4 (No-Brainer) Reasons To Become An Independent Insurance Agent

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4 (No-Brainer) Reasons To Become An Independent Insurance Agent. The insurance industry is losing lots of seasoned professionals due to retirement. As a result, the need for new insurance agents is climbing. Work It Daily. Did you know?

Changing Careers and Health Insurance

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Employer-Based Health Insurance Statistics. When employers offer their workers’ health insurance coverage, it not only raises the caliber of employees applying for open positions, it also ensures a healthy, more productive workforce. Factors to Consider With Individual Health Insurance.

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Ep 71 – Importance of Compliance with Employers Insurance Benefits


Episode 71: Navigating the Changing World of Employers Insurance Benefits, Programs and Brokers. Company insurance and benefit brokers often get a bad rap. Episode 71: Navigating the Changing World of Employers Insurance Benefits, Programs and Brokers Company insurance and benefit brokers often get a bad rap. Podcast aca reporting affordable care act employers insurance podcast workology workology podcast

What Does My Resume Need to Sell Car Insurance?

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Wondering about how to go about becoming a car insurance agent? Well if you have wanted to be a car insurance agent, here are some frequently asked questions on becoming one. Definition of a Car Insurance Agent. A car insurance agent underwrites the policies that protect your car in the event of damage, accidents, theft, or vandalism. The ability to sell and great customer service are the two skills that every auto insurance agent needs to have.

Employment Benefits: Negotiating For Life Insurance As Part Of Your Salary

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There are several solid reasons to include life insurance into your overall strategy for negotiating your salary package. Reasons to negotiate for life insurance coverage at your job: Life insurance is more than just a vehicle to gain a death benefit payout from.

do you need life insurance? quite possibly.

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Also, life insurance. Yes, life insurance, because someday we are all going to kick the bucket, in many cases leaving behind financial dependents. Here’s the deal with life insurance: If you have people who currently depend on you, in whole or in part, for financial support, life insurance will help provide financial security to them. Or use this life insurance calculator to determine if you indeed need it. do you need life insurance?

Are You Committing Unemployment Insurance Fraud By Accident?

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Unemployment Insurance Fraud takes place when an individual conceals or misrepresents some information to get or increase unemployment insurance payments. Using another individual’s identity (social security number andor name) to work and file for insurance payments. Helping some person to file a fraudulent insurance claim. What happens if you commit Unemployment Insurance Fraud? The Unemployment Insurance Program processes your claim erroneously.

Resume Help - Insurance Software - Business Analyst - Manager

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Today’s résumé help will focus on a candidate in the insurance space with strong technical skills and business analysis expertise. We will call her June. June should be very marketable, but she has created a résumé that does not impress.

Infographic: Some Interesting Facts About Travel Insurance

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The post Infographic: Some Interesting Facts About Travel Insurance appeared first on Ms. Case in point: Travel Insurance. Here’s some information that’s easy to remember and can help you decide if holiday insurance is for you.

Can I Say No to Health Insurance and Get a Raise Instead?

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Dear Evil HR Lady, I’m retired from the Navy and, therefore, covered by military health insurance. Can I Say No to Health Insurance and Get a Raise Instead When the economy took a dive I declined the company paid health coverage. In three years of not paying for this, the company is saving around $16,000. This summer will make three years since I’ve had a pay raise. Is there a tactful way for me to mention the amount of money the company has saved, and ask for a raise based on that?

You’ve Got The Job! What’s Next?

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Insurance. When you’re young and still have that youthful delusion of invincibility, insurance can seem like an unnecessary financial burden. What’s important to remember is the basic reason behind insurance. insuranceThe post You’ve Got The Job!

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Benefits Enrollment: How Young Professionals Can Enroll With Confidence

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See if your employer offers voluntary insurance. A voluntary insurance plan is an optional benefits plan offered by employers but purchased by the employee. Voluntary insurance benefits are gaining in popularity among employees, too.

Types of Dental Insurance: Choosing the Best Plan for Your Business

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That’s why choosing the right type of dental insurance for your workforce is so important. The American Dental Association breaks out the types of dental insurance plans into two main types: fee-for-service plans and managed care plans. With a fee-for-service plan, when your employee sees a dentist, his insurance plan will reimburse him for all or a portion of the cost of the treatment.

Buying Travel Insurance: The Three Basic Things to Check

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While spontaneity sounds like the way to do it, Travel insurance is undeniably a handy thing to have. Travel insurance is a contract which has fine print that you should take time to read. Here are the three most basic coverage travel insurance inclusions you should check for: 1.

How To Become An Instant Entrepreneur

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For example, Aflac*, the insurance company, hires Independent Contractors as their insurance agents. Whether you like a classroom setting, or online tools and materials, they provide hands-on support to help their insurance agents get up-to-speed to grow and prosper.

Is it a mistake to leave a consulting job for a job just to get health insurance?

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My husband was laid off and we will be without health insurance when our COBRA coverage expires in 3 months. We can’t buy insurance for our family outside a group for a lower price and to match that price the benefits would be much lower. Ask Deb Health Insurance


Five Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance

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The post Five Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance appeared first on Ms. In most places, if you’re going to operate a motor vehicle, you are required to have auto insurance. Here’s a review of auto insurance basics to help you navigate your next insurance renewal.

my job offer was pulled after I said the insurance wouldn’t meet my needs

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After a few email exchanges with HR about benefits, I realized their health insurance is one of the ones exploiting the ignorance of folks and claiming loopholes where there are none for my form of birth control. I responded to the HR person to thank them for all their help and let them know the insurance would not meet my needs. I was very confused, given that at no point did I say I didn’t want the job; I simply said the insurance did not meet my needs.

Your Employer's Group Health Insurance: Did They Make A Wise Choice?


Getting quality heath insurance from your employer's benefit plans covers your health and gives you and your family a lot of piece of mind as far as your health is concerned. A group health insurance makes for an excellent idea for employers to lure in potential talent.

update: my coworker won’t stop complaining about our health insurance and I feel horribly guilty

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Remember the letter-writer whose coworker wouldn’t stop complaining about his health insurance and she felt guilty because she’d helped hire him? At this point he was VERY up front about reviewing insurance policies BEFORE he accepted any offers though, and I was proud of him for that – he did learn from his mistake. But the good news is he’ll have better insurance going forward.

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Résumé Help – Commercial Insurance Professional

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Mark is experienced in a variety of key areas within the insurance industry. We hope you are enjoying our Résumé Help blog which appears every Monday on the Careers Done Write website. Today we are reviewing the résumé of an expert in the Property & Casualty space.

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off on Car Insurance

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I decided to include this post in our line up because car insurance is one of those little details that is part of this whole “growing up&# thing. Buying a car is a major first step in a young adult’s life, but buying the insurance for the car can be nothing less than monumental.

6 Skills Recent Graduates gain working in Insurance.

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No matter what role you have within the insurance industry you will have to interact with other people. You will have to interact both in person and over the phone with customers looking for different types of insurance. Critical-thinking skills are crucial in the insurance industry.

How to Insure You Have a Job in the Future


Everyone has heard that robots are the workers of the future. I have written about it several times. Many people fear the loss of their livelihoods and the prospect they may never work again. Some people see this as ‘doom and gloom” and project a dystopian future.

Before You Change Jobs, Do This!

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Before you actually look for new employment, make sure you understand the benefits you currently have, like health insurance, and how those will be affected. Health insurance is a complicated thing so you have to be aware of how a job change changes your status.

Private Health Insurance for Every Woman

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A lot of discussion has been held recently about the cost and availability of health insurance for workers. For US citizens, these plans are the ones you will find in the Health Insurance Marketplace as part of the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act. Who Needs Private Health Insurance?

Who Does What In the Insurance Industry

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Insurance is a very complicated and highly regulated industry with many different roles and opportunities for those working within it. Here we look at just some of the different roles you can expect to find within the insurance industry and what sort of tasks they may involve.

Income Protection Insurance: Does it Cover Redundancy?


While many insurance providers in other countries such as the United States and United Kingdom offer redundancy cover as part of their income protection plans, most Australian insurers do not. What does income protection insurance cover?

How Will The Obamacare Bill Affect Your Career?

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With next year’s requirement for no American to be denied health insurance, Obamacare could offer a few important benefits for would-be entrepreneurs, Baby Boomers, and other groups within the U.S. Health Insurance Companies. Career career health insurance obamacare

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How Will Autonomous Vehicles Affect HR?


HR attendance automation insurance jobsIn a recent post at Omega HR Solutions I talked about Uber’s efforts to develop autonomous cars and how that might hasten the replacement of Uber drivers now classified as employees. According. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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4 Steps to an Employee-Friendly Workplace


Good Benefits Go Beyond Insurance. Insurance has become the main benefit option companies provide to their employees, but it need not be the only benefit. HR benefits employee-friendly workplace insurance open door policy wellness program

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Sales Staff Not Using Social Media? They Should Be

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Employer Employer Branding Social Media insurance social selling XchangingAs the power of social media tightens its grip on the modern workforce, the need for companies to make the right kind of noise becomes more important than ever.

9 Most Depressing Professions | Business Insurance

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It's easy to get down in the dumps about your job, especially every Sunday night when you realize that the next day is Monday and you have to go to work again. But some careers out there do more than just give workers a case of the Mondays. While people in these fields may be thankful to have a job (the unemployed tend to have higher rates of depression), not every career field is equally fulfilling.

How to Fight Unemployment Insurance Benefit Hearings


Our economy is strong, however, unemployment insurance remains a cost that employers and businesses should evaluate and understand in order to remain profitable and growing. The length a state offers unemployment insurance benefits varies.

How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance?

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Don’t buy the absolute “cheapest” insurance you can find from a small company because it could come back to bite you. A few years ago we were insured by an insurance company that offered an extremely low rate. 2 of them were with Geico insurers.

Quick Tips on Choosing Affordable Health Insurance

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Perhaps the most important decision we make as a consumer is which health insurance to buy to protect our bodies and wallets from accidents and emergencies. However, choosing an affordable health insurer is easier than ever if you know where to look, and how to do it.

How Conservative Companies Can Use Social for Storytelling

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Even companies which operate in highly-regulated environments, like the insurance industry, can use social to their advantage. Podcast Social Media Red Tape Regulation social social selling Zurich InsuranceSocial media is ingrained into modern, every day life.

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How does Life insurance in Australia compare to your coverage?

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Prepare for the worst while living the best with life insurance! Buy life insurance: don’t leave family with money worries. A life insurance policy is an important component of the family’s financial continuity plan.

Plan for the best with an HBF Life Insurance Policy

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Prepare for the worst while living the best with life insurance! Buy life insurance: don’t leave family with money worries. A life insurance policy is an important component of the family’s financial continuity plan.

Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates?

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates? June 14, 2008 · 4 comments I just saw this today and am thinking now I’d better call my insurance agent to be sure I’m noted as a “pleasure&# driver on our car insurance policy… From the Consumer Federation of America (CFA): “Auto insurance rates are partially based on how much you drive and how you use your car,&# said J.