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Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019

Ms. Career Girl

FlexJobs has released its annual list of the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2019. To be considered, the jobs offered by these companies had to be remote-friendly, either allowing for candidates to telecommute entirely or part of the time.

2019 247

3 Steps Toward a Competitive Advantage in 2016


Employment figures are up and the economy is continuing to grow but at a slow enough rate that people are still a bit hesitant to job search without guarantees of something better , which means the name of the game in the New Year will be competitive hiring/retention practices.

2016 92

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short answer Sunday: seven short answers to seven short questions

Ask A Manager

I was not working for her (or the organization) at the time; however, via conversation with her, I know of the date. My boss was my boyfriend’s mother I have begun my job hunt once more and am worried about one thing in particular: my last boss. At work, when expected, working.

2011 74

how can I get employees to use vacation time? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

January 19, 2011 A reader writes: I have recently begun supervising a small team on a university administrative staff where employees are allowed to carry over a portion of their unused vacation time and can cash it out if they leave/are laid off from the job. I may as well be at work.

2011 69

is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

But it DOES have a policy where you get a 10 minute break for every 4 hours you work, and a half hour for every 6 hours you work (it amounts to a break every 2 hours, more or less). I take issue with this, because I don’t think it’s fair. How is that fair to anyone?

2011 88