HR Issues in Retail


” Oh man, employee’s in the retail industry never cease to surprise and amaze me. Us retail HR folk aren’t working in an industry where people are sitting in front of computer screens and pounding away at a keyboard. Internal Theft.

4 Communication Best Practices for Your Internal Social Media


Check out Part 1 of our series on Internal Social Media by clicking here. . Social media whether internally or externally facing requires an ongoing commitment which is a challenge for those who aren’t digitally savvy.

10 Things to Know About a Retail Management Career

Career Realism

If you are already on the path to becoming a retail manager or simply considering it, here are some important and interesting things to consider before embarking upon this career. You must have the right personality – Compare your traits to those commonly found in successful retail managers.

10 Things To Know About A Retail Management Career

Career Realism

If you are already on the path to becoming a retail manager or simply considering it, here are some important and interesting things to consider before embarking upon a retail management career. Due to the nature of retail, these positions are rarely in the same city.

What to Do When You Can’t Find Qualified Candidates in Retail


Have you ever tried to find candidates for a retail job only to come up empty handed? Not every retail job is entry level, and some require a specific skill set or experience. In a case like this, that could mean looking for qualified people internally.

I was one of the interns fired for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code

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One of the other interns wrote you an email about it. The best thing you can do now is to find ways to flesh out your resume with work: intern (there are lots of internships that don’t require that you be a student), temp, volunteer, or do whatever you can to get actual work experience. Also, do you truly have no work to put on there — no summer jobs in food service or retail or as a camp counselor, or anything like that?

coworkers leaving love notes for each other, how to pick interns, and more

Ask A Manager

I recently started working in a high-end retail setting selling a luxury item. The company shouldn’t let that happen, although retail is often more relaxed about that kind of thing than an office setting might be. Is there something wrong with how I’m selecting interns? The organization is quite prestigious, and the internship gives interns great admin and event management experience. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Your Staff Can Become an HR Referral Source


Here are a few tips that’ll ensure your creating value within your own program: creating a success internal referral system. Post regular notices, use your internal network, and actively engage your employees in the benefits of using their own personal network to gain better hires.

my intern was promoted above me, turning down relocation help, and more

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My intern was promoted above me. An employee who has been my intern for the past year has been promoted to a position that is above my current position. Well, first, step back, take your emotion out of it, and ask yourself if you can see why the intern was promoted. If she hadn’t started as an intern, would you have thought her a viable candidate? Jobs I have had before that were other retail jobs at similar large department stores and some waitressing jobs.

Having a Strategy is Key to Job Fair Success


In fact, companies are gearing up right now to scour universities for full-time talent and summer interns. Gen Y Interns Job Search Social Media career fair tips career fairs job fairs job search advice Shannon SmedstadThe spring college recruiting season will soon be in full effect.

Incentive Programs for the Hourly Workforce


In retail where the workforce is 50% part-time and 95% hourly, organizations are constantly trying to come up with fun ideas to engage and motivate employees. In grocery/retail employee safety and eliminating injuries (especially preventable injuries) is a huge concern to us.

How Labor Unions Are Stealing Your Brand to Organize & Campaign Online


Walmart has been contending with labor actions problems on many fronts recently, including strikes at their retail stores and strategic distribution locations. Wal-Mart has failed to take down a United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) web site critical of Walmart.

Union 12

5 Things to Watch Out for In Friday’s Job Report


But with retailers reporting this week, we’ll be talking more and more about the American “consumer,” and less about social media and tech numbers. The jobs report, combined with retailer earnings reports, has every chance of sending the markets, yet again, into turmoil. The International Picture. In 2016, there’s no excuse not to be keeping an eye on international job growth. This Friday the BLS jobs report for April will drop.

Retail and Religion - Now Inhibiting the Negotiation Skills of an HR Pro Near You.

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Retail in America delays the development of negotiating skills. Who didn't grow up in an America where retail point of sale, including defined prices, was alive and well? We're paid, in part, to keep people happy, so internally we're not programmed to negotiate.

Consider a Winter Internship

Water Cooler Wisdom

 Boutique retailers need tons of help with inventory and sales.  Show that you’ve got great ideas, are excited about working for a company, and can add value during your winter break—all of which will increase the odds you’ll be met with a big YES to your offer to intern.

4 Things Happy People Do (& You Should Too)

Ms. Career Girl

The Science: Use this knowledge sparingly – retail therapy actually works. The Task: We’re not talking about constant retail therapy here. Beth Leslie writes careers advice for Inspiring Interns, who specialise in matching candidates to their dream internship.

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Wells Fargo Is Clawing Back Executive Bonuses


The “ghost account” scheme allowed Wells Fargo retail bank employees, who are considered sales people not customer service reps or financial advisors, to boost their sales figures.

Working Hard To Play Harder: How Lindt & Sprüngli USA Is Driving Better Employee Engagement

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There is something to appeal to almost anyone, according to Cloutier, whether you work in the manufacturing facility, the finance department, marketing and sales, or Lindt’s retail stores. Working Hard To Play Harder: How Lindt & Sprüngli USA Is Driving Better Employee Engagement.

Recapping Recruiting Trends Week on @blogging4jobs #recruittrends


3 Ways to Boost Your Retail Recruiting Efforts in 2014: Learning how to boost your retail recruiting efforts this year will go a long way if you’re hiring mass quantities or looking to keep good employees employed. Our resident retail expert gives us 3 ways to do this.

What Our Future College Grads Need to Know About Job Hunting


Therefore, you should accept being an intern for a couple of months until you develop some professional skills. The best thing to do is to intern while you are still in college. Abilities to network efficiently with both internal and external people.

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Top Internship Programs Announced

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This summer, Vault surveyed more than 11,000 current and former interns from more than 100 employers. Interns were asked to rate only the companies with whose reputations they are familiar. Past And Present Interns Offer Insight On The Best Internship Programs.

The Best Way To Reveal Your “Lightbulb Moment”

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The personalised notebook online retailer, based in Carryduff, Northern Ireland, has found that. alongside Irish Tree Council and the charity ‘Save the Rhino International’, and also have Swan.

2018 11

Thinking Of Starting A Franchise Business? Follow The System!

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The International Franchise Association projects a 3.1% The opportunities for a business of your own with a franchise are wide and deep and comprise far more than fast food and retail. Thinking Of Starting A Franchise Business? Follow The System! CAREEREALISM.

2016 36

The Secret To Success Is Preparation And Follow-Through

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You can find businesses of nearly every type from retail to consumer services to business-to-business services. Start with the International Franchise Association website at

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From Finance to Bags

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I never anticipated becoming a retailer but I was obsessed by the products, and I felt that as a customer you need the in-store experience more than online; having a physical store, while risky, was essential. Also, not knowing much about the retail and fashion industry in general.

2016 75

Training Employees on Customer Service


If your business is retail, food service or another industry that is very customer-focused, include your company’s customer service philosophy in your employee handbook. Customer service can make or break a business.

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Over 50? Midlife Is The PERFECT Time To Start A Franchise

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These areas are perfectly suited to the executive and managerial backgrounds of most of today’s new franchisees – much more so than fast food or retail that often come to mind when people think about franchises.

Make it a Happy Holiday for Service Workers Too


To be sure, not all employers abuse their employees and not all customers abuse the people serving them, but it’s common enough that there are multiple national and international campaigns to improve conditions for service workers.

5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Besides participating in film festivals and competitions, he began working as an intern in high school while starting his own freelance business. Some of the major office retailers will also create and print business cards at little cost.

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21 Best Niche Job Boards for Recruiters


Having spent many years working to recruit hourly and retail workers, SnagaJob offers a community forum, blog and job postings designed to reach the hourly worker. Having recruited and hired my fair share of pharmacy retail jobs, I can attest that the market is extremely competitive. A niche job board for the intern community. This post is sponsored by SHRM Jobs , a job board dedicated to helping recruiters hire the best human resource professionals.

25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year

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Industry: Grocery and retail. Open positions: Information systems, engineering and corporate audit retail, store management development program and career training program in manufacturing. Industry: Retail pharmacy. Industry : Retail.

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10 Big Businesses That Let Employees Nap on the Job

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Online retailer Zappos is known worldwide for its amazing customer service, but it’s not just customers they’re treating well. In times past, napping on the job would have gotten you fired, or at least seriously reprimanded, but that isn’t always the case in today’s workplace.

2012 132

Students and Grads Top 10 Companies

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Students in the United States (US) are more likely to follow entertainment, media and social brands, while students in the United Kingdom are most interested in fashion and retail. Launch a LinkedIn group for new graduates and interns. Top 10 Companies for Students and Graduates.

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Rogue Recruiting & Other Creative Recruiting Tactics


We discussed social media recruiting and hiring practices, and our discussion drifted towards rogue recruiting and guerilla recruiting tactics I often employed as a HR Director for big box retailers where I was responsible for multiple locations.

Companies, Cultural Values and Success


After hyper-expanding in the 1990s to mid-2000s, the world’s largest coffee retailer faced tumbling profits, store closures and serious competition during the recession of 2007/2008. This blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.

The Rules That It’s Okay to Break

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My dream is to be the first Indian artist to break into the commercial international music arena. I never really felt like I fitted in at school.

2018 21

Real Career Girls: Meet Director of Sales Recruiting, Maggie Hughes

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He worked his way up from being an intern at an ad agency in Portland to now being the Creative Director at one of the largest retail manufacturers in the US. There comes a time in one’s life when you need a serious recruiter. You don’t want just anyone. You want the BEST!

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Who Is Hiring Recent Graduates?

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The level of recruitment differs between different sectors, but the largest number of vacancies is advertised in the sectors of consulting, retail and engineering, as well as the public sector.

25 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism #AutismAwarenessMonth


Through a partnership with the Autism Self Advocacy Network that began in 2013, the mortgage company Freddie Mac has been hiring paid finance interns for those diagnosed with autism. Retailer, Home Depot Hires Autistic Workers Since 2010. April is Autism Awareness Month.

The Secret To Being The ‘Right Fit’ For A Job

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For the part of the town slut, the actress struts in wearing a micro-mini and halter top and gives a suggestive sidelong glance at the casting intern with the clipboard.”. Beyond tailoring your resume to highlight experience the duties of the job, such retail and server jobs, use your cover letter to actually tell a story about you that makes you seem like the perfect candidate.

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