What to Look for in a Home Office During the House Buying Process

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Having a “wish list” of features is common for home buyers. A spacious living room, a farmhouse sink, cathedral ceilings, and countless other architectural elements factor into each home buying decision. For instance, does the home have an HVAC system? A Separate Office Space.

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7 Tips to Renovate Your Home Office Before Spring

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The post 7 Tips to Renovate Your Home Office Before Spring appeared first on Ms. Whether you work at home full time or you keep a home office as a productive place to get things done on the weekends, the layout of your home office can contribute to your efficiency. If your home office is outdated, cluttered or uncomfortable, you can easily become distracted. Here are seven tips for getting the home office of your dreams by spring.


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Designing a Beautiful and Functional Home Office

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The post Designing a Beautiful and Functional Home Office appeared first on Ms. No, today is the age of working from home and telecommuting. And even if you aren’t blessed with a career that allows you to work from home full-time, chances are you still have a home office to get your after-hours work done. Whatever the case may be, having a home office you want to go to work in is key to having a successful career.

Creating A Working Woman’s Dream Home Office

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The post Creating A Working Woman’s Dream Home Office appeared first on Ms. Working from home has its benefits and many women are taking advantage of those benefits these days. You don’t even have to have children to make a case for working from a home office. When it comes to working from home you do have some extra responsibilities to take on. Here are some tips on creating a home office that will have you working successfully from home.

5 Ways to Redo Your Home Office Without Hassle

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Is your office lackluster or affecting your workflow? Designing a new-for-you office space doesn’t have to be expensive or cause you a hassle. But dwelling on details makes the whole process of redoing your home office more difficult. So, save time, money and materials by taking the easy road to redoing your home office with these five tips. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars redoing your office from top to bottom.

4 Easy Ways To Renovate Your Home Office

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The post 4 Easy Ways To Renovate Your Home Office appeared first on Ms. Are you one of the growing number of people who work primarily or entirely at home? It's easy to relegate our home office to a dark corner or other drab space because, after all, nobody sees it but us. You deserve better, and there are easy ways to renovate your home office space. Not only will it make working at home more pleasant, it has surprising side benefits.

Best Home Office Fans

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Best Home Office Fans. As the pandemic continues to force millions of individuals to work from home, it has become increasingly necessary to equip your home office with appliances and essentials to make it truly your own. Retro Personal Home Office Fan.

How to Create a Healthy Work-From-Home Space

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Working from home (WFH) is here to stay. If you expect to continue doing your work from home, it’s high time to create a proper home office. You’ll be able to take your career to the next level from the comfort of your own home.

How to Have a Super Productive Home Office

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The post How to Have a Super Productive Home Office appeared first on Ms. Have you finally achieved your dream of working for a corporate office from home, starting your own business or freelancing? Productivity is more important than ever before when you’re self-employed, and if you’re still working for a company, any show of decreased productivity will have your boss calling you back in to the office – permanently.

Creating A Home Office Any Woman Would Love

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The post Creating A Home Office Any Woman Would Love appeared first on Ms. One thing most women entrepreneurs want when it comes to their home office is a space that is designed with them in mind. When it comes to creating that home office there are many decisions you’ll need to make. You’ll want the right colors, the right decor, the right office furniture, and you’ll want all the right tech. Furniture can play a huge role in an office.

Creating the Perfect Home Office

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My decision to switch to working at home from the corporate life brought on many challenges as much as it brought on advantages. Even as simple as the right chair and table is important in making work easy and organized, so creating the ideal perfect home office is a big priority. Working from home is often designated as telecommuting, and it has many advantages for one’s working life. Creating new office space. . Do you have tips on working from home?

Alert! - Is Your Home Office Prepared for a Disaster?


So, it’s extremely important that you have your home and home office prepared for an unexpected crisis to hit. If you are working from the home, you have a duo concern for being prepared. It’s not only your home and furnishings, but it’s your livelihood as well. Work for Yourself disaster home office preparednessEvery season comes with its own potential disaster, such as ice storms, hurricane, or floods.

Avoiding Distractions in Your Home Office

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Working from home is great. However, there are a few downsides to working at home. The home is your comfort zone, and it’s pretty easy to get distracted in front of the TV or simply by tinkering around the house. You wouldn’t dare sleep in until noon if you were working in a traditional office, would you? Well the same should go for you when you work from home. Probably the biggest downside to working from home is the lack of socialization.

How to Make Your Closet Into A Home Office Retreat

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A key factor in balancing home and work life for a telecommuter is having a home office. While the ideal might look like a floor to ceiling windowed room with ample light flooding onto an image akin to a home decorating magazine. When you’re working from home – especially in the early stages – the need for a functional workspace generally comes before the money to design a library fit for royalty. Home Office

5 Things You Need For the Perfectly Productive Home Office

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Company culture has evolved from the weeklong 9-5 and more employers are letting their staff work from home. 5 Things You Need For the Perfectly Productive Home Office Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Karen Kwong Nick Pollitt Office furniture Tom Bourlet Tom Ellis work from home YES Glazing

4 Tips to Create An Organized & Productive Home Office


Thanks to the internet, email, and online meeting software, more people are working from home than ever before. Career Experienced Life life hacks productivity remote work Working from homeHowever, working in the same space where you and your family live isn’t always as easy. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

4 Unique Home Office Decor Ideas

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Your home office doesn’t have to be a mundane workspace. who spend some portion of their time working from home. With that, why wouldn’t you want an office that conforms to your style? While there are several ways you can liven up your office, here are the top four home office decor ideas for this year: 1. An office is a place where you create notes, jot down ideas, make lists and make reminders. Bring Home The Accessories.

How to Create a Double-Duty Office on a Budget

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The post How to Create a Double-Duty Office on a Budget appeared first on Ms. When you’re running low on space, having a designated office can seem like a dream. If you don’t have a house large enough to dedicate an entire room to your office, you may struggle to find the right place to set up shop. Pulling out your office materials at your kitchen table each morning can be annoying and impractical, but what else can you do if you’re lacking more square feet?

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Life of an Entrepreneur: Home Office vs. Coworking


For the last two years I have officed out of my home. I work from the living room, kitchen table, my bed, or home office answering calls, helping clients, and running my business. I work with clients mostly over the phone and internet, but there are times I miss the office banter and conversations one has in the office spaces. Because my office is my home I have a tendency to work like a crazy fool. No Formal Office.

How to Make Your Home Office More Productive

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Are you setting up a home office or just trying to make yours a bit more efficient? I have maintained my own home office for nearly a decade, and here are my tips. If possible, place your home office in a space that is seldom used by other people—perhaps an attic or a corner of your finished basement. If you were going to an office, you would bring your lunch to eat at your desk or in the cafeteria, or you would go out.

Get a Tax Break On Your Home Office

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For small business owners, sole proprietors, and telecommuters, the question of how to deduct your home office on your annual tax filing is a valid one. Taking steps to deduct your home office from your taxes can be a major money saver. These are the “in a nutshell” rules from the IRS: Your home office is considered the primary place in which you conduct trade or business.

Working Virtually Amidst Covid-19

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Many of us have been working from home for years. Work/Family Balance Career/Family Balance covid-19 Family home office remote work virtual job work from home

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here are animals taking over home offices

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In the comments on last week’s post about working from home with pets, demands were made for a post with photos of pets taking over people’s workspaces. I sent out a call for them, and you delivered, with a ton of photos readers submitted of their pets in their workspaces — mostly home offices, but not entirely. And if you’re reading this from the home page, you have to click through to see the photos.).

The Secret to Working From Home And Staying Productive

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million employees work from home at least half of the time. As a freelancer, I often sing the praises of the home-office life. This is a larger challenge than office-based employees may assume. I’ve wrestled with my own capacity to work from home productively over the years and have experienced varying success. Here are some strategies for boosting home office productivity, no matter the nature of your work. A tiny office sans distractions?

Why You're Going to Hate Future Technology That's Coming to the Office (and home office).

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If there''s one thing people like to hate on, it''s the introduction of new technology that appears to be the slightest bit invasive. . Think NSA. Then think Google Glass. Haters going to hate. More on the backlash on Google Glass from Techcrunch : "But as much as many hate Google Glass at the moment, Google needs to remember that consumers tend to hate everything when it first comes out. Almost everybody is reluctant to change almost everything.

WFH Saves People 23.5 Days a Year Traveling

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Workplace Coronavirus Covid-19 Home Office remote working WFH working from homeIs remote working here to stay? While many people have predicted the rise of remote working over recent years, nobody expected it to rocket its way to the forefront as it has during 2020.

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The Garage Business – The Hands-On Version Of The Home Office

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Starting a home business is always a viable option for those who have an idea and deliver on it without the costs of getting an expensive new establishment. But it’s not just for those who can do their job in a cozy home office. Extend your home internet network and bring a decent computer out. For those with ideas a bit more hands-on, like manufacturing or repairs, your garage could be the perfect space. So, here’s how you make it perfect. Pic Credit.

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The Magic of Working from Home

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The post The Magic of Working from Home appeared first on Ms. You've heard about working from home. If you could work from home and still achieve your goals? The Reality of Working From Home. When you aren’t confined to an office schedule, you can tweak your situation to suit your needs. Remote jobs can be just like your standard, established office jobs, except they are fluid, dynamic – flexible. Work From Home or Remote Work Spells Freedom.

How to Create a Pinterest Worthy Office

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The post How to Create a Pinterest Worthy Office appeared first on Ms. A girl boss *needs* a girl boss worthy office. A drab, uninspiring office setup will do you no favours! Whether you work from home or spend your evenings and weekend’s blogging, writing or working on a part time business, an office makeover is always necessary! So how about a few ideas for inspiration for creating an on-trend, lust worthy office!

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The Value to Employees in Working From Home

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Working from home is more common than ever, with technology continually disrupting the landscape of how and where we can do our jobs. While many benefits exist for the company who provides work-from-home set-ups, such as savings in overhead and 24/7 accessibility to key players, equally as many benefits abound for employees who choose the […]. The post The Value to Employees in Working From Home appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

Tips to #ConnectIRL While Working from Home

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The post Tips to #ConnectIRL While Working from Home appeared first on Ms. Most of my week is spent working from home. If I don’t make it outside, I can go days without connecting with someone face-to-face (besides my husband when he gets home from his 9-5). If you know other people who work from home, have brainstorming lunches where you can give a new set of eyes to the details of each other’s projects.

Creating Your Working Corner in Your Home

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Home offices are becoming more popular these days. This is not just because some of us tend to bring the work home with us, but because technology is making it possible for people to work from home. Working from home is allowing people more flexibility and in many cases are more comfortable. If your home office is not set up properly though, this might cause chaos, stress and less productivity. Home offices can be where you create them.

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Creating a Home Office On a Shoestring Budget

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If you’ve ever priced office furniture, you know just how expensive some of those uber-cool desks, bookshelves, file cabinets, and chairs can be. If you’re thinking about telecommuting, defining your work-at-home space is essential. Creating a home office space, or upgrading your current work space, can cost a pretty penny. So remember, your home office workspace is all about your own productivity and comfort. Define your office space.

3 Reasons For Your Boss to Approve Employer Brand Travel

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Employer Bryan Cheney Employer Brand Home Office Talent Brand Summit travel Travel requestSponsored content Some companies have unlimited travel budgets, but most do not. Every flight, hotel, business dinner is scrutinized and limited in many corporate organizations. And we’re not even talking about business class travel expenses. Basic travel is not cheap. If you’ve ever bought a pint or bottle of water on a layover in an. View Article.

Work Life Balance Tips to Help You Define the Line Between Work and Home

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Traditional ideas of 9-5 office workers heading home and putting all thoughts of work aside until the following day no longer apply for many of today’s employees. According to Randstad, a leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services, in order to achieve work life balance, it’s important for workers to set boundaries between their work and personal lives as the line between work and home continues to blur. Share your work at home success stories with us!

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Ten Tips for Creating A Professional Voicemail Greeting

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Are You Brandwashed?

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Daily Life Home OfficeAs a general rule, I hate dealing with sales people in stores… particularly when it comes to buying hardware and electronics. I much prefer ‘smart’ researching on line and chatting with friends about whatever product (or service for that matter) I find myself in need of. Check out this video of a salesman in a tech store who’s trying to push his own brand (Lemon) to the poor consumers who have come into the store to purchase a Mac.

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Goals – Your Roadmap to the Future

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Daily Life Home Officeby Jill Black. “If you can imagine it, You can achieve it, If you can dream it, You can become it.” ” -William Arthur Ward. Setting goals gives a target to aim for and provides focus for where you going and how you intend to get there. When it comes to building a life the average person spends more time planning their annual vacation than they do in planning their life. When was the last time you reviewed your current goal list?

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Crazy Guy On A Bike Worked His Way Across America

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Crazy Guy On A Bike Worked His Way Across America April 27, 2010 · 4 comments The key word to note here in the title is “WORKED.&# I’ve worked from home for about 5 yrs and said I could work from anywhere so I set out to prove it. Keith writes software for a living and normally works out of his home office.

How To Be Productive While Working From Home

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Working from home, like everything else, has it pros and cons. Right now, research is proving that the pros of working from home greatly outweigh the cons -- and it comes down to one word: productivity. More Productive When Working From Home? via GIPHY A couple of years ago, researchers from the Stanford Graduate School of Business published their findings from a study they conducted about working from home. So, what's it like working from home?

5 Rules for Going Virtual – How to Make it Work


” Where is your office? Is your office in a corner of your home and are you one of the new virtuals? Perhaps your office is in a black bag in the form of a lap top and you don’t leave home without it, ever. Less time away from home = cut day care costs for aging parents or smaller children. Less stress = less friction at home and at work = less illness = less time off from work. just plug in.

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Getting Organized With Pendaflex

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A while back a Pendaflex rep emailed me to see if I’d be interested in test driving some office organizing products. I already make use of Pendaflex hanging file folders to keep my file cabinet colorfully sane and keeping my home office organized is always a goal. Honestly, it was a bit like Christmas morning for this geeky home-office mom. Unsnap at the bottom and re-snap at the top to be out of the office with your files in a flash.

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Day To Day Operations: Tips Towards Organizing Your Home Business

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Daily Life Home Officeby Jess Wagner. Running a business isn’t easy, but that’s one of the reasons why people do it. If being successful were simple, then everyone would do it. Running your own business comes with its own set of challenges. When you’re a one-person company, you can’t rely on anyone else to get the work done. You’ll fly or fall under your own strength and keeping everything together can be quite the task.

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