Money Handling Tips for International Travelers

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Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass?

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To keep reading, click here: Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass? The post Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass? My son was a baby when our family moved to Switzerland. If you have any s tereotypes of the Swiss in your head , it’s probably that they are clean and orderly. This stereotype overwhelmingly plays out. For example, the street cleaner truck goes down my suburban street every week.

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Best Travel Apps to Try This Year

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Luckily, when it comes to travel, you’re not likely to find yourself searching for a helpful option for long. Whether they’re helping you find a taxi, saving you dollars or pointing you in the direction of the best sights to visit, there is an app to solve every potential travel problem.

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Let’s Go International

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I’m traveling to Spain by myself for 11 days. While my parents are complete wrecks about the whole thing, I couldn’t be more excited to travel on my own- it just allows more opportunities to do what I want to do, go with the flow, and meet new people.

3 Great Places for Incentive Travel

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The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms. Incentive travel is a trip which someone goes on to get a new skill, as part of a rewards program, or even as a group trip to build morale in your team. The post 3 Great Places for Incentive Travel appeared first on Ms.

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Top tech jobs that let you travel

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Now, tech jobs can be much more luxurious, with many of them allowing you to travel around the globe. It is the contractual nature of this job role that allows for so much travel. Working in tech used to be all about installing Adobe Reader updates and turning things off and on again.

6 Dream Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

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Travelling is like getting a tattoo or piercing; once you have your first taste of culture, excitement, and utter freedom, you spend your time fighting back your wanderlust. But what if you could get paid to travel? Travel Guide. Travelling Nurse.

we give our interns free housing — and there are problems

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A reader writes: I train and manage a team of young (22-25) paid interns who, as part of their compensation, have free housing in a shared living space owned by my organization. Recently, one of my female interns told me (in tears) that the male interns repeatedly use the word “b h” in their shared living space, despite multiple requests from female staff to stop. I was 25-ish and traveling all the time, so it seemed like a good deal!

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Three Ways to Leverage Your Internal Brand


Do your internal communications keep them energized and up-to-date on company strategic initiatives? Last week we attended the Internal Branding & Employee Engagement conference in Orlando. HR branding building your brand internal branding leveraging your brand

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience

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How to Use It: Companies often encourage or mandate employees to take cultural awareness training, especially immediately prior to expanding to international markets. Prepare for a Career with an International Dimension.

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International Relations Internships

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Three premier organizations offering international relations internships in those fields are the World Bank, USAID, and the United Nations. With an official goal of reducing poverty, the World Bank describes itself as the “world’s leading international development organization.”

International Relations Careers In Seattle-Portland

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Portland and Seattle, two of the most culturally and economically-diverse cities in the world, offer fantastic opportunities for professionals interested in the field of International Relations. They actively seek International Relations scholars to expand the reach of their organization.

I’m supposed to sleep in the office when I travel for work

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When you’re traveling for work, it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll have some privacy in your off-hours, not have someone coming into your space, even if you’re not there when it happens. I get that they’re trying to aggressively reduce expenses, but if they can’t afford to put you up in a basic hotel when you travel, then they can’t afford to have people traveling for work. You may also like: I don’t want to use Airbnb for business travel — am I out of touch?

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United States Colleges Offer Opportunities for International Job Skills Development


As international students search for U.S. The fact that you were willing to take a risk and travel to the U.S. Job Search international students leadership volunteering

Traveling to Holland: Visa Preparation and Climate

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This is part 2 of a new 6-part travel series on Holland, including how to travel to Holland, the dutch culture, dutch lifestyle, dutch environment and essential things to know about the country. Traveling to Holland/Europe. Traveling to Holland: Visa Preparation and Climate.

How to Study Abroad on a Budget

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Look for Travel Deals. Also, plan to travel a bit before or after your program. Some places are simply cheaper to travel to than others. If you’re planning on taking your cellphone, see what kind of international plans your phone carrier offers. Get Travel Insurance.

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Creativity Hacks You Can Do While Flying

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Business travel can sap your creativity, with long hours and the airport-office-hotel-airport circuit. Is the woman in 14F going to interview for a job on the International Space Station? Featured News Travel & Leisure air travel creativity hacks creative us of air travel time

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How To Find A Career That Lets You Travel The World

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More people than ever want to quit their jobs and start travelling the world. Travelling the world shouldn’t be pure escapism. Here are a few jobs that allow you to travel and earn money at the same time. Travel Writer.

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5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree

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You’re in college and decide that you want to pursue international business. There are many segments to international business, so there are several questions you need to ask yourself: What part of business are you interested in? How much do you want to travel?

Holland Travel Series: The Dutch Culture, Part 1

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This is part 3 of a new 6-part Holland travel series , including how to travel to Holland, the dutch culture, dutch lifestyle, dutch environment and essential things to know about the country. Traveling to Holland: Visa Preparation and Climate.

how to reject an internal candidate, I can’t afford interview travel, and more

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How to reject an internal candidate. We have an opening and two internal candidates applied. I can’t afford to travel for interviews. This position currently has 3 full-time reports and 3 interns. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I am a new manager at a small nonprofit (less than 10 employees). I don’t know them well since I’ve only been with the organization for about two months.

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I Can’t Afford to Travel for Work, How Do I Tell My Boss?

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& Dale: I just got a promotion that involves some traveling. Standard procedure is that I pay my travel expenses and get reimbursed at the end of the month. I was just 25 years old and was assigned to start traveling to deliver training sessions. Dear J.T. &

should I consider a job that requires 75% travel?

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A reader writes: Should I even consider a job with 75% travel required? This job is a promising lead, but I’m worried about the 75% travel required. It’s for a state court system, so I’m not even sure why I would be traveling. I’ve traveled for work before. 75% travel is a lot. But the majority of people would really struggle with this much travel, and I think you’re in that majority.

Finding The Perfect Hotel For Your Trip

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Whether it’s a road trip or international travel, most of us love to travel. While there are a ton of booking sites out there, here are some tips to find the perfect hotel for your travels. The post Finding The Perfect Hotel For Your Trip appeared first on Ms.

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3 Amazing Thailand Resort Experiences

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But it’s landscape varies from stunning sandy beaches washed by crystal waters to remote mountain villages to the international city of Bangkok. Top that off with the availability of very reasonably priced five star resorts, and it’s travelers nirvana.

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what should an internal “farewell” email say?

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager what should an internal “farewell&# email say? February 4, 2011 A reader writes: I have to send the “farewell&# mass internal e-mail to my co-workers. I am curious what you would say about the mass internal e-mail bidding goodbye.

How to make business travel manageable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to make business travel manageable Posted to: Productivity | Self-management November 11th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook Last year I traveled almost every week. Some weeks I traveled to three different cities. If you are excited about business travel, thinking it’s a free ticket to see the world, you should stop reading now. I love travel.

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asking interns to stop greeting everyone individually, coworker used a racist word, and more

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Should I ask my interns to stop greeting everyone in the morning? We have 10 employees and typically a couple interns per semester. When our interns arrive for their shifts, they have to walk past every single person’s office to get to their desk. I’ve noticed that the interns stop to greet every single person when they arrive and then again to say good bye to every single person when they leave. ” But that only helps you with future interns.

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can I refuse to travel for work, I got emotional in a meeting, and more

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Can I refuse to travel for work? The job description for this position did not mention anything about traveling. The contract I signed did not mention anything about traveling. Since this is a grant-funded position, I felt that I wouldn’t be asked to do long distance travel due to costs. Anyway, the reason I can’t do long distance traveling is due to a sick family member I am helping to take care of. Many interns are offered jobs at the end.

should I invite my lonely intern over for dinner?

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I am currently supervising an intern, “Fergus,” who is a grad student in his mid-20s. His home city is an eight-hour drive away (or a one-hour flight away), which makes it a bit impractical for him to travel home every weekend. While our organization currently has around 20 interns, I gather that HR has not organized any social events for them (and in any case, most other interns live locally and already have their circles of friends, and social lives, etc).

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my boss complains about me to my parents, my boss doesn’t want me to work while traveling, and more

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I work remotely but my boss doesn’t want me to work while traveling. I had three other offers at the time and chose this job because it’s remote and I love to travel. I have an international trip coming up and assured my manager I would be working at the regular hours, available my usual phone number, and connected to strong wifi. But a week later, he decided I am not allowed to work while traveling and I must take my entire time away as vacation days.

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5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

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GPS, short for global positioning system, has for the most part made maps obsolete for everyday travel. Why would you print out MapQuest directions or pull out a travel atlas when all you need to do is punch the address of your destination into your navigation system or smartphone?

Bring These Gadgets on Your Next Work Trip


As my career has grown so has the need for me to travel for work. Thankfully, I flipped my internal script! Now I embrace work travel. Part of what makes it enjoyable is all of the travel gadgets and tech available to everyday consumers. Portable Travel Footrest.

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Here’s Why You Should Visit El Paso On Your Next Trip

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El Paso International Airport is the main hub for visitors looking to fly into the city and there is also an Amtrak station for travelers who want to arrive by train. Travel & Leisure visit El PasoThis El Paso City Guide was originally published by IHG.

work travel expenses with a baby, required to be on the “fun committee,” and more

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Work travel expenses with a baby. In terms of childcare, we have emergency back-up daycare and also an annual allowance of $400 for childcare reimbursement if you need to work outside of regular hours or while traveling. I need to book work travel but am waiting on a job offer. I’m waiting for an offer for an internal position I applied for a few months ago. If there’s an easy way to get out of the travel, I’d just do that.

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4 Things Happy People Do (& You Should Too)

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3) Travel. If you think you can’t afford it full-stop, then research the many ways that you can travel to exotic locations for next to nothing. Solo travel is incredibly rewarding. Featured Goals Productivity Beth Leslie happiness Things Happy People Do travel

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update: my employee is refusing to travel because her husband said she can’t

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Then, after a new intern joined our office, she announced that as a Christian woman, she could not meet privately with any unmarried men (this only applied to the intern). In private, I asked her if the intern had done something that made her uncomfortable or if there was anything I needed to know. But to keep up morale, I took all of her trips instead, and didn’t ask anyone from her team to do it since they didn’t get the extra travel pay.

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Exhaustion Has No Prejudice


A past lesson including booking two international trips practically back-to-back, one was two weeks in the South Pacific and the other was two weeks in the UK for work with a short nine days between trips. Mainlining Sanity.

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Why Taking A Limo May Be A Better Option

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I had flown into Liberty International in Newark, New Jersey. But for example if you’re traveling to London , Blacklane Limo includes complimentary wait time, all-inclusive rates, and free cancellation in addition to the quality ride and professional driver.

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The Rise of The Asia-Pacific As The Place To Go For Business-Minded Expats

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China and India are now home to eleven of the top 30 most dynamic cites in the world according to the City Momentum Index (CMI) – compiled by international professional services firm, JLL. Ask MCG News Travel & Leisure Asia-Pacific business expats expat destinations expats

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