FlexJobs Names Top Career Categories & Companies for Freelance Jobs

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workforce currently freelance. Boulder, CO, March 12, 2018 – According a survey from FlexJobs, freelancers enjoy work on average more than their non-freelance counterparts. The Top Five Careers For Freelance. The Top 15 Freelance Job Companies.

Top Ten Freelance Jobs Websites

Position Ignition

The number of freelancers in the UK and US is growing yet it is not always obvious how to build your pipeline of work. It has both 'hourly' and 'fixed' price projects which you can bid for by sending in a 'proposal'. Flexible Working Job Search

?? 365 Top Tips to Rock Your Job Search Every Day of 2018


Your job search crash course this year. A job search tip a day keeps the recruiters away closer… This isn't a calendar. Some of the tips only apply to job seekers of certain kinds, such as graduates, older job seekers and employed job seekers.

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366 Job Search Tips for Every Day of 2016


Your job search crash course this year. A job search tip a day keeps the recruiters away closer… This isn’t a checklist. Some of the tips only apply to job seekers of certain kinds, such as graduates, older job seekers and employed job seekers.

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short answer Saturday: another job search edition — Ask a Manager

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager short answer Saturday: another job search edition January 29, 2011 We did a job search edition of short answer Saturday last week , but the questions keep piling up so here’s another one. which job should I take?

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How to Create a Living Resume

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When you’re a freelancer or on the job hunt, your resume is possibly your best marketing tool for picking up new employer and/or clients. While every new engagement is a chance to broaden your experience, that is not always conveyed when searching for the next new opportunity.

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Understanding Careers in Business Analysis

Career Alley

This usually involves a specific degree and on-the-job skill sets. As an outside contractor, the first duty of a business analyst is to uncover the relationships that are often hidden behind formal job titles. Experience with writing job descriptions and preparing requirements.

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Following Your Dreams: From Community College to Interior Design School

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proposals and presentations). As of July 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that jobs for interior designers are “expected to increase by 19 percent from 2010 to 2020,” which is average. Good luck in your search.

Marketing Hacks To Make Employers Notice You

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In a highly competitive environment where hundreds of qualified job seekers are looking to land their dream job, a few aces up your sleeve can’t hurt. Before diving right into the job hunting process, you must realize that you have a personal brand.

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Is the future of bosses in the “cloud”?


Elaine Pofeldt, a writer about entrepreneurial issues, tells us about services that have been created to help freelancers find work and band together for things like purchasing power or insurance coverage. An early organization that helped band freelancers together was the Freelancers Union.

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applying for a full-time job and asking to work part-time

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A reader writes: Last night I went to bed feeling secure in my newly-undertaken adventure as a part-time freelancer who recently left an unfulfilling full-time job in the wrong city and the wrong working culture to pursue my field in greener pastures. This morning I woke up to an ideal-but-awkwardly-timed job posting for an entry-level position I’m eminently qualified for at a company I’d already mentally ear-marked as a good potential future employer.

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How To Make A Name For Yourself

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [04.30.10] View Comments How To Make A Name For Yourself A lot of job seekers slog through their process with great anonymity. You are quietly pursuing a job. blog comments powered by Disqus Need A Job?

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I Hate Resumes: Personal Connections Matter & How Social Media Can Help


7 Ways to Land a Job with Social Media. A referral email, quick phone call or an in person meet is the best way to establish a business connection that leads new project, gig or job opportunity. A resume or even a proposal doesn’t always provide enough information. I view the job search the very same way. I didn’t do any job posting, advertising or promotion. Job Search Tip: Conversation, Cocktails and Coffee.

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Part-Time Work at Home Admin Assitant Needed

Telecommuting Journal

Westchester based publisher seeks part-time administrative assistant to work from their home to assist with: Setting appointments Overseeing daily and monthly calendar Writing letters/ Official business proposals Follow-up with business calls Help and keep CEO organized Must have the following: Knowledge of computers Email blasting Online marketing Type 55wpm pleasant personality This position is for someone who has a home office and can work from home.

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Tweet Job Tweet!

Jennifer Anthony

Posted on April 28, 2010 by Jennifer Anthony By Cheryl Palmer You’re looking for a new job, and you’re on Twitter. As a job seeker you primarily have two audiences: recruiters/hiring managers and colleagues who can refer you to openings.

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taking a new job while still working part-time for my old employer

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This organization means a great deal to me, and the available position would be the perfect combination of “dream job&# and “attainable at this point in my career.&# I love my job and would only leave it for something essentially exactly like this position. Is there any way to avoid providing contact information for my supervisor and ask that they verify my employment and check current job references only if they are ready to make a job offer?

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Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Career You Want.

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, February 8th, 2010 Career Comeback-Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want Recently I interviewed Lisa Johnson Mandell author of Career Comeback.

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7 Life-Changing Job Trends You Need to Know About


Job seekers- you just got a promotion , the “career” as we know it is dead. Just like you’ve heard many times over the last few years, “this is not your parents’ job search”, it probably obvious that you shouldn’t expect that 40-year retirement watch either.

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?? Why Every Job Seeker Needs to Get a Blockchain Job


How to get a job in the one of the hottest industries of 2018. Have you noticed that you can't look at the job market headlines without the words “blockchain”, “bitcoin” or “crypto” coming up? So how do I find a blockchain job?

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Medical Related Work at Home Jobs

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Medical Related Work at Home Jobs February 25, 2009 · 1 comment I was having a discussion with a friend about how not all industries lend themselves well to telecommuting. My friend is a nurse, so her schedule is definitley flexible (well, not so much flexible as oddly scheduled with rotating shifts) but her current job is certainly not something she could do from home. NOTE: I saw this job posting on Craigslist.

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???? 61 Hidden Job Market Secrets Without Using Social Media


What if your next job was hiding right in front of you? Quick poll: what is the hidden job market? So many jobs are never advertised anywhere, completely unpublished. Those are the hidden jobs. The #1 reason to aim for a hidden job. So where are the hidden jobs?

10 Ways to Build a Killer Web Presence Without Social Networking


It is common knowledge today that employers are using the search engines to find out more about their potential employees than they could ever legally ask in an interview. Or maybe you made a YouTube video ranting about the job you just got fired from. Job Search 2.0:

55 Hidden Job Finding Tips WITHOUT Using Social Media


What if your next job was hiding right in front of you? Hidden jobs defined. Many jobs are never advertised anywhere. Those are the hidden jobs. The #1 reason to aim for a hidden job. So where are the hidden jobs? 55 tips to find hidden and unpublicized jobs.

Work-At-Home Marketers Settle FTC Charges

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The Commission vote to authorize staff to file the proposed stipulated final orders was 4-0.

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Career Networking Is Not Magic

Tim's Strategy

You can find a number of Thom’s books on this page: Great Books For Job Search, Career and Life. From here on, you are listening to Thom: When people find themselves in a job search everyone tells them they must “go network&#.

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78% of Workers Say They Are Burned Out at Work

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When asked which benefits they take part in the most, workers said: Alternative schedules (72 percent) Compressed work weeks (24 percent) Telecommuting (15 percent) Summer hours (14 percent) Job sharing (6 percent) “Unmanageable stress levels in the workplace can seriously impact an employee’s productivity and home-life,&# said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder.com. million jobs.

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Your Greatest Weakness is Your Strength | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Brent’s site (see links at the end of his post) offers great tips for the job interview. However, it is one of the most misunderstood questions in job interviews.

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wee answer Wednesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

I’ve been working at a county government job for just about 10 years, and I’m 30 years old. My name had come up a few times as someone to talk to about doing the job on a contract basis.). I would like to accept this job, in addition to keeping my regular job. I currently work 37 hours per week, and this job would be an additional 20 hours per week. I have been working at two different jobs for the past few years. ” on job applications.

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my manager’s boss wants us to complain about my manager to his face, inconsiderate meeting times, and more

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I get that she hasn’t made herself easy to talk to, but this is pretty straightforward to speak up about and propose a solution to. If I should charge, should I just be paid at my normal rate for the amount of time it takes to create or should I approach this as a freelancer and say my rate is X? If it’s wildly, wildly outside the scope of your job, possibly. Also, do you think this approach would hurt my chances of getting a job?

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wee answer Wednesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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If I were to land a job, I would definitely would settle down and have my own place in that area (and not consider it relocating). I can list my parent’s address but it is not at all in the area that I’m looking for work, and I feel like it may hinder my job prospects by listing it. I am currently looking for a new job after having been with my current organization for 2.5 I’ve begun looking for another job.

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my manager accused me of fraud, helping an employee with anxiety, and more

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Will taking an politically ideological job harm my friend when he leans in the other direction? He is currently searching for jobs/internships in the political research field (in the D.C. He is in the late stages of the interview process for a job with an international think tank that ideologically leans far in one direction. This job would pay very well and he could probably pay off his student loans in two years. I just relocated to a new city, new job.

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something cool and free for you

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Going through the sign-up form it asks for ‘Company Name’ & ‘Job Title’… ugh Any ideas? :) Reply Ask a Manager February 15, 2011 at 9:05 pm Absolutely it applies to you as well! Job title is not a required field. do I have to be perfect to get a job?

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short answer Saturday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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Here we go… Figuring out pay as a contractor I have never worked as a contractor but was contacted about a potential contract job and asked to provide my pay requirements plus gas cost. I need advice about a difficulty with my job: gossip. do I have to be perfect to get a job?

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short answer Saturday: seven short answers to seven short questions

Ask A Manager

Do your job to the best of your ability, and let him be accountable for his own performance. I interviewed for the job, but did not get it. I applied and got an interview, but did not get the job once again. How I convey that I’m smart in job applications?

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