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5 Must-Know Tax Deductions if You’re Self-Employed

Ms. Career Girl

It’s great being your own boss, having flexible hours, working from home, and having more tax deductions. But whether you run your own business, live off contract work, or freelance for income, tax season can be very stressful if you’re unprepared. “It’s Home Office. Many who are self-employed take advantage of working from a home office. While you cannot deduct for the commute to and from work, you can include mileage.

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employee’s boyfriend keeps making her late for work, seriously ill employee who’s making mistakes, and more

Ask a Manager

Employee’s boyfriend keeps making her late for work. I manage an employee, who does good work. This is fine in principle as our company has no policy on dating coworkers and they work in different departments. Over the past two months or so, my employee has been late for work nearly every day, by up to 20 minutes. We work in a department where certain tasks have to be completed by certain times, so it’s important employees are on time.

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