HR CAPITALIST SEARCH: Director of HR at Cimation (Houston)

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This role will be a member of the Cimation leadership team, located at Cimation HQ in Houston and reporting directly to Cimation''s CFO. I''ve got a great one for you today—I''ve been retained to help Cimation (HQ in Houston) find its first Director of HR.

Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers

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The post Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers appeared first on Ms. When you need industrial painting and sandblasting Houston, Texas has to offer you want to make sure you take the time to find the best firm to work with.

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9 Ways Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey’s Houston Victims

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To keep reading, click here: 9 Ways Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey’s Houston Victims. The post 9 Ways Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey’s Houston Victims appeared first on Evil HR Lady. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been watching the Hurricane Harvey coverage, thanking your lucky stars that you don’t live in its path. However, for millions, their lives have just been turned upside down, and the problems haven’t stopped.

Try Houston SEO Services to Get Ahead of the Competition

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The post Try Houston SEO Services to Get Ahead of the Competition appeared first on Ms. A company offering Houston SEO marketing services will work with your website to make it more attractive to the various search engines on the Internet.

Applicant Tracking System: Black Hole Or Active Candidate Database?

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This is a guest post from @ Gail Houston , the Social Media Program Manager for Intuit Careers and a senior recruiter for the team. Since my last name is Houston for instance, an ATS system might assume that I live in Houston and they use my street address for my last name instead.

Find Out Who’s Hiring

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Just fyi, at this writing, the companies that are hiring the most in the Biotechnology industry are: West Houston Medical Center. East houston Regional Medical Center. Did you know that you could find out which industries were hot? (By

WAIT, WE'RE WINNERS? Here's What Bad Engagement Looks Like, In One Simple Picture.

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Last week, the Houston Rockets (professional basketball) were down 2-0 in a playoff series. If you're at a company with mixed engagement from employees, you know the reality. You're trying to do some positive things, but you've got people on the bus that don't care if you succeed or not.

Social Media Tip – Profile Pic Consistency

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When I first started being active on Twitter about six months ago, my social mentor Gail Houston ( @ghouston ) recommended that I use the same professional headshot throughout.

Job Seeker On The Move? 6 Tips For Relocating Effectively

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It can be as simple as one line located near the bottom of the cover letter, “I am relocating to the Houston area within the month and can be available for a meeting in three weeks.”. If you know you will be moving, you should consider searching for a job in your new location now.

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Get Results Now Using LinkedIn [FREE Webinar]

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Crystal hosts a weekly technology segment on Houston’s Fox television affiliate and has appeared in Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence, and With more than 200 million users, LinkedIn is the premier social networking site for both business professionals and owners.

Telling People What To Do Isn't Coaching.

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In Houston this week to do some training on the performance side, namely taking a great group of managers through the 6-Step Coaching Tool that was the baseline for the Please Shut Up webinar and whitepaper.

How To Be More Confident In The Workplace

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An article by the Houston Chronicle states, that “assertiveness is [a] behavior that communicates leadership,” and leadership is a great quality that can get any professional the level of recognition and professional success they’ve always wanted.

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How to Explain Being Fired

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Houston, TX. Dear Deb, Q. I was fired from my last job because of a conflict I had with the manager. He did something that I felt was unethical. When I found out, I went over his head and told his superior. He was able to twist the situation and next thing you know, I got the boot.

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Possibly The Worst Cover Letter Ever (Must See)

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The following cover letter was received yesterday (1/16/12) by a Houston area creative agency. There’s no other way to title a post like this.

Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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percent); and Houston and Kansas City (3.3 A new survey by Aon Hewitt reveals that salaries for U.S. workers continue to rise incrementally as concerns remain about the stability of the global economy.

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The Blessing and Curse of Working from Home

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For the past two out of three workdays, sleet, ice and freezing temperatures have befallen the city of Houston, Texas, forcing us to work from home. I’m inspired to write this blog based on a truly rare and unique phenomenon.

Deception for Hire, Why Job Seekers Lie

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John Feldmann’s Bio: John Feldmann is a Sourcing Analyst for Insperity Recruiting Services in Houston, TX. Hiring Tips. I recently read an interesting article that should concern recruiters.

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Ask Yahoo’s Ex CEO If it’s Ok to Lie on Your Resume

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John Feldmann’s Bio: John Feldmann is a Sourcing Analyst for Insperity Recruiting Services in Houston, TX. John Feldmann. Many job seekers have thought about doing it. Maybe you have too – changing that one little piece of information on your resume to make you look that much better.

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The 10 Industries Attracting Top Young Talent

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Shanna Houston from sent this apt article for publication in CCC. We hope you find it as interesting as we do, enjoy reading it… Listening to experts, employers, and students, the current economic climate offers current graduates little in the [.] Related posts: You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. 6 New Year Career Resolutions For You. Get the Job, Keep the Job and Lead! 21 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search. Want to Impress Your Boss? See 15 Proven Tips.

How To Find Out Who’s Hiring In Your Industry

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Just fyi, at this writing, the companies that are hiring the most in the Biotechnology industry are: West Houston Medical Center. East houston Regional Medical Center. Did you know that you could find out which industries were hot? (By

ResumeBear: 20 Impressive & Inspiring Productivity Experts on Twitter

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Houston: This University of Houston English professor specializes in time management and other hallmarks of productivity for creative types.

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Next Stop for Healthcare in Your Company: Fitbits for Everyone


million steps around Houston, each step tracked by the Fitbit Zip that was clipped to his clothes.” I have written several times on the subject of wearables in the workplace. I have conjectured that companies will use these to track employees as they work.

Psychological Tools That Help Overcome Debt Stress

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According to psychologists at the University of Houston, the things in our life to which we ascribe the greatest meaning stress us out the most. Nobody said that dealing with debt stress was easy. When you owe money, there are all sorts of thing floating through your mind.

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

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which recruits for major cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta and more, is at the forefront of the current social media job search transformation and has shown others how to successfully recruit top-level talent through social media.

Are You Prepared When You Land that Federal Interview?

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October 13, 2010 Tweet View Comments By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert , Daphne Houston It’s your dream come true right?

Managerial Training Tip: Put the Foundation Out there and Then Let Them Teach Each Other.

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Just back from a favorite HR consulting client in Houston. Lesson time: The best training gets participants involved sooner rather than later. It's easy to be a talking head, especially if you have strong subject matter knowledge, when delivering training. While I'm smart (both KD and my Mom say so), I'm nowhere near as smart as a group of managers teaching each other. . The best way to turn control over to the class?

Lebron Telling A Teammate to Keep Khloe Kardashian Away Shows What a Leader He Is.

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Khloe then went on to date a red-hot James Harden, 26, whose Houston Rockets then had a nosedive of a season, finishing eighth in their conference in 2016 as opposed to second place before he started seeing her.". I'll admit it.

8 Tips for Success as a Virtual Employee


I love my new friends in Seattle, Jersey, Pennsylvania, Montreal, North Carolina, Houston, and D.C,

Feminism fails because women lie to each other about work. Oh, and go Cubs!

Penelope Trunk

I’m in the Houston airport waiting to fly home and I am sad that I’m not with my kids. It doesn’t feel fun to fly around the country making deals when you have a home life that depends on you.

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THE TOP 20 BRANDED HR PROS: Meet Linda Aldred, SVP of HR at Texas Children's Hospital.

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Linda's the SVP of Human Resources at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, one of the premier pediatric hospitals in America.

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Here's How an Acquiring CEO Can Totally Screw Up Onboarding Talent.

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Houston - we have a problem. Integration of an acquired company. The playbook is pretty standard: -Make them feel wanted. Celebrate the success of the new team within your company. Mock the talent level of the acquired team in all-hands meetings.

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Survey: Applicants Wary of Companies That Recruit on Facebook

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Juan Madera, assistant professor in the University of Houston Conrad N. Using Facebook as an applicant-selection tool may be convenient for employers, but a new survey indicates the practice creates a perception among potential applicants that the company is unfair.

45 Free Spots for Author Book Events for Change Anything

David Zinger

Houston May 18. 45 Free Spots for Change Anything Book Events.

FEAR THE BEARD: And Stop Doing Work That Doesn't Matter.

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For Houston, even a below-average 3-pointer or paint shot is a better investment than a good shot in Kobe and Byron Scott’s hairy midrange neighborhood. When it comes to resolutions, you always hear the same thing every year: "This year, I''m going to say no.".

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Culture Shock—Without Ever Leaving Your Home Country

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Colleagues might tease the Houston executive about his upcoming move to New York City, or the Milan professional moving to Palermo, but intra-country culture shock is no laughing matter. As global moves become commonplace, relocation and corporate professionals have gained a better understanding of the phenomenon of culture shock. Yet relatively little attention is paid to cultural issues when relocating employees within a country.

101 Career Experts You Should Know

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Daphne Houston – National Assn for Federal Career Advancement (NAFCA). Gail Houston – Intuit Careers. Early in the development of Tim’s Strategy, I created a career expert directory. As a resource for job seekers and to solve a problem for myself. The problem? People always ask for referrals to career experts like resume writers and career coaches. And so with my career expert directory, I can quickly guide people toward a good resource. Problem solved.

The Original Social Network was Usenet

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Houston, TX ( Once upon a time, before the days of Facebook, was a series of computer network systems called USENET. Usenet was (more or less) an online forum without frills as all you could do was post text and share files (mostly pictures).

Best Companies to Work for 2014

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Houston Methodist. Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work for 2014 List is out and Google tops the list again this year! List Rank. Company Name. of US Employees. Google. 42,162. 6,588. The Boston Consulting Group. 2,552. Edward Jones. 38,015. Quicken Loans. 8,386. Genentech. 11,998.

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7 Tips to Knock Your Next Phone Interview Out of the Park

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Carol Sand is a career counselor for MAP Career Management Firm , and she offers skill assessments, resume tips, networking advice and more for job seekers in the Houston, TX area.

Job Interviews: The Illusion of Control

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You’re interviewing in Houston, and you assume the interviewer left Chicago, because he didn’t like the winter. I bet you like Houston much better.” “No,”