Preparing for the Job Search Post Covid-19

Ms. Career Girl

Either way, with many companies looking to trim staff or even unlikely to survive the pandemic at all, there will likely be countless workers starting a job search in the coming months. Having an updated resume or CV is an essential step in getting ready to apply for jobs.

2020 262

Job Search During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Ms. Career Girl

We all know that a job search can be stressful under the best of conditions. But in these current times of COVID-19, how do we stay in the right frame of mind to be successful in today’s job search ? Job Search During Covid?

2020 215

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How to Conduct a Job Search During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ms. Career Girl

For those trying to conduct a job search during the coronavirus pandemic, it may be tempting to throw up your hands and admit defeat — at least until a sense of normalcy returns. Be the job candidate who does not get distracted by all of the coronavirus updates.

2020 251

5 Interview Resources for Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit

Career Alley

interviewing is not just talking about yourself, it's asking the right questions, giving the right answers and expressing yourself in the right way. Interviews Interview Tips Job Search Toolkit

2016 305

Don’t Let Social Distancing Stall Your Job Search

Professional Resume Services

However, if you are in an active job search mode, there are plenty of ways you can still focus on your job search within the safety of your own home. Read more » The post Don’t Let Social Distancing Stall Your Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

2020 173

6 Job Search Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Career Alley

It goes without saying that just a few critical mistakes during the job search and interview process separate a successful job seeker from one that fails. But remember, they can easily change the outcome of your job search. Job Search Interview Tips negoitiate your job offer Salary

2016 313

12 Job Search Tips & Tricks

Career Alley

The job market has improved lots since 2008, but it is still difficult to find a job. Plenty of supply (as in candidates), just not enough demand (as in jobs). If you have been looking for a job for more than three months, then tips and tricks listed below could certainly help you find that job. There are some basic tricks like, updating your profile on LinkedIn or any of the job search engines. Pounding the Keyboard for Jobs. Job Search.

2015 248

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Used in Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

I’ve found that many executive job seekers don’t know anything about ATS, and are in the dark about how ATS and AI work together. The post How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Used in Executive Job Search appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Executive Job Interviews Executive Job Search Executive Networking Artificial Intelligence (AI) executive job interviews

2019 205

How to Harness the Power of Positive Thinking During Your Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re miserable in your job, first realize your unhappiness is likely a signal to you that something isn’t right, that now is the time to move on. Your job search will thank you! Negative self-talk during a prolonged job search is a vicious cycle.

2020 226

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Overview

Career Alley

Okay, so I admit it – I’m a fanatic with job search (and, therefore, this blog). When I’m looking for a job I’m obsessed. I use a tried and true process which enables me to more quickly find the right job for me. We are going to provide everything you need to organize and build you job search toolkit over the next few posts. Your “plan” is essentially to create the lists you will need to get your job search started.

2015 255

5 Strategic Job Search Tips

Career Alley

If you are continuously failing in finding the right job, you have to understand that it’s not always about your eligibility and skills. One has to really plan while appearing for interviews and while searching for jobs. This post presents some useful strategies for effective job search. Industries are getting competitive day-by-day and getting a lucrative job has become immensely difficult. Good luck in your search. Jobs by.

2014 284

Planning for Your Job Search – Lesson 1

Career Alley

A friend of mine (let’s call him Phil) just started his job search and he asked me to review his resume. When I started talking with Phil about his resume, I realized that he had not given any thought as to the type of company he wanted to work at, the types of jobs he was considering, where he would start his search (recruiters, job search sites, etc.) or any other aspect of his job search other than his resume. Jobs by.

2014 311

How to Leverage YouTube for Job Search

Career Alley

YouTube is gaining popularity as an alternative to other job search tools. Not only can you view lots of "how to" videos on job search (see some of the topics below), you can use YouTube to promote yourself in a few ways. Career advice Interviews Resumes YouTube

2016 247

5 Ways to Leverage the Internet in Your Job Search

Career Alley

In today's very competitive job search market, those who get there first have the best opportunity of getting the interview. Recruiters and hiring managers receive more resumes than they need to fill their job openings. Career advice Internet Job Search Mobile Job Search Smartphone Job Search Smartphones

2016 217

6 More Android Apps for Job Search & the Perfect Resume

Career Alley

Smartphones have become one of the leading "devices" for job search. Your chances of getting an interview are significantly increased if you "get there first". Job Search

2015 292

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Resume Building

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The most important job search document is, of course, your resume. Having the best resume possible will be the key determining factor as to whether or not you will get an interview. Resumes Career Advice Resume

2016 272

?? Top Job Search Articles of 2020


2020's most popular job search blog posts from the most popular job search bloggers. At the end of every year, I reach out to dozens of job search experts to ask for their top job search-related articles from the past 12 months.

2020 83

Reviews – Top 5 Job Search Books

Career Alley

We can all use help looking for a job. All of that is very helpful and can help us fast track the job search process. There must be hundreds of job search resource books out there, which are the best ones to use? Following are some reviews of the top 5 job search books to help your make your selection. Knock ‘em Dead 2014: The Ultimate Job Search Guide – Another good resource on job search with lots of great tips.

2014 309

7 Apps to Help with Your Job Search

Career Alley

Finding a job has never been is harder with recent job cuts, lay-offs and mass redundancies. Competition has increased with the Internet - it has never been easier to conduct a job search and submit your resume. You have to be more competitive to get an interview and land a job in a good company. Job Search Apps iOS Smartphones

2016 260

12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

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four years of college may not be enough to land the job of your choice. Graduation does guarantee a job. On the contrary, your college diploma just means you are now qualified to look for a job. College Grads College Job Search Internships Interviews Networking ResumesBut why wait until you graduate.

2016 255

6 Things You Can Learn From Your Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

The post 6 Things You Can Learn From Your Job Search appeared first on Ms. I moved across the country without a job. I began my job search earlier this year and had a solid idea of the type of company I wanted to join and the skills I have to offer. The next day, I had my first interview. Six weeks later, to the day, I accepted an incredible job offer. Several of my friends and family members were fear-stricken when I choose to move without a job.

2016 159

Why You Need a Website for Your Job Search

Career Alley

In job search, marketing is key and having a job search marketing toolkit should be part of your job search plan. Let's face it, most employers will do an extensive web search of each candidate prior to (or certainly during) any interview process. Job Search Branding marketing toolkit personal website

2017 210

College Grad Job Search – Preparing for Graduation

Career Alley

If you are one of the thousands of people who will be graduating from college this Spring, there is a very good chance that you’ve not yet started your job search. Maybe you think it is a bit too early to be job searching (that is a big mistake). The sooner you get started on your job search the better. We are still in one of the worst job markets we’ve seen for recent college grads. This site also allows search and post your resume.

2015 267

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech Volume 2

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If you’ve been job hunting for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the “Elevator Speech” It is your short marketing speech (your job search objectives) and can be used in a variety of situations such as cold calls, job fairs, meeting someone at a networking event, yes – even an elevator! Job Search Toolkit elevator speech Interviews

How to Leverage YouTube for Job Search

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YouTube is gaining popularity as an alternative to other job search tools. Not only can you view lots of “how to” videos on job search (see some of the topics below), you can use YouTube to promote yourself in a few ways. Tips and Resources : There are YouTube videos for just about everything, and job search is no exception. Career HMO – Some interesting videos on job search (also related to Careerealism). jobs by.

2015 231

Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech

Career Alley

You have 30 seconds to strike up a conversation and convince Mr. Big why he should consider interviewing and hiring you. Interviews elevator speechWhat do you say? Are you prepared? You would be if you had your elevator speech.

15 Tips for Improving Your Job Search

Career Alley

Job search is a challenging process, but certainly not a difficult one. Job search is much the same. Following is a list of tips to help you improve your job search and focus on what is important. Make a plan – Whether it’s a check list or a list of action items, you should have a job search plan. Kickstart Your Job Search Do Your Research – Do you know where you want to work? The early bird gets the job.

2014 274

Are You Executive Job Search-Ready?

Executive Career Brand

7 Questions to Test Your Preparedness for Executive Job Search. I guess no one is really ready for a job-hunt until they’re forced into it, but I’ve found that many new job seekers dive in before understanding how today’s executive job search works. causing missteps and possibly prolonging the search process in unproductive, anxiety-ridden ways. 7 Questions to Test Your Preparedness for Executive Job Search.

2016 189

6 Ways Covid-19 Anxiety Affects Your Work or Job Search

Ms. Career Girl

As businesses shift, expand and close due to pandemic circumstances, it is especially hard hitting for executive job seekers trying to stay ahead of the game. Here are 6 signs that covid-19 anxiety is affecting your work or job search: Procrastination.

2020 163

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Cover Letters

Career Alley

Why You Need a Cover Letter: Lets you provide your personal response to the specifics of the job opportunity and why you are a good fit. The hiring manager will know you took the time to read the job description and compare it to your experience and abilities. Allows you to offer up the next steps (a call, an interview, etc.). Opening Section of Cover Letter : Let the hiring manager know why you are applying for the job. Good luck in your search, Joey. jobs by.

Sharpen Your Pre-Interview Job-Search Skills


Close to 4 million jobs have come open so far in 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics --a number that sounds impressive until you realize there are currently more than 12 million unemployed people in the U.S. With only enough positions available for one out of every three job seekers, it’s crucial to take the best advantage of every opportunity. The Résumé Hiring managers today typically have more résumés to peruse than they do jobs to offer.

2012 186

6 Alternatives to Job Search Boards

Career Alley

Without a doubt, job search boards are the number one tool that people use for their job search. Which is exactly why you should be looking at some of the other job search alternatives that are available to you. Let’s face it, crowds of job searchers means more competition (which is not what you want when conducting a job search). Another reason to use alternatives is that some jobs posted on job search boards are not real jobs.

2015 239

Reactive vs. Proactive Job Search Strategies

Career Realism

There are two kinds of job searches, reactive and proactive. Most people use reactive job search strategies, which means they look for job openings and then apply to the ones that interest them. Here are four key steps in a proactive job search.

2021 71

Job Search Strategies for Highly Ambitious Individuals

Career Alley

If you’re determined to secure an excellent job, you’ll have to go further than just sending off a few CVs and hoping for the best. Here, we take a look at ways to secure the very best jobs out there. The benefit here is that you could be approached about jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet. When you’re looking at the very best jobs in your field, it’s these strategies that will help you to beat the competition and create the right impression.

Soap Box Job Search

Career Alley

“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.&# – Mark Twain In my last job, there was this one woman who worked for me who always had the 30 minute. Want to find the best jobs and job resources? Career advice Careers Job Search Internships Interviews

Good Morning Job Search

Career Alley

I can complain (and this is not a complaint) or I can look for another job. But let’s face it, all jobs have their ups and downs and any other job is likely to have some aspect that is not ideal. You need to know what’s important to you in your career (and your job). Does your job have more negatives than positives? Maybe it’s time for you to start your job search. Rather, it provides links to other sites which have posted jobs.

14 Job Search Resources for 2015

Career Alley

There are four basic categories of job search resources – Recruiters, Job Search Sites, Social Networks and Company Career Sites. You should be allocating your the time you spend on job search across these resource types. But rather than just finding whatever comes up when you do an Internet search, you will have a more efficient search if you focus on a few select resources (you can expand your list as you go). Job Search.

2015 245

Making Networking and Informational Interviews Part of your Job Search

Career Alley

There’s a 90% chance your next job will come through networking, even more so if relocation isn’t part of your job searching plan. Nationally , 80% of all jobs are found in the hidden job market. You find the hidden job market through networking. The hidden job market is composed of the positions that open in organizations that are never advertised and are usually filled via word-of-mouth. What are some of the jobs you’ve had before this one?

2013 245

12 Job Search Blunders You Don’t Want to Make

Career Alley

A bad interview, a resume error (big time), insulting the interviewer (unintentionally). Whatever the reason, it’s not a bad idea to look at other people’s job search grief. But you know what, sometimes it’s not you, sometimes it’s on the interviewer’s side. I remember one job interview I had where the interviewer got a phone call in the middle of the interview.

2014 286

12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

Career Alley

But your four years of college may not be enough to land the job of your choice. Graduation does guarantee a job. On the contrary, your college diploma just means you are now qualified to look for a job. Why not get a head start on the job hunting process? Your second major should be Job Search Preparation. Now is the time to explore the types of careers and jobs that use your major.

2014 272

10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success

Executive Career Brand

Many of the c-suite and senior-level executives I work with haven’t faced a job search in 5, 10 or even 15 years or more. If they’ve changed jobs over that time, they were sought after by executive recruiters and managed to circumvent the job search process. And there are those who truly have job security, at least for the time being, but are dissatisfied with their job or their company. Network into the Hidden Job Market.

2015 192

5 Tips for Successful Job Search Networking

Career Alley

As you add contacts (or renew old contacts) during your job search, you should also “refresh” your relationships on a regular basis while looking for a job. For friends, relatives and business acquaintances, it is as easy as reminding them that you’re out there looking for a job. If they know you they already know that you are looking for a job, so a simple email (or phone call) will usually suffice. Good luck in your search, Joey.

2014 250

5 Tips for Your Job Search Makeover

Career Alley

Maybe your resume and interviews are a little on the shabby side and need a bit of a makeover. Interviews NetworkingYou have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2015 251