Changing Careers and Health Insurance

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And, although you might have an offer for a better position career-wise, it might not have the same health benefits as your current line of work. Employer-Based Health Insurance Statistics. When employers offer their workers’ health insurance coverage, it not only raises the caliber of employees applying for open positions, it also ensures a healthy, more productive workforce. Short-term coverage fills in the health insurance gaps while you are in-between jobs.

Insurance Costs Too High? Here’s How To Lower Them

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The average homeowner purchasing the most common type of insurance spends around $1,132 on premiums each year. Insurance companies take many different factors into consideration before setting rates for their customers. But you can control your insurance costs. Here are several components that play a major role in determining the price of insurance for homeowners. Providers consider the age of a home before deciding how much to charge for insurance.


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The Top 5 Small Business Health Insurance Options in 2019


Luckily, it’s still possible to find the right health insurance plans for employees as a small business. From traditional group insurance to self-funded insurance, there are still options for your business. If you’re a small business with under 50 employees, you likely know that you’re not legally required to provide health insurance to your employees under the Employer Mandate for Large Employers. Traditional Group Insurance. Self-Funded Insurance.

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Private Health Insurance for Every Woman

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A lot of discussion has been held recently about the cost and availability of health insurance for workers. In the US, employers with over fifty staff are now legally required to provide health insurance for their employees, but that still leaves out a great deal of people, including a good portion of you, our readership. For US citizens, these plans are the ones you will find in the Health Insurance Marketplace as part of the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act.

Offer Letter or Company Plan – Which One Governs?

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES : Case History 1: Joseph signed an Offer Letter that said the following: “The Company will provide you and your family with health insurance coverage, subject to the terms provisions and conditions of the Company Health Insurance Plan.” So, the “terms and provisions” of the Plan essentially took away what the Offer Letter had seemed to provide Joseph and his family. No other compensation is being offered to you. Received a Job Offer?

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Tell-tale Signs That You Should Turn Down That Job Offer

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When it comes to obtaining a job offer and securing a job, there are many factors that go into this process. Career coach and owner of Rock Career Development Julia Rock breaks down a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to accepting the job offer or turning it down. When you’re looking for work, is it important not to be too eager to accept a job offer? Paying for moving services, insurance, utility setup, storage, etc.

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Quick Tips on Choosing Affordable Health Insurance

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Perhaps the most important decision we make as a consumer is which health insurance to buy to protect our bodies and wallets from accidents and emergencies. However, choosing an affordable health insurer is easier than ever if you know where to look, and how to do it. Below are 6 smart tips in choosing an affordable health insurance. There are places with more affordable insurance than others. Take full advantage of these offers.

Your Employer's Group Health Insurance: Did They Make A Wise Choice?


Getting quality heath insurance from your employer's benefit plans covers your health and gives you and your family a lot of piece of mind as far as your health is concerned. A group health insurance makes for an excellent idea for employers to lure in potential talent. Group health insurance plan is a lot cheaper as opposed to a single person health insurance policy since the premium cost is stretched across all of your fellow employees.

Income Protection Insurance: Does it Cover Redundancy?


While many insurance providers in other countries such as the United States and United Kingdom offer redundancy cover as part of their income protection plans, most Australian insurers do not. Income protection insurance in Australia is designed to benefit policyholders who are unable to work due to illness or injury, not redundancy. What does income protection insurance cover?

Who Does What In the Insurance Industry

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Insurance is a very complicated and highly regulated industry with many different roles and opportunities for those working within it. The UK is claimed to have the largest insurance industry in Europe and the third largest in the world which makes it hardly surprising that such a diverse range of job roles are available within it. Here we look at just some of the different roles you can expect to find within the insurance industry and what sort of tasks they may involve.

How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance?

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Home Our Partners About Us Resume Writers Resume Help – Lesson #1 Resume Help – Lesson #2 Resume Help Blog Stand Out From The Crowd In Today's Job Market MBA Online Recent Posts Putting the Employer First Advice for New Graduates to Compete Successfully How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance The Anatomy of a Hostile Government Takeover – Obamacare at six months. A few years ago we were insured by an insurance company that offered an extremely low rate.

Health Insurance for Your Personal Brand – The 3 Cs

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Executive Career Services Samples - Executive Resume and Biography Targeted Company and Industry Research for Executive Job Search Best of About Meg Master Resume Writer Reach Certified Online Identity Strategist Publications Testimonials Contact Health Insurance for Your Personal Brand – The 3 Cs by Meg Guiseppi on December 30, 2009 · 8 comments Want to safeguard your executive personal brand and keep it working for you?

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How Can Data Analytics Help Insurance Companies Perform Better?

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How can big data help insurance companies – a heavily regulated sector in India and everywhere else in the world – and make them perform better? With the competition only rising in the insurance sector, what company makes headway in properly using data analytics and acts a role model remains to be seen. How exactly can analytics help insurance companies serve their customers better? Use of Data Analytics in the Insurance Sector. Offering New Services.

Ep 71 – Importance of Compliance with Employers Insurance Benefits


Episode 71: Navigating the Changing World of Employers Insurance Benefits, Programs and Brokers. Company insurance and benefit brokers often get a bad rap. ” Compliance must be at the heart of a broker’s client offering including Cobra, Section 125 and ACA pre-existing conditions. Episode 71: Navigating the Changing World of Employers Insurance Benefits, Programs and Brokers Company insurance and benefit brokers often get a bad rap.

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off on Car Insurance

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I decided to include this post in our line up because car insurance is one of those little details that is part of this whole “growing up&# thing. Buying a car is a major first step in a young adult’s life, but buying the insurance for the car can be nothing less than monumental. Still, it’s possible to navigate the pitfalls and come out the other side with reasonably priced and appropriate insurance, if you’re willing to do a little legwork to start with.

How to Fight Unemployment Insurance Benefit Hearings


Our economy is strong, however, unemployment insurance remains a cost that employers and businesses should evaluate and understand in order to remain profitable and growing. Unemployment insurance benefits first appeared in Wisconsin in 1932 as part of an effort to provide relief to workers who were unemployed as a result of the 1929 financial collapse. The length a state offers unemployment insurance benefits varies.

“Can I decline a job offer I already accepted without ‘burning bridges?‘”

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Question: Please, Alan, I want to know how to write a resignation letter to a new employer who made me a job offer. I want to keep on good terms with this company that gave me a job offer, and get consideration if this employer has a new job opening in the future. While you cannot be certain that the employer whose offer you accepted, and are now declining, will consider you for other jobs in the future, you can do your best to achieve that result.

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4 (No-Brainer) Reasons To Become An Independent Insurance Agent

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4 (No-Brainer) Reasons To Become An Independent Insurance Agent. The insurance industry is losing lots of seasoned professionals due to retirement. As a result, the need for new insurance agents is climbing. If you listen to Evan and Matt in the video, you’ll learn that most of the successful independent agents don’t come from a previous insurance background. Work It Daily. Did you know?

“Offer Letter differs from Employment Contract; which controls?”

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Question: What if there is an inconsistency and difference between the job offer you’ve signed and the employment contract? Answer: Dear Kath: It is more common than you might think that I am contacted by people who received “promises,” “assurances,” or “representations” during recruitment sessions, job interviews, or in offer letters that are not later fulfilled, or are “changed” by employment contracts or other documents.

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6 Skills Recent Graduates gain working in Insurance.

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No matter what role you have within the insurance industry you will have to interact with other people. You will have to interact both in person and over the phone with customers looking for different types of insurance. Working in insurance you may be responding to a client about their child’s health insurance or about their small businesses workers compensation insurance policy. Critical-thinking skills are crucial in the insurance industry.

Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage


Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. TOPIC: Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. TOPIC: Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. Insurance at Risk: Small Business Employees Risk Losing Coverage. As a result of high health care costs, the percentage of firms offering health insurance coverage has declined.

you need life insurance – and now you don’t need a medical exam

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I make a budget for the year, analyze my spending last year, feel quiet anguish about upcoming tax payments, and take a fresh look at things like insurance policies to make sure they’re still the best choices for my needs. If you’re doing stuff like that too – and if you’re not, I recommend it – it’s a good time to think about life insurance. If your spouse, kids, or others depend on your income for their well-being, you probably need life insurance.

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How To Evaluate a Job Offer

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You’ve received a job offer. The more you know before the offer, the better position you’ll be in. If so, a smaller company may offer you the best fit. Now back to that offer you received, is the compensation package in line with expectations? Again, the more research you’ve done upfront, the better you can evaluate the terms you are being offered. Salaries may be structured to offer an equity piece or bonuses.

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“If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance.

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Blog » “If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance benefits?” “If If my company is sold, can I collect unemployment insurance benefits?” If the new owners of your company are offering you a job – so long as it is in most material ways equivalent to your present job – you have no reason not to work and collect benefits. Job Offers, New Jobs and Promotions F. We are soon to offer Executive Mentor services By Executive Mentors we know and trust.

Apple Offers a Legally Risky Perk: Genetic Testing

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Apple has onsite health clinics, and they now offer employees free genetic testing. This prohibits employers and insurers from discriminating against people based on their genetics. That is, you can’t say, “we won’t hire you or insure you because you carry a gene which indicates a high probability of colon cancer.” The post Apple Offers a Legally Risky Perk: Genetic Testing appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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what’s the deal with life insurance?

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But how exactly does life insurance work? I asked Paya Schlass from Haven Life Insurance Agency to answer the most common questions I hear about life insurance. Haven Life is a life insurance agency backed and wholly owned by MassMutual that was founded by a new dad who thought the process for purchasing life insurance should easier. They’ve modernized the process of buying term life insurance to make it simple and affordable.).

I got drunk and told my boss I love her, company pays us not to use health insurance, and more

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Company pays us to not use health insurance or vacation time. I’ve been offered what sounds like a great job at a high-profile, prestigious company in my sector. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I got drunk and kept telling my manager I love her.

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employer rescinded my job offer — where did I go wrong?

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A reader writes: I had a job offer pulled last week, and I’ve reflected on it, but I still don’t know where I went wrong. On Friday, the recruiter calls to extend a verbal offer for the position. That’s exactly in line with what you should do when you receive a job offer.

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5 Questions: Should Amazon Employees Take the Company Offer (10K, 3 Months Pay) to Quit?

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Who takes me up on my offer? We loved Zappos back in the day for a variety of things, including their offer to pay new hires to quit early in their tenure. The Zappos offer to pay you to quit was child’s play. Amazon saw that offer and said, “Hold my beer.”. The offer was this - 10K and 3 month’s pay for any employee who will quit and start a franchised delivery business under the Amazon partnership umbrella.

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Job Offers: Understanding The Offer Package

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You’ve made it through the rigorous interview process successfully and the organization has extended you an offer for employment. Now, it’s time to take a better look at what the offer includes. Here are some tips for understanding the offer package : Compensation. In most cases, the offer letter should include information about how you will be paid. If your position is full-time, it’s likely that you will be offered some type of benefits package by the employer.

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Digital Marketing Is Not Just For Agency Life: Areas Where Digital Marketers Offer Value And Can Thrive


Insurance Companies NEED Great Digital Marketers. The insurance industry is extremely competitive with billions of dollars generated on an annual basis. The right marketing team at an insurance company can make millions of dollars difference in new customers. A digital marketer that has a background in working insurance campaigns at their former agency is an ideal candidate.

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do you need life insurance? quite possibly.

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Also, life insurance. Yes, life insurance, because someday we are all going to kick the bucket, in many cases leaving behind financial dependents. Here’s the deal with life insurance: If you have people who currently depend on you, in whole or in part, for financial support, life insurance will help provide financial security to them. Or use this life insurance calculator to determine if you indeed need it. do you need life insurance?

Sexual Harassment – What it Is and What it Isn’t

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While it’s only one part of what the insurance industry covers under the heading of employment practices liability insurance ( EPLI ), we’ve all been sensitized to it. As part of the coverage offered under EPLI, a broad range of potential employee/employer liability is covered. So it’s a good idea to discuss such coverage with your insurance agent.

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Negotiate Your Job Offer: Don’t Be Like The Other 49% of Workers Who Don’t


Did you know when you don’t negotiate a job offer you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain benefits, such as more cash in your pocket? According to a recent CareerBuilder survey , 49 percent of job seekers don’t even bother to negotiate job offers. Instead, they end up accepting the offer immediately! Many job seekers are tempted to accept a job offer, especially if the offer seems too good to be true at first.

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You’ve Got The Job! What’s Next?

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Insurance. When you’re young and still have that youthful delusion of invincibility, insurance can seem like an unnecessary financial burden. What’s important to remember is the basic reason behind insurance. Insurance is meant to back you up in the event of something happening that is not only unexpected but would be a financial burden. So it’s important to have the kinds of insurance that you and a professional advisor deem appropriate.

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Before You Change Jobs, Do This!

Professional Resume Services

Before you actually look for new employment, make sure you understand the benefits you currently have, like health insurance, and how those will be affected. Health insurance is a complicated thing so you have to be aware of how a job change changes your status. In a recent survey, almost a quarter of the respondents said that their insurance benefits and out-of-pocket expenses worsened their financial situation more than anticipated.

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Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers

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The post Finding the Best Painting Contractors Houston TX Offers appeared first on Ms. Since there is so much more involved in this type of work there are different companies that offer their services to assist you when you need your building, big or small, treated and painted the right way. When you need industrial painting and sandblasting Houston, Texas has to offer you want to make sure you take the time to find the best firm to work with.

my job offer was pulled after I said the insurance wouldn’t meet my needs

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A reader writes: I received a job offer. At the time of the offer, the schedule wasn’t even refined yet or she didn’t know what it was, so I figured I could ask. After a few email exchanges with HR about benefits, I realized their health insurance is one of the ones exploiting the ignorance of folks and claiming loopholes where there are none for my form of birth control. After asking “Is the offer rescinded for me then?”

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How Do I Compare Two Job Offers?

Evil HR Lady

Monday, September 27, 2010 How Do I Compare Two Job Offers? When youre looking at two different job offers (or even trying to decide if you should leave your current job for a new one), salary is only one thing. How Do I Compare Two Job Offers? I'd also look into whether each company offered other benefits like life insurance, long term disability, etc. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil? Well, Im not, but thats the perception of all of us in HR.

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Two (or More) Job Opportunities? – 18 Elements of Comparison – [Part 1 of 2]

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If you are in this situation, or if you receive two job offers, the decision between or among your available job opportunities might be a difficult one. Whether job opportunities are scarce or abundant, employees often have occasion to decide between (i) leaving their jobs for other offered positions, or (ii) making a choice between two or more new positions offered to them at one time. Do you have a job and another one offered to you? “It’s not hard to make decisions.

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United States Colleges Offer Opportunities for International Job Skills Development


According to “Passport to American Education,” by HCC Medical Insurance, volunteerism, leadership and communication are all abilities that help students get scholarships. You’ll meet other like-minded people who may someday be in positions to offer you a job. But college offers many opportunities to develop the other skills that employers look for, too.

boss asked someone to take her family off her health insurance, how to encourage someone you’re rejecting, and more

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My boss begged my coworker to take her husband and baby off her health insurance. According to a coworker, he had asked (more like begged) her to take her husband and her baby off of the company’s insurance so that the budget wouldn’t be so screwed up. I assume he knew or figured that her husband could get his own insurance through his job, but it’s still incredibly obnoxious.). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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“How does an offer of ‘equity’ from an employer work?”

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Question: I am being made an offer from a company owned by a “Private Equity” firm. They have said the offer will include “equity” – which is new to me. What terms will that piece of the offer come in? There are many different aspects of “equity” that have to be reviewed and analyzed in order to figure out what is really being offered, and how it can be lost. Offering “Equity” is a way to motivate and retain good employees.

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