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3 Persuasive Ways To Use LinkedIn Recommendations

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3 Persuasive Ways To Use LinkedIn Recommendations. Everyone knows you should get recommendations on LinkedIn, but few are aware of the most persuasive ways to use them to get your dream job. RELATED : 3 Ways To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations.

How To Ask For A Letter of Recommendation

Ms. Career Girl

The post How To Ask For A Letter of Recommendation appeared first on Ms. Do you have a letter of recommendation already? With spring break around the corner, now is prime time for college students to apply for summer internships.

3 Ways To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations

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3 Ways To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations. It is important to get recommendations on LinkedIn to build credibility. But how do you go about asking someone to write you one? Before asking anyone for recommendations, you need to prioritize.

4 Tricks For Getting Awesome Letters Of Recommendation

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4 Tricks For Getting Awesome Letters Of Recommendation. This can include anything from failing to inform or keep references up-to-date on your current status to asking for letters of recommendation in a panic due to a prospective employer’s request during an interview.

How to Ask for an Introduction or a Recommendation for a Job on LinkedIn

Hiring Technical People

I have worked hard to build that network. So it’s not surprising that I receive requests from people for introductions or recommendations for a job. And, there is a huge difference between asking for an introduction and asking for a recommendation. But a recommendation?

The 6 strategies to success recommended by all bestsellers

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The post The 6 strategies to success recommended by all bestsellers appeared first on Ms. There are thousands of books out there about how to be successful and achieve everything you want in life. And having them in your mind is not enough: you need to write them down.

5 People You Should Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations

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LinkedIn recommendations are a tremendous asset to your job search. You can quickly and easily point a potential employer to your LinkedIn profile and they’ll be able to see verifiable references and recommendations of the quality of your work and the results you deliver.

Executive Job Search Recommended Resources

Position Ignition

Some seek one-to-one advice and others simply want to be directed to resources that will aid their thinking, boost their job search and move them closer to landing their next senior role. We often get executives asking us for help with their job search.

Job References: How to Get the Best Recommendations


There’s only one problem; you don’t have any job references to offer potential employers. This is a common dilemma faced by job applicants either because they’re fresh college graduates or they aren’t sure who to list as references.

Give To Get the Best LinkedIn Recommendations

Executive Career Brand

If you’ve ever been in the position of assessing candidates for your employer (or as an employer), you know how impressed you are with those who offer stellar recommendations, whether on their personal marketing documents (resume, bio, etc.) Best Tip To Get the Best Recommendations.

How to deal with depression in December

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The post How to deal with depression in December appeared first on Ms. According to the National Institute of Health , this time of year is known for a higher incidence of people struggling with depression. Often times we compare ourselves to other people.

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How to Avoid Bad Career Advice

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Avoid Bad Career Advice appeared first on Ms. It seems like everyone has an opinion these days, especially when it comes to career advice. How do you know what advice you can trust? Here are six tips to avoid bad career advice.

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How To Get The LinkedIn Recommendation You Want [Aired 4/28/14]

Career Realism

will show you how you can get the best recommendations for your LinkedIn profile. She gives you examples of how to approach someone whom you’d like a recommendation from along with telling how to pick out the best person to ask.

5 Tips For Asking For A LinkedIn Recommendation

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Optimizing your LinkedIn profile, building your number of contacts, and participating in groups are all actions to contribute to raising your LinkedIn visibility. Compiling LinkedIn recommendations is among the best strategies for raising credibility.

How to Double Your LinkedIn Recommendations with Style

Career Rocketeer

In all of the conversations I’ve had with recruiters and hiring managers, I’ve never once heard that a weak recommendation cost a candidate consideration for an opening. It’s not likely that a silly recommendation on your profile will damage you. However, when considering candidates, recruiters do say that they notice these three things about recommendations [.].

4 Reasons You Might Not Get Recommendations On LinkedIn

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It was easy to get recommendations when you were six. Have you ever asked a LinkedIn Connection for a Recommendation and heard… nothing? There’s any number of reasons, good and not-so-good, why your Connection may not have responded to your Recommendation request.

How to Use Your Blog for Today’s Job Search

Competitive Resumes

If you are thinking about starting a blog, find solutions to your questions at For this episode, as I have done in the past, suggest that you blog to help find opportunities. What are a few of the goals you’re trying to achieve in your career.

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Recommended Resources.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Today we recommend to all of our subscribers and visitors who hope one day to collect Social Security five very valuable websites, each designed to offer services that help you calculate the best times and ways to commence your Social Security payments.

How To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations: Air Date 12/16/13

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In this episode, JT discusses the best ways to go about asking for LinkedIn recommendations. These are another important part to leveraging LinkedIn to benefit you. The post How To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations: Air Date 12/16/13 appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

How to Detox When You Work Full Time

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The post How to Detox When You Work Full Time appeared first on Ms. With all of the impurities that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis, detoxing is a crucial means of keeping our bodies and minds clean, clear and in balance. Health & Beauty How to Detox

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How to Highlight Yourself in Your Resume

Professional Resume Services

Resumes have one sole objective: to illustrate to a recruiter or hiring manager how you’re the best person to serve the company you want to work for. To learn how to do this, we have a few handy pieces of advice for you.

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4 No-fail Tricks to Capturing Awesome Letters of Recommendation

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Here are some tips on how to capture that awesome letter of recommendation, before you actually need it. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search Networking Resume & Cover Letter advice blog career expert letters management recommendationBe proactive and think ahead of the curve.

How To: Running Effective One-On-One Meetings


That is 60 minutes of honest feedback, which is often difficult to seek otherwise. You can also take the chance to offer timely guidance to your team. Timely feedback is valuable, and opportunities to motivate and support your people are priceless. What can we do to help?

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How to Use LinkedIn Wisely During Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Use LinkedIn Wisely During Job Search appeared first on Ms. There’s no magic word to include in your cover letter and no secret phrase to put in your resume that will guarantee an interview at your dream employer. Include Recommendations and Endorsements.

How To Deal With Energy Vampires: 8 Simple Tips

Personal Excellence Blog

Start Blog Reader Favorites Free Ebooks Products Coaching Store About | Contact | Forums How To Deal With Energy Vampires: 8 Simple Tips by Celes | Email to friend Originally written on Jun 23, 2009. How do you feel after your encounters with them?

How To Recruit On LinkedIn, Fast, Without Breaking The Bank


Recruiting and job seeking has become significantly more challenging as offers are given out only to candidates who meet all requirements without fail. I empathize with Sahat and others out there who are struggling to get offers. Personal InMail Analytics from 3/11/2016 to 4/29/2016.

How to Build an Active Candidate Sourcing Strategy [6 Key Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

When it comes to candidate sourcing, the conversation of passive vs active candidates feels like it’s been done to death. Most people, if offered a great job would be open to listening to what you have to say. How do you know if your sourcing strategy is passive?

Surprise Someone with a LinkedIn Recommendation

Executive Career Brand

Surprise Someone with a LinkedIn Recommendation is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Twice earlier this year I opened my email inbox to unexpected LinkedIn recommendations awaiting my approval or revisions. Needless to say, their kindness made my day. I WANTED to recommend them, to help them in this small way. It’s also just about the best way to prompt them to reciprocate with a strong recommendation for you.

How to Create an All-Star Graduate LinkedIn Profile [Top Ten Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

Graduate recruiters are using LinkedIn to find the best candidates in the market. Meanwhile tech savvy job hunters have been using the site for a number of years to network with other professionals in the field or to ‘follow’ companies they wish to work for.

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Your First Home: 5 Tips To Get You Started

Ms. Career Girl

The post Your First Home: 5 Tips To Get You Started appeared first on Ms. Searching for your first home does not have to be a daunting, overwhelming task. Ask a trusted member of your tribe for a recommendation. If you would love a (wo)man cave to have Packer parties, mention it.

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Recommendations, Referrals, References and What They Mean

Hiring Technical People

I also don’t participate in recommendations for pay. I do participate in recommendations for people with whom I’ve worked in the past and appreciated their work. If I think you’ve done something nice for me, I write you a recommendation on LinkedIn. I don’t always remember to ask. I try to ask for referrals for more consulting work, and I often forget, which means I’m not such a good marketer. Recommendations are helpful.

How To Respond To Job Openings On LinkedIn

Career Realism

How To Respond To Job Openings On LinkedIn. However, the problem with this approach is you end up in the wait-and-see mode with absolutely no clue as to whether you’ll get a response back or not. Related: 6 Things Recruiters Want To See On Your LinkedIn Profile.

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How to Recruit on Facebook with TweetMyJobs


There is a huge opportunity to engage, develop relationships and share employment and career opportunities with your company on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t lend itself to great sourcing. The only requirement to setup is that you have must be a page administrator.

all my 2015 book recommendations

Ask A Manager

For most of 2015, I’ve made a weekly book recommendation when kicking off the weekend open thread. A few people asked to have them all compiled in one place, so here’s the complete list (possibly in time for holiday gift-shopping!). This is a really beautiful — and entertaining — tribute to her. Yes, this is the book that led to the mini-series of the 80s, and that might turn you off. How to Be a Victorian , by Ruth Goodman.

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How To Prepare For An Interview: Part One

Career Realism

How To Prepare For An Interview: Part One. The cornerstone of your preparation is thorough research on the organisation that you have applied to. Do you have a comprehensive knowledge of what they do and insight on how they operate?

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How to be enchanting

Penelope Trunk

So much of the world is based on how much people like you. Whichever of the four candidates who the hiring manager most wants to hang out with all day is the one who gets the job. A lot of being enchanting, I’m sorry to tell you, is how you look.

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How to Understand LinkedIn in 30 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

This infographic, from Avid Careerist , shows you how to understand LinkedIn in 30 seconds. Takeaways: A LinkedIn profile is different to a resume – it’s not a static document! Recommendations carry more credibility than LinkedIn Endorsements.

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How To Track Your Accomplishments At Work

Career Realism

The pressure to complete these tasks is higher than ever. We are driven to produce work and results for our employer, our teammates, and ourselves. Related: 6 Ways To Show Your Value Without Being A Jerk. But in our day and age, we need to change. It’s ok to start small.

5 Recommended Books for Building a Professional Network


The short story is that, at its core, business is about people talking to people. Sure, technology has removed the need to get up close and personal for a growing percentage of today’s business transactions, but it’s still about relationships and establishing contact.

31 Success Tips for Serious Entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

Time after time, I always get asked what tips I can give to help anyone starting out in business. In order to be successful, you need to do a variety of things all in unison to fast track your results. Make decisions not from where you are, but from where you want to be.

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