Top Internship Programs Announced

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The post Top Internship Programs Announced appeared first on Ms. As everyone knows, an internship is essential to college students looking to advance their careers in a chosen industry,” said Tara McCaffrey, VP of Marketing at LLP’s Summer Internship.

Facebook Career Fairy: Ditched Retail for HR Wish

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Trying to transition from retail to HR can be a challenge, especially without experience. I’ve worked in customer service (retail) during my undergraduate days, but now I’ve shifted to human resources for my graduate degree. Uncategorized Facebook Career Fairy HR retail

Who's Hiring in Retail Vol 3

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Don’t Run with Sissors Four Ways To Re-Personalize Your Job Search And Get Noticed » Who’s Hiring in Retail Vol 3 “ There is only one boss. Well into the Holiday shopping season, and what better time to revisit Retail than now? Top of the site (when I checked) indicated that there were over 63,000 retail job opportunities.

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how can I move from retail into a professional career?

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A reader writes: I currently work full-time at a large retail store as a department lead (no real management responsibilities). I’m in my late 20s, and my 10 years of work history consist of numerous child care jobs (many of them “off-the-books”) and two other retail jobs (a three-month seasonal position and a six-month stay at my very first job as a teenager). I can’t afford and don’t have the free time for more education, training, internships, etc.

Consider a Winter Internship

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 Boutique retailers need tons of help with inventory and sales. With the increasingly common practice of virtual internships, a winter gig can be the perfect place to start an ongoing position.

Student And Graduate Resume Writing


Internships: Of course you’ll want to include any and all student internships you’ve had in the past. Tips from the Pros career content graduate resume internship professional resume redstarresume resume writer resume writing student internship student internships student resume

rude internships, unrealized raffle prizes, and more

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My wife started working full-time with a retail company. It’s short answer Saturday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. My manager told me to cover for an absent coworker with asking if I can. My core hours are 8-5, and another coworker’s hours are 9-6, which is the closing shift for our office. I close for her occasionally when one of us needs to shift our hours.

10 tips to get the most out of your internship — Ask a Manager

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager 10 tips to get the most out of your internship January 17, 2011 If you’re thinking about leaving college without doing a couple of internships, don’t. But it’s also not enough simply to do a few internships. News & World Report today, I offer 10 tips for getting the most out of your internship. But it’s also not enough simply to do a few internships.

coworkers are insensitive after a layoff, trimming down internship experience on a resume, and more

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I know most retail-type jobs don’t want to hire someone with an almost-master’s and (despite my education) I’m still pretty inexperienced for more serious jobs. Should I trim down the internship experience on my resume? Basically I had a really impressive resume for a recent college graduate, but all of my experience/internships were in one field. But that’s awkward to do with so many internships already, even if they’re unrelated.

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update from the reader whose dad was frustrated about her unpaid internship

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She was working in an unpaid internship that she enjoyed, but her father thought any paid work would be better for her resume. While interviewing, I found that hiring managers and HR were impressed with the fact that I had stayed at my internship longer than the required four weeks for my program. I do wish that I had cut back a bit at my internship and found a part-time job in retail or something similar.

25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year

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Candidate qualities: Internship experience in related engineering and science fields; knowledge of field based on experience and degree program; excellent verbal and writing skills; and demonstrated leadership on academic projects, honor societies and extracurricular activities.

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5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


On the back you can add any of the following: Top skills related to your goals; accomplishments related to your goals; impressive courses related to your goals; relevant keyword phrases or mission statement related to your personal branding; past internship companies or other work experiences.

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It’s always interesting to note what staff members of retail shops do when I walk into a shop or a restaurant. Comments (1) #1 written by Juring about 1 year ago Quote It is so common that we all will meet such kind of staff (who say welcome but doesn’t mean that indeed) in the retail shops. Ultimate Career Career Worth Living For! Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Career Architects About Ethan What Students Say « What’s the guarantee? How Flexible Are You?

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How to volunteer your way into a paid job

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Volunteering, unpaid internships, work experience… different names but the basic idea is the same – giving up your time for free in exchange for gaining skills, experience, and in some cases, a paid job.

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4 Things Happy People Do (& You Should Too)

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The Science: Use this knowledge sparingly – retail therapy actually works. The Task: We’re not talking about constant retail therapy here. Beth Leslie writes careers advice for Inspiring Interns, who specialise in matching candidates to their dream internship.

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How to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Interviewing in One Day

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Retailers may expect their employees to dress a certain way. You may be wondering how my daughter landed this internship.

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my father is frustrated that I don’t have a paying position yet

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Four weeks of internship are required for my program, but I’m just now finishing up my ninth week with this department, as they have told me that they appreciate my work and will let me stay on (unpaid) until I find a job. He claims that potential employers will look down at the unpaid internship that I’m now doing, because it shows that I was not actually “hired” by the company. internships

What Do You Do When Your Resume Is Bare?


Internships: Of course you’ll want to include any and all student internships you’ve had in the past. One of the first steps in making the transition from student to job seeker is to create a professional resume.

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Job Interview Best Practices Advice with DeVay Campbell

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It was released on June 30, and it’s #1 on Amazon’s internship book list. It was released on June 30, and it’s #1 on Amazon’s internship book list. How could you not be curious about the title of this interview book?

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20 Years Later, Much Career Advice Still Applies

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In the summer of 1996 after my sophomore year of college, I started an internship at a nonprofit technology association in downtown Washington, D.C. Until that point, I’d only worked in retail and had no idea what to expect. I asked my father and a professor for advice. Remarkably, 20 years later much of that guidance still resonates. Doors open based on who you know. In the late 90s, these were physical doors rather than virtual ones, but the concept is the same.

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don't send poetry as your writing sample, and other suggestions.

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Posted in internships , interviewing , phone interviews , students I’m hiring college students for several internships right now, which means that the candidates are a mix of really impressive/prepared and really … not. what should I say/ask as I leave my internship?

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I was one of the interns fired for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code

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A reader writes: I am writing to you because I was fired from my internship last summer. Why I’m writing to you now is because besides that internship, I have no other work experience. I don’t think I should put the internship on my resume because I got fired and because it was for a stupid reason that I know was wrong. I don’t even think I should mention the internship when I apply or at interviews, and I still regret letting Niles talk me into it.

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Students and Grads Top 10 Companies

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Students in the United States (US) are more likely to follow entertainment, media and social brands, while students in the United Kingdom are most interested in fashion and retail. Search for jobs and internships at our Student Jobs homepage. Top 10 Companies for Students and Graduates.

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How an MBA can advance a fashion management career

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If you are genuinely committed to a career in fashion, make it a point to do at least one internship at a fashion company during your MBA. Fashion management is an extraordinarily competitive field – as well as a lucrative one.

How To Find A Great Finance Job Right Out Of College

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Working as a clerk at your local retail bank might not count: In this competitive economic environment, rigorous internships with national or international financial firms may be required. Jobs in finance are among the world’s most sought-after positions.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Get A Job At Apple?

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Talk to a retail associate at one of their stores. Nicholas Allegra) was awarded an internship at Apple after routinely jailbreaking each iOS version that came out. The goal of working at Apple is a lofty yet attainable one.

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Evil Resume Templates


A graduate with limited work experience needs to highlight their education, university associations, memberships and internships. Although you may have worked in retail or hospitality throughout your degree this information while important, is secondary to your educational information.

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Stuck in Your Job? Tips to Improve Your Finances So You Can Move On

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If you’ll need experience, look at entry level positions or internships you could take. Find part-time opportunities in retail that interest you such as fashion, food, flowers, coffee, the list goes on and on! Are you dreaming of a new career?

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The Circle of Life for Job Search

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The site has entry level jobs and internships posted by employers. Retail Jobs Report – If you are looking for a retail or restaurant job, this is the site for you. There are tabs at the top for Search Retail Jobs, Retail Professionals, Restaurant Professionals, Part Time Jobs and more. Retail Jobs provides a drop down list by city. The Retail and Restaurant pages link to detailed pages for those careers.

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How I Succeeded at Sales Despite Academic Challenges

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This is a true career story as told to DiversityJobs and is one of many interviews with financial planners and retail sales managers. Whether it was commission sales through a part-time retail job or raffle tickets for a fund raiser, I could always sell.

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my mom is pressuring me to apply for jobs I don’t want

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My internship ends in June (six-month internship), so I started looking and applying for jobs in March. It took me six months to find my current internship when I wasn’t so diligent about looking for jobs. She has suggested applying to fast food places and retail just to have a job. I think I’ll have a job lined up by the time my internship ends, but if I don’t, I’ll be able to continue paying for my expenses here by doing XYZ.

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are unshaven legs unprofessional?

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A reader writes: I’m just about to start my first professional internship, and I don’t shave my body hair for a lot of reasons I won’t go into. It wasn’t an issue at my last retail position because I was working in a air-conditioned warehouse and could stick with jeans. Am I going to be considered unprofessional in my first internship ever?

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my boss gave all the women flowers for Mother’s Day, I was demoted because of a horrific act by my employee, and more

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I work part-time in a retail setting. I never heard back after my internship interview. After applying for my dream internship, I was scheduled for a preliminary interview over coffee with the first of two planned interns who I would be working side by side with. Over 12 weeks to fill an internship position seems very long, especially considering this company is now at the start of the busy season. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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ask the readers: how can I get Excel skills?

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I know the ideal thing would be to find an internship which would require me to learn it, but I already work weekends and holidays in a retail job and can’t afford to give that up. (I’m I’m in the UK, and internships are more uncommon here.). I’m throwing this one out to the readers to answer.

Finding a Good Fit: Ann Inc.’s Principle in Fashion and Careers

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the corporate head of products such as Ann Taylor, Loft, and Lou&Grey retailers. Their job opportunities include both store and corporate careers, and even offer internships. The post Finding a Good Fit: Ann Inc.’s ’s Principle in Fashion and Careers appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ANN INC. for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. A job is not just a job. It is a very big part of your life.

Demand For Pharmacy Jobs Still High

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programs to complete several years of work experience in retail pharmacies or hospitals, and specialist pharmacy positions may require applicants to go through residencies of one to two years in length.

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It’s Tougher at the Bottom: Why All Students Should Work Minimum Wage (at Least Once)

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Especially when we discovered that instead of faux interviewing for lofty future “career” type jobs, we’d be pretending to seek positions as Starbucks baristas and American Eagle retail jockeys.

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I’m still getting calls from clients after being let go, my coworker is interfering in my work, and more

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My internship hasn’t turned out to be what I was promised. Psychology majors are required to complete 120 hours of practical experience in an internship to graduate. I was both lucky and excited to quickly secure an internship at a nonprofit organization that listed the position as “Human Resources and Client Services Intern.” Nope, this isn’t cool, especially if it’s an unpaid internship. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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What Our Future College Grads Need to Know About Job Hunting


Choose an internship, first. These will come in handy in almost all lines of work, but particularly in the retail industry , where people skills are a must. Thinking about your future can be scary because we all fear the uncertainty.

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#1 Job Search Strategy All Recent Grads Should Use

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If you worked in retail during your high school or college years, you likely served customers and often resolved conflict to keep your customers happy.

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