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The New World of Electronic Recruiting

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Now I’m interested in a seasonal job. I then had a phone interview, after which I was welcomed as an employee and told that forms would be e-mailed to me. These forms needed personal identification, W-2, and so on, to be faxed back. Job Search electronic recruiting

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How to Answer the ‘What Did You Make at Your Last Job?’ Question

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

& Dale: I hate the “What did you make at your last job?&# As soon as I tell the recruiter what I made, the interview is over. If you lie, and they check your W-2, you’ll be in trouble. Job Search career interview job salary search

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The Perfect Revenge: How to Quit a Job & Resign at Work


How I Quit My Job. They quit their job or worse they continued being unproductive stealing from your organization either with time or in other ways. I distinctly remember when the breaking point came for me at my Regional HR Manager job when my boss forgot I was leaving for vacation.

recruiter says: half my candidates are no-shows for interviews.

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager recruiter says: half my candidates are no-shows for interviews January 18, 2011 A reader writes: I’m an HR professional, and I’ve been recruiting folks for various companies for somewhere around 10 years. job searching?

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short answer Sunday — 6 short answers to 6 short questions

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I have a trip planned for the week of an important event at my new job. After reading your e-book and being a faithful reader of your blog for years, I just landed a wonderful new job opportunity that I definitely credit in part to your advice! The job is part of a new facility that is opening on 7/1 (I will be working in HR, the facility is a call center). It sound like you already formally accepted the job but haven’t brought up the vacation yet.

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short answer Sunday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions — Ask a.

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Here we go: Asking for a quick decision when you have another offer I was offered a job on Friday, but I have second interview with a company I like on Monday. At the end of the second interview, how do I tell them I have been made an offer and need a decision on this job in a day?

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