5 Strategic Job Search Tips

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If you are continuously failing in finding the right job, you have to understand that it’s not always about your eligibility and skills. One has to really plan while appearing for interviews and while searching for jobs. Good luck in your search. Jobs by.

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College Grad Job Search – Preparing for Graduation

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If you are one of the thousands of people who will be graduating from college this Spring, there is a very good chance that you’ve not yet started your job search. Maybe you think it is a bit too early to be job searching (that is a big mistake). Job Search.

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6 Alternatives to Job Search Boards

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Without a doubt, job search boards are the number one tool that people use for their job search. Which is exactly why you should be looking at some of the other job search alternatives that are available to you. Why go to a job fair? jobs by.

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Tips for Improving Your Job Search

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There are tons of great ways you can improve your job search experience with little to no effort on your part. Whatever you hold in your mind as your ideal job will be what you gravitate towards, so be careful what you wish for. Good luck in your search. Job Search.

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5 Reasons Why Less is More in Your Job Search

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The premise is that the more people who know you are job hunting, the better the chance that you will learn about opportunities. One obvious exception is your network, where you will want everyone in your network who can help you find a job to know you are on the hunt.

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How Attitude Can Impact Your Job Search

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Whether you are looking to advance your career within the current organization or searching for a job, your attitude will make a lot of difference. Question: Why did you leave the last job? I just felt like quitting. No one calls me for interview.”.

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Keep Up The Job Search Wherever You Are

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A dedicated job search takes eight hours a day , writes Career Cast. Get out, change the scenery, find a comfortable place and continue your job hunt with these recommended apps. Searching For The Ideal Job. Check on newly added jobs since your last search.

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Good Morning Job Search

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“ Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. &# – Napoleon Hill. I can complain (and this is not a complaint) or I can look for another job. But let’s face it, all jobs have their ups and downs and any other job is likely to have some aspect that is not ideal. You need to know what’s important to you in your career (and your job). Does your job have more negatives than positives? Good luck in your search.

Top Tips for Leveraging Your Smartphone for Your Job Search – Part 1

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Job search is often driven by “time is of the essence” (as in those who apply later in the process will not get an interview). For every job opening there are potentially thousands of individuals who are qualified. Good luck in your search. Job Search.

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Job Search is Like Strength Training – Heavy Lifting is Required

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Read 9 Snares In Your Job Search to Avoid. A job seeker recently read one of my articles only to say that he’s tried everything and yet has to… Click To Tweet. I think many job seekers think that way. The body or the job search doesn’t work that way.

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How Many LinkedIn Connections Are Good For Executive Job Search?

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I’ve even had quite a few men connect with me who treated LinkedIn like a dating site. And, once you reach the 500+ connections mark, your profile ranks higher in search results, making you more visible and findable. Executive Job Search and Personal Branding Help.

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How To Properly Quit Your Job

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You're ready to make a career change and have secured a new job (hopefully)! Now, it's time to quit your current job. First things first, unless we're talking about an extreme circumstance, you should never walk into your boss' office and say "I quit!"

my mom’s advice is ruining my sister’s job search, explaining I’m quitting because of COVID, and more

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My mom’s advice is ruining my sister’s job prospects. She believes herself to be an unparalleled authority on how to get a job. It would improve both of our lives if she found a job that enabled her to be truly independent. I’m high-risk and I’ve decided to quit.

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Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

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We wish you (veterans) much success during your transition, and hopefully, this show will contribute to your needs in finding the right job for you. I would love your feedback, especially if there are tools you need for your job search.

Motivational Pointers: Overcoming Your Fear of Job Searching

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Nobody said job searching is easy. Because of all the uncertainty, potential for rejections and stress of interviewing, job searching is a dread. Overcome your fear of job searching with the following tips: Set Short-Term, Specific Goals.

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Necessary Job Search Traits

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If a job seeker can harness and embrace these traits, they will have a higher likelihood of achieving their personal career goals. Communication Skills –In every position a job seeker is targeting they must use written, oral or visual presentation methodologies while being informative, persuasive and most importantly “connecting with the hiring manager”. Too often job seekers simply provide a well structured resume and talk about their achievements.

Ready to Give up on Your Job Search? Not Yet!

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The post Ready to Give up on Your Job Search? It’s true what people say—looking for a full-time job really is a full-time job. With all the searching, prep work, resume tweaking, interviewing, and feedback, it can be an emotional roller coaster.

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4 Job Searching Tips You Can Use Today

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The post 4 Job Searching Tips You Can Use Today appeared first on Ms. At some point in time, most job seekers feel like they have reached a dead end in their search. Below are 4 job search tips that you can put into action today. Create a Job Search Strategy.

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Social Disaster – is your Job Search Safe?

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I was recently recruiting for an open position and, after numerous resumes and interviews, narrowed the search down to three candidates and then the final choice. Then came the background check (which includes a fairly robust Internet search) and we discovered some disturbing news. The final candidate was a quite active political dissident (on the Internet, using blogs and comments). Do you know what will show up in a robust Internet search on you?

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Incredibly Obvious Job Search

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Is Your Resume Over-Bold? Jobs from the Best Companies to Work for Vol 10 » Incredibly Obvious Job Search “ Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Today’s post is all about getting the attention you job search needs.

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Job Search Support – Great Holiday Gift Ideas

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Three years after the “Great Recession”, the unemployment rate is still quite substantial. But, that does not mean that no one is hiring and it certainly does not mean you should slack off in your search. In fact, the end of your holiday season (end of November through the end of December) is the perfect time to ramp up your search so that you are “in the market” for the start of the new year. Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0:

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The New (But not So New) Job Search

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Both Hannah and I agree today’s job search is more than obsessively tweaking your resume. The new job search is about disruption and agility. I gladly accepted her invite to talk about what’s new in job search.

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Before You Quit Your Job, Have an Exit Plan


Soon after, I upped and quit my job. Then, while my boss was on vacation, I called and quit. So, before you quit your job and burn any bridges, consider mapping out an exit strategy. 3 THINGS NOT TO DO WHEN QUITTING YOUR JOB.

How Technology Can Improve Your Job Search

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This goes not only for casual conversation, such as through social media, but through the way customers and businesses interact and even how people seek out jobs. However, many of the changes delivered by technology are quite beneficial to job seekers!

Quitting Your Job the Right Way


The idea had been building in my mind for quite some time, and I had finally reached a point where my resources were coming together to make the idea a reality. I also knew that the way I quit was important in setting the tone for my HR career going forward.

6 Hazardous Roads to an Unsuccessful Job Search

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Welcome back to “The Voice of Job Seekers” podcast, this is Mark, your host of the show. This is a solo edition of the podcast where I will lend my views in some areas where your job search possibly needs help. 6 Hazardous Roads to an Unsuccessful Job Search.

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Job Search: Practice Redefined

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It clearly relates to interviews – but I also see connections to preparing a resume, or a cover letter, or a LinkedIn profile. Will job seekers use these new arguments to ignore the importance of practice as part of their career search? RELATED: Need some job search advice?

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Not Quite Enough Experience?

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Your standard dream job description may require an average of three to five years of experience when you only have two years of experience. You may be surprised and get at least a phone interview. Arriving with some relevant training can also make starting a new job easier.

New Kindle Book: 101 Top Holiday Job Search Tips from Job-Hunt Experts

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Are you in a job search, or about to be, and thinking that the end of the year is the worst time to land a job? More than 3 million jobs were OPEN in each of the months of October, November and December of 2011, and January of 2012. ? for Your Holiday Job Search.

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How Does Unconscious Bias Affect Older Job Seekers at Work or the Job Search?

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This week’s episode is a republishing of an interview done by Marc Miller, host of the Repurposing Your Career podcast, and the mega huge CareerPivot.com. As you know, Marc was on this show several weeks ago and as always quite enjoyable.

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Whether you are in college seeking an internship, or further on in your career and looking to advance your position, making basic and careless mistakes on a job interview can cost you that opportunity even if you have the experience, credentials, and intelligence.

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Is Job Search 2.0 Worth it?

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Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Is Job Search 2.0 by Nicole Crimaldi on May 10, 2010 Guest Post by, Jenny McCoy They say it’s easier to get a job when you have a job, but I’m not so sure. I launched my job search 2.0 The first week of my job search 2.0

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Look Both Ways Before You Quit

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Jobs are much the same. You could be fat and happy, enjoying your job and then you get a call from a recruiter who happens to have the most amazing job. Whatever your reason for looking for a job, if you are already employed and looking to make a move you need to be even more careful that you are making the right move. You can search by name, industry, state, country, number of employees, rankings, etc. (or Take a look at their Jobs links while you are there.

7 Things to Remember Before Your Interview

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It is said that successful interviews are eighty percent preparation and twenty percent execution. If you prepare well before the interview and execute well, you are likely to get that call which says ‘Welcome Aboard’. Understand the Job Description. Good luck in your search.

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Job Search – Hanging by a Thread

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So what can this possibly have to do with job search? Apply this to your job search, especially when evaluating new opportunities, interviews and resumes. There are other links at the top of the page for Cover Letter Writing, Resume Writing and Tools to find a job. Interview Help: HowtoInterview.com – With a tag line of “The #1 source for free Interview Help and Advice&# , this site offers quite a few links with resources.

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???? How To Stop Being Depressed About Job Search


A required job search shouldn't require a job search depression. If you can recognize the causes of job search depression, you can stop or even prevent job search depression from happening to you altogether. 13 Signs of Job Search Depression.

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When Job Search Email Goes Missing

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When Job Search Email Goes Missing is a post from: Executive Career Brand. It’s happened to me quite a few times, when I’ve been the sender and the receiver. Joyce, Editor and Publisher of Job-Hunt.org, a top Internet employment portal, said in her article about email and spam filters : Spam filters are not perfect. So a “good” message, like one from you responding to a job lead, may not be received. How To Land an Executive Job in 2011.

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An Agile Approach to Your Job Search: Create Your Agile Mindset

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It was titled An Agile Approach to Your Job Search. I decided that based on the response to that talk, I would do a series of blog posts for candidates about how to look for a job. In a job search, you, the candidate are your own customer, so you decide what’s valuable.

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On the Ledge – Job Search Have You Feeling Down?

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Thousands of Job Openings in Financial Services The Best Companies to Work for – Vol 11 » On the Ledge – Job Search Have You Feeling Down?

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How to Quit Your Job with Grace

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Recently I made a job change that required me to reevaluate my career goals, step out of my comfort zone, and resign from my first professional position. During my down time I started looking into potential job openings. I went on the interview with no expectations and no plans.

Help for the Job Search Blues


life@work advice and inspiration for careerists and job seekers, brought to you by heather mundell of dream big coaching services About Hire Me and Get Going with Your Big Dream Transform vision into action and get it done! Are you singing the job search blues?

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The Perfect Revenge: How to Quit a Job & Resign at Work


How I Quit My Job. They quit their job or worse they continued being unproductive stealing from your organization either with time or in other ways. Two days later I was phone interviewing while on the beaches of Mexico, and three months later I was out the door.

Why I Quit My Job Before I Had a New One

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The post Why I Quit My Job Before I Had a New One appeared first on Ms. I’m sure you’ve heard tell that it’s a bad idea to leave your job before you have a new one, that prospective employers are suspect of any gaps in employment – even voluntary ones. What job do you want?

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