Three Tools for Productivity in Freelance Work

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Especially if you’re a freelancer. Productivity in freelance isn’t just about removing distractions, however. You can do this by adding new tools and apps to your repertoire, creating automated or streamlined ways of performing routine tasks, and even changing the way you think about your projects. An email from a panicked client, a problem with a project on a tight deadline, or a simple overabundance of things to do can wreck an entire day.

FlexJobs Names Top Career Categories & Companies for Freelance Jobs

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workforce currently freelance. Boulder, CO, March 12, 2018 – According a survey from FlexJobs, freelancers enjoy work on average more than their non-freelance counterparts. To demonstrate the various opportunities in the freelance job marketplace and help freelancers connect to jobs they enjoy, FlexJobs has identified the top 10 career categories and the top 30 companies hiring freelancers so far in 2018. The Top Five Careers For Freelance.


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Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job and Go Freelance

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It’s becoming more common for people to take on freelancing gigs, leaving their seemingly stable jobs for the more unsettled but flexible life of a full-time freelancer. From the outside, freelancing looks a lot like working a regular job, except you can do it from your bed or from the beach if you so choose. The reality is more complicated, with added responsibilities, costs, and considerations that many freelancers aren’t aware of until it’s too late.

5 Traits of a Successful Freelancer

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For many of us, becoming a successful freelancer is the modern dream: a chance to wave goodbye to the 9-5 slog, pick and choose your hours, and work on projects that excite you. In practice, making it as a successful freelancer takes a level of dedication, self-belief and entrepreneurial spirit that far surpasses the demands of traditional employment. A successful freelancer in any industry has certain necessary traits.

6 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

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Being a successful Project Manager requires a wide range of skills, talents and experience. Great writing skills, a deep knowledge of technology and an aptitude to manage budgets are all key to Project Management. In order to help you out, we created a list of 6 must-have personal relationship skills every project manager needs. Personal relationship skills are the most important for project manager as he/she is the one to control, navigate and inspire the entire team.

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How to Write a Great Freelancer CV

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As anyone who has tried it knows, freelancing isn’t easy. If you’re going back to full-time work or looking for a full-time position for the first time, how do you go about crafting the perfect freelancer CV? Here are our top tips for crafting the perfect CV when transitioning from freelancing to a full-time job. All job hunters, freelance or not, should tailor their CVs to the role they’re applying for.

Get Started In Freelancing: How To Profit From Your Passions

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The post Get Started In Freelancing: How To Profit From Your Passions appeared first on Ms. These are some of the benefits made possible by doing freelance work. What is freelancing, exactly? A freelancer is an individual who sells a skill or service for a contracted rate, rather than working for one employer on a regular basis. Freelancing can offer you a lot of professional freedom, and generate desirable extra income. Have any tips about freelancing?

Should You Go Freelance?

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On paper, the freelance lifestyle is perfect. You have the ultimate freedom – from office location and working hours, to clients and projects. However, the reality of freelancing can be quite different. Should You Go Freelance? Career Management Career corporate decision freelance Freelancer life work balance There are no bosses or holiday restrictions, and childcare is no longer a problem. For some people, too much freedom can turn into […].

Cautions to Take While Freelancing and Working Full-time


When aspiring to become a full-time freelancer, you typically must slowly begin building your freelance venture while still working fulltime for an employer. This may not be the ideal situation but it provides steady income until your freelance business is successful enough to go fulltime. However, while freelancing and working fulltime, use caution on how you fit both demands into your schedule and how the topic of freelancing is approached with your boss.

Best Freelance Jobs in 2017

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The post Best Freelance Jobs in 2017 appeared first on Ms. With every year that passes, the more the freelancing community expands. Thanks to the internet and social media, freelancers can market themselves and find work easily. In 2016, the most popular freelance gigs included consultants, content marketers, virtual assistants and web developers. Here is a list of hot freelancing jobs to look out for in the upcoming year: Social Media Marketing.

15 Companies Hiring Freelancers in 2017

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The post 15 Companies Hiring Freelancers in 2017 appeared first on Ms. The freelance economy continues to grow, and these companies have hired the most freelancers this year. Boulder, CO, April 3, 2017 — According to a survey of over 3,000 professionals, 44 percent of workers expressed interest in freelance work as an appealing work schedule and 26 percent identified themselves as freelancers. Senior Project Manager. Work Companies Hiring Freelancers

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5 Ways to Better Business Self-Discipline for Freelancers

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As a freelancer, you have the freedom to set your own hours. As a freelancer working at home, you likely have to contend with other sorts of distraction, such as the temptation to browse the Internet, check email, listen to music or watch television, or generally find other things to do around the house other than your work. Try to determine an estimate of how long it will take to complete each project. Job Search Freelance hire Jobs Self Improvement

What Is it Like to Be an HR Freelancer?

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a freelancer in HR? So here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about life as a freelancer in the HR sphere. If someone offers me an intensely dull project, I can evaluate whether I need the money badly enough to say yes. I don’t particularly appreciate marketing myself, and freelance work involves a ton of self-marketing. I do miss teamwork (although I do team-based projects from time to time.).

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The Freelancers Guide to Switching Off


Freelancing can be a wonderful way to work and can allow you more freedom in life in many ways. However, being a freelancer has its downsides and can mean it is harder to switch off; after all your success is down to you alone and it can be tempting to keep working! Without a boss to tell you to go home, it can be tempting to answer one more email or try to tie up the loose ends on that project. Career Advice freelancer work life balance

Top Ten Freelance Jobs Websites

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The number of freelancers in the UK and US is growing yet it is not always obvious how to build your pipeline of work. That's why we've put together this list of freelance job websites to help you explore the platforms available for you to build your career, portfolio and work: PeoplePerHour - says it's the UK's number one freelancing community. It has both 'hourly' and 'fixed' price projects which you can bid for by sending in a 'proposal'.

Student Job Hunting for New Freelance Writing Gigs


In this scenario, freelancing is an interesting mode of work which can be done by any student from anywhere in the world. The concept of freelancing is indeed quite intriguing and students earn a lot if done in a proper manner. There are different types of jobs available in the freelance market. Now the question which arises is how to get hold of a freelancing job? Every freelance writer can register over here to earn good quantity of projects.

5 Top Tips for Freelancing Success

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There are many advantages for those who work on a freelance basis. Freelancing allows greater flexibility and a level of control over your life that full time employment simply can’t compete with. If you are here looking for freelancing advice, chances are you’re either thinking of becoming a freelancer, or you have recently started out on your own. As a freelancer, your time is precious.

Everything You Need to Know About Working as a Freelancer

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Are you a freelancer or thinking about getting into it? Here are a few statistics about the options available to you, as well as the pros and cons of freelancing, provided by Survey Bee. Freelancing: the facts More than half (57%) of freelancers find a new project online within 3 days. Everything You Need to Know About Working as a Freelancer. Career Management Career challenges freelance remote workers

Promoting the Freelance Economy


Marco Torregrossa, Secretary General at the European Forum of Independent Professionals, writes on the website that much can be done to help support freelancers or independent workers. He says: They should support the development of local platforms letting companies use freelancers without fear of liabilities if they might later be reclassified as employees and use big data to monitor trends. HR economy freelance soloprenuers

Are Conferences Really Necessary for Freelancers to Attend?


Whether you’re a freelance writer or designer, being on top of your professional game at all times is a must. By continually pushing your creative limits and by giving everything on each project, you’re more likely to remain relevant in the competitive freelance industry. Conferences can be great places to meet other freelancers and to connect with potential clients. Career Advice conferences freelance writer

Things They Don't Tell You About Going Freelance -


If you go freelance you will be working in the areas of your industry that you enjoy, planning your own career path and choosing the clients that you want to work with. But whilst most people daydream about that ideal freelancing gig , working from home or in a coffee shop on a project that they enjoy and which will bring them awards and acclaim from their peers whilst allowing them time off to spend with friends or family, the reality can sometimes be very different.

Awesome Career Paths with a Project Management Degree

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While the title of this post isn’t as sparkly as our usuals, I decided to feature this guest post written by Tasha Morris today for a few different reasons: 1) My husband is a project manager and I cannot even begin to tell you how much he has taught me about this practice over the last few years. I read as many project management 101 articles and books as I could find. 5) Having a strong project management background is pretty “recession proof.”

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How To Brand Yourself As A Freelancer

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Finding your way as a full-fledged freelancer can be tricky. Between getting your name out there and scoring a steady stream of clients, the road to a freelance career isn’t always easy. Related: How To Determine Your Niche As A Freelancer. Here are five ways to brand yourself as a freelancer—and enjoy the flexibility, freedom, and financial gain that comes with it. As a freelancer, you’ll need to put a more professional polish on your social media strategy.

How To Find Clients As A Freelancer

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After all, at this stage of your career (and life), being a freelancer would not only give you a more flexible schedule, but better work-life balance, too. Related: How To Determine Your Niche As A Freelancer. But just because you’re ready to start your freelance career doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a steady supply of clients right away. Here’s how to find clients as a freelancer. You know that you want to freelance.

Introducing The Professional Independence Project

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The Professional Independence Project is a month-long series designed to help you kickstart your journey to becoming more professionally independent. Introducing The Professional Independence Project. During the month of October, we’re running a cutting-edge series called the Professional Independence Project. If you want to take control of your career, check out our fall series, the Professional Independence Project.

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3 Reasons Why Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense For Corporate HR


He was looking for freelancing gigs. I regularly employ freelance employees in my business, as well. Are Freelancers Stigmatized? While startups and freelancing have traditionally been viewed as a natural match, the same can’t be said for matching up freelancers with corporates. I think it’s time corporate HR teams have revisited their views on freelancers. How are you using freelancers in the workplace?

How To Manage Your Time As A Freelancer

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Freelancing is a double-edged sword. On the other hand, freelancing can mean working far too many hours, handling difficult clients, and being responsible for all of the not-so-fun aspects of owning your own business. Related: How To Brand Yourself As A Freelancer. How can a freelancer manage their time to be effective and successful, all while retaining work-life balance? One of the things freelancers worried most about is encountering feast or famine.

How To Be A Freelance Academic Writer Customers Love

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Online freelancing communities for academic freelance writers are highly competitive workspaces where writers can sign up, create a profile, and bid on assignments that customers post to the site. With this kind of intense competition, it can be difficult to be awarded an academic writing assignment, especially when you are up against more experienced and highly-reviewed freelancers. Related: How To Find Clients As A Freelancer. Freelance & Contract Work

From Employee To Freelancer: How To Make The Leap

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Welcome to our new show Career Lab that airs on Wednesday at 2pm EST. In this Professional Independence Project inspired episode, J.T. Employee to freelancer is a big jump but J.T. The Professional Independence Project is a month long initiative that CAREEREALISM is hosting for the month of October. The post From Employee To Freelancer: How To Make The Leap appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Career Lab freelancer pip professional indepe

How Successful Freelancers REALLY Get Started


Ready to freelance? Get started in the right direction by learning how successful freelancers identify and market their skills. From recent college graduates to professionals with decades of experience, the allure of freelancing attracts all kinds. With the freedom to set your own hours and exert total control over your daily routine, it’s easy to see why many are exploring the freelance life. The best gigs for freelancers are rarely advertised.

Shifting My Focus & Going Freelance | Blogging4Jobs


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | HR Shifting My Focus & Going Freelance Posted on 11 October 2010. But being independent and freelance consultant has its challenges specifically on the traveling front. Greg, my husband is working on a long-term project in Philadelphia for our company and spends more days there than at home.

Freelancing? Don’t make these 10 simple mistakes online…

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I use freelancers a lot in my CV makeover business and I used them a whole lot more when I was involved in project management, PR and various other activities for clients before I went back into full time work. If you don’t already freelance and you’re job-seeking, I recommend you look into freelancing – asap – as a way to: make some money; develop your skills further; stop yourself going crazy from the boredom that comes with looking for work full time.

Filling Resume Gaps – Part 1: Contract, project, freelance or temp work


Today, we’re going to talk about filling gaps between contract, project, freelance and/or temp work. This is the first part of a series explaining how to fill gaps on your resume. If you’re in career transition, you’ve felt it. Continued at [link]. Featured Resumes reCareered Blog

Podcast: How To Get Great Freelancing Results for Beginners or Experts


David Harrison, VP Technology of, explains how to be a successful online freelancer. If you’re a freelancer, if you’re considering freelancing or if you’re just looking to earn money and stay successful between full-time jobs, this podcast is for you. Why reputation is key to getting projects. How to build a good reputation right from the start of your freelancing efforts. Signs of projects that are perfect for you.

Top 25+ Micro Freelance Marketplaces and Why You Should Use Them


The most popular micro freelance marketplaces on the Web according to Alexa. What are “micro&# freelance marketplaces? Freelance marketplaces where the prices are small, anywhere from $5 to $100 per project. Why use micro freelance marketplaces? Test market such a new skill with a small project where there’s less pressure, quicker feedback. To find the right ones for you, we’ve compiled this list of the top micro freelance marketplaces.

6 Must-Have Writing Skills Every Project Manager Needs

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These days, being a project manager is a completely different animal, isn’t it? However, all six of these writing skills will help project managers produce better results for their clients and make tons of lucrative professional connections. Project managers need to be able to speak to web designers about design, copywriters about the copy, and business owners about the progress… all in terms and using language these people relate to.

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Top 5 Must-Dos When Working Freelance

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Freelancers are most common within the creative industry, as a freelancer has the flexibility and independence to be able to take on very versatile and exciting projects. Whether you’re a freelance writer, artist, or photographer, the creative industry is a competitive one, and it’s becoming ever more important to stand out. 5 Must-Dos When Working Freelance. Here are the top five must-dos for freelancers in the creative industry.

Yes, You Should Show Freelance Work on Your Resume!

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In other words, freelancers. Indeed, we’ve come a long way since a freelancer was a writer who wrote and edited corporate publications. Today, freelancers encompass nearly every role in every industry. Given this trend of legitimacy and the modern pace of career change, why would it be weird for a freelancer to pursue a full-time, more traditional opportunity? List your company as you would any other, and include quantifiable results from your key projects.

These Tools Will Help Every Freelancer

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Freelancing is on the rise. People all over the world have lots of reasons for choosing the freelance life over the traditional nine to five. Whether you’re looking for more free time, the opportunity to work from home, mobility, or greater variety in the work you do, freelancing offers a lot of options. Some freelancers work totally remotely, finding work online and performing it from the comfort of their home or elsewhere.

How To Determine Your Niche As A Freelancer

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After years working as a full-fledged, full-time employee, you’ve decided to try your hand at freelancing. Not only would being a freelancer give you complete control over your career, but you’d finally get to do exactly what you want to do. Related: Top 5 Must-Dos When Working Freelance. Before launching your business, here’s how to determine your niche as a freelancer. Breaking out on your own as a freelancer can be scary business, if not done correctly.

3 Areas A Freelance Consultant Must Be Strong In

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Working freelancing jobs offer something new and different every time, and that is a large part of their appeal. Sometimes, you are joining a team that is already in place and working on a long-term project. Other times, you are hired as the sole worker for a special project. Industries, projects, requirements, and workloads can all change from job-to-job. Related: Top 5 Must-Dos When Working Freelance. Resume Problem: How To List Freelance Jobs?

“I’m thinking of leaving my job, and going freelance. What do you think?”

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I think my boss is getting too greedy for new projects. I’m thinking of leaving my job because I’d like to be a freelance artist. Should you, instead, become a freelancer? Being on your own as a freelancer permits you to work for whatever clients you choose, and to turn down clients who are just too difficult. Question: Hi, Alan! I’m currently working in the printing industry here in Manila as a Layout Artist.

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5 freelance writing jobs to start your online writing career

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Freelance content writers today, even the ones with lesser experience, have a higher chance finding work than those in the earlier days. Here are the five freelance writing jobs that can be taken to kick start your online writing career. Product description writing is another good space to start off your work if you want to get into freelance copywriting later. You can work on these, and improve your craft to become a full-fledged freelance copywriter.

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