How to Prepare for a Remote Interview

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Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking in the best of times. Getting ready for a remote interview comes with some unique challenges. Instead of traveling to the office with copies of your resume in hand, you’ll be inviting your interviewers in your home via webcam.

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Can a Great Resume Save You From a Bad Interview?

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If you haven’t done your homework and you don’t know anything about the company where you are interviewing, then you shouldn’t be on the interview. You should do extensive research on the company and the interviewer(s) before the interview. Interviews Interview questions Resumes

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What NOT To Say in the Interview

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There is an unspoken set of rules that goes on in the interview. Read more » The post What NOT To Say in the Interview appeared first on Executive Resume Services. And you are expected to know them. These rules come from the recruiter or hiring manager.

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The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview

Ms. Career Girl

Whether you are a recent graduate looking to break into your first career job or a seasoned professional moving on, you should have little trouble getting a bite on your resume. So how do you increase the chances that you’ll get the interview? The fact is, over the past several years technology has drastically changed the way employers evaluate your resume. The latest resume tools use the same technology ATS systems use. It’s a good time to be looking for a job.

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Spark Interviews With a Distinctive Resume Voice

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Distinctions Between Voice and Tone In a recent blog conversation with an admired colleague, Debra O’Reilly, job search strategist and certified resume writer, we discussed the distinctions between voice and tone. In particular, we discussed how those distinctions might matter when writing a resume. Debra offered pithy, valuable points in regard to ensuring the resume voice aligns with the candidate’s personality, […].

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Tailor Your Resume to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Interview

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Increase your chances of getting an interview by tailoring your resume. Career advice interview

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5 Helpful Resume Tips

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Here are a few great resume tips to help you make a great impression so that you'll get that job interview and the chance to present your skills in greater depth. Resumes

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The Executive Interview: Tips to Get You Through the Process and Win the Job

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Even if you haven’t interviewed for a job in years, there are plenty of things you can do to show a potential employer that you are THE best candidate for the job. Interviewing interviewing tips job interview tips resumeDon’t freak out!

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Can a Great Resume Save You From a Bad Interview?

Career Alley

If you’ve experienced a bad interview, it can feel devastating, especially if you really wanted the job. However, just because the interview didn’t go as planned, it’s possible that you won’t automatically be ruled out as a potential candidate. If you’ve got an excellent resume, it can save you from a bad interview. There are also some steps you can take after the interview to help increase the likelihood that you still might be able to land the job.

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How to Create an Executive Resume That Leads to Interviews

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There’s no single secret to help executives create the perfect resume that will lead to an interview with every application. However, when you’ve incorporated key components within your resume, the chances of landing an interview increase exponentially. The best executive resume writers will keep their resumes as clear and concise as possible, only offer information relevant to the job itself and will never have any errors. Make Your Resume Targeted.

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9 Tips for Landing a Second Interview

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Getting a job interview is an excellent first step and to get there you've obviously created a good resume and have spent time speaking with recruiters and submitting your resume. Interviews Job Interviews Resumes

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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Resume Building

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The most important job search document is, of course, your resume. Having the best resume possible will be the key determining factor as to whether or not you will get an interview. Resumes Career Advice Resume

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Breaking the Mould: 5 Tips for Spicing up Your Resume

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Here are five insightful ways of breaking the traditional mold of plain-Jane resumes - try out these tips and you'll be more likely to get called in for an interview at your desired employer of choice. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter killer resume

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Get the Interview

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If your resume looks the same for each job application, stop it. Make sure you research each job you apply for and rewrite your resume and cover letter for each job after a thorough study of the company or organization’s job site. This approach increases your chances of getting and interview, the first step in landing the job. Interviews

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Resume Help: Resumes that Repel Interviews

Careers Done Write

As a writer, career coach, and former human resources director, I have seen many resumes. It is surprising when a candidate submits a resume like the example below. Would you ever know this looking at her resume? She’s got a platinum career record and a resume that repels interviews. Not a problem; we can fix the resume. Don’t assume that you resume is just a formality. Resumes should be sophisticated. Resume Help

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How to Ace the Interview….Face-to-Face or Virtually

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Read more » The post How to Ace the Interview….Face-to-Face Face-to-Face or Virtually appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Interviewing Interview Prep online profiles Resumes social marketing

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Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews, Oh My!

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « It’s Lonely at the Top – The Best Companies to Work for – Vol 9 It’s Quality, Not Just Quantity That Gets You Hired » Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews, Oh My! “ You know, Resumes, Cover Letter and Interviews (and you won’t get to the third if you don’t get the first two right).

10 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had all the interview questions your potential employer was going to ask you in your next job interview? Read more » The post 10 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Guest Posts Interviewing how to survive a job interview interview tips

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How to Boost the Value of Your Design Resume

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A good resume will not only get you noticed, but it can also get you that job interview or a chance to present your ideas for a project. Before you can get to that stage, however, you need to think about how you can make your resume different from the competition. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter killer resume

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Four Resume Tips To Get More Interviews

Ms. Career Girl

The post Four Resume Tips To Get More Interviews appeared first on Ms. It seems that every day you see multiple articles giving resume advice. There’s no doubt that your resume is a vital part of the job search process. So you want to create something that will get their attention and get you an interview. Is your resume dated? Are the resume templates you’ve used ones that get interviews? Is It Time For A New Resume?

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Executive Resume Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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Executives can work diligently and do extensive amounts of research to know what to put on a resume, only to struggle with landing a job. There’s a lot of contradictory information on the internet regarding the best executive resume format , the content that should be used in a resume, and more. A Good Resume Guarantees A Job. There are no guarantees in life, and writing an effective resume won’t guarantee you a job either. Resumes Aren’t Too Important Anyway.

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How To Fix Interview Mistakes

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It happens to everybody: You make a mistake about something during your important interview. It might be addressing your interviewer by the wrong name. It’s also true that the way you respond to your own mistakes can be what makes the interview successful and gets you the job. It’s helpful to remember that most interviewers will give you cues for correcting something. If you make a mistake in your interview, that’s an opportunity.

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3 Reasons for Keeping Your Resume Up-to-Date

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Your resume makes the first impression and is the key factor in scoring you an interview. Resumes

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Keywords in Your Resume Lead to Interviews

Resume Bear

Eighty percent of all submitted resumes (and 100 percent of resumes sent to Fortune 1000 companies) get scanned by software commonly known as an applicant-tracking system (ATS), and such scanned resumes are stored on a server in a digitized format. Humans are seeing your resume only if it resurfaces based on a query. That’s why most job applicants don’t receive responses from companies after submitting resumes.

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5 Simple Tips for Answering Phone Interview Questions

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Once your resume is out there, the next step in the hiring process is usually a phone interview with a recruiter. Someone who is an intermediary between you and a hiring manager interview. Related posts: Why answering interview questions is like your first date.

5 Phone Interview Tips to Get That Job


Learning about different phone interview tips is just as much understanding the interview process, as it is understanding the phone interview process. Everyone loves landing an interview because it means that your resume (and other credentials) left enough of an impression that someone liked you – they really liked you! What does the phone interview […]. The post 5 Phone Interview Tips to Get That Job appeared first on

Choosing the Right Executive Professional Resume Service

Professional Resume Services

With the widely known importance of writing an effective resume, more companies are popping up claiming they write the best ones. Choosing an executive resume service is a big decision relating to your executive career. There are plenty of ways to distinguish a legitimate executive resume writing service from a fraud. If the resume service doesn’t indicate specific industries they have experience in, then you may need to look elsewhere. Talk to An Actual Resume Writer.

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The Best Resume Does Not Always Mean You Will Get the Job

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You’ve probably been told that your resume is the most important document in your job search (and it is). But if you want to stand out from the competition, you need more than a great looking resume. In the end, only qualified candidates will get called for an interview, and only those that know how to interview will get the job. Career advice Career Tips interview Resume

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The Right Way to Proofread Your Executive Resume

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Making a mistake in your executive resume can be detrimental to your success in landing your next job. Even if you use the best executive resume format imaginable, a typographical errors shows you could lack attention to detail, which is an important characteristic of any executive. Proofreading your executive resume is essential, but proofreading it the right way is even more important. When you’re working on your resume for several hours, it’s easy to overlook a mistake.

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Resume Falsification

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How many resume’s are dirty ?”. CEO Scott Thompson has been in the media recently as it came to light that he had a falsification on his resume , regarding a computer science degree he didn’t actually earn. This “resume-gate” is garnering plenty of attention because of the ethical questions it raises. As the date presented here eludes to, resumes are not above “manipulation”. Related posts: Resume Writing Service. 5 Resume Killers.

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6 Great iOS Apps for Creating the Perfect Resume

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The longer you delay submitting your resume, the more likely it is that tens if not hundreds have applied before you. Resumes Cover Letter InterviewsThe job search process relies primarily on the Internet and "speed to market".

2017 209

I Have a Job Interview, Now What?

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Your work has paid off, you have a job interview – what now? Be prepared for your job interview. There are thousands of articles on this topic ( Interviews Archives – CareerAlley ), but the basic points are generally the same. There are several types of interviews: initial interviews with recruiters, telephone interviews and “in-person” interviews. I’ve listed several links to several interview articles/tips.

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Avoid These Executive Resume Clichés!

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Writing a professional resume requires avoiding common cliches. Writing a professional resume is often more difficult than you could imagine. This is why many people turn to a professional resume writing service. If you’ve been looking for a job and are having difficulty getting interviews, let alone the job you want, it may be time to look at your resume. These are buzz words the best resume writing services know are best left off of your resume.

2015 194

Should Your Resume Be Mobile Friendly?

Professional Resume Services

A mobile-optimized resume may be the best executive resume format! You may be under the impression that executive resumes are outdated thanks to the rise of networking and social media. However, a well-crafted resume can be just as effective. That’s why when you’re sending in your executive resume, you need to make sure it’s mobile friendly. If you aren’t sure how to make your resume mobile friendly, a good executive resume writing service can help.

2017 159

7 Fatal Resume Errors

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? Tip of the Day : Include Keywords in Your Resume- Leverage the same keywords in your resume that are used in job descriptions for jobs where you want to apply. My company was recently recruiting for an experienced hire (5-10 years) and I was given the task of reviewing resumes and recommending a short list of candidates to interview. The vast majority of resumes were very well written and had good formats. Read your resume several times before sending.

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Top 11 Behavioral Interview Questions

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Behavioral interviewing remains popular because the answers, if articulated well, will convince the employer that the job seeker is a fit – or not – for an open opportunity. The post Top 11 Behavioral Interview Questions appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. Behavioral Interview Questions behavioral interview questions

How to get the interview without the perfect resume

Cube Rules

What does it take to get the interview? One of the best ways to get an interview for a job you qualify for is to have an awesome resume. A resume that shows an outstanding ability to get things done. But most resumes are not […]. The post How to get the interview without the perfect resume appeared first on Cube Rules. One that matches the job description as closely as possible.

2016 147

10 Important Questions to Ask in an Interview

Ms. Career Girl

You’ve landed an interview — congrats! Asking the interviewer questions about the position and company shows that you’re interested in the job and want to succeed in your new role. Below, here are some important questions to consider asking the interviewer. Interviews interview

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Does Your Executive Resume Pass the 6 Second Test?

Professional Resume Services

You’ve likely heard of the six second test when it comes to writing a professional resume. If not, it simply means you have an average of six seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume. The best executive resume writing service will tell you to incorporate just the right amount of white space to create the most effective resume. White space serves as a pause for the reader, and it makes your resume look less cluttered overall.

2017 155

The Top Reason Professional Resume Distribution Works

Professional Resume Services

A professional resume distribution service has carefully maintained connections with many professional recruiters so that a resume goes to the right recruiters for that job seeker. This networking is the reason professional resume distribution works so much better than a blind email blast to every company in the phone book or a hopeful query out of nowhere. If your resume is presented by a reputable distribution service, that reputation enhances your resume by association.

2014 191

Get it Right the First Time – Interviews

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You put in all this work to get to “” You spend countless hours updating your resume, calling contacts, browsing job search engines and dealing with recruiters. Finally the big day, all of your work pays off and you get your interview. Unless you are interviewing for […]. InterviewsYou know how it is.

2015 304

Edit Your Resume Like a Pro

Professional Resume Services

Editing is part of writing an effective resume. Writing an effective resume is about more than just creating a resume once and distributing it to prospective employers. An executive resume writer will tell you how important it is to review your resume and edit it often. Hiring an executive resume service can provide the assistance you need, but learning to edit on your own can be invaluable.

2015 209

Why An Objective On A Resume Makes You Look Old

Professional Resume Services

The days of your resume starting out with “Objective: Experienced Executive Sales Manager seeking to ….” If you are still using a line like that to open up your executive resume, you may as well realize that your chance of getting selected for an interview is probably long gone as well. Read more » The post Why An Objective On A Resume Makes You Look Old appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

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