Statistics are Dead, Not Job Boards


85% of all my hires were a result of posting to a job board. If you have ever been asked how you are filling your open positions or how you are looking for a job, please tell me about it. I know that job board analysis and unemployment metrics contribute to our understanding of the some of the reported stats. Who worked part-time, became under-employed, because their hours were cut or they had to take “any old job”?

Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

Hiring Technical People

In the late 90’s, with the internet boom, Monster and other job boards started advertising electronically. Suddenly, a job ad could be large and all-encompassing because employers were no longer restricted to some number of inches of newspaper. That gave rise to specific job boards for specific kinds of jobs. (In In Manage Your Job Search , I wrote about how to find the right kind of job board for you.).

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Lower Recruitment Costs and Time to Hire with Broadbean


I really didn’t have a moment to waste which is why I really love the ease of Broadbean’s job distribution platform. When posting a job within your applicant tracking system or ATS, Broadbean let’s you avoid the hassle and time posting your job opening and openings to multiple job boards individually. Social Media Recruiting and Job Distribution. You can take advantage of the bean’s job distribution Twitter feed, @broadbeanusjobs.

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Ditch your Crystal Ball. Try Hiring Trends Instead …


What’s happening in the Job Market? You don’t need a crystal ball these days to know what’s happening in the job market. Are there more jobs for Project. Employment Economy Job Boards reCareered Blog career career coach Employment Job job boards job search job search 2.0 metrics recession recruiter research subject matter expertise web 2.0Employment Trends knows all.

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Ditch your Crystal Ball. Try Hiring Trends Instead …


What’s happening in the Job Market? You don’t need a crystal ball these days to know what’s happening in the job market. Are there more jobs for Project. job boards job Web 2.0 career job search Subject Matter Expertise employment metrics career coach recession research recruiter Tags: job search 2.0 Employment Trends knows all. Is the market for Controllers better than for Finance Managers? Continued at [link].

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Developing & Executing a Recruitment Strategy with SmashFly


The problem is finding qualified job seekers and candidates to apply for positions. We have so many options from job boards, to social networks, referral relationships, and other networking activities. We agonize over what seem to be simple decisions like job board distribution, job seeker email marketing, and even banner ads and other more traditional advertising options. Recruitment Process & Employment Dashboard Metrics.

Mobile Recruiting is a Complete Sham & Waste of Your Time


68% of Job Seekers Have Viewed a Job Via Mobile. What matters in recruiting is really the story that is told through analytics, metrics and measurements starting with your own candidate web traffic to your career page, job posting or talent community. As I mentioned last week , you first must understand your audience and the metrics behind web traffic before you implement a mobile recruiting strategy. Job Boards Fail Horribly When It Comes to Mobile.

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Why Is My Executive Job Search Taking So Long?

Executive Career Brand

Executive job search in the digital age is hard! Most job seekers don’t know what to do, what not to do, what the first steps are, whether they need help, and basically, how to stage a successful job search campaign. 5 Reasons Your Executive Job Search is Taking Too Long. as you network your way into the “hidden” job market, where most jobs reside. Be specific with examples and metrics. What’s wrong with job boards?

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ResumeBear Launches New Resources, Surpasses 100,000 Daily Visitors to Premier Job Site

Resume Bear

ResumeBear launches new job board features, new College & University Program, and new Success Center, attracting over 100,000 daily visitors. Less than a year after its official launch, ResumeBear has become a force in the online job board marketplace. To continue to augment their user experience, ResumeBear has added more robust job board functionality for both the job seeker and the employer.

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The Biggest Executive Job Search and Personal Branding Mistake

Executive Career Brand

What’s the first step when you’re about to dive into a job search? Create your resume, or update your existing one, so you can hit the job boards hard right away? The biggest mistake too many job seekers make from the get-go is skipping over the critical first step – identifying target employers that are a mutual good fit. that will accelerate your job search, if you jump right over that first step.

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The World’s Best Executive Resume Is Not Enough

Executive Career Brand

if you’re not using it with executive job search best practices. It’s targeted, contains value-driven metrics and relevant keywords, and positions the job seeker as a good-fit candidate for the kinds of jobs he’s seeking. Yet the job seeker complains to me that he’s gotten ZERO RESPONSE to it. When I ask him how he’s using his resume, he says he’s responded to hundreds of job postings on the job boards.

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Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

Executive Career Brand

Resumes have morphed over time from being a career history document often leading with an objective statement – to a career marketing communication showcasing relevant achievements, branding and metrics, to link good fit with value proposition. A traditional “paper&# resume seems to have less value in job search today. For most job seekers, emailing a digital version of their resume has replaced snail mailing a hard copy. probably much fewer for senior and c-level jobs.

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Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete?

Executive Career Brand

The cost of social recruiting is minimal (compared to posting on job boards) and opens them to a much larger pool of potential candidates. Obviously, you can’t customize your LinkedIn profile for each target company, but you can indicate your job-type and industry preference. you still need a resume: If you’re in confidential job search, your LinkedIn profile may need to be tamed down so much that it doesn’t position you as a good-fit hire.

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4 Ways Sourcers & Recruiters Can Show Recruitment ROI


that are offering recruiter free job boards it shows that people find recruiters and sourcers less lovable than stockbrokers. That deck should includes high-level workforce and HR metrics on searches, candidates, and hires, as well as an evaluation of each recruiting channel (Linkedin, Cold Call, Referral, etc.). You’ll want to cover a few areas when evaluating these metrics, too: Celebrate the wins – “We hit a new record of candidates generated this month!”

How to Make a Business Case for Hiring Military Veterans #SHRM16


Look beyond job boards and find ways to engage them. Measure at periodic intervals like quarterly metrics. It’s easy to overmeasure and be focused on the metrics. You want to make sure that while you are aware of the metrics, it’s not your number 1 focus. Most importantly, get to know your military veterans and ask about how learn how they conduct their job search.

Measuring Recruiting’s Impact Beyond Source of Hire


Armed with numbers and percentages, you allocate dollars to job boards, social media, employee referral bonuses, agencies, and maybe even radio and billboards. Susan LaMotte, CEO and founder of exaqueo, doesn’t hang her hat on a source of hire metric either, but instead looks at “source of influence.” So, why no love for the source of hire metric? For example, you can’t look at employer branding metrics in a vacuum.

16 Deadly Executive Job Search Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist? They easily slid into new jobs.

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Recruiters are Looking, What Do You Need To Do To Be Found?

Career Alley

We all know that the job market is difficult at the moment and so people are branching out to new ways of connecting so it is vital that you have a social media profile that is up to date and up to scratch. It may seem boring but it is creating more opportunities in the job market than many other social media outlets. These keywords need to be related to your career experience and your job title to make it easier for recruiters to pick you out.

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Is It Time For Your Resume Checkup?

Career Solvers

This month my Career Collective colleagues are discussing tactics for giving your job search strategy a mid-year checkup. In today’s challenging economy, job seekers will need to implement a strong self-marketing campaign in order to get noticed in a crowded job search space. Below are five strategies for crafting a more powerful presentation of your qualifications to get noticed faster and accelerate your job search. It’s really no different for job seekers.

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Human Work in a Digital World


Do you utilize job boards, your own career site or otherwise? Do you tweet jobs out to a community? Do you post on job boards? Do you tweet out your jobs? Keeping solid metrics to measure efficiency and validity will help ascertain whether or not to continue those practices. Human Work. When it comes down to getting the word out about an open position, what is the best practice?

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The 3-Step ‘Beat Unemployment’ Plan

Career Realism

Begin preparing now to limit the length of your unemployment and maximize your job search success. This 3-step “beat unemployment” plan works for job seekers at all levels of the spectrum, from entry-level workers to senior executives. Define Your Job Search Strategy. Before you can structure your job search, you have to define what kinds of positions you will search for – the titles, levels of roles, industries, and types of companies you will pursue.

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4 Different Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Ms. Career Girl

Pros: An analytics program can provide a website owner with metrics that will help them improve their business. Outsourcing job sites for technical skills. A job site for freelance workers with different technical skills like graphics, video creation, web development, professional writing, etc, helps link up two different communities who would not otherwise find each other: employers and independent contract workers.

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Analytics & Execution is Key to Be Taken Seriously in Employer Branding


I went so far as to publish my phone number in online job and newspaper ads because I was desperate for understanding in the type of recruiting ROI I was getting. Add in branding, messaging, storytelling across job boards, career sites, career fairs, social media and every recruiting channel in between. This fact in is part to our candidate’s preferences and habits in how they manage their job search.

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3 ways to tell management just is not into you

Cube Rules

Rewarded, if not in monetary value, through recognition of a job well done. Not because it is something required to do, but because improving our job skills is a needed activity to ensure employment security. But past that, past the improving our job skills, there is a serious need to look at the culture of a company (or department, or your manager’s team) to determine what that culture rewards for the work performed. You build metrics around the methodology.

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Recruiters: Don’t Expect a Return on Investment from LinkedIn!

The Undercover Recruiter

I am a massive fan of Return of Investment (ROI) when using social media, and I’m not talking about silly “like”, “follower”, ”share” metrics. Now if you are a good boy / girl, you’ll know that what you find on social media in terms of leads needs to be recorded on your lovely CRM (no excuses, it’s your job!) Most of the recruiters I work with are working on that metric (phew), but many more out there are not.

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Best Steps For Getting A Job In 2009

Resume Help Blog

Home Our Partners About Us Resume Writers Resume Help – Lesson #1 Resume Help – Lesson #2 Resume Help Blog Stand Out From The Crowd In Today's Job Market MBA Online Recent Posts Putting the Employer First Advice for New Graduates to Compete Successfully How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance The Anatomy of a Hostile Government Takeover – Obamacare at six months. Yet the days of putting your resume up on one of the big job boards and waiting for the phone to ring are over.

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Ep 96 – How to Build Relationships Between HR Practitioners and Providers #hrtechconf


In my work as a consultant to providers and an advocate for practitioners, I hear of implementation horror stories gone wrong from both sides, pushy salesmen who oversell and practitioners who don’t circle back with metrics, analytics, reporting and feedback. Tim talks us through the types of metrics he uses to determine success. Ep 64 – The Changing Role of Job Boards in Recruiting and Hiring ~ Podcast.

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Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Trend #1 – Capitalizing on Technology


Among the key metrics that technology can help improve? Industry-specific and niche job boards, easy posting distribution, automated candidate sourcing, employee referral and social media programs smash old and staid notions. Bonus Track HR Sourcing "Rayanne Thorn" 5 Hot trends in healthcare recruiting @Ray_anne blogging4jobs Broadbean technology healthcare system jobs healthcare systems hospital staff hospital staffing nurse recruiting nursing shortage

How LinkedIn Has Changed Recruitment in the UK

The Undercover Recruiter

Well, for one it gives companies access to ‘passive’ candidates , or those not actively looking for a new job but who make up the vast majority of professionals. As someone who started their career in recruiting before LinkedIn, I know what an impact it has had on the actual day-to-day recruiter job. How has the job of the recruiter changed?

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Is It Time For Your Resume Checkup?

Resume Bear

In today’s challenging economy, job seekers will need to implement a strong self-marketing campaign in order to get noticed in a crowded job search space. Below are five strategies for crafting a more powerful presentation of your qualifications to get noticed faster and accelerate your job search. It’s really no different for job seekers. Every resume needs clear evidence that you are qualified to do the job you are applying for.

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Want a Successful Executive Job Search? Run It Like a Small Business

Executive Career Brand

If you’ve been in a job search for a while, and not much is happening, you’d be wise to re-jig your strategy, and start thinking of running your job search like it’s a business. That’s what wise job seekers do. They know that, when you’re job hunting, you’re essentially a solopreneur. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” ” His advice perfectly applies to job search and career management.

2017 107

Have No Fear About Scary Big Data #BigDataHR


Are you still only seeing site traffic and job board performance data? That’s information you can use to make improvements to your time-to-hire metric immediately, and that’s when the true power of Big Data and analytics begins to reveal itself.” This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Big Data sponsored by Jibe.

2014 98

The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


Perhaps it’s in the subtle shift of job boards and HR technology to add social capabilities to their offerings. and just not applying the old school method of “post and pray” All of these things play into the hiring and job search changes we have seen. Effective Metrics. Social Media is exhausting. Let me restate, doing social media right is exhausting.

2013 115

Unemployed 2009-Go to Market For You

Career Brander

Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Career Brander Blog Jobs is a four letter word » Unemployed 2009-Go to Market For You Published August 7, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: go to market for you , job search , personal branding Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to be the featured speaker to several different groups of unemployed professionals. Each individual is at a very different point in their job search.

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4 Ways to Make Your Resume a Perfect Match for a Job Opening

Career Realism

That person sounds like the perfect fit for the job!” Remember, you always want to tweak your resume when you apply for a job. You’ll know what these requirements are by reviewing the job advertisement and noting special keywords throughout; or, in most cases, the employer will state required skills or preferred qualifications. When reviewing the description for a job opening, be careful to note exactly what the employer lists as required and preferred.

2012 88

The Most Engaged UK Recruitment Women on LinkedIn

The Undercover Recruiter

LinkedIn compiled the list by looking at a range of engagement metrics including status update frequency, network strength, engagement in groups and a number of other factors. Dont just be a jobs feed! Use LinkedIn as a job board – update jobs in related groups, your status updates and even on your profile.

Women 73

How In-House Recruiting Saved Epsilon £430,000 & Improved Staff Retention

The Undercover Recruiter

Job Board Advertising – A couple of generic sites (Monster & Totaljobs mainly), but I make use of many niche sites dependent on the positions such as Only Marketing Jobs , Marketing Week , Jobserve & Design Week to name a few. This has significantly improved since using the various niche boards as it helped to increase brand awareness in the sector. It is likely that before reading this article you would not be aware of the company “Epsilon”.

2013 73

7 Features Of Effective E-Cover Letters

Career Realism

Gone are the days when we could wax poetic in paragraph after paragraph in our job seeking correspondence. Using e-notes, or electronic cover letters, can give you an even bigger leg up, especially when applying via job board, e-mail, or company website. Include the job title and a branding statement here. Start the letter off strong by giving a solid example or metric that illustrates how your past accomplishments will be an asset to the employer in the future.

What Do All These #HRTech Acquisitions Really Mean?


Companies like CareerBuilder moving beyond their job board rooms and expanding into more offerings across the employment life cycle. Margins are larger when you own the product you are selling, and most importantly you have access to the data and metrics of organizations as well as competitors. Check out our list of HR technology mergers, acquisitions and fundings by clicking here. .

2016 53

Job Search: Then and Now

Career Rocketeer

I’m often asked what changes I’ve seen in effective job search strategies from several years ago versus now. Metrics are king! Certainly never rely on your cover letter to make your case for a job when it should be presented in your resume. Job Search Ad1 SEO1

8 Ways To Beat Job Search Burnout

Career Realism

You probably know the dangers of burnout, but do you also realize that you can become burned out from a job search? Related: 6 Tips For Managing Job Search Stress. However, left unaddressed, burnout can threaten your relationships, your health, and your career, not to mention your job search. So, how can you prevent or heal job search burnout? Batch activities to streamline your job search workload. Use those targets to create a weekly job search action plan.

2014 87

Meet Steve… Tired Of Being Led On By Employers

Career Realism

For the next three weeks, we will share stories of job seekers who have applied for a scholarship ( see the application form here ), so you can see how important it is that we get them the help they want and deserve, but can’t afford. An additional element of frustration in my job search has been the fact that wages are clearly decreasing while current students and recent graduates are saddled with excessive debts. Q: Why do you feel our Job Search Accelerator Program can help you?

2013 58

How Jagex Games Studio Saved £1 Million in Recruitment Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

We’re a firm believer in always being able to improve what we do and so we have set up solid metrics and feedback forms allowing us to view and evaluate our performance almost daily. We are also able to make a call on whether we should continue doing certain things including which agencies have performed the best for us and what job boards we see the best return on investment from.

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