Six Questions to Ask Your Insurance and Benefits Broker


Your company’s insurance and benefits offerings are the second largest company employee expense outside of your employee payroll expense. At the center of this second largest company expense sits your insurance broker who has the ability to impact your organization at a very large scale. Your insurance programs, total rewards and work perks directly impact the following: Employee turnover and retention numbers. What is An Insurance Broker?

if you lost your job recently, you’re eligible for 6 months of free health insurance

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This post, if you lost your job recently, you’re eligible for 6 months of free health insurance , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. If you lost your job in the last 18 months, you can now remain on your employer-sponsored health insurance for free through September 30 , as part of the American Rescue Plan Act signed into law last month.

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Protect Yourself: 5 Tips for Securing Your Small Business


Accountants provide essential assistance for businesses related to running payroll, organizing finances, and offering advice related to business growth. Purchase Insurance. Protect your business and your dream by purchasing insurance.

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4 Tips for Navigating Workers’ Comp in Your Business

Evil HR Lady

According to GTM Payroll Service’s list of Workers’ Compensation Requirements, it’s mandatory for your company to have workers’ compensation insurance in most states. Even if coverage isn’t mandatory for your business, it’s still wise to have the insurance. If an employee is injured — even if it’s a small injury — your company will be responsible and you will want insurance to cover it. Workers’ comp covers your employees should they get injured while on the job.

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THE HR FAMOUS PODCAST: e12 - Getting Paid to Not Work

The HR Capitalist

In episode 12 of The HR Famous Podcast , long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee, Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn come together to talk quarantine watching habits, unemployment insurance coverage and the Payroll Protection Plan.

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Entrepreneurs: Looking to Hire? Avoid These 3 Hiring Mistakes

Ms. Career Girl

It’s important to be realistic about your cash flow and work needs before adding someone to the payroll. Remember that hiring new staff comes with paying the necessary taxes and insurance, in addition to a salary.

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Is Your Small Business Breaking Labor Laws? 5 Mistakes to Avoid


Some small business owners think it’ll be easier and cheaper to classify their employees as independent contractors, so they don’t have to pay payroll taxes or cover benefits like disability and paid leave. If you’re requiring your employees to work at a specific location during specific hours, they must be classified as employees and offered all of the protections they’re entitled to under the law, such as workers compensation and unemployment insurance. Making Payroll Mistakes.

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Mistakes Not to Make When Starting a Business

Career Alley

Are you paying the proper payroll taxes? Do you have all the necessary insurances, including workers compensation insurance? Businesses that don’t succeed can’t tell us what went wrong. Their phone is disconnected and there’s no one to get in touch with. What we know is what businesses that succeed have in common. That is why you’re starting this business, after all … to succeed. Don’t Try to Get Rich Quick.

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Keep Your Business Safe During a Natural Disaster

Water Cooler Wisdom

Working capital  is the difference between a company's current assets like cash,  unpaid bills and inventories of raw materials and finished goods, and its current liabilities such as payroll and taxes. Take a second look at your insurance. Now is the time to review your insurance policies and assess how well (or not) you'd be covered in a natural disaster.  If it seems like natural disasters are increasing, it's not your imagination.

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8 Ways the Workplace and Workday Are Different Due to Covid-19

Ms. Career Girl

When you see your colleagues in the office daily, you take for granted that you can ask your accounting friend a payroll question by strolling over to her desk. If you kept your job throughout the pandemic thus far, you probably experienced a few changes to the way things work.

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What Working Women Should Know About Disability Benefits

Ms. Career Girl

Should this happen and they be at least temporarily unable to work, women can find financial and healthcare support through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a federal benefit through which approved applicants can receive income during their recovery. To qualify, applicants must have paid FICA payroll taxes for five out of the last 10 years, have a physical or mental disability that will prevent them from working for 12 months or more, and have strong medical evidence.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Within Your Business

Ms. Career Girl

But what about more essential functions like HR and payroll? Taxes, benefits, workman’s compensation insurance, and perks like gym memberships or other items all factor in to the actual cost of hiring employees. Either you pay a fee for a service such as HR or payroll services or you pay a straight hourly rate or contract rate to a freelancer. Whenever the topic of outsourcing comes up, an immediate debate usually ensues: Should you outsource or not?

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Are you over-clouded? #HRTechConf


HR has seen it’s own share of cloud-migrations: payroll, performance management, compensation analysis, and recruiting can now all live in the cloud, available 24/7 and often running with little to no real human interaction. Even small business with as little as two employees deserve to leverage their insurance premiums to gain access to time-saving tech. You are over-clouded if you: Lack a tailored strategy to your annual insurance renewals. The cloud.

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What Zenefits Teaches Us About the Limits of Disruption


It lives off a combination of funding, including a large investment from actor Jared Leto, and the money it makes when companies purchase services through its software, including insurance and payroll services. In Zenefits’ case, compliance with insurance broker training rules. “Insurance happens to be one of the most lucrative spokes [of the Zenefits wheel]. Zenefits also integrates with different payroll systems.

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Gimme Some of That Workday Thing: Zenefits Lands $66.5 million led by Andreessen Horowitz.

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More on Zenefits: "Zenefits has created a cloud-based software platform that companies can use to automate the processes associated with hiring new employees, processes that more often than not are still done with paper forms: Benefits, tax forms, payrolls. “We Here’s how that part works: Zenefits acts as a middleman between its customers and the third-party providers of insurance and payroll and benefits services. Zenefits makes money as an insurance broker.

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The HR Famous Podcast: E11- The Future is $99/Month HR Managers (and thy stripper name shall be.)

The HR Capitalist

These are life insurance sales people disguised as HR relationship / account managers. They start with offering a baseline of HR services targeting SMBs that maybe just to start have an HR coordinator who can also do payroll. It turns out you have to manage 200 clients at a time in addition to the upsell work they do on the life insurance and training services the company also offers.

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How the Paycheck Protection Plan Can Help Save Your Business

Evil HR Lady

This allows you to borrow based on your payroll, rent, and utility needs. Payroll costs definition. They have no qualms at saying the Payroll Protection Plan includes “sole-proprietors, independent contractors, and other self-employed individuals.”

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Looking For Job in 2017? Find Companies With These Hot Employee Perks

Ms. Career Girl

Whether you’re in a rut with your current job or just starting out, look for companies that offer a few perks in addition to a great salary and traditional benefits such as health insurance, dental care and a 401(k) match. Personal commuting costs aren’t tax-deductible, but some employers may offer commuter benefits in the form of a tax-free subsidy or pretax payroll deduction to offset the costs of getting to and from work by mass transit or for parking.

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my employees don’t want to return to work because they’re making more from unemployment

Ask a Manager

This doesn’t work for us, considering the repayment qualifications of the loan (we have to use most of it on payroll and maintain a certain number of staff). I need to use the PPP loan on payroll, and I need to use it now.

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How to Be an Effective Manager When Your Employees Are Your Family Members

Ms. Career Girl

Borrowing the company car unnecessarily, for example, puts more miles on the speedometer, increases wear and tear, and becomes an insurance issue in the event of an accident. You can’t keep people on payroll just because they’re family, and with the assistance of outside analysts, you’ll have a compelling reason to let go of anyone who needs to go, which should lessen the negative impact it has on your social life with the family.

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Understanding Domestic Partner Benefits


companies offered domestic partner insurance coverage. The majority of employers who offer health insurance coverage to employees contribute at least half of the insurance coverage’s cost. In other words, the value of the health insurance coverage is excluded from the employee’s gross income. For employers, this also raises their payroll taxes. companies offered domestic partner insurance coverage. In 2012, 50 percent of U.S.

5 Questions: Should Amazon Employees Take the Company Offer (10K, 3 Months Pay) to Quit?

The HR Capitalist

You’re going to burn the f###ing trucks by month six, end up in jail for arson, insurance fraud and divorced. Unless you passed my 5-question quiz with flying colors, stay on the Amazon payroll. I’ll give you $10,000 and 3 months of pay if you quit today and do something else. . Who’s interested? Everyone! Who takes me up on my offer? Well, that’s where it gets interesting.

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Deductions and Unsolicited Advice

Evil HR Lady

I AM IN CHARGE OF PAYROLL AT AN OILFIELD COMPANY, WHEN I GET ALL MY INFO READY, THE CHECKS ARE REMOTED TO MY PRINTER. OFFICE TAKES OUT THEIR CHILD SUPPORT, HEALTH INSURANCE,ANY REGULAR DEDUCTIONS, I KNOW TAXES COME OUT, BUT ALL DEDUCTIONS??!! But, this question offered me a chance to use a whole new disclaimer: I am not in payroll. I have never been in payroll. Pick up the phone and call your corporate payroll department. So, call payroll and ask them

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Rebuilding Your Career After Being Fired or Laid Off

Ms. Career Girl

The ramifications of job loss are staggering for all workers, entry level through senior level, but particularly for mid-career workers who have serious family and financial obligations like a home mortgage, car payments, insurance, healthcare, child care, and tuition bills for the kids. You are no longer Sarah Jones, Marketing Director for Adobe, or Kelly Smith, Sales Manager for Metlife Insurance; now you are just plain Sarah and Kelly. It comes when you least expect it.

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Why Hiring You Should Be Like Finding Money By Guest Blogger Kevin.

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Home Our Partners About Us Resume Writers Resume Help – Lesson #1 Resume Help – Lesson #2 Resume Help Blog Stand Out From The Crowd In Today's Job Market MBA Online Recent Posts Putting the Employer First Advice for New Graduates to Compete Successfully How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance The Anatomy of a Hostile Government Takeover – Obamacare at six months.

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should I stay at a job I don’t like if it could lead to a big pay-off in a few years?

Ask a Manager

When I joined this company almost two years ago, my job description was for full cycle accounting but in reality I am more HR, payroll, office manager, and executive assistant than I am accountant. Subtract the health insurance difference and let’s call it $6,000.

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can I put running my household on my resume?

Ask a Manager

On the fiscal side, I create a detailed annual budget, send out monthly income/spending/asset reports, pay bills and payroll (each household member has a personal bank account separate from the household accounts and gets a weekly allowance), and approve large expenses.

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A Future Focus: A Generation of Entrepreneurs


Companies are moving to keep the number of employees on their payroll as low as possible. It is easier for the IRS to get their tax money from companies as opposed to workers, with employers currently paying half of the taxes insuring the government gets some money. Though I think an even better system should be developed that has the insurance companies recognizing the freelancer marketplace and developing a product suited to meet those needs. A generation of entrepreneurs?

“Seven factors decide whether a business owner can collect unemployment benefits.”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Well, they have gotten together, and teamed up against me, and now they have stopped my pay and cancelled my health insurance. You also get a “large-picture” understanding of unemployment benefits and the process it takes to get them by viewing our Free YouTube Video entitled “ Unemployment Insurance Benefits – The 12 Basics You Need to Know.” Question: Sir: I am going through a hostile takeover of my business in which I own 47%.

How Could Blockchain Disrupt The ‘Big Data’ Industry And Its Analytics?

Imarticus Learning

Hiring, Logistics, Payroll, Marketing, and Supply-chain Processes:  Switching to blockchains makes organizational processes verifiable and almost error-free and requires no intermediaries. Sports, insurance, and healthcare: These sectors will switch to blockchains to provide solutions to reducing confidential record-keeping hassles and using the instantaneous accuracy and immutability of the records of medical histories as a plus point.

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10 Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago - BLOG - Career.


Elder-Care Services Coordinator: An aging population and increasing interest in at-home or like-home care are factors in the growth of the elder-care services coordinator role, both at residential facilities and with insurance companies and health care organizations.

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“What if the accommodation provided for my disability is not enough?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Nor are they required to keep them on the payroll. If due to a disability, and after given an accommodation, you cannot perform your job duties, you may be eligible to receive long-term disability payments from either (a) a publicly-available disability program, provided by the government, or (b) a private disability insurance policy. Some are provided by private insurance policies funded by employers.

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RingCentral Is Adding Staff As It Looks Towards The Future

Career Realism

Cloud platforms that keep the workforce connected have always served an important role. But, in the post-COVID-19 world where working remotely is more common, these companies will serve an even greater purpose. RingCentral realizes this and is growing its team accordingly.

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“New Job, First Week – Seven Questions You Should Always Ask”

Sklover Working Wisdom

When do each of my Employee Benefits commence?” – Whether it is (a) coverage for medical, dental, disability or life insurance, (b) eligibility for 401k, profit sharing, tuition assistance or savings plans, or (c) accrual of vacation, commissions or PTO, it is important that you don’t err regarding the date each commences. “Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” . Native American Saying.

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2013 Holiday Season Pay Practices

Resume Bear

Also listed below are the rules for bonuses and gift cards related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), payroll taxes and withholding. If an employer gives its employees $35 gift cards–for example, to the grocery store or a shopping mall–the gift will be treated as income and is subject to payroll taxes and withholding, along with the rest of the employees’ income. The infographic below highlights survey findings for 2013 Holiday Season pay practices.

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How to Find a Job 65% Faster

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Home Our Partners About Us Resume Writers Resume Help – Lesson #1 Resume Help – Lesson #2 Resume Help Blog Stand Out From The Crowd In Today's Job Market MBA Online Recent Posts Putting the Employer First Advice for New Graduates to Compete Successfully How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance The Anatomy of a Hostile Government Takeover – Obamacare at six months.

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Amazing Benefits Administration for Small Business HR Teams Goes High Tech


There are no recruiters, generalists, or payroll specialists to manage employee questions. Employees can quickly access information about their medical, dental, and vision insurance (seen to the right), as well as company documents like employee handbooks and PTO policies. Learn more about our HR Technology and Product Reviews here at Blogging4Jobs. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this review. . HR practitioners for small organizations wear many hats.

Put a Ring on it. 2012 Employment & Jobs Outlook.


As the economy slowed in the beginning of this recession, companies buckled down and made payroll cuts laying off millions of workers freeing up much needed cash flow to account for the decreases in sales and revenue. Companies are responsible for offering benefits to employees in addition to paying for social security, unemployment insurance, and employment taxes in addition to the employee’s salary or hourly wage. Job Seekers to Employers: Put a Ring on it.

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: Employers and Workers Comp: The Real.


When we think about workers’ compensation insurance fraud, we think about the man blinded in a work accident who gets caught driving a golf cart, or the woman who limps into court wearing a neck brace and then skips back to her full-time job as a yoga instructor. Employee insurance fraud pales in comparison to the billions of dollars lost – or more accurately, charged to taxpayers – each year from fraud perpetrated by unscrupulous business owners. They underreport their payrolls.

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household employees keep ghosting me

Ask a Manager

Is this just a Bad Job (watching little kids is exhausting, there are no health insurance benefits [US context], no retirement funds, etc, although I do pay into their unemployment fund through a payroll)? It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question.

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The Frightening Fact New Grads Should Know Before Entering The Workforce

Career Realism

No health insurance, no sick days, no vacation, no paid time off, nothing. Contract jobs rose in popularity in the last 15 years when employers realized they could save a substantial amount of money on payroll, employment taxes, and benefits by hiring contractors. If you’ve just recently graduated from high school or college, there’s a frightening fact that you should be aware of before entering the workforce. Related: What Are The Hardest Challenges Facing College Graduates?

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convincing a company to let me work long-distance, should I explain that I took six months off due to stress, and more

Ask A Manager

I’m a nanny and my employer is illegally paying me through their company payroll. They put me on their company payroll. Recently I have found out that it is illegal to pay a household employee with your company payroll. Your employer probably doesn’t realize that they can’t legally pay you through their company payroll; they probably simply assumed that was an easier way to do it. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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Virginia & Maryland Tech Sales | TML (A Xerox Company)

Career Realism

Car allowance for Sales Reps, mileage reimbursement or company vehicle lease (including gas, insurance, and detailing) via payroll deduction for Service Techs. Group life, AD&D, and LTD insurance at no cost. Valid driver’s license and minimal level of auto insurance coverage required. Virginia & Maryland Tech Sales | TML (A Xerox Company) Work It Daily. TML is a subsidiary of Global Imaging Systems – a Xerox company.