7 Vacation Tips for Women Who Travel a Lot on Business

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The post 7 Vacation Tips for Women Who Travel a Lot on Business appeared first on Ms. When you travel a lot for work, you already know the travel tips and tricks for getting the best flight, booking a cheap hotel and so on.

should I give my new boss a gift, I get my own hotel room while my male coworkers have to share, and more

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Is it okay that I get my own hotel room while my male coworkers have to share? We work long days and don’t spend much time at the hotel. My company would be glad to save the hotel money. It’s 100% normal to not mix sexes in hotel rooms during business travel. You’re not getting special treatment because you’re a woman; if there were other women on staff, you’d be sharing a room, but right now there aren’t. Sharing hotel rooms sucks.

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interviewing when an employer has a horrible website, same-sex sharing of hotels on business trips, and more

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Same-sex marriage and sharing hotel rooms on business trips. I am a female member of a 10-person sales team, 6 men and 4 women. Our team is attending an out of town convention in October, and to save money and because of a shortage of hotel rooms at the venue, we will be sharing hotel rooms, two men or two women to a room. One of the women on our team, Pam, is a lesbian who is married to her long-time partner. It’s five answers to five questions.

interviewing a job candidate who won’t shake hands with women

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A reader writes: A while ago, my group interviewed a candidate who did not shake the hands of the women he spoke with. Of course, this is a very specific subgroup — many Muslim men have no issue shaking hands with women, especially in a professional setting. One of the women who interviewed him said he seemed to respect her and her role and so that was fine from her perspective. Did he otherwise treat the women he interacted with during your hiring process with respect?

The best perk of being Diamond level at Hilton

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This story begins at 3am in the Orrington Hotel when I am answering emails. But he loves the fruit plate and it’s hard to pin down the meaning of extravagant when we routinely stay at hotels for cello lessons for a nine year old. I never see women my age. Women

Living My Happily Ever After: Reinventing Life At 50

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When I graduated in Hotel Management from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, I realized my love for hotel interiors and décor enticed my senses more than managing it. I worked as a freelancer at Swiss women’s magazine, Femina, to beautify the Home Interior section pages.

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Traveling in Turkey as a Woman?

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Travel in Turkey for women can be rewarding and educational, but it pays to travel safely through unfamiliar landscapes. Most Turkish men are perfect gentlemen, even overly courteous to women. However, sometimes women traveling alone have been known to be hassled.

Where in the World is Your Job Search?

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“ You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there “ – Yogi Berra I’m on the road again this week and writing this from my hotel room. They provide detail on networking on the web, networking groups (like Diversity, Women, Military, etc.)

5 tips for business travel

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I book hotels according to how good the gym is. Be a tyrant about your hotel choice. So you should pick a hotel chain and stick with it. When I had really well funded companies, I stayed at a Westin hotel wherever I went. So don’t pick a hotel because it’s fun.

How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler

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Did you know, for example, that in rural areas of Morocco the only women that allow themselves to be seen smoking or drinking in a bar are usually prostitutes? It’s also well worth noting that women’s magazines are forbidden in Iran. Once you arrive, copy the behaviors of local women.

5 Cover letter mistakes that make you look crazy

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Melissa and I are in a hotel room in New York City to meet with a guy who has a lot of money and wants to do a makeup line. Even I would die to meet them and I hate meeting people so much that I come to NYC and don’t leave my hotel room.

How to be a Successful Career Woman

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The past few years have seen a huge focus on women: their rights, their voices, their ambitions and their importance on societies around the world. Although every woman has her own definition of success, certain traits tie the most successful women together.

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5 Steps to take to make time for everything

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When you live on a farm, there is no coffee shop, no shared working space, no cushy hotel room for an escape.) For both men and women we already know the idea of work-life balance is a farce.

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This is me battling impostor syndrome

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And, in fact, to our hotel rooms. And you might be interested to know that when rich people trash a hotel room they do not get thrown out of the hotel. But rather, the kids get their own hotel room.) He tells me he researched women’s shelters in my area.

Passive income is BS (but here’s how to get it)

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I should know because my first husband was a UCLA film school guy but all I learned is that the director always casts women he wants to sleep with. And I am in the hotel. But wait—I am not in a hotel. We are the psychos in first class.

my boss enlists me in hiding his multiple affairs from his wife

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He is married, but he often has visits from two different women, and he outright told me to never tell his wife about them. He sometimes asks me to book local hotel rooms for an hour or an afternoon, and he sometimes buys jewelry and flowers for the two women he sees regularly. One of the women just had a baby who is named after my boss and has his surname. A reader writes: My boss is having multiple affairs.

How to understand your relationship to money

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I tell the hotel they have bed bugs. I’m going to tell you that here’s the hotel industry position on bed bugs: That it is not negligent if there are bed bugs, so they are not responsible for fixing anything that happens as a result of bed bugs.

The psychology of quitting

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I am at a hotel. I took the kids and went to a hotel so I could have time to think. I think I need to move into a hotel for a month. When I was growing up I always heard women say that you should have a career so you can take care of yourself without a husband.

Employment Resources for Military Veterans

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In addition to their individual hiring commitment, Hilton has also generously offered to donate overnight hotel stays to job-seeking veterans and eligible spouses through its Hilton HHonors guest-loyalty program. Hilton Worldwide Announced Hiring Veterans Initiative.

Chicago Girls Listen Up!

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Hi Girls, My goal for 2012 is to create a community of young professional women via MsCareerGirl.com who can help each other professionally and have a bit of fun together too! Young Professional Women of Chicago Happy Hour. MCGConnect career women Chicago Events

Living Fit In Today's Business World - Jobacle.com BLOG - Career.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered. Options for healthy eating dwindle rapidly when you’re traveling, and hotel workout rooms leave a lot to be desired.

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Top Five: Airbnb vs San Francisco vs Good Sense


San Francisco local Martha Kenney, an Assistant Profressor of Women and Gender Studies at SF State, took the company to task on Facebook, saying that Airbnb could have skipped the snotty ad campaign and donated directly to libraries and other public social services.

Things I wish I had written

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And that’s what happens here—when you have to pay five dollars for an apple juice, and $25 to get the hotel to remove the $5 juice from the fridge in the room so the kids don’t drink it. Anyway, I asked Melissa if I could pay her through PayPal and use her credit card at the hotel.

How to Use Your Corporate Charge Card Wisely - Jobacle.com BLOG.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered.

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my company held a retreat in a Zika zone — and is charging people who didn’t go for their plane tickets

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As you can imagine, there were several women who voiced concerns about having the retreat in an area that the CDC has actively discouraged women from traveling to because of Zika. Unfortunately, the company decided to move forward with the retreat location because they had made a down payment on the hotel that they were unable to get back. Three women on my team ultimately made the decision not to attend.

How to Deal with Rude People – Co-Workers, Associates, Customers, Strangers

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For example, perhaps T is catty toward women because she sees them as competition, and I was merely one of many women she had mistreated. Or if you are a frontline staff working in a hotel, restaurant, shop, or call center.

my manager’s daughter’s wedding will separate men and women, job searching soon after starting a new job, and more

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My manager’s daughter’s wedding will separate men and women. I am the only female physician, and our support staff consists of both men and women. I am the most junior doctor in the office, and don’t want to insult him, nor do I think it is reasonable that he create a table for men and women to sit together if that is religiously or culturally inappropriate at these events. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Raising Awareness: Doing Good and Doing it Well


” for checking in to five hotels during the last four weeks. ” It is merely ok ; I enjoy travelling, but five hotels in four weeks is not nice. If you can participate in a local Race , please do – for all the women who can’t.

Friday Five: Tech, HR Tech and a Good Night’s Sleep


Tech Startups Are So Sexist They’re Losing Women Who Don’t Even Work There Yet. A new study says that women are particularly averse to working at tech startups, citing obvious and more subtle sexism, and the cultural bias against, well, having a life outside the company. If not home, then at least a familiar hotel chain helps us sleep easier through the night as our brain recognizes various atmosphere signals as not-threat. TGIF, friends!

update: my boss enlists me in hiding his multiple affairs from his wife

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His wife publicly outed his affairs, and she sent copies of emails and text messages sent between him and the two women he was having affairs with, as well as one of the escorts he was seeing regularly, to some people here at our office (including me), his relatives, and some of their friends. She also sent these to the two women and the escort, and some of their relatives and colleagues at work.

Why You Need to Keep Your Profile, Brand and Resume Up to Date

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The end of Jim Crow and the rise of women in the workforce gave even more power to the factory owners, as again, we added to the surplus of hands willing and able to do the work. Just because we are dancing does not mean you need to come up to my hotel room and consummate the relationship.

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Gaining Self-Confidence In the Workplace - Jobacle.com BLOG.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered.

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Male HR Manager Takes Down Female Congressional Candidate with Harassment Claim. #metoo

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Andrea Ramsey, 57, who was running to unseat Republican Kevin Yoder in a district that includes Kansas City in 2018, is one of the few, if only, women in public life to step down thus far amid a national conversation about sex and power dynamics in the workplace.

SFW: When Sex at the Workplace Pays


She claimed she was injured on the job as her and her co-worker were enjoying a bedtime brawl when a light fixture fell from the wall of her hotel room injuring the woman. The amount of shame and embarrassment this women and her colleague must have felt.

my boss asks us to pick up his lunch for him — Ask a Manager

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My store manager tends to only hire women, and part of the reason I think is this: He frequently (several times a week) asks one of us to go get lunch for him.

dealing with an overly persistent job applicant

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A reader writes: I’m an HR Manager at a small hotel of about 200 employees. You know how sometimes women complain about overly aggressive suitors, and then it turns out that they’ve never actually told the person, “I’m not interested. I also have a director of HR. Our department is small. We handle everything between the two of us (worker’s comp, training, recruiting, hiring, firing, reorg, benefits, etc.). We wear many hats between the two of us. .

Workplace Flexibility & Scheduling for ALL


Personal situations are evolving outside of the boardroom, and it’s no longer just an “accommodation” for women – approximately 50% of hourly workers are men. It’s the smile that greets you when you walk into a store or hotel, or the positive voice on the phone that solves your problem.

The reason we stink at solving our own problems (and how I get along with my ex-husband)

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It’s a live concert and in the middle they start giving away speculums to promote women’s health. ” Suddenly women’s health is a fascinating topic. I am in the car with the Ex and the kids.

How to make business travel manageable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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Opt for the complimentary cot instead of a hotel room. All the oooh's and aahhh's of traveling to LA monthly, mean nothing, when all I see are indoors of ballrooms, room service and cheesy hotel bartenders. I've spent over 2 years of my life in hotels, and everyone thinks it's a luxury and how lucky I am… perhaps compared to those sitting in cubicles it's exciting, but it's hardly luxurious (aside from the hotel bed thread count), but I digress.

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How to give a compliment

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I am in our weekend getaway hotel room watching Melissa follow the rules for dating. Maybe the reason it’s so hard for successful women to date is that men who aren’t your co-workers want to hear something like, “I really had such an amazingly great time.