Having a Strategy is Key to Job Fair Success


Seniors — hungry for their dream jobs — and juniors — hoping to land internships — will be armed with resumes and dressed in suits. To many job seekers (entry-level or not), attending career fairs is a daunting but necessary task.

?? 35 Smart Things to Actually Do and Not Do at Job Fairs


Can you get hired at a job fair? I've been to many career fairs, both as a job seeker and as a speaker and advisor. When looking for a job, I would typically come to the fair early in the event, dressed well and holding a binder or folder with resume copies.

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???? 25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Ridiculous Waste of Time


Are career fairs a waste of time or are you wasting time at career fairs? In 2002, I was on the job search in Israel a few months after leaving my job at Amazon.com in France. Free bonus: Download JobMob's Job Fair Success Guide with over 60 job fair tips.

25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Waste of Time


Have you been to a job fair recently? In 2002, I was on the job search in Israel a few months after leaving my job at Amazon.com in France. Living in Jerusalem at the time, I later had to commute for over 90 minutes just to get to the fair.

Techeads Israeli Hitech Job Fair on March 6th 2012


People & Computers’ latest edition of its annual hitech (IT) job fair is next week. If you know anyone else looking for a job in Israel in one of the below industries, please share this article with them. Discover job openings you aren’t aware of.

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COMIC – Julian and Larry go to a job fair

Resume Bear

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How To Choose A Career Or Job Fair

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [05.28.10] View Comments How To Choose A Career Or Job Fair Career fairs (or job fairs as they are sometimes called) are not created equal. A few weeks ago I wrote about the pros and cons of going to a career or job fair.

Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair? March 14, 2011 In response to the previous post on job fairs , a commenter asked: I have attended my alma mater’s industry-specific career fair the past few years.

How To Prepare A Career or Job Fair | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [06.07.10] View Comments How To Prepare For A Career or Job Fair I’ve written a few other posts on career and job fairs. So far I shared the pros and cons of going to a career or job fair.

how to stand out at a job fair

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager how to stand out at a job fair March 14, 2011 A few months ago, I attended a bunch of job fairs to search for candidates for some jobs I was hiring for. This was my first foray into job fairs, and it was pretty fascinating to watch how different job-seekers navigated the situation differently. I attend the fair because it’s better than just sitting at home but leave wondering why I even bothered.

Are Job Fairs a Good Use of Your Job Search Time?

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Job Search – Everyone has a Story to Tell Job Hunting – What Have You Been Doing Lately? » Are Job Fairs a Good Use of Your Job Search Time? Therefore, you have to be strategic in how you use your time during your job search. 2) Are the companies at the job fair actually hiring?

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Twitter for Businesses: How to Avoid Embarrassment


Communication between business and customer has changed rapidly since the inception of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking platforms. Career Advice blunders twitter business twitter fails worst mistakes

Recruiting & Hiring on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn by Country


Social networks in particular present an opportunity to engage employees on a wide scale sourcing and engaging them via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hiring & Recruiting on Twitter.

Now Hiring! The Value of Virtual Job Fairs

Career Rocketeer

It would be pretty irresponsible to up and move across the country without a job already in place…but it’s not exactly easy to interview and search out positions from the opposite coast. About 10 years ago, a new phenomenon, the virtual job fair , began popping up. Unlike the traditional job fair, the virtual job fair allows for interactions between employers and job seekers to take place “online,” thus saving both sides time and money.

Don’t Twitter Away Your Opportunities

Careers Done Write

Twitter is wonderful. I LOVE Twitter! In some cases, it has been the downfall of careers through hasty posts, unmentionable photos, and awkward requests for job search help. You can avoid these hazards and leverage Twitter to support your career management goals.

Hints For Successful Networking

Professional Resume Services

As odd as it may sound, many people keep the fact that they are searching for a new job a secret even when they are unemployed. This is a bad idea simply because you never know who is going to hear about a job opening that would be a perfect fit for you.

Managing the Candidate Experience when Hiring for Many Openings #thecandidate


Check back this week to follow 25+ blogs published on Candidate Experience and follow the conversation on twitter at # thecandidate. . During the course of my last job at a grocery chain, I was heavily involved in the hiring and training of employees for two new store locations.

Ep 79 – How Recruiters Can WOW Candidates at College Career Fairs


Even though we are living in a digital world, career and job fairs remain an effective way for talent acquisition and recruiting leaders to engage candidates. A 2015 survey by Nicole Dessain, the co-author of Handbook of Human Resources Management found that 84% of respondents participated in university career fairs. Episode 79: How To Wow Candidates at Career & Job Fairs with Kim Hollenshead ( @kimhollenshead ). Using Facebook as a Virtual Career Fair.

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Can There Be a Worse Way to Apply For a Job Than to Attend a.

Jennifer Anthony

→ Can There Be a Worse Way to Apply For a Job Than to Attend a Cattle Call? Kim I read an article in today’s newspaper and came away, asking myself, “Is there worse way to look for a job?&# Evidently, there was a job fair downtown yesterday.

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How to Find a Job [8 Under Considered Ideas]

The Undercover Recruiter

In the troubled landscape of the current economy and with the threat of a triple dip recession hanging over everyone’s heads, finding a job is no mean feat. Either way, competition is undeniably fierce and job seekers have to widen the reach of their job search in order to be successful.

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Telling Your STORY

Learning Voyager

Where's My Job?" ► May (8) The Five Stories Every Job Hunter Must Be Ready to. Dix in southern New Jersey, the Ultimate Warrior Job Fair brought area employers together with returning soldiers who are transitioning back to civilian life. Here We Are.

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The Students Guide to College Career Fairs

Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe The Students Guide to College Career Fairs by Rich DeMatteo on February 19, 2010 Most companies suck at college recruiting, specifically in finding talent at college career fairs. There are certainly a handful of companies that really kill it at college career fairs, but the career fair itself is just the tip of the iceberg.

Can Social Media Help Me Find a Job?

Resume Bear

If you are on the search for a new job, chances are you have scoured the papers and Main Street to check for hiring signs. You went to job fairs and clinics. It could definitely be the way you get your next job. If you have just one Facebook or Twitter account, have two. With this jobsearch application you can put in your job preferences and get an email, a twitter status update, or a mobile alert whenever something matches your preferences.

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y Competing for Jobs?

Resume Bear

There are essentially three generations of job seekers vying for jobs today : Baby Boomers, Generation X or Gen X, and Generation Y or Millennials. ” “They are used to online job searches, emailing résumés and following up via both email and handwritten notes.”

7 Secrets to Get a Job Using Social Media – do you know them?

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Between current economic conditions and the technological evolution of the Internet, the traditional approach most job seekers have taken in the past is no longer viable. million college graduates this year, yet the job growth rate is at a six year low, at 1.3%!

Job Search – 7 Career Links Hot off the Presses!

Career Alley

So, not much to say in today’s post other than I hope you enjoy the following job search resources. Job-Applications.com – This site is an online job application resource site. On the left hand side of the site is a listing of job categories.

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6 Alternatives to Job Search Boards

Career Alley

Without a doubt, job search boards are the number one tool that people use for their job search. Which is exactly why you should be looking at some of the other job search alternatives that are available to you. That being said, where else can you look for a job (and why)?

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How My Intern Got The Job And Created A Blueprint For All To Follow

Corn on the Job

And not just for job search advice, but for anything. Maybe it wasn’t by complete design, but the series of events that Jamie followed and carried out has created a Job Search Blueprint for others to follow. Maybe it’s a networking event, or conference, or a job fair.

Top Five: Digging Deeper into #Twitterlayoffs


The big news in social media this week was Twitter’s 300+ layoffs, mostly at — but not limited to — it’s San Francisco headquarters. Next came #Twitterlayoffs, where ex and soon to be ex Twitter employees networked, and other tech companies converged. Soon the hashtag went from a vent session to a job fair, with everyone from Shopify to SEGA looking to snap up some engineers. So What’s Next for Twitter?

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Practitioner Spotlight: Josh Rock, @jrock96


I quickly found that I had an excitement and passion for jobs. From helping companies fill them to helping people get one via media or attending job fairs; I fed on the energy of it all. Twitter is my “go to”. Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Finding A Job

Corn on the Job

If you have been in a job and for whatever reason you have had to leave, you maybe job searching right now and possibly claiming benefits. Here are some little ways to improve your job searching and get yourself ‘out there’! . Go To Fairs And Conferences .

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6 Strategies to Effectively Use Video In Your Recruiting Efforts


It’s a great way to engage a candidate, tell a story and build a relationship that leads to the most qualified candidate applying for your job posting or joining your talent community. Video Job Posting. Video job posting is one of the quickest and simplest ways to use videos in hiring.

2016 137

?? 18 Keys to End Job Searches Quickly


Key lessons that worked for me on how to conduct a job search. Over the past year, I have managed to become very familiar with job hunting (this was in Israel). While job hunting, you should… 1) Talk to people. 5) Visit job fairs.

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???? 25 Free Cheat Sheets On Every Job Search Topic


Keep these handy to save time when you're actively job hunting. Depending on which aspect of your job search you need help with, there's something in this long list of cheat sheets and “cheat infographics” that you'll like. Job Fairs & Networking.

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When Skill Sets Don't Match the Job Market

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « CAREER FAIR – DON’T HIRE ME! Research: No job search is complete without doing your homework. Job Fairs – Monster.com has a Job Fairs page. There is an option to search for job fairs based on your zip code as well as some job fair tips and resources.

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Three Tips to Streamline Your Recruiting, Part 2

Hiring Technical People

See Manage Your Job Search.). He had not used Twitter. You must go to meetings or job fairs yourself. At least post the job on your LinkedIn company page and change your headline to say you are looking for people. Consider using Twitter. hiring process audition Hiring Geeks That Fit Manage Your Job Search network phone screen recruiting target network unemployed candidate

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When in Doubt, Take it Out! Social Media Users - Beware of Your.

Resume Boutique

™ This blog contains resume and interview tips for professionals and students by the founder of Resume Boutique, Randi Lewis, a recruitment professional and former practicing lawyer who knows what your resume needs and how you should present by telephone and in person to land that job.

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?? Should You Holiday From Job Hunting During The Holidays?


Holiday job search do's and don'ts. 1) Don’t actively job search on a holiday weekend. Not thinking about your job search during the holidays could be the best thing for your job search after the holidays. 3) Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your job search.

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Why Aren’t I Getting Hired?

Professional Resume Services

The best executive resume should be customized for the job. As a Resume Writer and Career Coach , one of the questions I get asked the most is “Why can’t I find a job?” Hunting for a new job is tough, it just is. Today’s job seekers must have a presence on social media.

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Unemployed? How To Survive and Thrive

Ms. Career Girl

Be diligent in the practices that sustain you as a leader; this is the version of you that you want walking into job interviews. Staying positive is a huge part of the job search and keeping up with your fitness and health levels will make you feel good both inside and out.

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Are "job fairs" totally useless? - Job Stalker

Job Stalker

Arts & Entertainment Life & Style News & Opinion Sports Find a blog Login or Sign Up Featured: No waiting: Become a ChicagoNow blogger now , Pitch us your blog idea Job Stalker Home Archive About Are "job fairs" totally useless? Job fairs.

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The Evolution of Recruiting, from the Dinosaur Days to the New Social Era

Resume Bear

haha) We did use a couple of fledgling online resume databases, attend job fairs and post to online newsgroups (remember those?) Late 90′s – Mid 2000′s = The Job Board Era. Log out of Monster for the afternoon and go create a Twitter account!

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Meerkat vs. Periscope: How Video Streaming Changes Recruiting


Join our webinar on 4/30 at 1 PM EST discussing the future of candidate engagement in tight job seeker economy. Meet Twitter’s newest app, Periscope and it’s competition, Meerkat. It was called Job Search Secrets. Live broadcasted Twitter chats that use video.

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