Top Internship Programs Announced

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The post Top Internship Programs Announced appeared first on Ms. As everyone knows, an internship is essential to college students looking to advance their careers in a chosen industry,” said Tara McCaffrey, VP of Marketing at LLP’s Summer Internship.

How To Choose The Right Internship For YOU

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You’re a few years away from graduation, but you know you need to have internships under your belt before then. How do you choose the right internship? Those with internships on their resume tend to land jobs faster after graduation and tend to receive higher salaries upon graduation.

How To Make Internships Translate to Employers

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Talk to any successful business person and ask them about how they got their career start, and you’ll more than likely get a wistful look in their eye as they recall an internship that made a significant impact on their lives. The truth is that what your internships turns into rests on you.

5 Steps to a Great Internship – Identify Your Goals

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Our second article in the CareerAlley series “5 Steps to a Great Internship” (don’t forget to take a look at the first article, “ 5 Steps to a Great Internship – Overview “), focuses on identifying your goals.

Could Waiting Tables Be Better for Your Career Than an Internship?

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The most important thing we do is school and internships, right? To read the interviews, click here: Which One Does a Better Job Preparing You for Success? An Internship or a Restaurant Job So many parents tell their kids to focus on school while mom and dad pay the bills.

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How I Got An Internship With A Millionaire

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Related: How To Turn Your Internship Into Full-Time Employment. She had just returned from a life-changing internship in Costa Rica, where she spent a month living in a paradise jungle estate working with 20 other young people. How To Find An Internship. Job Search internship

A+ Internship Interviews

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It is time to apply for a summer internships. The most dreaded part of the process for most candidates is the interview. Interviewing causes anxiety for almost everyone. However, with some practice, interviewing becomes easier. The interviewer wants to get to know you.

How to Prepare for your Internship Interview


You have an interview date set for an internship position! There are different types of interviews and the preparation will vary accordingly. If you have any choice in the matter, you should always try for a face to face live interview. Great news!

Excellent Job Interview Tips: ResumeBear

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Job Interview Tips. We all know the main aim of the job interview. The interview is without doubt the most stressful point of the job search process for the job seeker and also the one that counts most. And so too are our interviewers. Job Interview Preparation.

Is This a Resume-Building Internship… or a Waste of Time?

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Ideally, by now you’ve heard the news – internships are no longer optional. Ok, so I’ll just go out and get some internships on my resume” you think. You don’t want just any internships on your resume. Informational Interviews. Not just internships.

Plan B: Five Alternatives to a Summer Internship


Things don’t always go according to plan, but don’t let the lack of a summer internship halt your professional development. OK so the internship didn’t work out for you this summer. What are you doing this summer as an alternative to an internship? .

The Quest for Multiple Internships: Is it Really Beneficial to Have More Than One?

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A professional internship provides an invaluable opportunity for young professionals to gain insight into their industry of interest. Each internship brings vital exposure to new experiences and gives the intern the ability to learn from those experiences. Internships Job Search Jobs

Facebook or Google – Which Internship is Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This infographic (from InternetServiceProviders ) pits internships from Google and Facebook against each other to see which is better! In an interview at Google, don’t say that you use it for everything – too keen! Facebook or Google – Which Internship is Better?

Telephone Your Way to Your Next Internship


Everyone’s talking about mastering LinkedIn and Twitter for job and internship success, but don’t forget to master the telephone and voicemail! Telephone Interviews. First, screening interviews are usually conducted by phone.

Why It’s OK To Hate Your Internship

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Some internships seem better than they actually are. So to make right by my responsible-college-student-self, I made the conscious decision to study in London because the program offered an internship placement. Like I said, not exactly the internship I had dreamed about.

Post Graduate Internship: Is it Right for You?


Today, there are fewer positions available and some companies use a post graduate internship as a testing period before a full time offer is extended. Post graduate internships are becoming more standard, but Career Services professionals advise students to be highly selective.

Find an Internship in Six Steps


College students are increasingly motivated to find a great summer internship. Countless studies don’t lie: College students with internships are more likely to land jobs at graduation. Key steps to finding an internship: Prepare. It works for job and internship seekers.

The Internship Movie: A Reality Check


I spend my time coaching and writing about internships and careers for college students and new grads, so of course I had to see The Internship movie on opening weekend. Just how realistic is this movie as compared to the real world of summer internships?

3 Keys to Success: Networking for an Internship


You may be the connector ( like me) or the student (like Julie) or even the parent of a student seeking an internship (like Barbara). Students need to leverage all of their networking opportunities in order to find the right internships.

ResumeBear: Interview Secrets We Should All Know

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You’ve managed to climb the first mountain; you have been asked to attend an interview. You need to know a lot about the organization before you decide which outfit to wear for your interview. Understanding the business will help your self-assurance before and during the interview.

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Cover Letter Your Way to an Internship or First Job


Instead narrow your focus on the best internship and job opportunities for you. This is your chance to tell the employer exactly why you deserve the interview and position. Gen Y Job Search cover letter cover letter tips internship job seeker sandra long

5 Secrets for a Great Phone Interview


Telephone interviews are popular for a first screening interview. Many companies choose this method for first interviews for prospective interns. 5 Secrets for a Great Phone Interview. Do the same preparation for a phone interview that you would for a normal one.

why didn’t I get a full-time offer after my internship?

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At first I struggled to make a good impression in the first two or three weeks of the internship. At the end of the internship, I was given an evaluation by my manager. But she also stated that I could improve in my web development skills since I had no prior knowledge of it before starting the internship. She also said that I seemed to not be as passionate about the work I was doing during the first half of the internship, but that I improved a lot on that as well.

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Are You Actively Interviewing?

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One of the interview questions that I’ve heard quite a lot lately is “Are you actively interviewing now?” However, in my case it’s different – I’m a recent graduate, I had a long-term internship after I’ve graduated, and I haven’t been employed for a few months since. So of course I am actively interviewing! Therefore, they aren’t interested in interviewing anybody who is interviewing anywhere else.

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How Unconscious Biases Can Hurt Job Seekers Before the Interview Even Begins

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Her resume was great – an engineering graduate with honors, many internships, and volunteer positions to prove her competencies – but she received very little response. Many interviewers are drawn to people who are similar to themselves.

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What To Write In A Thank You Email After Your Interview

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What To Write In A Thank You Email After Your Interview. What’s one of the biggest mistakes job seekers make when sending thank you notes after the interview (besides not sending one at all)? Related: How To Write The Best Job Interview Thank You Note.

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Emailing Your Way Into an Internship


Sample 1: Following up on an interview. Subject Line: “Interview Appointment”. Thank you for your email about an interview for the accounting internship. I look forward to the interview. Sample 2: Setting up an informational interview.

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He Clawed His Way to an Internship Job

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So when I looked for internships in the Fall of my last year of college, I really didn’t know what to expect. I went to a few mostly unpromising internship interviews in anything remotely close to my field of education, but I had no luck. I took the “internship” just to see what would come of it. And if you are wondering how much that internship originally paid, through some complex calculation that I do not understand to this day, it averaged to $3 per hour.

Acing that Job Interview Resumebear Tips

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Recognize when the job interview really starts. While you should prepare for a job interview, you don’t want to come across as an overly rehearsed robot. Take your conversational cues from the interviewer.

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13 Illegal and Legal Interview Questions:

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Career Advice College Students Employee Benefits Featured Articles Internships Interview Tips Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Resume & Cover Letter Tips job interview Job Search job search strategy job seekers jobs resume resumebearAge Inappropriate: How old are you?

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How To Ask For A Letter of Recommendation

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With spring break around the corner, now is prime time for college students to apply for summer internships. Even list the question in your email subject: i.e.: “Request for letter of recommendation to include with my summer internship application.”.

Job Interview Best Practices Advice with DeVay Campbell

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How could you not be curious about the title of this interview book? It was released on June 30, and it’s #1 on Amazon’s internship book list. Listen to this episode, get the book, and reap the benefits of job interview best practices. Another interview show?

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Never Settle: How to Get an Internship That Doesn’t Suck

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The survey revealed that “some companies have stated they will not consider a candidate for employment who has not completed an internship.”. In short: internships are no longer just important. ” This second type of internship is a complete waste of your valuable time.

Consider a Winter Internship

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With the increasingly common practice of virtual internships, a winter gig can be the perfect place to start an ongoing position.

7 Questions To Ask At Your Next Job Interview

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Finding the right graduate internship is important for both you and your employer. It’s essential you ask questions too when you are being interviewed for a role. Related: Interview Questions You Should Ask.

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Assert Yourself: How to Show Strength in a Job Interview

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At a job interview you won’t be expected to dominate or lead the meeting. Although there may be exceptions, it’s usually best to respond to questions rather than try to control the interview yourself. If you tend to be nervous during interviews, you may speak more rapidly than normal.

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5 Ways To Be Confident During Your First Job Interview

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5 Ways To Be Confident During Your First Job Interview. Here are some tips that will give you a boost of confidence for your first interview: Related: 4 Things You Can’t Forget To Do Before Your Interview. Practice Before The Interview.

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5 Steps to a Great Interview

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The post 5 Steps to a Great Interview appeared first on Ms. Want to know the Steps to a Great Interview? Spring is always a fun time because it is interview season! Nailing the interview. Here are a few steps to help you prepare to nail that interview: 1.

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Do Your Homework with Pre-Interview Research


You have an opportunity to impress them, whether applying for an internship or a job. 4 Ways to do Pre-Interview Research. Find out the name of all the people you will be meeting at your interview. Gen Y Job Search interview sandra sandra long

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Interview Cheat Sheet: 8 Tips For A Flawless Interview

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Got an interview coming up soon? That’s why we created the Interview Cheat Sheet ! Interview Cheat Sheet. Here are eight solid interview tips from our experts: Interview Preparation. Original article: How to Answer Tough Interview Questions Correctly ).

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