Working, Traveling and Living the (Nomad) Dream

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The post Working, Traveling and Living the (Nomad) Dream appeared first on Ms. It’s time to empower yourself to up your game and become a traveling professional. To make travel part of your career, you actually have to work. If you have wanderlust, find a way to work and travel.

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Travel-Sustaining Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling

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The post Travel-Sustaining Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling appeared first on Ms. If you’re like most travelers, you spend your every waking hour filled with wanderlust, dreaming about travelling to different places or relocating all over the world. Freelance work. .

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How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World


Chances are you’ve thought about how to quit your job and travel the world at one point or another. What if you could travel the world, climb the tallest mountains, sail the seven seas, and simply forget about coming in tomorrow. This is how to quit your job and travel the world today.

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9 Essential Apps for Freelancers

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The post 9 Essential Apps for Freelancers appeared first on Ms. According to Forbes, more than one third of US workers are freelancers now. That’s 53 million Americans, some of which freelance exclusively, with others moonlighting in freelance jobs.

Fill-In Freelancer @

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Fill-In Freelancer @ February 3, 2009 · 0 comments If you like to write and are good with editing and proof-reading, consider looking for work at SmartBrief is seeking a freelance writer to edit online business and consumer news publications on a fill-in basis only. Place the following in the subject line: SmartBrief Fill-in Freelancer – JJ.

Part-Time Freelance Work Found at Ed2010

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Part-Time Freelance Work Found at Ed2010 December 12, 2008 · 0 comments Part-time freelance web editor for national teen/tween celebrity magazine Job/Internship type: Freelance Company/Publication Name: – Location: Englewood Cliffs. NJ Description: A national teen/tween celebrity-driven magazine is looking for a part-time freelance web editor.

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3 reasons to freelance while you job seek

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Today is National Freelancers Day. Okay, possible slight exaggeration aside, National Freelancers Day is now in its 4 th year and gathering momentum each year. Happy National Freelancers Day. Your turn: What skills do you have to offer as a freelancer…?

Shifting My Focus & Going Freelance | Blogging4Jobs


Book Connect Blogging4Jobs HR + Social Media + Job Search = Blogging4Jobs Business Events OKC Featured Networking Gen Y Guest HR Job Search Social Media Categorized | HR Shifting My Focus & Going Freelance Posted on 11 October 2010. I’ve traveled to two countries outside the U.S.

5 Jobs for Those Who Love to Travel - BLOG - Career.


If you make careful career choices, you can work while you travel! If this sounds like a plan, take a look at these travel-friendly jobs: 1. Freelance Writer or Photographer Create your own travel-friendly career by starting a business as a freelancer.

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Live 4-day course with Penelope: Get the Guts to Start Freelancing

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After a long break from new courses, Melissa and I are doing a course on how to start freelancing. This is especially timely because over the last six months while I have been rejiggering my online courses Melissa has launched a freelance business. Freelancing

How To Include Volunteer Work & Travels In Your Resume

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Do you think that adding your volunteer work and travels to your resume will give you an advantage to land at a job you like? Travels. It is important to talk about how you occupied your time during a gap year and justify your absence from the work force that’s why you’re including your travels in your resume. They don’t have to be backed by formal lessons or certificates as these things don’t really happen on your travels. Freelance Jobs.

5 Ways to Stay Productive When You’re on the Road

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Traveling is a fact of life when you’re in the business world. Use these five tips to stay productive – even when you’re traveling. Adapt to Your Method of Travel. Asian freelance writer or designer writing emails on computer while commuting to meeting in the city.

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Top 25+ Micro Freelance Marketplaces and Why You Should Use Them


The most popular micro freelance marketplaces on the Web according to Alexa. What are “micro&# freelance marketplaces? Freelance marketplaces where the prices are small, anywhere from $5 to $100 per project. Why use micro freelance marketplaces?

Escaping the nine to five: four of the best freelance jobs

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They’re clear signs you’re in desperate need of a career change, so we’ve highlighted four freelance jobs that’ll bring some excitement back into your working life by letting you be your own boss. You’ll get to travel around visiting clients, and enjoy lots of cuddles with cute dogs.

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How To Find A Career That Lets You Travel The World

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More people than ever want to quit their jobs and start travelling the world. Travelling the world shouldn’t be pure escapism. Here are a few jobs that allow you to travel and earn money at the same time. Travel Writer. Freelance writing can be hard at first.

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update: my company’s accountant is nitpicking my pretty frugal travel expenses

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Remember the letter last month from the person whose company accountant was nitpicking his travel expenses in the most ridiculous way ? Our CEO is a very prominent woman in her field who travels constantly and is usually staffed when she has major speaking engagements. I had lots of emails from Bob with his ridiculous travel decrees, so at her request I forwarded them along.

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Why Companies are Turning to an On Demand Workforce

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Still others are ready to leave the traditional 9-5 behind and take a road less traveled, yet one that is growing rapidly. Statistics say that the temporary/freelance workforce is projected to hit 40% of the total market by 2020, and not just in the U.S.

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my coworker feels excluded because my boss and I are friends, letting employees take freelance work, and more

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Letting employees take freelance work that they’re offered through work connections. As a nonprofit ED, I’m struggling with creating a policy that is fair to employees and fair to the organization: Plenty of people do freelance work while working full-time, especially in the nonprofit sector. Just let people take the freelancer work as long as it doesn’t create a conflict of interest. Last January, I gave up freelancing to take a full-time, salaried job with a client.

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are patterned stockings unprofessional, how to list freelance work on a resume, and more

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Manager offered to let me expense my dog-boarding costs when I travel. Lucky for me, my job only requires travel a couple of times per year. I have two dogs that I put into board/daycare when I travel, which generally works out to about $400 for each week that I am gone. Over the last few years, my boss has asked me why I don’t expense the dog boarding since I am not a frequent traveler. How to list freelance experience on a resume.

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So What If Telecommuting Did Encourage Travel? 5 days ago So What If Telecommuting Did Encourage Travel? Travel Is Good : TreeHugger [link] via @ TreeHugger 5 days ago Ten things (OK, 9) I love about telecommuting - [link] # cnn 5 days ago More updates.

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HBO Acquires "Very Semi-Serious," the New Yorker Cartoonists Documentary

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The film makes it clear of freelancers, who work diligently to make a weekly appearance in print, that success as a cartoonist will never lead to a money-making career or ever enable them to quit their day jobs. Featured Travel & Leisure

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how to tell a freelancer not to stop by in person, my boss keeps asking how much I paid for things, and more

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Boundaries don’t really get crossed — none of us socialize with her — but we have “water cooler” chit-chats about personal things, like our apartment buildings, travels, shopping, movies, lunch. How to tell a freelancer not to stop by in person. So visitors aren’t encouraged to drop by, and we do just fine interacting by emails and phone with our stringers and freelancers. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss keeps asking how much I paid for things.

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The truth about working from home: It’s lonely

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Since the last teacher died , we are traveling all over the country navigating the world of cello teachers: Claremont , Chicago , Santa Monica , and now Aspen. A lot of our cello travel is so we can meet the right people to find out about how to get to other people. Freelancing

P4A: Best Friends Animal Society

Job Stalker

Im still under a massive time crunch with that big freelance project Im working on, but I wanted to get out a post today as part of "Project for Awesome" which is, if nothing else, a meme traveling through the ChicagoNow community for this Fridays posts.

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Become Your Own Job Creator in 10 Simple Steps


More and more, companies and individuals are shifting away from full-time salaried jobs to hiring freelance or contract workers. Freelancing is no longer reserved for writers or graphic designers. Identify which services are in demand on the various freelancing sites mentioned above.

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IGN is Looking.

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November 11, 2008 · 1 comment for a Freelance News Poster. If you’re into gaming, love the Internet, don’t mind posting screenshots and writing about games and the gaming industry, and are willing to work hard – this freelance position is for YOU. 5 days ago So What If Telecommuting Did Encourage Travel? Travel Is Good : TreeHugger [link] via @ TreeHugger 5 days ago Ten things (OK, 9) I love about telecommuting - [link] # cnn 5 days ago More updates.

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5 Must-Know Tax Deductions if You’re Self-Employed

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But whether you run your own business, live off contract work, or freelance for income, tax season can be very stressful if you’re unprepared. “It’s The cost of attending educational seminars and classes can add up for freelancers trying to keep ahead of the competition.

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New Focus on HR Vendor Content & Services


I have a daughter who’s two ( @ryleighmerrell ) and a husband who is traveling like crazy working on a long-term assignment for Xceptional HR in Philadelphia. Business HR Going Freelance HR Blog HR Blogger HR content HR human resource HR Vendor human resource HR

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a client paid half my fee and then disappeared before giving me any work

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All of these would be in foreign countries, and I was told that I might need to travel to some of them to so my work “in the field,” as well as from my base here. Projects that never come to fruition aren’t uncommon among freelancers, but they’re certainly a lot less common when half the fee has already been paid. freelancing A reader writes: I occasionally offer consulting/advisory per my highly specialized knowledge for nonprofits.

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FlexJobs: Where We Were and Where We’re Going

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7 percent freelanced. 34 percent freelance. travel & hospitality. Digital Nomads: In 2016, digital nomads started coming out of the woodwork, sharing their tips and advice for working remotely, traveling and living around the world, and finding flexible jobs.

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Keeping Taxes in Check: Write-Offs for Your Small Business

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Travel. Any travel you do for work is tax deductible. Meals while traveling are not included unless they involve work, and even then would be listed under meals and entertainment instead. Many companies make use of freelancers and use this deduction for them.

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The most popular micro freelance marketplaces on the Web according to Alexa. The most popular micro freelance marketplaces on the Web according to Alexa. What are “micro” freelance marketplaces? Why use micro freelance marketplaces?

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Work at Home Writing Gigs at Internet Brands

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Here are a few current openings I found by just looking: Freelance Travel Writer Internet Brands, Inc. See Internet Brands – Freelance Writer – Travel for application and contact information. Freelance Shopping Writer Internet Brands, Inc.

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Skills That Give Women A Sustainable Advantage Over Men

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For example, they often go freelance as it offers them more opportunities. According to UK dissertation , it has seen an influx of female freelancers in recent years, as the job offers them more flexibility. There are 63% of women of their freelance jobs against 37% of men.

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Love Working Alone? Consider These Jobs

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If traveling far and wide and being on the road sounds appealing, how about a career as a long distance truck driver? Freelancer. As a freelancer, you’re typically on your own for most of the time. Many jobs require a lot of social interaction.

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Living My Happily Ever After: Reinventing Life At 50

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Coming from a family of nomadic roots, my childhood revolved around the arts of big cities and the cultural diversities of the places we travelled. I worked as a freelancer at Swiss women’s magazine, Femina, to beautify the Home Interior section pages.

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Make Money At College


oDesk is a global service marketplace for small and medium sized business to hire, manage, and pay remote freelancers or teams [link]. Textbooks, Jobs,Apartment Rentals, Carpools, Roommates, Tickets, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Travel and more [link]. 6 Popular College Websites for buying and selling textbooks, becoming a tutor and trading with classmates. . A popular site for buying and selling your textbooks at bargain prices [link]. Uloop .

From Corporate Suits to Cotton Pyjamas

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I also do some freelance marketing, roughly one day per week. I was passionate about my new business and also knew the long hours and regular travel wouldn't fit around my son. I was lucky to have freelance marketing work as soon as I left my old job which was a huge help.

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5 days ago So What If Telecommuting Did Encourage Travel? Travel Is Good : TreeHugger [link] via @ TreeHugger 5 days ago Ten things (OK, 9) I love about telecommuting - [link] # cnn 5 days ago More updates.

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Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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Freelancers Don’t Want to Return to Full-time Jobs. The survey found that the longer one works as a freelancer, the less likely they become to accept traditional employment with a single company. The Freelance lifestyle is becoming more appealing.

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