Creating Agile HR, Part 4: Agile Sourcing

Hiring Technical People

Sourcing, how and where you recruit possible candidates is a great way to use small, safe-to-fail experiments. In the late 90’s, with the internet boom, Monster and other job boards started advertising electronically. That means that sourcing is a great place to experiment.

Does Big Data Matter in Sourcing? #BigDataHR


With many enterprises using “Big Data” to more efficiently source, screen and select talent, the prevailing feeling within the recruiting space is that if you aren’t talking about “Big Data” and how you and/or your teams can be using it, you are behind the curve… or are you?

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Measuring Recruiting’s Impact Beyond Source of Hire


Armed with numbers and percentages, you allocate dollars to job boards, social media, employee referral bonuses, agencies, and maybe even radio and billboards. I want to know the source of employee, as well as the source of impact.” If not source of hire, then what?

4 Ways Sourcers & Recruiters Can Show Recruitment ROI


Recruitment and Sourcing ROI. that are offering recruiter free job boards it shows that people find recruiters and sourcers less lovable than stockbrokers. Every month you and your sourcing team should puts together slide deck of what was accomplished that month.

Human Work in a Digital World


Do you utilize job boards, your own career site or otherwise? Do you tweet jobs out to a community? Do you post on job boards? Do you tweet out your jobs? How do you source new clients? Human Work.

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Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Trend #1 – Capitalizing on Technology


Among the key metrics that technology can help improve? Industry-specific and niche job boards, easy posting distribution, automated candidate sourcing, employee referral and social media programs smash old and staid notions. Healthcare Staffing & Nursing Shortage .

Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

Executive Career Brand

Resumes have morphed over time from being a career history document often leading with an objective statement – to a career marketing communication showcasing relevant achievements, branding and metrics, to link good fit with value proposition. probably much fewer for senior and c-level jobs.

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Analytics & Execution is Key to Be Taken Seriously in Employer Branding


Long before employer branding was even invented, recruiters struggled with justifying their hiring efforts especially when it came to source and quality of hire. The more choices of candidate sources made the need for something to make sense of all it. I went so far as to publish my phone number in online job and newspaper ads because I was desperate for understanding in the type of recruiting ROI I was getting.

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16 Deadly Executive Job Search Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist? They easily slid into new jobs.

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How LinkedIn Has Changed Recruitment in the UK

The Undercover Recruiter

Well, for one it gives companies access to ‘passive’ candidates , or those not actively looking for a new job but who make up the vast majority of professionals. How has the job of the recruiter changed?

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Ep 96 – How to Build Relationships Between HR Practitioners and Providers #hrtechconf


In my work as a consultant to providers and an advocate for practitioners, I hear of implementation horror stories gone wrong from both sides, pushy salesmen who oversell and practitioners who don’t circle back with metrics, analytics, reporting and feedback. Tim talks us through the types of metrics he uses to determine success. Danielle looks at the candidate quality in terms of the number of candidates from a source that pass the initial Amazon interview.

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Have No Fear About Scary Big Data #BigDataHR


Are you still only seeing site traffic and job board performance data? That’s information you can use to make improvements to your time-to-hire metric immediately, and that’s when the true power of Big Data and analytics begins to reveal itself.”

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The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


Perhaps it’s in retention, employee engagement/contentment which leads to still the greatest source of hire: employee referrals. Perhaps it’s in the subtle shift of job boards and HR technology to add social capabilities to their offerings. Effective Metrics.

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How In-House Recruiting Saved Epsilon £430,000 & Improved Staff Retention

The Undercover Recruiter

From the beginning this was a very ‘hands on’ role where I was sourcing multiple positions directly, especially in the UK where I decided to cut the use of agencies immediately. It is likely that before reading this article you would not be aware of the company “Epsilon”.

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How Jagex Games Studio Saved £1 Million in Recruitment Fees

The Undercover Recruiter

We believe that our world-class online representation through social media channels, a comprehensive global events calendar, our refined and personable careers site and our highly trained industry specific recruitment team have made us one of the pioneers of truly successfully direct talent sourcing.

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