Step Into a CEO’s Shoes: Adecco CEO for One Month Challenge

Ms. Career Girl

While people see the obvious, including but not limited to, the corner office, the bigshot socials, and the nice ensemble – people tend to overlook the reality that it also requires incredible skill and experience to get there. Keep the right network and maintain a professional relationship with all of them. Before this, five final applicants will be selected to join a Boot Camp in Jacksonville, Florida.

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3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Interview

Career Alley

Thankfully I did some social media profile clean up before I started applying to jobs, but sometimes the line between showing your personality and turning off employers can be fuzzy. If you’re questioning what sort of grooming you need to do to your online presence, here are three simple steps to prepare your social profiles for a job interview. Monitoring a business’ social media is a good indicator of what the company expects from its employees.

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Shirt Wearers Wanted

Telecommuting Journal

Shirt wearers don’t just put on a t-shirt with the sponsor’s logo and then go grocery shopping or running errands around their respective towns (though they might do those things on any given day) – they also host a live web show where the audience can interact by chatting via the IWYS site or Ustream , post a video on YouTube , and otherwise promote the logo of the day through various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Connect with them in social media!

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The Internet has created a generation of great writers | Penelope.

Penelope Trunk

People do good writing every day, in social media—when they write a note on someone’s Facebook wall, when they post a caption to a photo on flickr , or when they post a comment in a group on Brazen Careerist. If she made the simpler claim that the modern social Internet has forced its users to write more, that would be self-evident. These kids need to turn off the Social Networks and read a book because school won't help them. Is this your first time here?

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