5 Tips for Military Spouses Pursuing a Career in Teaching

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With 85 percent of military spouses reporting that they want or need to work, finding a stable and meaningful career is highly important for the majority of military wives and husbands. Many military spouses are aspiring teachers or currently have a degree in teaching; however, this career path can be quite challenging due to the frequent moves that are a part of life as a military spouse. Know the Benefits Available as a Military Spouse.

6 Hot Jobs for Pilots Outside of the Standard Airlines

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Military. Being a military pilot is an extremely tough career, but knowing you’re protecting your country can also make it an incredibly rewarding one. If you have enough experience under your belt, you can apply for military pilot jobs, or you can go to an Air Force academy or military flight school to get the training you need. Author Bio: Kandace Heller is a freelance writer in Orlando, Florida.


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FlexJobs: Where We Were and Where We’re Going

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That’s quite a long time when measured in Internet years. People like working parents, retirees, millennials, entrepreneurs, caregivers, digital nomads, people with disabilities, military spouses, students, environmentalists, and more. 7 percent freelanced. 34 percent freelance. The Gig Economy: Over the last decade, the number of people doing freelance and contract work has risen by almost 10 million people, as reported by the New York Times.

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Interesting Career Opportunities In Computer Science

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These web pages can be quite diverse depending on the type of site and the functions that the client wants incorporated into their website. Additionally, freelance web page designers often charge by the project or hour and can often earn $75 to $100 per hour, depending on what area of the country they live. Military. A career in computer science can be extremely rewarding, especially given the diverse opportunities this type of field has to offer.

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Demystifying Resume Writing Certifications (And Why I Don't Want.

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Consequently, my clients have consistently been (and continue to be) quite successful. I have been consistently busier each year and the last 5-6 months have been quite exceptional for me. Jennifer Anthony's Official Blog Nationally Published Resume Expert Skip to content Home About Hire Jenn FAQs How It Works Resume Rockstars Resume Writers by Industry or Specialty Library ← Resume Writing – What Do Hiring Managers Look For in a Resume?

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a computer-throwing coworker, a new manager calling employers from 9 years ago, and more

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I have always worked in museum education and have recently started as a freelancer due to having to constantly move (my husband is in the military). Freelancing has been a bit slow to take off, so I am also looking for part-time jobs that I can fit around it. There seems to be very little about it on the internet apart from a few old adverts and no social network presence, which I found quite strange for the industry. It’s five answers to five questions.

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My Favorite Resume and CV Template: Introducing TruFocus | Tim's.

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [06.02.10] View Comments My Favorite Resume and CV Template: Introducing TruFocus If you’ve been looking for a resume or CV template that really works. One that instantly sets you apart from other candidates. Well, I have one that may do just that. It’s not wildly different from thousands of other templates out there, but it is different enough in the right places. And I’ll explain why.

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This is what it looks like to have a hard time making a change.

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Glad to hear that's not quite so weird a habit. "A Diploma" Well, I have my failures and my suffering, my hard won Gurdjieffian training, and my broad experience as a freelance analyst. –Bill Posted by Bill Brent on November 22, 2009 at 12:08 am | permalink | Reply Enjoyed this post, although I thought it quite outlandish. Is this your first time here?

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Age Discrimination During Job Search | Tim's Strategy

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But, I can say that I have had quite a few interviews so my resume seems to be okay. But, I can say that I have had quite a few interviews so my resume seems to be okay. Eric Nilsson All of the comments above are quite interesting and useful. Eric Nilsson All of the comments above are quite interesting and useful. Jim H I am working to start a “second career&# after 26 years of military service as an officer.

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Shifting the balance of power. (Mainstream media stinks.

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" Posted by Heidi on November 6, 2009 at 7:23 am | permalink | Reply I learned my lesson regarding mainstream media quite recently (though obviously not to the extent you have) when a major news network asked permission to come to my home and interview me about my past spending problems. As soon as something else interesting happens (shootings at a military base, for example), they'll drop you. Is this your first time here?

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