long-term, open-ended temp contract. I get paid hourly through the temp agency and have no benefits or PTO.

2020 42

my boss stole my resume and is applying for the same jobs as me

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have been working as a contractor since late 2019, for what was to be a temp to perm position. I knocked the screening out of the park and they scheduled me for the next round within an hour of hanging up.

2020 41

should I hire someone who’s unhappy with the salary, a coworker’s “people I need to hit” list, and more

Ask a Manager

Should I hire a temp who’s unhappy with the salary? We’re looking for a temp to come in and cover one of my colleagues, Melisandre, who is going on extended medical leave because of pregnancy complications and then maternity leave. We even joked that the title might’ve been cut off and was actually just a list of people he needs to hit up for money and that he’s a secret loan shark. Following up once after your initial call wasn’t returned made sense.

2019 31

my phone number used to belong to a prostitute, how can I get access to my work email at night, and more

Ask a Manager

If you want to be extra safe, you could set up a Google voice number and use that one on resumes from now on (and perhaps have the phone company switch your number to something else once enough time has gone by that you don’t need to retain the use of the current number in connection with the resumes it appeared on). You want to work for an employer who wants to follow the law, even when they don’t have to. Making time for job interviews when I’m temping.

updates: renting from the boss, Cards Against Humanity at a work party, and more

Ask a Manager

I didn’t end up renting from my boss. I left with nothing lined up and moved back to my home state. Bonus rage fodder: When I went back to my house to pack up and move, my COVID-denying roommate had just returned from partying in a different hot-spot city on the other side of the country! It’s also a field that is very hard to get into without doing temp or seasonal work at first, so this will open up future opportunities too.

2020 27

fast answer Friday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

Negotiating for more money as a temp. I signed up with a temp agency back in February to keep busy. You’re worth more to the company now because you know the work, they’re giving you more tasks, and they like you — those three things count for a lot with temps. And you’re probably worth more to the temp agency too, because they want to keep the client happy.

2012 50

My Funny Job Interview

Career Rocketeer

Having unintentionally terminated my budding career as a television journalist, and having no contingency plan, I decided to fall back temporarily on my college summer work as a temp and scoured the classifieds for something secretarial. I called and set up an interview time. I followed him and saw that there was a hall running the length of the room and it emptied into a room with windows.

2011 43

short answer Saturday — 6 short answers to 6 short questions

Ask A Manager

I also thought it was weird that it was up to me. However, since they’re leaving it up to you and you’d need to fly there to do it in-person, I’d do it over the phone for now. I’m a supervisor in a call center, and while I am required to discipline people (write them up), whether the write-up sticks is HR’s call and they have firing authority. Former colleague is trying to rile me up when I applied with the company again.

2012 56

I don’t want to take 2 weeks off, coworker has a “food emergency” every other day, and more

Ask a Manager

She is tenured and very high up in the department hierarchy, while we are fairly replaceable and on the much lower end of the pay scale. Our corporate culture is quite friendly and probably errs on the side of us all being too much up in each other’s business. ” It was followed up by a visit from my boss’s boss (the CFO equivalent) to my office. I work at a large university and we have an internal temp program.

2018 34

emails with a reader frustrated with her interviewer

Ask A Manager

The background: She applied for a job with an organization that she had temped at earlier this year. I waited 10 days and contacted him to follow up, and he said, “After discussing this with (the person who had been my previous manager when I tempted there), we are unable to extend you an offer for this position because we had candidates with more experience.”

2012 55

client accidentally said rude things about my team in a voicemail, what happened to thank-you notes, and more

Ask a Manager

She had called to notify me of a mistake made by my department, but at the end neglected to hang up her phone properly before commenting on my team’s lack of intelligence and other similarly unflattering remarks. Of course I plan to follow up with her on a course of action to address her initial complaint, but should I make any mention of the end of her message? If your company generally treats contractors and temps well, that matters more than the badges.